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Hey...Guess What!

Hey Guys...Will Ya Please Paws-Together Wiff Us?

September 6th 2009 3:35 pm
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Hey Guys- My precious Kiara's gonna has her op-e-a-shun SOON. I YUV HER SO MANY MUCHES! Every people say I'm a nervous li'l guy...something about being JUST like Barney Pfife. Moms makes me look calm these days, tho! We yip & yap a li'l bit when Kiara's asleep sometimes. It's a big day coming! Kiara will be SOOO much bedder when she's done @ the hos-pitiful. Moms keeps tellin' me that. She makes rainin' when she talks 'bout it sums times, tho. I know she's scared. Can I tell U a secret? Promise not to tell? I'm a little scared, 2. Hey, that's MY KIARA! I'm 'sposed 2 B the tough guy & all. I usually don't whimper. Ya don't need 2 makes a big deal cause I am now, please. Just PLEASE PAWS-TOGETHER WIFF YOURS FAMIYEES FOR MY SWEET KIARA! We aw need her 2B ok...bedder than ok, eben. Thanks a bunch 4 yer support. It means SO MUCH to know ours friends care 4 us like that! Hope ewbrey pup & person had a good summer. Thanks again. Yuv-Ya, Barnes


Hey! Hi! Hi-Yo! Happy News 2day!

August 18th 2009 8:47 pm
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Mommie is rainin'...but I thinks it's a good thing. U can never tell with those humans! My beloved Kiara is FINALLY going to have her surgery! Speaking of surgery...I'm going to hang out with our York-a-Doccor 4 a li'l bit, myself. Can any pup tell me what is "neuter?" 'Can't believe I'm going 2 have one of those...whatever it is. Every human keeps saying it'll B better for my health & help me to calm down. What do they know? I feel fine! So, that's going 2 happen Thursday. I don't have to have all kinds of trips to the Doc, like Kiara does. Hey folks...Pease U'll keep my precious love, Kiara, in your hearts. 'Can't say that I understand the whole thing, but Mommie seems pretty rocked by it. Paws-Together 4 Kiara, pease. I love her so much! (Except when she gets to the best squeaky toy first!) Thanks Y'all. Yips & Slurps, Barney


We'r Getting Ready For My Beloved Kiara 's Huge- Op-e-a-shun!

April 25th 2009 11:31 pm
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She was gone 2day. Yup...I sniffed Kiara! Moms took her bye-bye, I know it! I was beside myself! Moms came home & told me that Kiara was ok, but I didn't like her being gone. I spent the day pouting. Moms kept tellin' me that it's ok, but I just missed Kiara! Ok, so Moms went out...then Kiara came home with her!!!!! I was so excited! She smelled like funny medicine stuff. Yuk! I remember that "Yorkie Dr." place now. That's what she smelled like. Anyway, she's ok...just got a little needle hole & a little less blood. Moms says she has to back on Monday! More tests! When the tests get graded, we'll take off for some far away place where I didn't get to go last time. It's another Dr. place...a HUGE one! Yuk! We're going to go bye-bye there in the house on the wheels. We LOVE that! Kiara is going to go in to the big Doccor place there, Yuk Again! Her Op-e-a-shun will happen then. That part's really scary. Moms says it's the very best thing, though. Kiara will be very weak & have 2 wear that big dumb wall of a collar again when she comes out. Guess what! I have to wear one when she does! Moms says Kiara won't feel so bad if I do. We will have our beds next to each other for our trip home. Kiara will have a shaved t'tum again & no stone in her t'tum & some stuff in there to make her liver thing work better. I'll still Love her. I'll Always Love My Kiara! Moms says we'll have to be even more very very careful around Kiara for a while. But...guess what! She's going to be better than she ever was after that! Maybe we won't have to eat different supper & breakfast stuff anymore! We can probably get back to "good baby" treats now & then, too! YUM! It's been a really LONG day, so I'm gonna get to night-night now. Before I go...We're building a special book about Love & we'd REALLY Like to have our Pup Friends & Everyone else send us their picture to print for the book. Will You? Please? Our email address is: Oh, Moms TWEETS now! We're on Twitter! Please look for KiarasHope there. Also, we're still going to have to work really hard @ the ebay store. It's all about the $ for my Kiara's Big Big bills. Maybe you'd like to visit us at "A Bargain In Kiara's Korner" and check it out! Hey...Thanks a Whole Pile of Pup Bones! G'night Aw U's Folks!



March 30th 2009 6:58 pm
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Sniff...Sniff...Hey! Please remember my Precious Kiara's Birthday is April 10th!!!! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Three! Yeah! Yeah!'s a pretty BIG deal around here! Yup! Yup! Yup! She's a pretty sick pup (HEY...GRRRRR....NO JOKES!!!!!!!!!!!!) She's REELIE gonna be 3! She won't be able to call me "the old man" again 'til next March! WE'RE GONNA BEE THE SAME AGE AGAIN NOW!!!!!!!! ALSO, PLEASE DON'T FORGET... MOMS & KIARA & I ARE GOING TO PUT TOGETHER THE ALBUM OF KIARA'S HOPES & WISHES & FWIENDS ... 2 MAKES US STRONG & HAPPY & PEACEFUL ...ALL THE WAY THROUGH kIARA'S OP-E-A-SHUN TIME ... AND OUR FAMIYEE'S TIME TO GET AW BEDDER 2GETHER AFTER IT AWL! Moms says we can has aw yer pixsures on the waw @ Yorkies' Eyes Lebel in our indoor Play'Partment, 2! 'Jus has 2 makes sures it aw wight wiff yers Moms & Dad Dudes, though!

Wew...pease U wiw don't 4gets Kiara's 'Pecial day! Hers gots awful pawful close 2 no more B'seys B4! Pease U wiw say yers BIG YAPPIES HAPPIES 2 SHE! MY YUBB-A HER, DUBB-A HER!


It's March 20th...The First Day Of Spring...AND MY- BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

March 20th 2009 12:57 am
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Dear Diawee- Today is my B'say!!!!!!!!! I'm 3...Finally! Now I'm older than Kiara again! Mom saya wee will do some sweacial stuff 2day. Her's asweep wight now but I am pawsativewy 2222222 'Cited to Night-Night! Mommy makes our sweacialYorkie B'say cakes. I hope the writing stuff doesn't look like puppy pad yumps this year! (I got all 'cited but I didn't know if I make a little 'stake when I saw the last one! Yup! Yup! Yup! It's my B'say, I tell ya'!

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