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Pepper Power Activated!

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A Two-tfur

March 24th 2009 12:02 pm
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Pepper here

I got Mom. Last night I was making the blankets all comfy for myself on the couch and tooted in Mom's face. Then as I was settling in for a long nap I belched in her face.
What? I was just giving her a little of what was going and coming.
She did not appreciate it, but said I was a goofball she loved.

Pepper Power Out.



April 2nd 2009 7:22 pm
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Bark! Pepper here.


I'm Pepper puppy powered.
A bundle full of energy.
Smiling all the time.
A trotting tank.
Running through the house.
Bouncing off the walls.
Jumping on the furniture.

I'm Pepper puppy powered.
I zoomie every where.
Play with dirty socks.
A burping bag.
Racing across the back yard.
Zipping around corners.
Chasing birds in the air.

I'm Pepper puppy powered. Mom says she doesn't recall Misty & Scooter having this much energy at 2. But come on, look at those old geezers. They are twice my age so I should have twice the energy. I take this as a compliment Mom.

I should get all the attention - after all I am the youngest in the house. Cats, Dogs, Mom - younger than all. BOL. Even Cutter at 5 hasn't caught up to Mom yet. BOL. BOL. BOL.

Pepper power out.


Splash Zone

April 3rd 2009 10:22 pm
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Pepper checking in.

I am brushing up seaplane landing. I have never seen this much rain in my life. I think that green grass is perfect to run across and the next thing I know it is splashing up my belly. Out yonder it goes up to the ankles for me and Cutter. Scooter won't go near the squishy stuff, and it goes past Misty's ankles for sure.

I have no issues running through the wet yard. I love running and splashing. Mostly I love smiling the whole time.

Even better is drying myself off on Mom's bed. HeeHee.

~Pepper puppy power out.~


So it Was Wet.

April 5th 2009 10:41 pm
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Hello!!! Pepper Puppy.

Did I know that Mom was floating in water?
For sure not when I made the leap.
I backpawed in mid air.
Mom front pawed in mid air.

Neither of us won.
Some Magik powers we have...

It was a 7 (seven) on the scoreboard for cannonballs.

It was a 10 (perfect score) for surprise. Both of us.

It was an 11 (perfect + 1) for splash factor. Cannonball in, scramble to retreat, shed water and shake through the house. Repeat with human.

So anyways, I now smell like Wild Orchid.

Mom smells like wet dog. BOL.

Pepper Power out.



April 15th 2009 10:34 pm
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Pepper Power here.

Did you know that the sun rises 4 minutes earlier every day in Seattle until the end of June?

Did you know the sun sets 4 minutes later every day in Seattle until the end of June?

Did you know that the birds like to wake up about 15 minutes before the sun rises in Seattle?

Did you know that I have been practicing to be a bird dog? Well at least a dog that likes to be up with the birds. I'm in good company, because Misty is that way as well. We'd say it is a female thing, but Mom has a flaw in her. She likes to run with Scooter hours and sleep in past the happy bird singing.

Did you know it's really fun to go outside and listen to those birds sing in the morning. If not, you should all check it out.

Pepper Power out.



April 16th 2009 10:07 pm
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Mr. Cutter here.

OK - warming up to this thing called a WALK. Still want to hide from being on the LEASH, but willing to be the first strapped to it.

Pepper is still dragging me along during the whole episode. I've noticed that my male counterpart, Scooter, is also controlled by the female he's hooked to. That Misty runs the show.

Still have not figured out that sniffing, peeing, and other body functions are allowed on the WALK. I'm just not sure what to doo....

Ciao ~Cutter~


Crop Circles.

April 17th 2009 4:29 pm
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Pepper Power here.

I call it talent.
Mom says it's sloppy.
I call it working smarter.
Mom says I have ADD.

So I crap in a circle.
I'm sniffing and walking at the same time.

Pepper Power Out.


Dibs on First

May 5th 2009 6:08 pm
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Pepper Power here.

Dibs on being first:

Out the door
For the first SNACK
Pets from Mom
Down the hall in the morning
Off the bed in the middle of the night at weird sounds.
Barking at the birds

Well pretty much I want dibs on being first at everything. Except BATHS. Those I'm good at being last at.

Pepper Power out!


Kneecaps, Snouts, Ribs, Rawhide.

May 7th 2009 10:25 pm
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Pepper Power here.

I'm not sure what the issue is of bringing a lamb knee, a pig snout, a cow rib or a slab of leather into bed for the evening. If you give them to me, it is, technically mine. Mine to drag around the house.

Personally I find it wonderful in the morning to roll over on a rib bone. I have no issues on stepping on wet slobbery rawhide (I have eyes that work and avoid that issue), smelling fermented cow hoofs, or the smell of Scooter's feet (gym locker).

I'm also not certain why throwing a bone down onto the wood floors and chasing it down the hall isn't considered a "bored" game. Why else would it have bounced off my nose and off the wall clattering on the floor so loudly. That my dogs is Talent.

Pepper Power out.


What Kind of Ice Cream are you?

June 17th 2009 5:50 pm
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Hey there!! Pepper here.

My good friend Austin tagged me for the ice cream game.

What kind of ice cream are you ?

Here we go......Mom has to help me with this one. She says she doesn't like ice cream so I've never had it or seen it. I love ice cubes and am game for all food.

I am not going to tag any friends, but I'll tell everyone what kind of ice cream I look like. Sprinkles count too!

I look like Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips and Chocolate Sauce. I like to think it's called Pepper Power Ice Cream. BOL.

Pepper Power Out.

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