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Pepper Power Activated!

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Forever Home, I Brought my Bed and Gas.

February 8th 2009 12:25 pm
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Hey everypup ~Princess here~

This is my first morning in my new forever home. I came over yesterday from northern Idaho with my pup pal Mr. Cutter. After sniffing around in the front yard of our new mom's house we got to go out back. Our new mom says we are very smart because when she lets us out, we head immediatly to the gate we first came through. We've been assured that very soon we will forget that we think we need to go back through that gate to see our foster mom.

I've only been out of my first home for 3 weeks. My first family was adopting a special needs baby and had to make room. I'm so glad my new Mom said it was ok to stay when we brought Mr. Cutter over.

The new back yard is fun to run across and sniff. I like to explore which is why the top of the pinball machine next to the couch was so inviting. I guess I'm not supposed to do that, but who knew?

I also like a good game of sock tug. I'll chase it down and shake it really hard. I'm trying to teach Cutter, but he is just too shy to show any fight. You do need a little attitude when you are playing tustle that is for sure.

Well, it's time for our hourly trip outside. We're on a training schedule. Mom says she's hoping we will get all our gas out of our hind end because we are stinking up her house. Either that or we need air fresheners for our tails. Don't pine needles caught in your tail work as well?

Sniff at ya later ~Princess~


My Name Should be Stomach.

February 11th 2009 11:51 pm
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Hey everpup ~Princess (name TBD here)

Names so far and results.

Presley - no ear movement
Portia - fan favorite, marginal ear movement.
Panda - inspirational, alas face does not own up to expectations. still no ear movement.
Patch(es) - seems pedestrian, no ear movement.
Parsley (?? who knew I would answer to it) - but until I roll in something green... marginal ear movement
Pepper - could be some ear movement.

But really, my name should be the Stomach. Rawhides are my thing, bones are my goal.

And that bring another set of names to the kennel doesn't it.

Sniff at ya later ~ P ~



February 14th 2009 6:06 pm
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Princess Portia Pepper Presley Parsley Patches Porklet.

Nah, just kidding.

Pretty sure it is either Pepper or Kate.

We know - the quandary of it all. Especially since I still really only answer to Princess. Well and sometimes Pepper. Sometimes Kate.

But I still always have a smile on my face.

Grins ~ Portia (that's in the running too still)


Hi, I'm Pepper and Happy to Meet You.

February 15th 2009 8:44 pm
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Hey everypup.

It's been settled. I'm Pepper. Go figure, when I'm in trouble I'm still Princess. A little confusing, but not as much as Mom calling Cutter by Duncan when he around the corner of the house.

So I kind of answer to Pepper and am sure I will get better at it. I also have aliases of

Nosey Nellie
Big Nose Kate

I think they all bark for themselves.

Ciao ~Pepper~


I'm a Puller

February 17th 2009 9:09 pm
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It's me~Pepper~

Yes, I am the bully of the leashes. I tug and pull and strain and dig. I'm a handful on a pink leash.

I was distracted by the leash under my legs half the time.

Manners, I have none for a WALK.

I've been told that will change...

Pepper Power Out.


Clinton, UT to Seattle, WA in 3 weeks.

February 17th 2009 9:12 pm
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Pepper here.

Mom Googled my state tags. I came from Clinton, UT. I stopped in Cour d' Leine, ID before I hit Seattle, WA.

That's like 1,000 miles.

No wonder I'm so happy to finally have a resting spot.

Pepper Power out.


Bold, Brash and Happy.

February 18th 2009 9:12 pm
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Pepper talking to you.

I am 2 years of fun rolled up in 1 doglet package.
I'm bold and initiate play.
I'm brash by ignoring the anger of the "originals" (hee hee)
I'm happy to be here.
I'm happy you came home.
I'm happy to follow you everywhere.
I'm happy that the Indy Kitty likes me.

So I guess that makes me Bold, Brash, Happy, Happy, Happy, and Happy.

(Happy) Pepper Power out.


A Girl Just Wants to Have Fun!

February 23rd 2009 7:51 pm
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Pepper here.

I have to tell you that running through the house and around the yard is fun. I get a crazy smile on my face and grin from ear to ear. Have you seen how big my ears are? You know how big my grin is.

Playing with toys, chewing on bones and trying to get Misty and Scooter to play is pawsome. I get tired sometimes, but I'm still a young pup so that doesn't last long.

Back to playing and grinning.

Pepper Power Out.


Disrespect from Scooter.

March 13th 2009 1:06 pm
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Hello, it's me Pepper.

Wow so much has been going on since I moved into my new forever home. There was snow last weekend we got to play in. I really like to push my nose around in it so it piles up and then bite it. I like to pounce on the snowpiles and attack them with my teeth.

Last night all 4 of us (and Mom) went for a WALK around our new neighborhood. We haven't been able to go on very many since it's been so cold for Seattle. I guess temperatures in the low 30's and anything in the 20's is out of the question for walking. I sure don't have a problem with those temperatures having grown up in Utah, but Mom does. She also explained daylight savings to us and says that really helps determine if we go for a WALK. All 4 of us listened patiently but were in agreement that Mom doesn't need "down time" when she comes home before taking us out for a WALK. Yes, we have a yard we can go out to, but really, a WALK is so much better.

I digress.

Here we are trouncing along and I stopped to sniff an interesting aroma. I'm still sniffing and what does Scooter do? He lifted his leg and peed on my head. Yes he did. I was so busy sniffing I didn't even know I was getting a golden shower until it rolled down my nose. Can you believe it? To make matters worse, Mom started calling me Ms P. Head. I got rinsed off when we got home, but I will have to come up with some way to get even with Scooter. Perhaps I'll walk on him while he is sleeping.

Until next time ~Pepper~


Settling In.

March 19th 2009 2:11 pm
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Pepper here.

I'll tell you it sure is fun at this house. There is an entire basket of toys and bones we get to pick through. Last night I was sitting in the middle of all the loot I had drug out of the basket and Mom told me to put them all away, I only needed one. She is wrong. I need options and different flavors to work with. See this round one over here, it still has a little flavor on it. This flat one over here, it's good for when you really want to sink your teeth into. This long one w/ the hole in the middle is good to carry around in front of the other dogs to make them jealous.

Speaking of jealous. That Misty dog sure is a big baby, you'd never know she is older and supposed to be wiser than I. If any of us are eating food - she barks and whines until Mom comes out to see what the issue is. If you have a toy she wants she whines until Mom takes it from you and gives it to her. Ok that was actually her ONLY toy that she carries around with her all day long and takes to bed. You'd think at the ripe ol age of 4 she'd have grown out of her Teddy Bear stage, but that could help explain the whining BOL.

Cutter and I do Zoomies all over the house and make sure to slide down the hall rug to mess it up good. It's a success if it is all bunched up at the end of the hall by the closet door. We wrastle on the bed and then run back down the hall to the couch to bounce off it for a while. That's when the real chaos starts. That Misty has to start barking up a storm telling us to stop running in the house. If Scooter tries to play with us she gets even louder and then body blocks him so he can't enjoy any Papillion games. She barks so loud telling us to stop running that Mom has to come out and tell her to calm down. Mom says she needs to take a "chill pill", so if anypup out there knows where I can pick some up please tell me.

Pepper Power Out.

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