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"My Life"

3 years...New Changes..New Begainings...

September 4th 2011 5:24 am
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Wow, long time no visit. I'm now 3 years old. The last time I visited I I was 1. I certainly matured over the years. I grew up to be a smart German Shepherd *cough*mix*cough*. Jasmine even thought me how to shake hands. I know its so well, all you have to do is put your human-paw out in front of me, and I'll reach for it. And we Shake. I also been to dog parks, which were fun and not so fun at the same time. But, I do describe myself as the Alpha of the pack. All the pretty-too good to run and bark around females don't dare to confront me. And this little Chihuahua was so tiny and fat. It was such a funny image, I stayed behind its butt while we were walking down the dog park, so I could get a GOOD sniff! I also like playing roughly with the pit bulls. There so much skinnier and medium sized than me, but they act like THERE the Alpha! But..*pants* there so much faster than me, for I have been eating and sleeping and barking..and just so DOG ON lazy at home. But over the months, I got faster and my stamina got stronger because the WHOLE family is like on a diet or something. We walked around Stone Mountain Park over miles and miles, and my doggy lungs just could not TAKE it any more! We all took a break and they poured me some cold water in a bowl. Also, just for a few weekends, Jasmine has took me outside for walks around the neighborhood early in the mornings. It was good for both of us, and refreshing. Well.. It's September now, and my ears have been eavesdropping on the humans. Puppy?New?Travel? Wait... what does this mean?


Growing Into a Bigger Girl

August 25th 2009 11:03 am
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Hey!! Its sheba!! Im growing so bigg now! School started for the kids and mommy is going school to be teacher!! Im home alone more--
But in the morning ,Jasmine is always with me(and no adulties)


Im a growing into a toddy!!!---And 2 great friends!!

June 13th 2009 5:16 am
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Hey guys!!! Guess what......Im a toddler!!
and you know what else?
I like other dogs know!!
There were 2 dogs at a park where all my family were.
There colours looked so much like mine!!
There was a black coated girl---little puppy
and its brother looked like me but a real german shepard with its ears pointed up and it had that tan color I have-----it was also a little puppy
When I first saw them I was in the big field with the fence around it daddy let me off the leash (even If I wasen't leashed trained) and he told jasmine to close the gate so I wont escape(It was closed NOT locked) I heard some barking and out came 2 cute puppies!! (they were related) I QUICKLY ran to the fence and tried to sniff them as they wanted to sniff me. Daddy and Jasmine got terrified because I never acted so calm to dogs before. Im usually the one who barks and tries to drag my owner so I could chase the other owner away with my paws!! It was so cool to have friends!! oh..and the browney tan one was looking at my daddy spinning around him.....Oh I have to tell you something else!! The other day when Mommy laurence(my brother also jasmines brother) was practicing his bike daddy waners dog...But this time....I did not.. Unexpectently the puppies opened the gate and came to play with me!! When the black puppy girl saw me she sniffed me and wagged her tail and went on her back and I gave her a tums not there. When jasmine was sitting on the bench out came the 2 puppies playing around. The black one did not bother to see jasmine as she ran down the hill expecting her brother to come with her....The brother came to jasmine and start chasing after her because jasmine said "Come Here". Jasmine's Mommy said come on!!!


New Changes and Different Adventures

March 29th 2009 1:01 pm
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After febuary(did my doggie brain spelled that month right?), They decided to call me something else. They played this doggie nameing game to decide what my name was going to be. '' I want her name to be Crystal!!!'' . Laurance kept saying that really loud, and boy that hurted my ears!!! Jasmine wanted to name me Angel or Princess. Mommy wanted my name to be Sheba or Shilou(what kind of barking name is that?! Im talking about Shilou!) Daddy wanted me to be named...............My doggie brain fur-got) Any way, thay all put the names on a sheet of paper and tossed it in the cup. I was so excited my tail went in circles like a Windmill!! Jasmine had a chance to pick the name out of the cup and that name would be OFFICIAL. And it began. She put her hand in the cup and the name was going to be................................. SHEBA!!! I was happy............but laurence wasent. He got use to it any way.It took me a month and 1month/in a half to learn my new name. After the nameing excitement it was time to housebreak me. Trust me........I loved to pee where ever in the house I want., But I started geting smacks on my wet nose for peeing in a forbidden area.


Home Sweet Bones

March 17th 2009 2:38 pm
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On my first week at my new home, I realized they give me a lot of human Food, they bought me lots of toys,and Rubbed me all the time to keep me spoiled. My new home was a blast!!! When my owner Jasmine picked me up(when I was little) I looked into her eyes ,and I looked into hers. I was in her arms until she put me back down in the tv room. "Did you do this Little Cutie?" , Jasmine said with a soft voice. I looked at what I've done,and I knew she wasent happy about it. I ripped up the side of the couch. I just wished I could say," My teeth were just itchy!! No big deal right??? I was told to go to my crate and dont get out (She left the door open). I went out a few minites later any way'' . She saw me, then I could not have the family's Left-overs from dinner that night. All I had to eat was my normal DOG food!!! In the morning , When I woke up. My little eyes opened , and then I saw Jasmine!!! I got scared right away!! I barked at her and she pat me on the head. I wagged my tail,and we both ate breakfast. My human daddy was glad to see me when he came downstairs! He gave me bacon bits for a favor. My real home was fun, and did I mension they wanted to name me something else ??? I didint think so!! Stay tuned for more!!


Comming Home

March 15th 2009 10:25 am
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Hello my name is Sheba. I grew up in Georgia and came out my mommy on January 10,2008. I had 3 brothers and sisters.I was the most spoiled one ,and I wasen't so good as you may think!! When I was 6 weeks old I was transferd from a my mommy and her owner to a Adoption center In Atlanta,Georgia. I was bored in my cage, When a friendly family walked up to my cage ,and sticking there delicous french fri smelling fingers in my cage so I can lick them.It tasted so good, I just wanted to bark!!! A few moments later , they decided to take me out of my cage to play with me. A girl name Jasmine who is 10 picked me up and smiled at my watery eyes. Jasmine's Mom,Dad ,and brother said" We'll take this dog"!! I was so happy!! They quickly rushed into the office to sign some papers, and I was out!! Outside(in front of the adoption center) was a Big adult German Sheperd that looked at me. I sniffed him and then we began to play.Momments later Iwas in my new owners car, Ready for what wil happen next. They all called me willow Cus that was my name back then. They stopped at petco,to get me some supplies and treats, then went to some ones house for dinner. When I was eating my food, They Accidently bought me a Cat bowl!! hours later I was at my new home.It was so big and I was so little. The End-----

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