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"Life is So GOOD"

"Life is SO GOOD

December 9th 2004 12:55 pm
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My life for the first 3 1/2 years is pretty unknown to my new mommy. I had a pretty hard life though. When my mommy got me, I was in doggie jail with hundreds of other doggies and cats. I was skinny, I had many many scares on me, I didn't look to good, and I didn't think anyone would ever want to take me home. I could not believe my doggie ears the Monday morning I first saw my mom. She was on the inside of the building looking out through the doggie door at me sitting outside. While all the other doggies were in barking and begging to go home with her, I just sat alone in the dirt. I knew no one wanted me. The last people that had me hurt me so bad. I have scares all over me and only wanted one person to just love me a little. NO one ever did love me... I was starved for my bone size my mommy tells me... I could not believe it when I heard her say to the man working on the inside, "I want that dog outside there" I quickly looked around and no one was outside but me, OH my could it really be me? My heart just skipped a beat, but I new down deep it was to good to be true. Well, I was wrong.... next thing I knew the man put this yellow rope on my neck and drug me into the inside and handed me to this lady. "My MOMMY" She didn't even get to know me, she told the man as he was handing me to her , that she wanted me. SHE wanted me.... Wow.... She took me out front, patted me and hugged me... I loved that hug... it was maybe the first hug I can remember in my whole life.... She paid for me, and out the door we went.... We didn't go far when she took me to a man that took my tempature, looked at me all over and gave me shots, that was not fun.... after that we went to this yard that was huge. It was fenced all around but it was so large.... I had to go wet every bush and planter there was. There was even a pool.... Oh I must say there was another dog too... She jumped all over me as if she knew me. She didn't... but she thought she did. I went to the back of the yard after I sprayed everything and sat down in the dirt. I stayed there most of the time for the next 3 days. Mommy tried to get me to come in the house, but I knew I shouldn't . She finally got me to sleep on the covered porch on a soft blanket that was so nice, I had not done that before... Within a week she took me in the house twice a day and made me sit on this leather couch with her for about 20 minutes. WELL, I liked that a lot, so I learned to use the doggie door finally and then I could go sit on the couch anytime I wanted...well you know the rest of this story goes I am sure. Of course I am co owner of the people with Coffee Bean. We take such good care of mommy and daddy. Oh I have a daddy too... He is the first man ever that didn't hit me... You know he loves me too...he feeds me popcorn every night... YUM.... When they took me to get me fixed... which I didn't care for at all. He stopped at the store and bought me a T-Bone steak, he cooked it on the grill outside and fed it to me a bite at a time, YUM! T-BONE, well that is how I got my name, I love T-bone... I also love salmon... daddy makes it for me about once a week ... I even get to go have double cheese burgers once a week and ride in the convertible... Mommy says it is chilly and we can't put the top down this past couple of weeks, but really it isn't that cold to me, I would love to go with the top down in the 50's it would be great.. Well I do have to say other than when it storms, I am fine. The picture my mommy put in here I know she looks worse than normal... but it was 130 am and it was storming... My mom holds me when it storms, because I shake and cry. She is a good mom. She sure was tired the next day after that storm... She held me and talked tome for almost two hours in the middle of the night when daddy was sleeping. I just took a few naps and was fine... well mommies do lots for us don't they. I have the best mom in the world... I know she loves me all of the everytime she sits down anywhere in the house I join her... she likes that. Even though it is hard to read with me on her lap, I am up to 72 pounds...but I feel like a little dog... inside... I hope all doggies get the love I get. Mommy says she will make the rest of my life wonderful. She already has.... I am a Happy Dog....


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