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getting older

Getting older

November 23rd 2009 12:18 pm
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Well, I am getting older.
I feel pretty good. I play with my dog family like I am very young. I zoom around the yard and I do that bull dog thing. Kind of daring and looking for a rumble with the bigger dogs.
I love my mom but she worries now that my face is going white with age. I love my mom she saved me from a cold barn in November. I got to live with two girls that really loved me. I use to give them kisses every day but now they are growing up and I hardly get to see them.
But, one of them has twins and I know them by name. When I see them getting out of the car and coming in I get excited and cry.
I know that my family is getting bigger but I wish they would come live with us again.
I guess things change and I can't do nothin about it.
My mom gets mad at me cause I fart all the time, I think mom gave me a new name today, Mr Farts.
I know it don't sound nice but I know it is true. I run when I fart to escape the wind of it and so I don't hear mom say, you stink!
I still love her and she love me.

Bridget sometimes toots. They sounds like little beeps and or like the wind. They smell but not as bad as me. They don't call us gassy gusses for nothin!

I try to show mom I can run as fast as Dieta but she feels bad when she sees all my grey hairs. She don't realize that her worst fear is death and that she is worried how bad she will feel when it is time for me to be in peace in my little own heaven with my little farts in the wind. Until then I say Fart On!! You smelt it you dealt it!!! BOL




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