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Healthy for the New Year

December 31st 2013 5:13 pm
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We're thanking God after another emergency surgery for bladder stones. This time it was a long night after Thanksgiving and Autumn got a stone stuck which meant a blockage. We hurried to the vets first thing in the morning and they took her in right away to remove the stuck stone and found more stones in her bladder. She is on the special diet but it appears there is controversy on whether her type of stone even requires a special diet.

The vets have suggested an ultrasound in 3-6 months to check for stones and I'm all with that idea. It's the only way to be sure. I'm not into playing guessing games with this; She scared the heck out of me this time. I had been watching her for signs of straining or illness and it was not apparent to me that anything was wrong until it became critical and that small piece of stone made its way where it shouldn't be.

So here we are at a new year and thanks to all the Christmas tree gifters and other gifts our pup pals have given us with each holiday. Wishing all a happy healthy year for you and your pups. Love them everyday and give them a big kiss on the head, singing "You are my sunshine!" Autie thinks I'm nuts when I sing to her but it's joy coming out and joy should always be shared.

God Bless.


Still in the Game

July 10th 2013 9:55 am
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Well, at this point, with the heat and cabin fever growing, Autie and I are walking earlier in the morning, playing games of fetch (sort of) with her lamb and monkey toys, and going out rarely after 1pm unless we want to melt in the 10th straight day of 100+ degree heat. We feel as though we're in the 16th inning like the SF Giants on Monday night against the Mets. But really it's only the beginning of July. Summer has a way of going by fast and slow at the same time. Autie is doing her best to keep active by chasing a cat now and then out of the backyard, barking at the mailman, or nosing in when Bitz the cat gets treats. Yesterday a mass of ants invaded Autie's food bowl. I wondered why she was giving me funny looks! Even Bitz had been staring at the bowl. Got all that cleaned up but definately no more kibble left out. Apparently even the ants have had it with the heat and are joining us in our summer cabin fever.

Thanks for all our fireworks gifts from our pals! Beautiful. The fourth was touch-n-go as far as scaredy-cats and dogs went in our house but both did well with the boom-boom-booming. Autie followed me around all night but she only shook a little bit and Bitz stayed in her corner behind a chair. In years past, both would've run for cover under a bed. I'm proud of them.


Gummy Bear (aka Toothless Wonder)

March 19th 2013 11:04 am
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Can't believe it's been since Christmas that we submitted anything to Pink Nose Prose. Guess it's the cold and dreariness of the after-holiday liveliness that tended to make Naughty Autie and me cocoon indoors by the fireplace except for our walks. She has grown a full crazy coat again and next week she'll be groommed for spring. This is a much less trying appointment than was her first dental cleaning the last week of February when her mom took the whole day off, nervous as can be, while Autumn spent from 8am to 3:30pm at the vet's office. All went well except for the unfortunate need to extract 2 of her upper incisors, center. Felt so bad! If only I had taken her sooner to have those teeth cleaned but we didn't have the budget. The missing teeth don't show unless we pull back her top lip. All healed well after a short round of antibiotics and it doesn't seem to bother her at all. Now she's our little Gummy Bear. But she still hates having her teeth brushed.

Good spring weather to our pup pal friends and their parents and thanks so much for the new "rosettes"! Autie turned five on St. Patrick's Day and loves getting them along with the "bones".


Able Autumn, Able Me

November 20th 2012 4:27 pm
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Last year Autie and I were laid up after surgeries through the holidays and weren't able to put up all the Xmas decorations, or go walking, or go out to parties. So this Thanksgiving we are truly thankful we are able to walk, put up all our decorations, and shop for gifts. Autie had her annual check-up yesterday, not too long past our "Gotcha Day" which was a week ago. Four years out, she is my little buttercup, as the song goes, and I try to avoid mistakes of old by not allowing her to become overweight and by making sure she gets enough exercise and proper foods.

Hello to our friends today. We are posting a couple of new pics. One is our "card" with Autie in the corner looking pensively onto a scene of a happy boy and his puppy--just found! They are both so grateful to be together (in an actual pic from our Xmas village). The other is Autie waiting for Santa in front of our little tree. She is hoping for what she always hopes for: BACON!

Happy Turkey Day and a Merry Good Christmas ahead for all.


Jumpy in July

July 5th 2012 1:35 pm
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We love this country; we love celebrating Independence Day; we love the skies filled with pretty light; but we hate the noise!

Okay, so mom is an HSP (highly-sensitive person) and so am I, says Autumn. Loudness makes us nervous. Last night, I spent hours shaking from the scare of the boom-booms and bang-bangs and POWS! every few seconds. I ran to my mom and I let her hug me and she told me all would be okay and it was, eventually. I was even brave enough to go outside when it got a little less noisy, tail between my legs, with mom encouraging me, to do my business, then we rushed back in. Wow, what a challenge, but I did it! In the past, I never would've gotten out the door and would've been under the bed with The Bitz (my sister-cat), hiding through the racket. The Bitz came out later but even the next afternoon, she wouldn't go out.

It was just a have-to thing that people do every year. They have fun but it ain't much fun for me. Mom says about a half hour of booms would've been enough for her. Next year, I hope my mom and me get out-of-town. That or get some really good earplugs.

As for our flag gift from the Family of Lucy & Daisy. Thanks! Mom and me are happy to see it; it is beautiful and so QUIET.


Diggin' Dirt, not Hot Spots

May 26th 2012 10:40 am
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What's not to dig? (Dig: in groovy talk, that's "like") Well, that would be hot spots. We've had to go to the vet twice to check this out. Itchin' and Scratchin' ain't fun. But we think we got that wee patch o'irritation on the haunch cleared up thanks to the Clovis Vet Hospital vet and their techs.

As for what we really dig: We dig in the dirt. That is Autie does. She'll try and get under the asphalt trail or the concrete walkway to find those runners. Mostly gophers and squirrels although on the school grounds, we've seen BIG holes about the size that Autie could go into herself, and from far away, we see a big beast, maybe the size of a raccoon, jump into those big burrows and disappear. Too big for a gopher, even for a squirrel. What beasts lie beneath the grass? What does Autie smell that makes her crazy to worm her way into the dark tunnel? I don't even want to know!


Easter Energy

April 6th 2012 1:44 pm
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Ah, so long since we've written, Autie and me. But we are here, and gratefully received all our pals' birthday wishes on St. Patrick's day, aka Autie's birthday. Unfortunately, this pet parent had a migraine for 3 days and wasn't up to much that weekend but that is past now as we move onto sunnier April days and warmer weather in the valley of San Joaquin. Autie celebrated her birthday belatedly with an extra long walk, more bacon treats and plenty of schmoozing for love and a hand to smooth her head and long coat---that is if that hand didn't get caught up in a wad of matted fur!

But all is repaired, at least for the next 3-4 months as far as the tangled, fine, fuzz that Autie wears is concerned because groom day came yesterday and she is ready for the wind,squirrels and heat in her new short puppy cut. Finally, Autie, we can vacuum the carpet and have it last a little longer sans the mist of white.

Happy Easter to all and today, thanks to our gifted Easter egg friends, very nice!


Cherry Blossom Pink

February 20th 2012 12:40 am
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The earth loves pink as evidenced by the gorgeous cherry blossoms already blooming on the trail and I love a special pink nose and the mutt behind it named Autie. She has been crazy busy chasing cats who do messy things out of our yard lately and gets so excited she can not be called in but must be bribed with doggie bacon IF she manages to hear me through all the shreeky barking.

We passed my 53rd birthday today by enjoying a long walk as usual, bumping into the aforementioned pink blossoms and the usual squirrels. Other day we also saw a kind of small brown pheasant, low to the ground, which we'd never seen before. We're amazed how after many walks we still see new sights out in the surrounding fields from time to time. It was somewhat chilly but the sun was wanting to break out and did later on. It's the little things we appreciate.


Healing and Eating Together, etc.

December 26th 2011 7:43 pm
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Wow, look at all the mistletoe we got, Autie! Thanks to our friends who gifted them to us; it was quite exciting to see them coming into our email all day yesterday.

Autie has a powerful, good, appetite since her bladder stone removal operation in October and I'm almost fully recovered from my gall bladder removal surgery in November. I'm also able to eat better and more so Autie and I are having fun sharing new foods and being free and easy with our meals. No restrictions is fun.

Christmas was quiet with a few family over and Autie got to see her favorite nephews uncles. They couldn't keep her from buddying up to them and begging for a head scratch or neck rub.

Now, noisy New Year's Eve--which, for a dog and her devoted parent afraid or annoyed by loud noises--is not fun. Glad it's only one night a year.


Scary Belly

October 29th 2011 3:00 pm
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This newly-added photo shows Autie's pink-mottled belly minus the stitches which were removed on Wednesday the 26th--hooray! It's kinda icky-looking, the dark scar, but all was good news after leaving her at the vet's for 4 hours for her urinalysis: no more bladder infection, the tetracycline did its job.

It was odd, after five weeks, when I realized I didn't need to administer pills anymore, visit the vet's and deal with her discomfort (which makes us pet parents upset). Autie could go back to being her independent self. It's wonderful seeing her spring back into being a pup-like pet again, going full-bore after cats and jumping on people. It's great to see Autie normal again, even when she's naughty!

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