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I'm a Pepper!

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Gotcha Day plus two!

September 22nd 2013 12:32 pm
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Today is my one year plus two days Gotcha anniversary day! BOL!

Anywoofs, thanks fur all the Gotcha Day gifts, pals. And thanks to Redford and his pack fur the pawsome picture.

I know I am a coupla days late but here is sum Gotcha Day sharin' I always like to do.

Odd Pepper preferences:
1. I like to drink outta a garden watering can or the bird bath better than my own dog bowls.

2. I like to go in my crate every mornin' and roll around in there but don't anyone dare ever shut the door.

3. After rollin' around in my crate I then like to walk down the hallway rubbin' against the hall wall with the left side o' my body the entire time. About 3/4 of the way along I then drop and roll around at that spot too.

Hope every pup is havin' a nice fall! And thanks fur all the Pirate Flags on my page!



September 1st 2013 5:54 pm
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I think I have hinted at my displeasure about my diary not bein' kept up over the summer. Now I discover the ma has had photos in her camera from July she did not even bother to look at until yesfurday! FROM JULY! It is now Septemberfur! OMD!

Currently we is on Berk duty. Meanin' we are watchin' our neighbor's dog, Berkley, fur the weekend. Safurday was a hot day. The two of us was takin' turns enjoyin' my bathtub. Now we is polite pups and Berkley would wait until I got out befure she went in and visa versa. But the ma had the bright idea that we gotsta take a picture togefur in there. We got sum treats outta the deal but don't report me fur postin' furnography, please! It wasn't mine or Berkley's doin', blame the ma!



August 30th 2013 10:41 am
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Anofur month, anofur diary entry. We do seem to be slowin' down a bit here.

Anywoof, August started with a nice hike with the folks out in Carmel Valley. It is about 90 minutes away but worth the drive because it is the one place we know of that dogs can hike and not worry about bein' criminalized for bein' off leash. The sign actually says dogs must be under visual and verbal control or on leash. Since I am a good listenin' pup I getsta be off leash. The folks try to get me out there once a month and we usually hike for about 4 hours.

A coupla weeks later we took the motyhome and went to a beach here in our own Santa Cruz county! UncleWhoLivesinReno and his wife and granddaughter met up with us with their trailer. We stayed for 5 days. And a wonderful 5 days it was! I gotta play in the waves and had lotsa fun. It was Labrador paradise!

Last week the ma coulda taken me out to Howllister fur a dock jumpin' event but she was bein' her introverted self and we did not go:(

This week MyBoy is back at school. The summer sure went fast.


Summer routines

August 14th 2013 1:17 pm
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Not sure if I barked about this befure, but I has a very well trained dad. I have been workin' on him fur years and now he knows the drill. As soon as he comes home from work it is Chuck-It time. Oh, I lets him go to the bathroom and stuffs like that furst. But he better not even think about playin' on the confuser or watchin' tv or none o' that relaxin' stuff guys wanna do when they get home. Cause I will be on him constantly until we goes out an plays Chuck-It. It is just our routine and I has a mind to not break it.

Wellwoof, now me and NeighborWithaPondMan has a routine, too! When he comes home from work and is out waterin' his garden he calls fur me to come on over and he throws my ball fur me and squirts me with the hose. It is so fun and the water feels so good on these hot summer daze. NeighborWithaPondMan pretty much trained himself. Now how does I convince him to keep up this routine?!



August 2nd 2013 12:07 pm
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Wellwoof, July 4 was my Barkday and I did not even get around to barkin' about that! So we are gunna rectify that. Thanks, pals,for the Barkday gifts I received!

So the grandfolks and BigSisterGirl came up fur my Barkday. They arrived on July 3rd. BigSisterGirl's folks and LilBabySisterGirl did not come cause their daddy was recoverin' from surgery he had the previous week. BigSisterGirl had been so lookin' forward to the trip she would have been heartbroken if she was left behind with them. It was her first time takin' a big trip with just the grandfolks. Needless to bark, I was very happy to see them.

On the 4th, my town had all the usual celebarkin' fur my Barkday fur me. Firehouse pancake breakfast, town parade, town picnic. They always do this humble pup proud:)

I gotta have BigSisterGirl and the grandfolks as house guests until July 6th. Then they had to go back home. It was nice havin' extra ball throwers fur all that time.

Then a coupla weeks later me and the folks went up in the motyhome to Bodega Bay. Bodega Bay's claim to fame is for the Alfred Hitchcock movie, "The Birds". We met up with UncleWhoLivesinReno(Pa's brother) and his wife and granddaughter. We stayed at a campground on the Russian River.(actually a bit north of Bodega Bay) It is beautiful country up there.

The ma's grandpa lived in Bodega Bay when he was alive. This was her first time back in 40 years, since she was a kid. Again, beautiful country, we highly recommend a visit there.

Anywoofs, I met a black lab guy pup at the Russian River. Can't remember his name right now and that is the ma's fault for not agreein' to type this closer in time to the trip:( Not sure if I liked that black lab guy pup. You see, he was a little bigger, a little faster and a little younger than me and we both like fetchin'. So he kept gettin' my ball just before I was about to retrieve it. In one way it was fun to have some competition and a pal with the same infurest. But it got a bit annoyin' and frustratin' to be on the losin' side o' that relationship. But, hey, we both were exhausted by the end of the day and that always means a good day fur a pup, right?

We stayed fur four days then went back home on a Sunnyday.

Guess that is it fur me fur July. Wishin' every pup a nice summer!



June 12th 2013 6:16 am
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Wellwoof, stuffs goin' on but I has not been inspired to bark nor has the ma been motivated to type. What's up with that?

Anyhowls, went out to Howlister for sum dock jumpin' the Safurday befure Memorial Day. As always had a great time!

I has a slight eye injury so been takin' sum medicines fur that. The folks noticed I had one eye tearing up more than usual. Then the tears became goopy rather than clear, so off to visit the VetMan we went. He put sum dye in my eye and was able to see a small pinprick of dye pool in one place. Meanin' I hurt my eye sumhow. Probably from runnin' thru the brush around heres.

Then on Fryday me and the ma drove down to SoCal. LilBabySisterGirl is now one year old! We went down to celebrate and stayed until Moonday.

LilBabySisterGirl is walkin' around pretty good these daze, but still a little unsteady. So ma did not want me doin' my wiggly happy dance around her and end up knockin' her down. I played lots with BigSisterGirl and, boy, did she wear me out! I slept real good the whole ride home:)


No Pepper Packin'

May 9th 2013 6:10 am
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There is two kindsa packin'. Packin' when I getsta go and packin' when I don't getsta go. Guess I shoulda been more observant the no Pepper packin' was goin' on. MyBoy stayed home with me this time, tho. And because MyBoy was pretty busy with school stuffs GoodNeighborFriendLady also came by to see in on me. She does a great job o' makin' sure I get lotsa play and excysize:)

Anywoofs, not sure where the folks went or what they did but the ma says no more trips without the Pepper Pup fur the rest o' the year!


Packin' again?!!

May 2nd 2013 5:42 am
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The suitcases is out again, pupper pals! What's goin' on now?!


Furst jumps o' 2013!

April 28th 2013 8:01 pm
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On Fryday, April 19, me and the ma drove down to SoCal. I was a bit confused because the ma went to work furst and worked until lunch time. I thought it was gunna be one o' those normal goin' to the office with the ma daze. But at lunch time she told me to 'go potty'. Normally the ma isn't all that concerned with when I go potty durin' our lunch break. She knows I'll go sooner or laters.

Anywoofs, I went potty, eventually, then we got in the cars. But we didn't drive toward home. We drove away from home. And we drove until we got to the grand folk's house. It was a little abusive and neglectful, if you ask me, because we didn't stop fur gas and we didn't stop fur potty breaks. The ma wanted to get thru LA befure dark. We pretty much drove straight through. The ma has sum weird phobia about LA.

Finally, when we got there, I was pretty happy to see the grand folks AND their lawn, if you pups know what I mean. It was about 8 thirty o' the clock. Pretty hard fur both o' us to sleep that night. We both didn't get enuf exycise durin' the day.

On Safurday we had to check in with the Splash Dog peoples by 10 o' the clock. Our jumpin' was one activity within a bigger event, The Orange County Pet Expo. Now our pet expo here in San Jose allows EVERYBODY to bring their friendly, leashed pups. Not so in the OC. Only pups participatin' in sum activity is allowed and we hasta stay in our designated areas. No walkin' around the Expo with our peoples!

Anywoofs, as a competin' pup we had to check in with the Pet Expo peoples furst and got badges to enter the Expo so we could get to our Splash Dogs area. Woofs, we never needed no badges befure! I felt like one humble, country pup at this big city shindig!

Woofs, we was early but there was already allota pups there! I was signed up fur the 11 o' the clock wave only. We got a coupla practice jumps in and who did I see?! BigSisterGirl and her fambily came to cheer me on!

On my furst competitive jump I got 12' 9". On my second, 11' 10". The 12' 9 got me a 5th place ribbon. There was lots more jumpin' to do on Safurday but fur the other pups, not me. The ma only signed me up fur the one splash Safurday but on Sunnyday I was signed up for two waves and we figured I would make the finals.

Since we got done pretty early on Safurday we all went back to the grandfolk's house and I gotta spend lotsa time with the lil baby girls:) It was a very nice and relaxin' afternoon. Welwoof, maybe not exactly relaxin' cause me and the ma had lotsa fun and activities with BigSisterGirl and LilBabySisterGirl. We both slept good Safurday night:)

On Sunnyday, once again, me, the ma and the grandma checked in at the pet expo so we could get to the Splash Dogs by 10 o' the clock. Then right befure my furst wave the lil baby girls and their parents came to see me jump! I am not real sure of my jumps on Sunnyday because they have not been posted at the SplashDogs website and the ma was a bit distracted in rememberin' to check my jumps. We are pretty sure I got a 13' 11" jump which qualified me as the 10th dog to enter the finals. Whew barely made it! There was allota dogs, more than even at the nationals last fall!

Wellwoofs, the finals was to start at 2 o' the clock but with all the dogs, the SplashDogs schedule was off by about a half an hour. They was really encouragin' us to move as fast as we could through our turns but there is always sum pups that's gotta have the drama and takes their times. Anywoofs, it was a long day!

By the time my division, the Junior, finals it was about 4 o' the clock! My best jump was 12' 2" which earned me a 9th place ribbon (outta 9 dogs cuz one was a NJ, no jump). BigSisterGirl went with me and the ma to collect my rosette! She thought it was real pretty!

After a full day o' jumpin' fur me and a full day o' bein' at the expo fur all my peoples we was pretty tired. The peoples went to a restaurant fur dinner and I snoozed. We all said goodbye in the parkin' lot and BigSisterGirl is a bit dramatic in her goodbyes these daze. We went home to the grandfolks place and the lil baby girls went to their own home with their folks.

On Moonday, we got up real early and left fur home. Again, the ma wanted to get thru LA befure there was too much traffic. By leavin' at 5 o' the clock we were somewhat successful:) We did stop twice on the way home, both at rest stops, and the ma threw my ball fur me a bit at the 2nd one.

Finally we made it home. It was a good trip!


Sum Stuffs - Old, New & Future

April 17th 2013 6:25 am
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Old - Wellwoof, popped my new special soccer ball:( I was bein' so good and gentle with it on Sunnyday the folks made the mistake of leavin' me alone with it when they was gone on Moonday. So fur future reference, I can has softer plastic balls but only under supervision. DUH!

New - On our evenin' walk on Moonday we ran into NeighborManWithABird. Don't think I've barked about him befure. But we sumptimes see him walkin' with a big bird cage strapped to his back with a big bird(parrot) in the cage. The bird's name is Ra. I'm a li'l scared o' NeighborManWithABird and Ra. Anywoofs, while the ma was chattin' with NeighborManWithABird about how nice his aloe plants look I stuck my head into a bush and pulled out a brand new tennis ball:) So one ball popped anofur ball found, all on the same day!

Future - Wellwoof, I was barkin' befure about the folks makin' it up to me fur leavin' me home while they went off and saw the li'l baby girls, Uncle and Auntie, and the grandfolks a coupla weekends ago. So seems the ma is workin' on that:) We (me and the ma) is headin' down to SoCal on Fryday fur a dock divin' event! We has never driven so far just fur dock divin'! Wellwoof, we'll be stayin' with the grandfolks and visitin' with everyone, too.

They all wanna come see me jump! So I'll have my own li'l entourage out in the audience:)

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