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I'm a Pepper!

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Chilean Miners

October 13th 2010 6:09 am
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The first 9 or so of the miners have made it out safely. God speed to those remaining. Our hearts and prayers are with them and their families the next couple of days.


Mountain Lion!

October 16th 2010 8:37 am
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Wellwoof, folks in our little neighborhood are all in an uproar over a coupla mountain lion sightings. There was a flyer left in our mailbox indicating it was seen on Wednesday at 5 am in the middle of the street. This street is a short ways away from our home.

This mornin' Mom jokingly asked if I wanted to go out and play with the mountain lion. In the end, though, she decided to take me out on leash to do my stuff. We walked out the door and suddenly the phone started to ring. We kept goin' figurin' Dad could answer the phone.

Right as I am in the middle of doin' stuff. Dad tells us to come back in. "Can't right now!", Mom yells back to him. But she has an inkling of what the phone call was about. Nevfurtheless, she is patient about lettin' me finish and calmly walks back in.

Turns out, the mountain lion had been seen on our street just a few minutes ago.

Mom is a bit in a quandry of what we are goin' to do. She doesn't want to let fear and panic rule our days, yet she does not want me to have a run in with this wild creature. Think we are goin' to go about our normal routine but with extra caution and a walkin' stick.


Ealier an' Earlier!

October 17th 2010 8:27 am
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I swear it seems my ma an' pa are wakin' up earlier an' earlier every day! Ma claims they are wakin' up the same time every day according to the o'clock. It's just the sun is risin' later an' later in the mornin'. WHAT?! Humans and their convuluted way of trackin' things! Ma says things will even out when the daylight savin's time goes away. WHAT?!


Visits from the Bear!

October 17th 2010 9:10 pm
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This mornin' my ma let me out off leash. She was a little worried when my hackles went up and I started barkin' right away. We's had a big cat wandering through our neighborhood recently. I ran off which then alarmed her even more. But then she saw a big black lab and me waggin' my tail and goin' over to greet him. Turns out it was Bear! Bear is about 3 to 4 months younger than me. So we had our puppyhood togefur. We used to run into Bear and his dad on walks but not so much anymore. Now I only get to see him on his fugitive forays.

Anywoof, Mom figured we better take him on back home. About halfway there his dad drove up. He was in his PJs! Think he was a little embarrassed.

Later Bear and his sisfur came by. Bear escaped again! This time with sisfur, Sarah, in tow. Sarah is much older than Bear. Think she is about 12 years old. Unfurtunately, I was in the house this time and did not get to say hello. We're glad the neighborhood dogs come by to say hello when they get loose. Usually I greet them but they always get a treat and we make sure they get home safely. This time their dad drove up and got them right at our house. So their peoples know to come by our house, too! We don't offer the peoples treats, but maybe we should!


Christmas Presents

October 21st 2010 9:16 pm
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Today Ma said it was too dark fur fetchin' in the mornin' before my boy goes off to school and she goes to work. She just can't see the ball when I roll it back to her. That gave me a great idea fur a Christmas present! Night vision goggles fur the momster! Now how do I convince the dadster that Ma NEEDS them so I can fetch all hours of the day?!

Barkin' of Christmas presents, Ma found some cute little glove puppets fur my li'l baby cousin. Plus an adorable hoody with Tinkerbelle on it. She put these gifts in the extra bedroom just to keep them out of the way. Not hidin' them or nothin. Who would she need to hide them from anywoof? This mornin' she found them knocked to the floor, both items! Now who would do such a thing? Seems that NotMe has made another visit!


Votey thing

October 24th 2010 8:03 am
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I don't like puttin' votey things in my diary. But this is very much dog related. We are sorry if anypup is upset by this issue. Peoples use votin' to resolve some of their differences. Maybe this information will inspire more Missouri peoples to vote. Although, it is sad laws are needed to make some people do the right thing. Here goes, this was sent to us by the Petfinders:

Dear Friends,

Dogs in Missouri need your help. Why should you care about dogs in Missouri? Because in your city there is a pretty good chance you have a local pet store selling puppies from a Missouri puppy mill. In fact, Missouri exports up to a million puppies a year all across the U.S. (30% of U.S. puppy mills are in Missouri), and this November, Missouri voters will get to mandate common-sense humane standards for puppy mills at the ballot box.

But the folks who profit by cutting corners on humane care are pulling out all stops to try to quash this important legislation. I applaud the Humane Society of the United States and our Missouri colleagues' efforts to bring about change for over 200,000 breeding dogs. Join us to get the word out to all Missourians to vote YES! on PROP B. Post it on Facebook; e-mail your friends. Help the dogs!


One year of CGCness

October 27th 2010 9:48 pm
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One year ago today I earned my CGC certificate. Seems a lot longer ago! The certificate has 10/17/2009 on it, but that is the date of my paperwork for the furst time I took the CGC exam. We did not do so well on the greetin' another person with a dog that furst time around. So we practiced ALOT and we came back 10 days later and tried again. On 10/27/2009 I passed the CGC test! We were very happy that day! Actually Mom was happy. I am not into credentials.

So any CGC hopefurs takin' the CGC and not passin' the furst time, don't give up! Just keep workin' on it! You'll do it!

So have I been upholding CGCness for the past year? I think so! If anything I am overly friendly rather than shy. In fact, controlling my exuberance was one of my biggest challenges while studying for CGC. I luv peoples & pups! I would luv kitties, too, but they won't come to me. I never run away from home and I greet any neighborhood pups who make their way to our house. I've stopped goin' over to swim in our neighbor's pond (after I got yelled at) and I don't excessively bark.

Ok, so I am avoidin' bringin' up the 10 CGC requirements. Mom was lookin' it over and we have to admit I am a little rusty on quite a few. Once I passed we kinda relaxed. Actually relaxed ALOT! Maybe time fur a little review?!


Uneventful Howlloween!

November 3rd 2010 8:55 pm
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We had plans, plans, plans! Ma likes her plans. Dad is always sayin' she needs to be more flexible, more easy goin', more go with the flow. After a decade and a half livin' with Dad she has learned to accept plans get changed. She had to learn or go crazies or get divorceed!

We had plans to go Dock Divin' on Safurday! Plus I was goin' to show off my purple majestic costume because it was called 'Halloween Splash'. I don't care so much about the costume stuff. In fact, I am kinda glad I got outta that one. But I wanted to go Dock Divin'!!! Turns out because the weather was a bit iffy Ma decided not to make the 2 hour drive out to Hollister. Drat!

Then on Sunday, Howlloween, the folks got into the Giants/Rangers game so we didn't go down town and see the little trix or treators either! Again, dodged gettin' dressed up fur Howlloween, so guess it wasn't that bad. We don't get trix or treators in our neighborhood. So we had a quiet night at home watchin' the game. The Rangers won this one.


Excitement at the dog park!

November 3rd 2010 9:18 pm
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Today something strange happened while I was at the dog park. When we got there nothin' seemed out of the ordinary. There was an aussie shepherd who wanted me to play sheep and was shepherding my every move. Nothin' weird there, all the shepherds mistakes me fur a sheep. BOL! But I just played fetch with my ball like usual and ignored her.

Then ma notices there's some firemen standin' in the soccer field next to the dog park. Then she sees a policeman pull up in the parkin' lot and notices there are two big firetrucks in there too. Then an ambulance pulls in. Suddenly a big car in the sky shows up. I guess those cars are called helicopters. Anywoof, the helicopter circles around a bit then lands. A few minutes later they wheeled someone from the ambulance to the helicopter. Then they took a while to make sure he was in there all safe and sound. Then they shut the door and took off.

The aussie shepherd took some time from shepherding me to watch the helicopter fly above us and land. I paid no attention this was my chance to fetch without that pesky pup shepherding me!



November 4th 2010 8:43 pm
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There's a really sweet story in our little mountain community right now. A dog named Marge had an accident last month that rendered her left front leg useless. She really needs to have it amputated cause it's just in the way and holding her back. But the surgery is $4,000. This is beyond the means of her young man who works at a hardware store. He's been able to come up with $1,000.

The hardware store he works at is holding a bar-b-que fur her on Safurday! And our local weekly paper did a big, full page story about it! We think it is so wonderful all the peoples are comin' togefur to help out this sweet girl!

Don't think we'll make it by on Safurday. But mom put togefur a little gift bag with our contribution fur Marge and she's gonna drop it by the hardware store on Friday.

So many dogs are put down for so much less than $4,000! Many people wouldn't be willing to deal with a 3 legged dog and the expense. We're glad this young man, his employer and the paper chose to do this for Marge. We hope they raise the $3,000!

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