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I'm a Pepper!

Roller Coaster of a Jumpin' Day!

August 19th 2012 9:24 pm
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Went dock divin' today:o)

Things started off pretty good. I jumped 15'1" on my furst jump of my furst wave. This is good and bad. Good that it is one of my better jumps. Bad that insteada bein' a top Junior division jumper, jumpin' over 15' put me at the bottom of the Senior division jumpers. So as far as awards and qualifyin' go, it puts me at a bit of a disadvantage. I got a last place green Senior ribbon and barely made the finals. My second jump of this wave was 11'10". Inconsistent jumps:o(

We set up our 'camp' fur the day right next to the judgin' guy. He heard me whinin' while watchin' the other pups. He told the ma he wanted to try sumptin with me. He suggested I go again after the last pup's jump of the furst wave. He asked the ma to wait a little longer befure throwin' my ball and to try to keep the ball about 5' in fronta me. Wellwoof, on this jump I did an 18'10"!!! A new personal best! Unfurtunately, it was not an official jump and did not get me any higher up in the ranks. But I think he wanted the ma to know I can jump further if she was a little more thoughtful in her throwin'.

This gave us a bit more confidence. But did not pan out to much more. On the second wave I jumped 14'2" and 9'10". I got a 3rd place yellow Junior ribbon for the 14 footer.

So I ended up bein' in the Senior finals and I jumped 12' and 10'. The ma did not feel right about acceptin' a Senior rosette(woulda been my furst) for mediocre Junior jumps. So we left after my final jump insteada stayin' and waitin' fur the awards ceremony. I never care about awards so that was fine by me. Altho, I woulda been happy to stay and jump sum more.

So we had highs and lows this day. And just like a roller coaster we finished on a bit of a low. But the ride sure was fun!


Leave A Comment | 13 people already have

Barked by: MrJackFreckles~SirLick-a-Lot (Dogster Member)

August 19th 2012 at 9:30 pm

Having fun...that is the whole point! or in this case splash!
I was hapy to read about that way long jump, Pepper!

I actually growlmy wonders if there are awards fur pups who can bark the longest without stopping...I think I would win, BOL!!
Barked by: Flicka ~ CGC (Dogster Member)

August 19th 2012 at 10:41 pm

Hey !! No lows Sweetie !!

The nice kind man gave valuable help to you and Mum.......he didnt have to so that made it all the nicer !!

Now you have a new way to try and go forward. I think that is a WIN~WIN day. Yayyyy !!

Barked by: ✨ Whitley ✨ (Dogster Member)

August 20th 2012 at 3:37 am

I don't think you would win Freckles, momma says I got dat award all for my own.
Barked by: Cathey U

August 20th 2012 at 5:32 am

Pawsome jump Pepper. We know you got it in you.
But like Freckles barked, you do it for the fun.

No fires threatening in your area? So many, all over the place.
Barked by: Demon Flash Bandit (Dogster Member)

August 20th 2012 at 7:12 am

Sounds like fun!!!
Barked by: Abby - Forever Loved (Dogster Member)

August 20th 2012 at 7:17 am

That sounds like so much fun!
Barked by: Pepper - CGC (Dogster Member)

August 20th 2012 at 9:54 am

Thanks, pups! Gotsta keep remindin' the humom numbers and awards are fur her, not me!

Tux, no fires nearby at the moment. But thanks fur askin'! We did have abouta 6 acre one at the beginnin' o' August when it was a lot cooler. Prayin' there aren't any now that we are in the 90s and 100s.
Barked by: ✨ Finley ✨ (Dogster Member)

August 21st 2012 at 12:34 am

Wow... you sure can jump, Pepper....

When Whitley first came home, she hit the back door and it flew open, she ran towards the pool and flung herself in... Momma sez she never seen a pup grin while jumpin' in a pool, but Whitley!

You and Whitley luv da water sumthin' fierce!
Barked by: Angel Petey- In Loving Memory (Dogster Member)

August 21st 2012 at 7:34 am

you sure are a great jumper, and I know you have so much fun doing it
Barked by: Fizzy (Dogster Member)

August 21st 2012 at 4:40 pm

I couldn't jump ANY of those distances, so I say you ended on a high note! Congratulations!
Barked by: Cathey U

August 22nd 2012 at 5:23 am

Bark on! Congrats on your Diary Pick!
Barked by: MrJackFreckles~SirLick-a-Lot (Dogster Member)

August 22nd 2012 at 11:26 am

Condogulations on being a DDP, today, Pepper!
Barked by: Maruko (Dogster Member)

August 31st 2012 at 1:07 am

Pepper, you are definitely doing very well in jumping!
Dock diving is not easy! We admire how you handle it so well!
Guess what, Milo don't evern dare to get close to a pool, not even talk about jumping off and into water.

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