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Confessions of a Barkaholic

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A New Kitty Luv Luv!

August 3rd 2013 5:16 pm
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So my momma went out today and got me a new kitty luv from Petco. His name are Travis and dis are his page. OMD!!! He are just too cute. He did hiss me a couple times and I got real upsetted, but den we both took a nap on momma's bed.

He are just da cutest lil guy! I's so happy!!!


Tawdry Terrier Nail Polish

August 1st 2013 2:04 pm
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Hi pupses! Da mommas have been setting up their new business called Tawdry Terrier. Right now, they are selling handmade nail polish and they are thinking about expanding into bath products and eyeshadows. And da bestest part, it are named after me and Finn! And all da bottles come with a little cutie pie westie on dem dat looks like a certain couple of very pretty Texas westie girls!

If your momma or sister or somebody you know likes nail polish, dey might be interested in checking it out. This is the link to their etsy shop. They are running a giveaway right now where somebody will win 6 polishes. This is the link to their blog which has the giveaway on it.

They also have a Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Plus Page.

Thanks for checking out da Tawdry Terrier business! Hopefully it'll make some money to keep me and Finn in treats and toys, y'all know we just do not have enuf of dem!

I got to go on a walk today and it were pretty fun. I barked a lot of dogs. And I go to play pool ball which was fun too. It were HOT so getting in da pool felt really good.


Da Out of Town Trip

July 30th 2013 11:24 pm
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So, dis last weekend, me and Finley and our mommas went out of town. We drove in da car for miles and miles to da Kerrville place where da momma's grandparents live. My momma made my ride in da back (it were a rented minivan with bucket seats in da second row - dat were where me and Finn sat). I was not happy about dat at first, I wanted to be in her lap, but I got over it and went to sleep in da car anyways. It were fun getting to see dem, I got pets from dem and lots of attentions. Da braindead mommas forgot our foods and stuff, so dey had to stop in Austin to buy more.

Da momma's grandparents got a big backyard and it are so much fun to run in! I zoomed all over da place and got to bark deer and da neighbor dogs. But dere was a new fence dat made it impossible to snick my schnooter in da fence and really tell dose neighbor dogs dat it were my place harder. I still barked pretty good.

And dat Pawpaw guy, he are very cool! He shot a squirrel for us pupses. But it ran up da tree after it bled all over da place, so all I got to do was lick up da blood. It were still yummy though!

Momma wanted me to be on good behavior and not bark during meals, but yeah, dat did not happen. And I got foods from people - why would I ever not bark when barking gets results?? And I barked in da hotel room too, even though I are not sposed to. I never don't bark!


Fireworkses and Swimmin

July 6th 2013 10:21 pm
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Dat are how I spended my Fourth of July. Well, I also gotta go on a walk. I's been going on walks mostest everyday. We was having cool weather, well cool for Texas in July which meant it were only in da low nineties. But it are back up to triple digit weather which means my momma gotta get her lazy butt up outta bed early to walk me. She are doing pretty good at it so far.

Me and Finley went with da humans to da fireworks on da Fourth. We gots real good seats too - we could see da fireworks da whole way - from where dey was being shot off to up in da air with da pretty colors and stuffs. I know lotsa y'all don't like da boomers, but I don't minds 'em at all. I actually whineded when da show was over. Da most upsetting thing about it were dat dere was dis lab dude who ran way to close to my terriertory right before da show started - I tried to tell him off after, but my momma kept yankin on me and made me go to da car. She are always spoiling my fun.

Me and Finn played pool ball today. Well, I played for lots longer, but we both had lotsa fun. I are real happy to be spending my summer where I got a pool, last summer walking past dat pool I couldn't get in all da time were no fun. I are going swimming most everyday, cept for yesterday when momma decided she'd rather go see Da Lone Ranger. But she are pretty good at playing with me.

Hope y'all had a good Fourth too!


Happy Gotcha Day Finley!

July 1st 2013 4:32 pm
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So it are my BFF Finley's Gotcha Day. She's been around for 7 years now. Most da time I's glad she's here, BOL! We gotsta go on a walk early dis morning and da weather were actually not hot! It only got up to 88 today - a lot better dan dat 107 degree stuff we had last week! Da squirrels and bunnies were back out again - dey'd been hiding when it were real hot.

I got to play some pool ball too. And of course, I barked at everything. Momma says I get barkier and furrier as a I get older. Well, yeah, I gots more wisdoms and stuffs to say!

Anyways, happy Gotcha Day Finley! You's a good pal. And maybe I'll get something special at dinner tonight to celebrate your Gotcha Day - hint hint momma.


Hot Stuff

June 12th 2013 4:32 pm
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Thanks to my pals for da rosettes and stuffs for my diary pick dis day. Kinda seems like my whole family are stuck in da DDP loop cept for my Finley and Maurice. Both Jezebel and Charlie has had DDPs this last week too. We's still missing dat orange dude round here, I howls at night (or early in da morning dependin' on what you consider morning) sometimes. I misses him, he'd sleep in da bed with me and momma.

Anyways, I has been having some fun. I's been going on walks but since it are getting to be HOT (it are sposed to hit 100 for da firstest time dis year tomorrow), da mommas is having to get up earlier and earlier to take us so we don't get da heats stroke or have a heartamattack or somethings. Which means my momma got to get up, BOL BOL!

I's also been playing da pool ball lots with my momma. Sometimes Finn wants to play, sometimes it are just me. I never don't wanna play!! My momma can't even go to da bathroom in da middle of da day without me going crazy thinkin she are puttin on a swimmysuit in dere. I just love da pool so much!

Hope y'all are having some summer fun too.


What da woof???

June 4th 2013 1:05 am
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I knows I's a DDP today, but please don't congratulate me on it. It were not a diary I ever wanted to have to write. I miss my Charlie so much. I's just so sad, I been whimpering and just generally being down.

My bedroom still smells like Charlie. It are not a bad smell, but it are da Charlie smell. My momma can smell it too. We miss him a lot, it are just not da same without his cute fluffy orange face around.

So please, no congratulations on dis DDP, ok pals? Thanks.


Goodbye Charlie

June 3rd 2013 12:57 pm
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My kitty, Charlie, had to go to da forever sleep today. I's really sad. I'd always wanted a kitty of my own and my momma finally got me one when Maurice moved out. Den I moved back here, and I had two boy kitties to love on.

And Charlie, he were one lovable kitty. He were just da bestest. We gots to be friends really fast, even though he were kinda scared of dogs because other dogs had been nasty and chased him and done who knows what to him. But he liked me. In Austin, we both used to sit up on da back of momma's couch and watch TV with her and snooze. And me and Charlie slept in da same bed a lot. He were a really sweet little dude.

Finley liked him a lot too. She and I both stuck up for him and defended him when Maurice wanted to play pouncy games dat Charlie weren't interested in. And all da kitties liked him too and da humans just all fell in love with dat little orange guy.

Da mommas buried him in da backyard with da ashes of Hanky Panky, my basset buddy. So now they's not gotta be alone. And da mommas were talking bout buying all kinds of pretty orange flowers (Hank were about da same color as Charlie, but with white on him too) and making a nice orange flower garden for da two of dem.

Some peoples been saying Charlie were lucky to have us, but we was lucky to have him. He were one pawsome little dude, and just da sweetest kitty around. I's gonna miss him so much. It are just not fair.


Bad News About Charlie

May 31st 2013 3:17 pm
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My kitty Charlie are not doing good. He has been going to da vet everyday for fluids and meds and his kidney numbers are still very high. And da vet says he's probably got cancer. Dere are no real "getting better" for Charlie cat.

We's all very sad - he are a good little kitty and we all thought we'd be getting lots more time with him. He won't eat any of his kitty food, even da really stinky yummy smellin' kind. And he are having trouble walking.

Da mommas been crying all day - dey say dat Charlie cat may be going to da Rainbow Bridge on Monday if he are still feeling so bad. He could really use some POTP and good thoughts, so please send 'em to dat little orange fluffy Chuck, ok??


Bad News

May 28th 2013 12:22 pm
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My kitty Charlie are having chronic kidney failure. He are at the vet getting Eye-Vee fluids. He wrote all about it in his diary and Finley wrote about it in hers. Please send him some POTP and keep him in your thoughts. My momma and me and everyone in our house loves little Charlie a lot and he has had a really hard life. He has only had one good year with us and we wanted him to have more.

It are a sad day around here.

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