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As Sasha's world turns...

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Sasha went to the Bridge this morning

February 6th 2012 5:29 am
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Sasha's Mom here,

The Elspar shot Sasha received on Wednesday did not perform the magic we had hoped for. Sasha was unable to go for her beloved walks over the past days and her breathing became increasingly labored. After a sleepless night we made the difficult decision to help her to the Rainbow Bridge this morning.

We miss her so much it hurts. If love or money could have saved her, she would be here today and it upsets us that we couldn't do more.

Rich and I want to thank you all for your love and support.

Julie & Rich


Yesterday's appointment

February 2nd 2012 6:45 am
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Daddy and I took our weekly road trip to Boston yesterday. My appointment was at 12:30 this time, Daddy was hoping to miss all the traffic we have been getting into later in the day, and it worked :)

I have been feeling better since we skipped my chemo treatment last week. Dr. Mahoney said I wasn't dehydrated this week like last week, so that was good news.

I received an Elspar injection yesterday. Elspar can help by stopping the growth of cancer cells, so I could use that. I also received a Benedryl injection in case I felt like having an allergic reaction to the Elspar. Benadryl makes me sleepy, so I didn't walk last night which is too bad because our weather was really warm here yesterday.

Because I'm not doing the chemo treatments, they didn't give my bloodwork results back right away; Dr. Mahoney called Daddy later on. Since stopping my chemo treatment, my white blood cell count went up from 100 to 600, this is good because I need them to fight infection. My hematocrit level dropped from 18% to 14%, that is not good because it means I have less oxygen in my blood this week. Also, since stopping my chemo treatment those nasty lymphocytes in my blood went from 1100 to 2200! We are hoping that the Elspar will bring the lymphocyte number down and that will allow my hematocit number to rise.

So, not all bad news this week and we are hoping for even better news next week.

Thank you everyone for your purrs, prayers love and support!

xoxoxo Sasha


Today's appointment

January 24th 2012 6:21 pm
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I had another appointment with my oncologist today and mommy took the afternoon out of work to go on the road trip with me and daddy.

Before we left, we went on a nice walk. It was over 50 degrees out today, so a lot of the snow is melting. After my last chemo treatment, I lost interest in my walks. The effects of the treatment were starting to wear off, so I was feeling more like my old self today.

It took us over an hour to get to my appointment. Dr. Mahoney checked my blood and found that my white blood cells are even lower than last week. I was supposed to get a drug called cytoxan today, but Dr. Mahoney felt that giving me that treatment might make my count even lower. So, no chemo today.

We got the test results back from Colorado State University, but the test didn't detect any leukemia cells, probably because they were killed off by last weeks treatment. So, it looks like we won't be getting any new information about my diagnosis.

I lost 3 pounds. This could be from the prednisone, a side effect of prednisone is muscle wasting.

I got fluids today. I was a little dehydrated, so it should help. Daddy is going to give me fluids at home if I need more.

Mommy & daddy are going to monitor me closely. If you saw me today, you might notice that I lost those 3 pounds, but I'm still smiling and happy.

Hoping for more happy days with my family.

xoxoxo Sasha


Thank you Kally Kat!

January 22nd 2012 7:22 pm
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My sweet friend Kally Kat has created a candle link where my friends can go and light a candle for me.

Just click on my name:


Thank you to all my friends that have stopped by and visited my page recently, I feel loved.

xoxoxo Sasha



January 19th 2012 12:09 pm
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My results to see if I had B cells or T cells came back inconclusive yesterday; the test showed that I actually have leukemia. The origin of my cancer is from my bone marrow, not my lymph nodes.

Leukemias are treated pretty much like lymphoma; with chemotherapy. The main difference is my prognosis is not as good with leukemia.

More tests are being done at Colorado State University to gather more information about my diagnosis.

Mommy & Daddy talked last night and the agree that the most important thing is to keep me happy and comfortable. They also spoke with Dr. Mahoney last night and she has encouraged them to continue my treatments.

Mommy worries most that the chemo treatments themselves have negative effects. I had a treatment on Tuesday and on Wednesday I didn't want to go for my walks. I have also been raising all of the hairs on my back whenever I go outside; mom calls it a "faux hawk". The vet doesn't know what it means. Yesterday I took my cerenia, which is an anti-nausea medication. I had a great day, ate well and did a full walk.

Would I have good days like yesterday if I wasn't receiving treatment? With such aggressive cancer, probably not. So moving forward with this in mind we are going to continue my treatment. If at any time my pawrents feel that treatment is no longer beneficial, they will stop.

I will continue to keep you posted. Thank you again for the well wishes, purrs & thoughts!

xoxoxo Sasha


Sonograms/Chemo treatments

January 17th 2012 4:58 pm
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Daddy took me to see my Oncologist again today. It takes a little over an hour to get there, Mommy lets us take her car for the trip because it's more comfy for me~ I have a hammock in the back seat!

I had my sonogram today. They had to sedate me a little because I didn't want to stay still. My liver was slightly enlarged, but they said that was probably from the sedation. My spleen was a little big too, but Dr Mahoney expected that because I have lymphocytes in my blood. So, overall my sonogram didn't show anything really bad.

My white blood cell count is low. Dr. Mahoney felt that I should still receive my treatment as that should help me to improve my count. My treatment today was vincristine~ what a pretty name for a drug! Side effects from the chemo treatment will usually start 2-4 days after treatment. The vet has given me a drug called cerenia in case I feel sick, I can even take it as a preventative starting on Thursday, and that is probably what I will do.

I'm still taking prednisone (steroid), clavamox (antibiotic), and now the vet has given me Baytril which is another antibiotic. Since my white blood cell count is so low, it is possible that I could get an infection. Mom thinks maybe I should be put in a bubble!

I want to thank everybody for the PotP, Purrs, well wishes and rosettes for my page!

Anyway, I'm not feeling to well right now; I have never done well with sedation. Mommy says my eyes look googely! I'm gonna go lay down for a while.

xoxoxo Sasha


One day at a time

January 13th 2012 1:12 pm
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Hi friends~

I don't seem to have the appetite I once had, even a week ago. I didn't want my food this morning, so I went and laid down in the other room while mommy got the cats fed up. Mommy came in and gave me my pills wrapped in pill pockets~ I ate those and I guess it made me feel like I could eat a little more so I went and finished my kibble.

I have always had a healthy appetite, so it worries mommy when I don't snarf my food down.

My sonogram is on Tuesday, that seems so far away right now. Keep your paws crossed that we get some good news.

xoxoxo Sasha

UPDATE: Good news~ I happily ate my dinner, I think mommy worries too much :)



January 11th 2012 12:01 pm
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Hi everyfur,

I haven't been feeling great lately, I've been having diarrhea. Mom & Dad brought me to the vet on Saturday and during my exam the vet found my lymph nodes in my chest were swollen. The vet said that it was likely that I had lymphoma. They aspirated my lymph nodes and the test results came back yesterday and confirmed lymphoma.

I went to see an oncologist today. Daddy took me to Angell Memorial in Boston to see Dr. Mahoney. Mommy couldn't go because she had to work. They are running more tests to see if I have B or T cell lymphoma (B is preferable). I will go back on Tuesday to have a sonogram done so they can check my internal organs.

I started chemotherapy today. I will have to go back every week for 9 weeks and then every other week for 16 weeks. With this treatment 80-90% of dogs achieve complete remission and it will be possible to control this disease for 10-12 months, hopefully more.

Keep your paws and eyes crossed for me!

xoxoxo Sasha

PS You don't have to send me any gifts; I know zealies are hard to come by. I would love if you would comment on one of my pictures instead :)



April 14th 2011 12:10 pm
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Hello friends,

I had my 6 month check up on Tuesday, 12-April. Mom & Dad take me in every six months since I am a senior and they want to catch anything early.

Dr. Ripp said I look amazing. She said if she didn't know better, she would say I was six years old~ imagine that?! That is half my age!!

They stole my blood and urine for testing. They also ran a test I had never had before that came back positive for Ehrlichiosis which is similar to Lyme disease. Mom & Dad had never heard of it. I have no idea when I was infected.

There are 3 stages to this disease and it is proable that I am in the 2nd "subclinical" stage. I am hoping to stay in this stage for the rest of my life and never progress to stage 3.

The symptoms are wide ranging and some could easily be mistaken for aging. If you are around ticks at all, you should probably be tested for this disease.

Keep your paws crossed that I stay healthy, okay?

xoxoxo Sasha


Paws on the ground, Paws on the ground!

March 25th 2010 1:50 pm
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Today makes 3 weeks!

And I am walking with all paws on the ground, on my walks anyway ;)

Sing along:

Paws on the ground
Paws on the ground

Lookin kinda cool with my paws on the ground
With the treats in my mouth
Leash turned sideways
Paws hit the ground

Call myself a cool dog
With my paws on the ground

Walkin downtown with my paws on the ground


xoxoxo Sasha

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