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Confessions of a Barkaholic

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Christmas in May??

May 25th 2013 5:48 pm
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So I just got a Christmassy card from my pals Rudy and Izzy. What da woof?? I guess it must be Christmas in May, all I wanna know is when I is getting my presents?? I should be getting 'em today since it are da 25th. But momma said just dat it were probably lost in da mail systems somewhere. I dunno, maybe dey should not hire turtles and sloths to be mailmen if it takes 'em over 5 months to deliver a Christmassy card.

I were very sad to read about Shakespeare going to da Rainbow Bridge. He were a pawsome pup and a good pal and I's gonna miss him a lot.


Happy Gotcha Day Charlie!

May 23rd 2013 5:51 pm
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Happy Gotcha Day to my kitty, Charlie! A year ago, my momma gots me my own kitty since Maurice kitty had moved back to Plano with Ally. Now we all lives together and I got three kitties! Charlie had to go to da vet on his Gotcha Day and is still whining about it. Whatever, it are not as bad as da birthday I had to spend on a plane. Anyways, we's all happy we's got Charlie cat, he are a cute little guy and do not beat me up too much. But he seems to not like my barking, I do not know what are wrong with his ears, BOL BOL!


Happy Birthday Finley!!

May 22nd 2013 3:29 pm
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Today it are my BFF Finley's 7th birthday! Happy birthday!!!!

We's been having a pretty good day - it got started with a nice long walk. And since we had all dat rains yesterday, it were cooler instead of being a billion degrees. But dat also meant we couldn't walk through da park next to da school cause of it being muddy. But we still had lotsa fun chasing squirrels and birdies. We even saw two bunnies!

Den we came home and Finley got to open one of her toys. I barked da whole time cause I wants a new toy too! Sure I gots a new flamingo yesterday, but I wants one today. Dat toy was an elephant from my momma. Da traitor.

Den we had breakfast which were scrambly eggy weggies and bits of bacon! OMD!!!!! Bestest breakfast ever! I wish everyday was somebody's birthday so I could get eggy weggy all da time!

Den Finley opened another toy, dis one were a trashcan with raccoons inside from her momma. Dere are still two more toys left for her to open. And nones for me, it are an unfair world. :(

We also played pool ball dis afternoon and dat were a lot of fun. I swum around and both of us hit lotsa balls. Momma said I needed to stop being such a ball hog since it were Finley's birthday. Yeah right momma, BOL BOL BOL!

I heard talks about cheeseburger dinners - I can't wait!


Just Call Me Ruffles

April 29th 2013 11:15 pm
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So today I went to go see da vet man. I has been getting real stiff lately and limping some. And not really walking da way I used to. I still like going on my walks and all, but I just wanna spend some time sitting in da field too. I don't know why da lazy momma can't fence the field for me and have dat be my backyard - it's about da right size! BOL! But I can still get real energetic and crazy if I's has da proper inspiration - like a squirrel or a bunny or a bird or another dog.

Anyways, I went to da vet man and he says I got someone named Arthur Eyetis living in my hip. Well, I don't know dis Arthur dude and I didn't invite him to take up residence in my hip. Anyways, I got a pill to take and a treat to take too. I'm happy bout da pill, I's been jealous of Finley getting pills for itchies, so it are about time I got one too. Da vet says if dat Arthur dude starts acting worse dat dere are all kindsa other stuffs to try including da acupunctures.

Momma asked da vet about da wrinkles on my back. See, I's gotted all dese back wrinkles all of a sudden. Momma has only had bassets before and dey got wrinklier as dey got older, but dey started out wrinkly to begin with. Da vet said it were not normal but dat he has seen other dogs have dem and dey don't mean something bad. Da vet also stole some of my bloods for tests, so we'll know all about dat soon.

Do any of y'all have wrinkles on your back from being old? Or is I really unique? Momma says my new nickname are gonna be Ruffles, cause Ruffles got ridges. Yeah, my momma are a real comedian, ain't she?


I'm a DDP!

April 17th 2013 6:15 pm
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Thanks Dogster for making me a DDP today!

Yesterday was da bestest day ever! Early in da morning, me and Finley went on our walk. It are getting too hot for us to go in da middle of da day anymores. It were like 90 degrees or somethings in da afternoons. Anyways, we had lotsa fun chasing squirrels and birdies and barking everyone.

Den in da afternoon, we went out back with my momma. Finley went inside because it got too hot for her. She really missed out because my momma jumped in da pool and I hopped in too! She put da float in for me while I was swimming around and I got to play pool ball! My balls from last summer are kinda deflated, so momma says she'll get me some new ones. But I had so much fun getting to play!

I's so happy pool ball season are starting early dis year!


Happy 20th Birthday Jezzie!

April 16th 2013 7:21 am
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Today is our kitty Jezebel's 20th birthday! Happy birthday Jezzie! I hope you has a pawsome day filled with yummy treats and stuff. And remember your lil westie buddies and share, ok?



April 8th 2013 9:16 pm
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Yep pupses, dis weekend I got to watch my most favorite movie, Oklahoma! It are also where I was born and it are da only movie I will watch, I never watch any other TV. But put on Oklahoma, and I is smiling and lickin' da air and all dat stuff. Finley's momma found Oklahoma on TV this Saturday for me and I got to watch it with my momma.

It were nice because I were not feeling too good. I had been limping some. Momma says I need to stop flying off da back of da couch and dat I are getting older and all kinds of other silly junk, but what do she know about da perfect spot for protecting da house? It are on da back of da couch of course!

In other news, I has been being a model lately. My momma has been drawing me and she are planning on trying to do a painting of me. At least I get to eat unlike da human models, dat do not sound like very much fun being dat skinny. I think I should start getting paid, maybe in extra treats??


I has decided to give up barking

April 1st 2013 11:10 pm
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Well pupses, after being told to shut up about a hundred million zillion times today, I has decided to give up barking.

April Fool's!
BOL BOL! I'd never give up barking. :)

I had a pretty good Easter. I got a pretty new Easter dress made by Finley's momma.

My Easter Dress

Da Other Side of My Easter Dress

I was happy to get a new dress - walking around in a dress always makes me walk specially happy since I know I is looking good! I also got a pink loofah dog with bunny ears.

Da humans did dere eggs filled with candy and had ribs for dinner. Even though I barked a lot, I did not get any ribs. Dat are really not fair I think, but my momma do not seem to care about dat.

I got to hang outside a lot today since it were in da high seventies and sunny and my momma was outside reading working on her tan. It were fun to be out, but my momma would not let me get in da pool even though I was ready for swimming. She says dat even though da air are warm, da pool are not yet. I think she needs to toughen up. BOL!

Me and Finley also got to go on a walk today and we wore matching dresses and were very cute. We even saw another westie who was out in da front yard with her (or his) humans. He was barking (imagine dat, a westie barking!), but it were a friendly bark. We might have gone over and visited, but da mommas had to get home to take Ally to school. When we didn't come over, da westie started howling, I guess she really wanted to visit. Hope we see her again sometime!


Road Trip!

March 18th 2013 3:22 pm
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Dis weekend, me and Finley and da mommas went on a road trip. It were tons of fun! Specially cause I got to ride in my momma's lap da whole time and Finley were stuck in da back seat.

Firstest we went to Austin and da mommas got some yummy chicken sandwiches. Da car drove real close to where I used to live and I got real excited. I was planning on peeing all over dat place since it probably do not even smell much like me since I has not gotten to pee dere in monthses! But dey went to get sandwiches instead and I gots some of da chicken. Den we headed over to Kerrville to see my momma's grandparents. It were fun, I couldn't figure out whose lap to sit in first, so I went back and forth! And I told dose annoying neighbor dogs what was what, I out-barked dem for sure. And da grandparents got dis big yard and it were tons of fun to run in. Momma didn't like me sticking my nose through da chain link fence barking at da other dogs, but mommas do not understand da important security work us headses of security gotta be doing!

We stayed dat night in Kerrville and went back over to da grandparents for breakfast. And dere was sausage - I tried barking, but momma would not feed me from da table like she does at home. I told off dose annoying dogs some more, den we all got back in da car and went to Austin. Da mommas did some shopping and got some pizza and I got some crust. It were okay, but I really prefers da big puffy crust, not thin crust. Momma are da same way, but she said da pizza was good anyways. Since she deprived me of da cheesy part, I are not sure about dat.

Dat night we stayed in Salado and den da mommas did some more shopping for stamps to make cards. I gotta go in to da store dis time and I got pets and attention. Dat are more like it! Den we came home to Plano and I got real excited like I always do. Da smell of Plano are just intoxicatering - I are all like "sniff sniff, Republicans, sniff sniff, soy sauce, sniff sniff, curry, sniff sniff, bibles, sniff sniff, teenagers doing heroin, sniff sniff, megachurches, sniff sniff, retail shopping, sniff sniff, swimming pools - yep I are in Plano!" BOL BOL!

My kitty brother Charlie had to got to da mergency vet because of his eye, so if y'all could send him some POTP da would be pawsome. He wrote all about it in his diary if you's interested in what happened.


Da Sick Momma

February 21st 2013 11:10 pm
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Having a sick momma are no fun. It means you get told to shut up more because your momma has a headache. And you don't get your walk even though it are a gorgeous day and da temperature are in da sixties. And worstest of all, your momma wants to cuddle with you.

I tried to explain to her dat I do a better job being a guard dog at da foot of da bed, but momma were insistent. "I'm sick, why won't you let me hug you Whitley?" Oh momma, dis are too embarrassing. Den your momma tries to hug your BFF. And dat works for a while. But den your BFF leaves and your momma wants snuggles again. So she tries da cat, but da cat runs for it. Den she goes for you again and you gotsta squirm free to get to da foot of da bed. Den your momma hugs a stuffed animal westie and starts talking about getting a dog dat likes her. OMD momma! I hope you get better soon so all dis crazy talk can end!

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