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April 20th 2011 1:36 pm
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A caring lady was at a pound to pick up some cats when Arlowe and his siblings were brought in. The women overheard the worker say that they would put the two dark yellow dogs up for adoption but that they would be euthanizing the two blacks and the two paler yellow puppies right then because those colors are less easily adopted out. The women managed to talk him into holding them for three days until Four Paws Rescue could find foster homes for them. The pound did adopt out both of the darker yellow puppies, and Four Paws ended up with Arlowe and his 2 sister's.

The next Saturday, Four Paws brought the puppies to Petsmart where I volunteer when the adoption dogs come. When I was ready to come home, I called my older sister. She came into Petsmart with my nieces and nephews. First thing she saw was a Yellow Lab/Malamute mix who was 3 months old and weighed over 50 pounds. She looked around for a minute and then saw Arlowe with his 2 black sisters who were 4 months old. One look at those beautiful hazel eyes of Arlowe, and she was in love! She decided the Malamute/Lab mix was way too big and adopted Arlowe. The rest is history! :)

Arlowe is about 3 years old now. He's a Pit bull Terrier/Yellow Labrador Retriever mix. He's definately a breed ambassador! He LOVES everyone (to include other dogs, kids and cats). He's loving sweetheart who loves to sit on people's laps and play with tennis balls. He loves treats and is super smart. He loves kids and is a real trooper. He lets the kids wrestle with him and cuddle with him. My sister couldn't have adopted a better dog.

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