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Pepper Power Activated!

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Survey Says!

June 17th 2009 9:26 pm
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Pepper Power Here.

Take this survey and send me your answers! (or you can just put them in your diary and eveyone can read them--like I did)

What is your name? I was Princess to begin with, but now I am Pepper.

What other nicknames do you have? Peps, Crazy Girl, Spaz. TANK.

What breed are you? Papillon.

Where were you born? Perhaps Clinton, UT??

Where do you live now? Seattle, Washington.

What is your favorite toy? I love the bones, but the sock tug rope is fun.

What is your favorite store? Never been.

How many toys do you have? A whole basket full. How much fun is that to find every day!!

What brand of food do you eat? That stuff in the bowl that Misty has to eat. 'Scription stuff ~ who knows.

Wet or dry food? hmmmm, I'll go with dry.

What is your favorite color? Buzz Black: Big Fat Black Fly Stuck in the Window.

Are you bad when nobody's looking? It can always be blamed on Cutter.

Are you friendly? Overly.

Are you overweight? The V-E-T says I'm not, but for some reason I'm called TANK.

Do you eat people food? I'm sneaky and very successfull.

Do you eat bugs? If I can catch it when it flies by.

Do you live with other animals? Mostly just dogs, but there are cats too.

Do you like to exercise? I never stop.

Do you like car rides? So far I have to say yes.

Do you get into stuff? Define "stuff".

Do you like to swim? Probably - but I'm not sure. I don't like baths. However water is ok.

What is your favorite treat? What is in your hand right now?

Do you shed? Really long white and black hairs.

What's the funniest thing you ever did? I Fish Ladder Swim when Mom comes home. I hurl myself upwards and wiggle. I look like a spawning salmon.

What's the bravest thing you ever did? I stare down Misty every day.

Are you neutered? No thank you. I'm spayed.

Are you a social animal? Annoyingly.

Collar or harness? Collar after ditching the pink harness.

Retractable or regular leash? I'm stuck w/ Cutter on a dual leash.

Ceramic, Metal or Plastic bowls? Ceramic & Stainless Steel.

Do you sleep in a crate? Not anymore.

Do you have a dog bed? I have a pink "Princess" bed that I still sleep in. But in the morniing I get up on the bed.

Do you have a doghouse? A what?

Do you belong to any dog clubs? Is that like a doghouse?

How does your owner describe you? The happiest dog I've ever known. Always with a smile on her face and a grin to meet you.

Pepper Power out.



June 18th 2009 10:47 pm
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Pepper Power.

I think we are headed out for a WALK.

Gotta run.

Pepper Power out.


Bed Demon.

June 21st 2009 7:46 pm
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Pepper Power ON.

It cannot be helped. I have to do something about the fact that the bed is made every morning. Can you believe that Mom takes a perfectly slept in bed rumpled just right and smoothes it out every day?

As soon as she does it the first time Scooter and I jump up there. He must be old and lazy or something because he just heads to the comfy pillows. We make a team because I will chase the demons out of the bed and he can charm them away.

I have to inspect the bottom of the bed even though it has been safe all night long. I rut around underneath the covers and make sure that all the morning spirits come alive.

Apparently my efforts are not entirely understood or appreciated. The bed seems to be remade by the time we come in from our outside activities. Which is only just to be tackled again with more vengence.

I always win. The bed is much improved by how I make it compared to Mom. After all,who is she making it for? It's just us all day long until she comes home. So don't you all think making it for the dogs is more important than "appearance"?

Pepper Power Out.


I help with Housework too.

June 29th 2009 6:06 pm
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Pepper Power here.

I help every day with the housework. I am self taught and Mom never has to ask me to do this for her.

You see she has this really odd thing about her in the morning after she takes her shower. She MAKES THE BED. I know - weird huh. Here we have spent all night long making sure the covers end up all on one side of the bed (not hers), kicked off a pillow or two and roughed up the covers so we can settle in all comfy. It's a service we provide non gratis.

So while she aims that blowey thing at her head I jump up on the bed and make sure to rough it all back up. You have to do a thorough job and make sure you root under the covers and drag them way down to the bottom of the bed. If you can burrow around in circles under the covers it really helps make the sheets get rumpled up real nice. Plus when you try to get out sometimes you can actually take the entire comforter off the bed.

Pretty good for a 15 lb dog huh! I pretty much have to do it all myself. Sometimes I have to work around Scooter because he likes to go back to bed with his SNACKS. He's all growl, so just don't step on him and alls good.

I'm just here to tell Mom that she can stop asking me why I do that every day. I do it for you Mom! After all if it's nice and comfy for a dog, it should breeze past any human standards. BOL. Well, don't you think?

Pepper Power Out.

PS - I'm a prettygood Hoover when food lands on the floor as well. Another value added service free of charge.


Hot Weather!

July 2nd 2009 5:14 pm
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Pepper Power here.

*Pant*Pant*Pant *


*Sl urp*Slurp*Slurp*

*Pan t*Pant*Pant*


Hey - A fly!!!

*Chase*C hase*Chase*





Not much going on around here.

Pepper Power Out.


Odd Behaviour

August 6th 2009 5:38 pm
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Pepper Power Here.

I'm not actually sure what Mom is doing while she is out doing yardwork. I do the same stuff sniffing around in the weeds, walking on the ground watering the lawn, fertilizing the garden, and haven't quite figured out what she is doing.

I don't fill up buckets with perfectly green plants and work up a sweat over mowing the yard. I've sat at the top of the hill, next to her, on the deck, under the Japanese Maple, under rhodies & azaleas. No matter where I sit I just don't understand dragging all that water around to water all those plants I can't even get to because they have fences around them. Those ones attached to the house under the windows I've never even sniffed and they get attention every day.

I do appreciate the dog doo pick up every day and watering the yard so it stays cool and grass like. Ice cubes in the water are fun to grab and run back into the house with.

That water spitter that sprays up the yard and goes back to the beginning again time after time after time again - not so thrilled with that beast. I like the one that spins and has a butterfly in the middle. Who wouldn't like a sprinkler with a pappillon spinning in all it's beauty? Ok - it's a butterfly I admit and not the dog version, but you have to work with what you have.

Well off to watch the deck flowers get watered. This takes a while as well - and then she will be out front. Mom says we need rain - so someone please send it.

Pepper Power Out.


LIfe is Good.

September 18th 2009 10:21 pm
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Pepper Power Here.

Can you belive that the I have such a great house to live in! Cutter is here and we tussle every day. Scooter plays with us occassionally. All the fun ends if Misty tries to join in. If she just didn't BARK so much to begin with and just started playing.

But I guess you can't teach an old dog a new trick. BOL.

Mornings are the best time since the "old timers" aren't out of bed yet. Cutter and I patrol the yard and take care of the early morning duties. Then it is back to bed to "settle" and have "quiet time" until Mom heads to the shower.

Scoots goes out and that is bliss time for the house. When he gets back in the house we all get our morning SNACK. All pups her know you can ask - but you will not get until Scooter has done the "dooter".

He's pretty quick so you don't have to wait that long. Scooter believes the outside is for getting rid of what went in, barking at EVIL NEMISIS SQUIRRELS, or lazing sunshine and cool breezes.

Otherwise I've got the great life. I'm the most popular gal in the house - other than Mom. That Misty, I get those EVIL looks from her. Like I'm not wanted. As if! Let the boys actions speak for themselves.

Life is Good!

Pepper Power Out.


When it Rains, It Pours.

September 20th 2009 1:52 pm
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Pepper Power here.

This rain that falls so you can barely see through it and lands on your back so hard you feel it, not so fond of it. Not only does it drag my ears down but the mud squishes in my toes.

The first day it rained like that aI decided to take care of business in the front room. Bad decision it turns out. I was left out longer for the next rain. I was very wet and drippy - but so was Mom since she went out to supervise.

Getting dry seemed like a great idea to me. Guess not for Mom since she headed for the shower. After a great game of Zoomies around the carpeted living room I headed for the bed. That's were Mom found me rolling around under the covers drying myself off. It works best if you scoot around in a circle under the covers and then pop out. Roll around on the top rubbing all that wet stuff from your back and your ears into the covers. Don't forget to root under the pillows and wipe your feet off really well if the Zoomies didn't get all the mud out.

I'm telling you it is the only way to dry yourself off after you have to start your day off like that. Smile real big when Mom compliments you on your through job of getting wet dog smell spread around so quickly.

You get clean covers and sheets for the bed that night. I like the challenge of covering it in dog hair as quickly as I can. Mom's so good to us.

Pepper Power Out.


Rats, Raccoons, Opossoms oh My!

October 2nd 2009 8:14 pm
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Pepper Power here!

I heard them first. I heard them and scratched the floor and whined. I got Cutter involved. We both could hear them. The ORIGINALS must be lazy or something because neither of them cared. Let alone heard.

I showed Cutter and eventually Scooter how to sniff in the cracks of the deck and circle the immediate backyard area. Nose to ground following trails. There is movement at night that is for sure. It starts with the scratching under the corner of the living room. You can hear them under the house.

Once we convinced Mom that we did hear things because she heard them too, they were loud, a discussion on what it could be took place.

Rats was the first thought considering Mom says they bunkered down about 3 years ago in the attic. Don't look at the cats and ask them what the deal is as Mom gets the twitches at the irony of cats ignoring rats running around a garage they hang out in. Rats with cajones I say. Mom says rats w/ dead cajones. Yipes.

Raccoon was considered since not a dog or a cat would go under the deck. But how would it get in the house from under the deck? Perhaps through the cracked garage door for Lucy to sneak in at night? Well no. No way from the garage to under the house.

Raccoon would be a good possibility as well since we have neighbors that think they are cute - and feed them. Other neighbors that have so much garbage in a tiny can every week that the crows and night critters make it a weekly stop.

Opossom can't really work for the same reasons as the raccoons. Plus there are more roadkill masked bandits than monster rat that hang upside down in trees.

I, Pepper have been on alert tonight. We have not heard any scratches since Mom didn't let us out last night and fenced off a section of the deck. Apparantly I might eat something I'm not supposed to.

I'll keep you posted if I hear anything else. Considering that I am better than 2 cats any day!

Pepper Power Out.


I Know When you Cheat!

October 4th 2009 9:41 pm
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Pepper Power Here.

I know when you cheat on me Mom. I can smell it all around you. I know there was another dog involved at the least. I am suspicious of the lingering odor of cat surrounding you as well, but choose to believe we are the only dogs on the planet forced to live w/ cats. Am I right???

I know you scratched this other dog, the proof is on your fingertips. I know that other dog sat next to you because your pants smell like it. All over! Did you actually play with that other dog Mom? I'm sure there is a good reason your arms smell like that other dog, and it is NOT that you gave it a hug. I'm certain you have a better explanation. I'm certain.

Go ahead and change into your comfy go to sleep clothes. I can still smell that other dog on you! Just saying - you kind of stink like DOG. Like you always say we do.

Pepper Power out!

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