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Confessions of a Barkaholic

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Ruff Day

February 12th 2009 6:50 pm
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Today was a ruff day!! My mom had to spend all day at school. At least we got to play with squeaky toys when she got home!



February 17th 2009 5:04 pm
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I'm really sleepy tonight. I had a lot of fun playing fetch earlier and now I'm all worn out. :)



April 17th 2009 9:04 pm
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So it is finally feeling like Spring today! Yea!

My most favorite person is coming to see me on Tuesday! I'm so excited!!!!!!


Pool ball

May 30th 2009 5:46 pm
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Wow!! I've been having so much fun ever since I got back to Texas. I had tons of fun on my road trip too - I even got to pee in four new states - Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Talk about fun. For some reason, my people wouldn't let me stay there until I smelled every inch of the area though. What do they know? There's a reason why I'm Head of Security.

Anyways, pool ball is so much fun. I get so excited by pool ball that I start barking just when I smell swimsuits. I let Finley play too, but she doesn't love it as much as I do. She needs to stop biting my balls and killing them if she wants to keep playing though. I bark and bark until someone throws me a ball, then bounce it off my nose and bark and bark some more. And sometimes I jump in the water and swim around. It's so much fun. But the people made me stop, they said I was too tired to keep going. Just because I came in the house and collapsed and fell asleep does NOT mean I was too tired. It just means there was nothing interesting to do since they made me quit pool ball.

I'm hoping for some more pool ball tomorrow. Should be fun!!


Summer Fun

July 13th 2009 7:34 pm
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I've been having so much fun this summer. I love getting to play pool ball and I've been getting to do it almost every day!! I like to play with Finley - but sometimes she bites at me when we play. She says I'm being a "ball hog." I think she's just jealous because I can hit the ball further and higher. It is so much fun though. I have to bark at the humans to throw the balls quicker - they are too slow.

I'm jealous of Finley. She's been getting to wear a t-shirt lately. I don't. I tried to tell mom I wanted to wear a t-shirt. She told me it's too hot and Finley is only wearing one to keep her from itching her skin. She said I had enough hair as it was. She's one to talk - that girl has some big hair! I'm still jealous of Finley wearing a shirt though . . .



October 23rd 2009 8:13 pm
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I'm back at Hahvahd now. I've been getting to go on walks - lots of different things to smell and pee on. If only mommy would let me pee on everything I want to - she has this crazy idea that walks are supposed to be EXERCISE not just me peeing everywhere. Silly mommy. It's raining, but mommy won't let me stand outside in it. I think she doesn't realize that my ancestors come from the Scottish highlands - standing out in the damp, wet cold is a natural thing. She says her ancestors come from Texas and I can just pee and get back inside where it's warm. We already had snow last weekend it was fun. I went to the Berkshires a couple weeks ago with mommy and her mommy. We had fun. I wish they would have let me wander off into the woods to chase down all those interesting smells but they said something about bears and I wasn't getting to go try to start a fight with a bear so I could get back in the car. Maybe that's what that interesting smell was I didn't recognize . . . I guess I'll never get to know.


Kill that Shark

October 25th 2009 4:14 pm
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I've been playing with my shark toy lots today. I squeak it and shake it - it's so much fun. I got a bath today which was nice. I like baths. I didn't get a walk today even though it was sunny because mommy was feeling bad. I tried to lick her leg to make her feel better, but I don't think it worked. I'm gonna go back to killing the shark now.


My name is Whitley, not "you bad dog"

November 8th 2009 9:16 pm
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Somebody needs to explain this to my mom.

I got a bath today, which I really like. One of my favorite things about baths (besides the water) is running around all over the house and banging into the wall to dry off. It's so much fun, but mommy just looks at me like I'm insane. So she was looking at me like I lost my mind while I was throwing myself into the closet door, so I decided to run downstairs to dry off. Well, sometimes things happen when I run around too much and get to excited. So I accidently left mom a little present on the rug by the front door.

And she started yelling at me!!! I don't know what her problem was anyway, she was cleaning the house. So it was just a little bit more to clean.

Then she brought out the EVIL NEMISIS she uses to clean the house. This is the third nemisis we've had, the first one was green, the second one was yellow. I successfully destroyed those invading vacuums, but then a purple one took their place. So I was doing my best to protect mom by barking the vacuum away and trying to figure out a way to destroy it. And she yells at me again.

She doesn't understand my job as Head of Home Security is to protect her from these invading threats. I don't know why mom lets these things in out home, she is too trusting.

I had to keep making sad faces and be nice and not try to bite her when she stripped me just to make her stop being mad at me. But everything is ok now - hopefully it'll be a while before the EVIL NEMISIS is back and by then I'll have a good attack plan.


Happy Veteran's Day

November 11th 2009 5:00 pm
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Thank you to all our brave veterans and all the servicemen and women serving today.


Come on Mom, razor blades are yummy

November 12th 2009 3:14 pm
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Mommy got really worried about me. Last night, when mommy was asleep, I hopped into the tub and got out her razor (knocking over some soap bottles on the way - OOPS!). Then I pulled out ALL the razor blades and chewed on the metal until it was all twisty and good. I left the metal and the razor on the bedroom rug where I'd been chewing.

Mommy was pretty upset when she saw what I'd done - she was really worried. See, I used to do this a lot when I was a puppy. I didn't do it for years, but then I did it again a few months ago. She thought then maybe it was because I was picking up on her stress, but now she's all confused. It's not that hard - chewing on razor blades is fun! But mommy says it's dangerous. She counted all the metal and it was all there. Duh, I'm not dumb enough to swallow the razor blades - I just chew 'em up. Then she checked mu mouth and I wasn't bleeding - duh mommy I'm not a dummy puppy - but she checked anyway.

She talked to me about how I wasn't supposed to do it. I don't know though - it's kinda FUN. But mommy says now the razor is going up way high to where I can't get it. She told me to chew on one of my sixty-something toys instead if I wanted to chew. But mommy, none of them have metal blades. She doesn't get how yummy razor blades are - silly mommy!

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