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Pepper Power Activated!

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Ancient Dog Saying.

February 4th 2010 11:41 pm
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Pepper Power here.

Ancient Dog Saying:

"Bowl only half empty until nose stuck in makes it all full again".

Word to the oh-so-wise Misty.

Just saying.

Pepper Power Out


1 Year at Our New Furever Home!

February 8th 2010 7:03 pm
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Pepper Power Here.

Guess what today is. Go ahead, guess I'll wait. No, I can't wait - EVER!

Today is Mr. Cutter's and I's 1 year annifursary of being in our new furever home. 1 year ago today we had been dropped of by after the home visit and met our Mom. I have to tell you, even from the first sniffs of the yard I knew we could be happy pups here. I've got to confess that the weather is a lot more drippy in Seattle than it was in SLC, Utah. Mr. Cutter's not fessing up from where he harkens from, but he tosses his nose up more about the rain than even I do. He does have that short coat and the rain drippings can get decent sized. Mostly it's just that the ground is wet and your paws get squishy.

Even though you laugh at my "pogo stick" trot, I am BOL about your gangley 2 legged way about the world. You can't even tell just by sniffing the air which dog crop dusted you on the way by. Who is the superior critter now?

I mean, thank you for filling the water bowl up every morning before you go to WORK. I've been told that is where all the SNACK money is found. I kind of fade into dream land for most of the day snoozing while you are doing what you do.

This has been the best pad we could have ever ended up in. We have a whole toy basket we can empty every day that magically gets picked up almost every day. SNACKS in the morning and at night. A yard to run and sniff in. There is so much love and respect for being a dog that even Mr. Cutter isn't hardly afraid of his own shadow any longer. In fact if there is food around I think he might forget to be afraid of anyones shadow. Just between you and me.

I'm now going to go chew on my bone that Mom brought home in celebration of this wonderful day. In fact I think I might eat it right in front of Misty since she's being such a grump today. You'd think she had a problem with me or something! BOL!!

Pepper Power Out.


Mnsr. Cutter's Word of the Day.

April 29th 2010 9:26 pm
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Bonjour ~Mnsr. Cutter here~

Todays word is:

LAPTOP: When a human sits down and you sprawl across their lap.

Adieu. ~Mr. Cutter~


Happiest Dog in the World.

August 25th 2010 10:41 pm
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Pepper Power here.

Still the Happiest Dog in the World.

Pepper Power Out.


Life is Good

September 17th 2010 8:42 pm
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Pepper Power here.

Ever get that really good sniff through an open window and linger for another sniff?

I just had one of those. Clean air after rain. How sweet does that smell!

Pepper Power out.


The Best SNACK.

September 23rd 2010 8:22 pm
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Pepper Power here.

The best SNACK you can possibly have is the stolen SNACK.

The one you snag before another can get to it.

The one you grab after Scooter finally moves.

Those are the best SNACKS!

Pepper Power out.


Run For the Hills!

October 12th 2010 10:39 pm
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Pepper Power here!

I made the GREAT ESCAPE tonight.

I ran out of the bathtub at just the right time.

Sudsy, soapy and soaking.

I streaked through the house like a naked kid in the summer headed away from trouble.

Or was that just me?

I was a wild child and nobody could capture or stop laughing long enough to make a good reprimand effective.

Until my soapy, sudsy body flopped to the floor and showed them how a real carpet cleaner should work.

Yikes that got me thrown back in the tub of torture I had escaped from.

Still those were some of the best zoomies I've turned through this house in a very long time.

Pepper Power Out.


I Have Beautiful Ears.

November 18th 2010 7:20 pm
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Pepper Power here.

I have beautiful ears as you can see from my pictures. I do my best to keep them clean and flowing. Sometimes Mom will come at me with the EVIL SCISSORS and cut my hair. I will hide anywhere necessary when I see the EVIL SCISSORS! Today I was trapped and a chunk of my beautiful ear fringe was cut away.

This distresses me. I must sniff and witness what was cut from my fur. I need to know it was actually MINE as I really don't care if it any other pups hair. If it is MINE - as it was tonight - I throw the accusing look at Mom and run zoomies. No matter whom I run over or through - angry zoomies it is.

After a sniff from Cutter I toss my head and know I still have beautiful ears. Even if Mom thinks she's the Westminster dog groomer or something. NOT - BTW.

Pepper Power out.

PS - you should see Misty's butt bob!!! BOL - oh, gotta go, wasn't supposed to give that up.



November 25th 2010 11:56 pm
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Pepper Power here.

I wanted to put a paw up and acknowledge what I am thankful for.

*I have a warm safe place to snuggle and sleep
*I have a full water dish
*I don't have to worry about the next meal
*I have a clean yard to run around and patrol
*I am loved as much as I love Mom
*I have my best pup furriend Cutter here
*I get SNACKS on a daily basis
*I have great pup pals on Dogster

Pepper Power Out.


What's Black and White and Red Allover?

November 30th 2010 7:57 pm
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Pepper Power here.

OMD I am so honored.

What? IS back and white and red allover?

That would be me blushing from Dogster Diary of the Day Pick. What an honor to see my picture up there at the number #1 spot.

Thank you so much Dogster and for all my pup pals and their paws up to me.

Pepper Power Out.

PS - What is brown and white and red allover? That would be Misty after she got the news I was a Dogster favorite. BOL!

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