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March 25th 2009 4:41 pm
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We have returned from sunny, hot Las Vegas. I miss it already, it was gorgeous there and what a great time we had running around on the golf course at night and lounging in the sun during the day. We had some good walks in the mornings and chased some grass hoppers. Sad to be back in the rain, but happy to be home of course.


Owners unknowingly being cruel to their pets

March 18th 2009 3:45 pm
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This is sort of out of the blue , but I felt the desire to rant about something that happened a couple months ago.

My boyfriend plays in a co-ed outdoor soccer league and I went to watch one of his games one night in December. No one else watches their games, so when I go it's pretty special for him. It was absolutely frigid outside, I was wearing two pairs of pants and at least 3 or 4 layers on top.

I got to the game a little late, and they had already started playing. When I got closer to the benches where all of their bags were piled up, I noticed a little pug tied up to the bench. As I got closer, he got all excited that a new friend was approaching and I squatted down to say hello.

As I petted him, I realized that he was shivering like crazy and it made me cry a little inside. This poor helpless creature was tied up to a pole with no blankets and no way of escaping to find someplace warm while his mom was out running around and not paying any mind to the little guy. He was really fortunate to have me that night because I sat on the bench and he just hopped right into my lap. He had a warm lap to sit on and I tried to keep my arms wrapped around him the whole time to warm him up. I'm fearful that there were or will be other games that I don't go to where the poor dog will have to freeze all night.

I'm frustrated with the owner... she could at least have the decency to give the dog a blanket. :(


St. Patty's day

March 18th 2009 8:38 am
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We had a fun St . Patty's day, mommy put a green bow on me and I showed it off to the world :) I was happy as always.



March 16th 2009 12:56 pm
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Petunia is considering getting doggy insurance for those "just in case" instances and saving her mommy money. Her aunt has per insurance for her cousin and has given good reviews so mommy is looking into some options.
Might look at what her sister has, Trupanion pet insurance but wants to compare with other companies to make sure.
I'm gonna go and chase my tail some more. :)

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