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Confessions of a Barkaholic

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Christmassy Cards

December 3rd 2013 10:13 pm
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So my momma are hard at work on da Christmassy cards. She even got up before 9 this morning!! Anyways, if any pups wanna exchange cards, send me your address. If we's exchanged cards last year, momma has your address, so you don't needs to send it unless it are changed. And if we've exchanged cards before and you don't wanna no more, let us know and we'll take you off da list.

I had a good Thanksgiving - I are still getting to snack on turkey! Dat are da bestest part it you ask me, turkey snacks for a long time! Hmmm, maybe we should make dis Thanksgiving thing a weekly deal.


My Gotcha Day!!

November 7th 2013 8:25 pm
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It are my Gotcha Day today! I has been with my momma for 11 years! Dat are 11 years of barking and being my fluffy self! I's happy Finley's momma picked me out - even if after she got me she wondered if da breeder didn't give her da pup with da biggest ears - yeah dat are right, out of my sisters, I did not even have da biggest ears of us all! Hee hee!

Today were a pretty fun day, I gotta go on a walk for da first time in a week or years or something. I hadn't been in a while on counts of da going outta town and da rain, but today it were not rainy. Pretty cool, but not rainy. I like da cooler weather, but my momma are not a fan. And I's been getting lotsa extra pets and lovings today too.

Thanks for all my gifties and da comments and everything!


It's Never Too Cold To Swim!

October 8th 2013 7:33 pm
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My momma says it are too cold to swim just because da high were in da 50s dis weekend. But it are in da 80s today! Momma says dat means da water are all cold now and dat I was lucky I gotta play in October at all. I think she are just being a meanie.

And da worst thing is dat she are still swimming! She are not swimming at home in our pool, she are putting on a swimsuit and going somewhere else. Probably to play pool ball with other dogs. She says she are just doing exercise. See, she got dis really bad heel pain, it are called plantar fasciitis or somethings. You can get it from too much standing and jumping and stuff. Pro athletes like Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant has had it. She are not even really supposed to be walking me, but she are cheating, so I are not being too deprived. But she can't do her exercise tapes, so she are swimming for exercise. She used to be a competitive swimmer when she were younger, so she likes da swimmy stuff a lot. I don't know why I can't go with her, but she says dere are no dogs allowed in dat pool. I'm not sure I believe her.

Anyways, other dan da lack of pool time, I's been doing ok - lotsa fun things to bark around here like da mailman, da UPS guy, da dachshunds, da squirrels, and just well, barking for no reason too! I just need to bark my momma into letting me swim.


Bye Bye Mousie!

September 17th 2013 11:12 pm
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So yesterday I was able to add a new species to my kill list. As y'all know, I've killed squirrels and rats. Well, yesterday I killed a mousie out in the front garden! At least, momma thought it were a mousie. She do not really know - it were not da same as da rats me and Finley has been getting and were much smaller, so she are guessing it were a mouse. Me and Finn heard it up in the flower bed and we both ran up in there, but I got it first! So make that three different kinds of rodents I've gotten!

Me and Finley also went to da vet yesterday. I got an ok checkup, but we found out Finley has a heart murmur. It are not a real bad one, but it were still sad news for everyone. I don't like my BFF having no hear murmurs, I offered to bark it away, but momma says dat would probably not work.


DDP and da Pawty Keeps Goin!

September 13th 2013 7:46 pm
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Thanks Dogster for making me a DDP today and thanks to my pals for all da gifts and stuff!

Da pool pawty are still going strong - we still got lotsa MEATZ even though Ebby tried to eats it all - even she couldn't fit it all in! And we is all havin fun playin in da backyard and yappin our heads off - y'all are some good barkers, but I still think I is da best. And I has a new dress to show off dat Finley's momma made me - I are lovin it!

Some pupses is nappin already, but we is gettin da TVs all set up for da foozball tomorrow - we can watch and bark and play (and EAT!) all at da same time!


It Are My 11th Birthday Pawty!

September 12th 2013 11:38 am
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It are my 11th birthday! Thanks so much for all da gifties and pictures! I are having a pretty good day. It started out with me watching Oklahoma late last night, or well, dis morning! Den I went on a walk. I had scrambled eggie weggies with bacon bits for breakfast. And so far, I's gotten three toys - an owl from Ally, a moosie from mommma, and a Mr. Bubble from Finley's momma. And dere are more toys to come!

But right now, I is havin a pawty! So come on down and celebrate! We'll be playin in da backyard and swimmin and stuff. But if you don't like swimmin, you can just hang out on da deck and look for rats. Maybe you'll get lucky and get to shakey shakey one! Just no giving dem my Scotch, you hears dat HunBun??? BOL BOL! And dere will be yummy Texas BBQ and all kindsa fun stuff! So come on, and remember, bring me presents!


My Birthday are Comin Up!

September 11th 2013 12:08 am
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So I's been a real barkaholic lately. I been barkin at everything and everyone - I knows I's gots a beautamous voice so I are just sharin it with da world. Da world are pretty lucky if you ask me.

Momma says I are getting barkier and furrier da older I get. Speakin' of gettin older, I got a birthday comin' up soon - I are gonna be 11 on Thursday! I'm hopin I get some good toys and stuff - I know I smelled some in my momma's room dat I ain't seen yet.

Da momma's made up a special birthday polish for me - it are gonna be a free gift to anyone who buys two or more polishes from da Tawdry Terrier Etsy Shop on my birthday! It are inspired by my favorite thing - da pool! It are even called Whitley's Pool Ball! If anypup's momma are interested, dey can look on da Faceybook page to see what it looks like.

Me and Finley been snoopervisin' da polish making - it basically involves fallin asleep while da mommas play with da colors and stuff. It are not nearly as much fun as snoopervisin cookin - dat one pays off a lot better for a pup!

Speakin of cookin, I'm hopin I get an eggy weggy breakfast - it were Finley's daddy's birthday last week and he got crabcakes eggs benedict for breakfast. I told momma I wanted dat one for my birthday, but she told me to dream on. So I guess I'll have to settle for regular eggy weggy, which are still a real treat! And maybe some bacon bits???


Another Kill! BEST DAY EVER!!!

August 24th 2013 5:53 pm
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Unlike a certain LWD for the Great North, also known as Canookistan, who shall remain nameless but not blameless, down here way down Texas way, me and Finley know how to take care of our varmints and vermins. And it are not befriendin dem and helpin dem find dere way home, unless you consider givin em da shakey shakey and sending dem to rat purgamatory to be helpin dem find dere way home. And we don't shares our Scotch.

So, dis evening, my momma decided she wanted to go swimmin. Usually I would be all about da pool ball, barking nonstop for her to throw balls at me to bounce. But tonight I were way more interested in chasin rats. Me and Finley was chasin dem all over da backyard. Den dat nasty ol rat got away. Finley came out of all da plants and sat on the patio and I started to get a lil interested in da pool. My momma put me on my pool float and tried to play with me, but I were not really interested. Den Finley took off for da bushes and BOOM! I was outta da pool and right dere.

My momma got out to see what all da excitement were about. Me and Finley surrounded dat nasty varmint and den I grabbed him and gave him the shakey shakey treatment. Oh, dere are no music sweeter dan da death screams of a nasty rat. I shook it real good. Den my momma made me drop it and yelled for Finley's momma and daddy to help her get rid of da rat. For some reason, Finley's daddy chopped at it with a shovel, I don't know why, it were good and dead. I knows how to kill rats. Den he took it away out to da garbage. I were very proud of myself and rolled right where I killed dat nasty rat - for some reason my momma had to hose me off before I came in.

After, I was on da hunt for more rats. But I think that rat warned all his rat brothers and cousins and stuff when he screamed as I killed him. Dat are right, stay outta my yard rats!!!

As I came in da house, da cats held a kitty ticker tape parade, hailing da conquerin heroes. Dey were so proud of us, being as dey's housecats and don't have the opportunity to kill rats like us.

So honor are restored to my proud and noble breed. Our Scottish ancestors no longer gotta be embarrassed by tales of LWDs befriending vermins. You know how dey say Don't Mess With Texas? Well, me and Finley are da Rat Killing Queens of Texas, so dose rats better not mess with us! Maybe dat Canookistan puppy needs another LWD to be his BFF so he don't have to befriend vermin. Maybe if he had a LWD buddy, they could team up for some real fun - varmint killin!


Pool Ball!

August 19th 2013 8:24 pm
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Yeah, dat are right, me and Finn got to play pool ball today! It were a lot of fun - I swam around a lot. We hadn't gotten to play for a while because da humans had been really worried about Maurice - he were sick for days. Not eating and throwing up and stuff. He went to da vet and all and had to have fluids. He didn't like gettin 'em and chomped my momma and Finley's momma real hard. But he are all better now, we are not really sure what he had wrong, but happy he are better.

We's been gettin our walks. Dere are dis sassy squirrel in da park - he are drivin us crazy. He do not even know to run all da way up da tree. If only I weren't on such a short leash . . .


Shaking with Excitement

August 5th 2013 7:18 pm
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I just shake myself crazy with excitement about da lil Travis kitty. Momma says I are acting like a 12 year old girl seeing Justin Bieber or somethings. I just luvs him so much, he are just da cutest lil guy and he do not use da smacky paw! He hasn't smacked me or Finley once, even though she probably deserved it.

He likes to run all around our room and jump up and down and stuffs. It are a lot of fun to watch.

Thanks for all da stuff for my DDP today. Jezzie were also a DDP, so it were a double DDP day for us!

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