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Confessions of a Barkaholic

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Our Nextest Award

January 26th 2014 11:58 am
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Today our awards go to a pair of brofurs, a furbulous pair you might say, who stormed onto Dogster tryin' der bestest to fill some very big pawprints ( ya notice I didn't say hinderprint.. dat are impossibull!!)... Dey's cute, dey's crazyee, dey's fun, dey's entertainin', did I say dey's cute?? Yep, I are talkin' about da Furbulous Beesun Brothers !!

Furst dere is Bacon, or Bakeycakes as I likes to call him.. a cutie patootie if evfur there wuz one, he helped to mend his Momma's broken heart after Ernie George wents to da Rainbow Bridge... Bacon is so swoonworthy,, so smiley, so just darn cute and filled with da joy of life and living, that he wuz a shoo-in fur his award...

BACON, you are our FUSM's BEST SMILE!!


Next up in his brofur, Beanie, or Tiny Satan as his Momma sumtimes calls him..bol! We prefurs Beanie McT, International Man of Mystery, or Da Beanman, or just plain Beanie. Beanie wuz roamin' da mean streets of Missouri, bein' as how he is an escape artist par excellence, and came to da Beesun household as a foster... for less dan 2 days, cuz dat is how longz it took for the Bean to worm his way into his momma's heart, into her bed, and right up dere underneath her chin.. ya see, Beanie is smart enuff to figger out the perks of bein' a cuddlebug!



We luv you pupses, and looks forward to readin' your continuin' adventures once your Momma has time to getz you a blog... (hint, hint, Beesun's momma...bol!) All da cool pupses is getting them!

***************MORE AWARDS TOMORROW!!!--2 AWARDS IN FACT!!****************


Our Fifth Award

January 25th 2014 7:08 pm
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Well, pupses, the title up there should be a big hint as to who the next winner of our FUSM award is...
It are a pup whose mission is to spread his cuteness throughout da land... Who taught us to speak Canookistan or whatevfur dat is he's barkin' (and we learned it quicker dan others, I still remembers Finley tellin' 'em he wuz sayin' verklempt... bol!) He will probably get all berkwempt about dis here award...He luvs da Meatz™, he writes Haikus, and he is always doin' da LWD strut!! Dat's right....



Now get out dere, gets to struttin' and eatin' da Meatz™.... and by da way, founds your blog... bol!! You can' t hide from us LWD girlz.. we's just like groupies, we alwayz finds our man!!

We luvs ya, HunBun!!

******************STAY TUNED FOR MORE AWARDS*********************


Our Fourth Award

January 24th 2014 7:38 pm
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We's givin' out two awards today... The first goes to the hostess with the mostest, a sweet lil girl princess pup who used to live way out California way and now is livin' in da wilds of New Mexico! This pup holds da bestest parties, and invites all the pups from all ovfur to come to her home and party DOWN!!



Our second award goes to a sweet lil guy, who lives with the aforementioned princess... he tried his best to clone our stuffies so's all us pupses could have more toys.... but he were raided by the FBI and his stuffie rancho business was obliterated!! But we appreciamatates all his efforts tryin' to increase da toy populations of his pals... A pup can nevers have too many toys...



Thank you pupses fur bein' our furiends.. we luvs ya bunches!!

***********STAY TUNED FOR OUR NEXT FUSM AWARD************


Our third award

January 23rd 2014 11:50 am
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Well, dis here third award of ours goes to a gal who is known for several outstandin' attributes... her long purdy eyelashes, her devotion to bein' head of ranch security, but most of all her BARKING, BARKING, BARKING!! Now, y'all know I is a major barkaholic, but Finley wouldn't let me keep da award. Even though da trophy would look so purty in my room. So, since I had to give da award up to another pup, here goes . . .

So here it is... our third FUSM award goes to....
ZOE THE SCHNAUZER, you are our FUSM BARKMEISTER!! Finley says I can be Barkmeister Supreme, but she ain't giving me no trophy for it since it disturbs her "beauty rest."


Now get out there and do some barkin', girlfriend!!!

Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark!!!

luv ya, Zoe!



Our Second Award

January 22nd 2014 9:50 am
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Our second award was a no-brainer (which are a good thing since my Momma's brain seems to be a quart low dis past week, if ya knows whut I'm sayin'...).... But it also seems to be dat way a lot of the time . . .

Dis here pup wuz always runnin all over dis Dogster place, helpin' to make any special occasion more wunnerful with his celebratory spirit, he bestowed badges of beauty dat he and his growly made for DDPs, birthdays, gotcha days, rainbow bridge days, and helped to decorate our pages with their wunnerfulness. Remember to save yours if you ain't done it already. Mine is deep in da bowels of my confuser... kinda like whut would happen to dat sassy skwirrel if I caught one...



We luvs ya, Freckles, and looks forward to you startin' your own blog once all da dust settles...

Remember to check back tomorrow for our next award......


F*U*S*M Awards

January 21st 2014 2:51 pm
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Well, me an Finley are announcin' our F*U*S*M AWARDS... now I knows what some of you pups is thinkin' (naughty, naughty.. it are merely a co-inkydink that Say Media's initials show up in there) but these awards stand fur Fantastic, Unique, Special and Marvelous...

We were sitting around with all these zealies, and thinkin' about whut to do with 'em... and we thought, why should the stinkin' weasels that is killin' this community of ours be the only ones who gives out awards?? We wanted to recognize pups that made our time here special, ones we thought might have been overlooked, and pups that helped us through this difficult time...

So, without further ado....

Our first award goes to a couple of pups who took the bull by the horns and DID something when they heard we wuz gettin' shut down. They got us a forum so we's could all stay in touch...

FIZZY and RUDY, you win our MAN OF ACTION AWARD!!!!






Bye Bye Dogster :(

January 16th 2014 8:11 pm
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I's sad because Dogster are ending. I've made so many pals here over da years. So many pups and kitties were so nice when my sweet kitty Charlie made his journey to da Bridge. It are real sad dat it are going away.

I has a blog - it are (remove da space between da g and da spot - apparently Dogster has a problem with g spots. BOL! Maybe dey can't find it since dey can't figure out how to keep Dogster profitable. But what do you expect from a couple of Elis. You need Hahvahd men to have a successful social media site, look at Faceybook. BOL!) I hasn't written on there in a while, but I will be doing so now dat my diary are gonna be goners. Blogs work a lot like diaries and you can add photos easy. And you can custom design your blog too. If you decide to get one and need help with it, you can contact me or Finley. And me and momma will be getting a Facebook. She used to have one years ago, but deactivated a long time ago. So if you has a blog or a Faceybook, send us your info so we can find you.

Anyways, in better news, I went to da vet yesterday. And yeah, dat are better news because dis news sucks! Momma had been real worried about me because my eyes had been looking cloudy and kinda blue. She were all worried about cat-a-rax and glaucoma and other stuffs. But it turned out all it were were nucular (yeah, we says it like dat down in Texas) sclerosis. Which sounds kinda terrible, but it basically means my eyesight are not quite as good as it used to be, kinda like how lotsa middle-aged peoples start needing reading glasses. It are not meaning I are going blind or anything scary. So it were good news! And I got to sniff up da vet's office pretty good.

Please don't let da end of Dogster be da end of our friendship - send us your info so we can stay in touch.


I's a DDP!

December 29th 2013 5:48 pm
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Woo hoo! Thanks for all da rosettes and stuff!

I had a pretty fun Christmas and I woulda written about it sooner, but my momma got da flu. In fact, everyone's momma around here got da flu, da only person who don't have it are Finley's daddy. So we's callin' him Typhoid Cameron, thinkin' he musta brought it home. It have been a boring couple of days snoopervisin' all da coughin' and nappin' goin' on around here.

Anyways, back to Christmas. I had lotsa fun! I got a whole bunch of fun toys. My momma gave me a Rudolph toy and a Little Mermaid fleecey blanket. Ally gave me a raccoon. And Finley's momma and daddy gave me a Bumble! And I gots a squirrel from my pal Demon Flash Bandit. And lots of presents from my Westies Unite secret Santa - I gotsa a pink t-shirt, two different kindsa dog treats, a purple tug toy and a steak toy too! It were a real fun Christmas!

Now back to snoopervisin' da sick momma, a west's work are never done around here.


Yappy Christmas!

December 23rd 2013 1:46 pm
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I's looking forward to Christmas - I's been sniffing some real good stuff under dat tree - I hope I get lotsa pressies. My Secret Santa present from Westies Unite came in da mail, but momma makes me wait until Chrissymas morning to open it. She says if she has to wait, I's has to wait.

I had to share my bed and my momma with Finley for a couple days. Finley's momma and daddy went out of town and my momma and Ally stayed here with us. Well, Finley decided my momma were now her momma. And she slept all snuggled up next to my momma and even growled at me for sleepin' in my own bed. I wasn't even up dere with her, I was down at da foot of da bed where I always sleep. But we settled down pretty quick and didn't keep my momma awake with too much snarling and stuffs.

Hope all my pals have a merry Christmas!


Ice Ice Baby

December 6th 2013 6:51 pm
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Yeah, dat are right. We got loads of ice. And it were 80 here on Wednesday but now it are in da teens and we got inches of ice on da ground. I are having fun skating round on it, but da humans do not seem to thrilled about it. Finley's daddy got to stay home from work today, it were fun having everyone at home. Here's some pictures:

A Whole Lotta Ice

I's ice skating!

Da Crape Myrtle

Icy plants

Our Red Oak

Christmas Lights

My momma has been working hard on my Christmassy cards. So far I's only gotten half a card though. Finley said she might let me have it since I are old, but we might end up fighting for it and each takin half like we do with our toys sometimes. It are a picture card with two pupses, so I guesses we's will each get a dog. BOL! I wonder if I'll wind up wif a Coco Rose or a Puffy photo.

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