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Pepper Power Activated!

Rats, Raccoons, Opossoms oh My!

October 2nd 2009 8:14 pm
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Pepper Power here!

I heard them first. I heard them and scratched the floor and whined. I got Cutter involved. We both could hear them. The ORIGINALS must be lazy or something because neither of them cared. Let alone heard.

I showed Cutter and eventually Scooter how to sniff in the cracks of the deck and circle the immediate backyard area. Nose to ground following trails. There is movement at night that is for sure. It starts with the scratching under the corner of the living room. You can hear them under the house.

Once we convinced Mom that we did hear things because she heard them too, they were loud, a discussion on what it could be took place.

Rats was the first thought considering Mom says they bunkered down about 3 years ago in the attic. Don't look at the cats and ask them what the deal is as Mom gets the twitches at the irony of cats ignoring rats running around a garage they hang out in. Rats with cajones I say. Mom says rats w/ dead cajones. Yipes.

Raccoon was considered since not a dog or a cat would go under the deck. But how would it get in the house from under the deck? Perhaps through the cracked garage door for Lucy to sneak in at night? Well no. No way from the garage to under the house.

Raccoon would be a good possibility as well since we have neighbors that think they are cute - and feed them. Other neighbors that have so much garbage in a tiny can every week that the crows and night critters make it a weekly stop.

Opossom can't really work for the same reasons as the raccoons. Plus there are more roadkill masked bandits than monster rat that hang upside down in trees.

I, Pepper have been on alert tonight. We have not heard any scratches since Mom didn't let us out last night and fenced off a section of the deck. Apparantly I might eat something I'm not supposed to.

I'll keep you posted if I hear anything else. Considering that I am better than 2 cats any day!

Pepper Power Out.


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