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A New Beginning

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Visiting Friends

April 7th 2014 5:58 am
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I got to visit 2 dear friends on Saturday. Both have recently been ill and needed surgery. Cella got what every greyhound fears the most- Osteosarcoma. It is a type of bone cancer that greyhounds get. In fact 1 in 4 of us gets it at some point in our lives. Cella had to have one of her front legs amputated. She is still undergoing chemotherapy to hopefully kill off any remaining cancer. Her brother, Johnny B had blocked saliva glands. He had to have several glands removed. He still had a swollen neck. Both of my friends are doing well. Cella is getting along just fine on 3 legs. She has to hop when she walks but it doesn't slow her down much. Johnny B is on exercise restriction for a while longer. Mom and dad did some Reiki healing on both of them. Cella really enjoyed the Reiki. She feel asleep. I was happy to get a chance to visit them. I got some yummy treats too!!


The Greyhound Pub

March 24th 2014 9:01 am
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Spring is officially here but you would never know it! We have had a few pleasant days but most of the time it is still very cold. I really wish I could go out in my yard without wearing a sweater or jacket. They are even calling for more snow over the next few days. I really hope we don't get any. If the storm goes further out to sea, we might escape it.

Yesterday I went to the Greyhound Pub! Aunt Carla told mom about it. The owners of the pub are volunteers at Greyhound Friends. They were having a special Yappy Hour event. Greyhounds were welcome at the pub! Mom and dad don't usually go to pubs because they don't drink alcoholic beverages but they decided to take me. They were having a special birthday celebration for all the Greyhound Friend volunteers who were born in March. That is mom!! It was a new experience for me too. I had a,lot of fun! A lot of my friend's came- Gil, Skylar, Kitty, Rosco, my brother Fast and many others! Mom got to visit with Aunt Carla and Daddy got to visit with Jeff. We stayed for about 2 1/2 hours. Mom and Aunt Carla got pineapple juice. They had dog beds in the back so I took one to lay one. Later a bunch of people came in to watch a soccer game. They yelled really loud and some of my friends didn't like that. It didn't bother me all that much. Ky told mom that I had come a long way. It is true. I am not very shy any more. I am a very confident dog now. I go up to people to be petted. Daddy said we might go back again some time. We shall see. I hope we do because I had a lot of fun.


Daily Diary Pick

March 10th 2014 2:38 pm
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I am honored to be Dogster's Daily Diary pick today! Mom has kept my diary since I was adopted. She wanted to have it as a tribute to all the special events in my life. There have been many so far and I know there will be many more to come.

I won second place in the PetzLife photo contest for Best Smile! It was officially announced today. It was a very tough contest. Bella Beau was the winner. She was a little Yorkie who must have had a LOT of Facebook friends! No matter how hard we tried (My Facebook friends)we just could catch her. I did manage to close the gap a little bit from being 400 votes behind to 275 votes behind. I will be receiving $100 worth of dental care products for winning second place. I could really use that. Bella will be featured in several magazines. One magazine will be Cesar's Way. Mom is a dog trainer and doesn't agree with his training methods so in a way that is good I didn't win first. Still it would have been exciting to see me as an advertising model!


RIP Peace Grandpa

March 7th 2014 8:13 am
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I am so sad to say that my grandpa passed away last Sunday afternoon. It has been a long road. Mom got a call from Hospice a week ago, Wednesday, telling her he had taken a turn. Mom spoke to him on the phone and it seemed to comfort him some. Daddy took a half day off work on Friday and we all went down to visit grandpa one last time. We stayed with him for over 2 hours. We sat with him and talked with him. Mom asked the activities director if there was a priest available to give grandpa the last rites sacrament. Within 20 minutes the priest came. Mom knew that grandpa would have wanted that. We left knowing we wouldn't see him again. I was glad mom and dad let me go too. This week has been hard on mom. On Monday they had to go to the funeral parlor to make arrangements, then mom ordered flowers and then they went to the nursing home to pick up grandpa's things. I stayed home and my pet sitter came to let me out for potty. Tuesday was something called the Wake and Thursday was the funeral. Dogs were not allowed at either of these so I had to stay home. My old pet sitter does over night stays so she came and stayed with me and the cats. Mom and dad took a hotel room since we live an hour and a half away from the church and funeral home. Mom said it was a small attendance but a very nice service. Now grandpa is at peace and back home. I will miss him very much.

My friend Rosco is staying with us for a week. He is very nice and I like him a lot. We have fun hanging out together. Mom is glad to have something fun to focus on.

My friend, Cella,did have her leg amputated on Tuesday. I hope they got all the cancer. She is doing well but did have some set backs. They think she can go home today. Paws crossed.

Today is the last day of the photo contest I am in. I am still in second place. I am over 200 votes behind the leader. The contest ends at midnight. I will most likely get second place.


Last weekend!

February 28th 2014 5:53 am
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My typist is behind again. I kept bugging her to put in my entry so she finally agreed. It has been a hard winter. It has been very cold and we have been getting a lot of snow. In fact more is expected on Monday. I am so ready for spring. Last Sunday was a nicer day. It was sunny and in the 40's. Mom noticed that there was a Greyhound Adventures walk at Horn Pond, so mom and dad took me! My corn had been bothering me, but at the moment it is OK. I was SO happy. I got to see so many friends- Brutus, Johnny B, Cella, Lux and many others. The path had some snowy and slippery spots but we able to walk around the entire pond- 2 miles. Mom held on to daddy when it got slippery. It was so much fun!! WE did get some bad news on the walk, however. My good friend Cella has been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. It is a bone cancer that greyhounds get. In fact 1 in 4 gets it. Cella's mom and dad are meeting with a doctor today and Cella is scheduled to have her leg removed on Tuesday. I feel so bad for her. Loosing a leg will be hard, but not as bad as loosing your life. Most greyhounds do just fine on 3 legs. Please keep Cella in your prayers.

After the walk we went to NH to visit Grandpa. He was in a very bad way. He had fallen a couple of days earlier and his wheel chair had fallen on top of him. He didn't have any broken bones but he was all bruised. He didn't really wake up when we were there. He is so thin now- just bones! I did bring some joy to some of the other residents, however. They like coming up to pet me. After the nursing home we made a quick visit to Petco for some food and supplies. It was a busy day!

On Wednesday mom got a call from hospice that grandpa wasn't doing well. They don't think he will live much longer. They have said this before several times and he always bounces back. We plan to go and visit him today.


Too Much Snow!!!

February 15th 2014 3:41 pm
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It has been snowing way too much lately. Daddy had made a track for me with his snow blower. During the last storm it wouldn't start. Daddy shoveled the deck and stairs but my track was way too big to do by hand. I was up to my elbows in snow. Now it is snowing again!!! I don't know what I am going to do?? If I jump into the middle of the yard I sink up to my belly!!! This is way too much snow. Guess what it is doing right now? You probably guessed it- it is snowing!!

I am in a photo contest on Facebook. It is for a company that makes dental products for pets. The company is called PetzLife. The winner will be featured in magazines! I really want to win. Currently I am in second place. The leader has been going crazy getting votes. She has over a thousand votes!! I have over 600! Mom noticed though that since she reached 1,000 the tally isn't going up any more. Mom hopes there is a limit and that future votes won't count. That would give me a chance to catch up and maybe tie for first place. Maybe then the company will choose the winner. We shall see what happens.


February 2nd 2014

February 15th 2014 3:29 pm
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Greetings to my pup pals. I had shifted my diary to mom's computer when we heard that Dogster was going to be shutting down. Now we learned that it isn't. Here is an entry I made on Feb. 2nd. It has been a while since I have written in it. It is winter and things have been quiet. My corn has also been a problem so I have been laying low. Mom did do day care for my friend, Rosco. He spent several days with us. He has a personality very much like mine. Mom said it was like even having another dog in the house. He has good manners and stays off the furniture. We get along very well too. I was sad when he left. He was sad too. Mom says he will be back again so not to worry. I saw and old friend on Friday. His name is Brutus. I played with him in the fenced in yard at Greyhound Friends when he was at the kennel looking for a forever home. His dad’s name is Stu. Brutus will be spending some time at our house too. It was good to see him again. Mom got a call from the animal control officer. They changed the laws so now mom can only have 2 dogs per day in day care besides me. Mom tried to apply for a kennel license but she couldn’t get one because of the zoning laws. That is going to limit mom’s income potential. Mom does have a dog training client this week so she hopes she will get more training clients to make up the difference. She is also going to be doing some Reiki and maybe even personal training at our house now that she has a complete gym. I won a new collar! Bark Magazine was having a holiday give away. We entered every day. The first prize was a glow collar and I won it!! It is very pretty and has jewels on it. Going to see grandpa today. Sometimes he just sleeps. Other times he can talk but he doesn’t always make sense. It is sad.


Happy Holidays!

December 17th 2013 9:13 am
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Greetings to all my pup pals. Sorry I haven't made an entry for some time. I will do my best to catch you all up. My typist has been very busy and very stressed over grandpa. He is not doing well. We continue to visit him almost every weekend and he no longer has his mental capacity. Sometimes he doesn't even know us. His mental decline has been rapid and continues to get worse. Last weekend we went to visit. I am always a big hit with all the patients there, so mom wanted to do something special since it is almost Christmas. Mom dressed me in my reindeer antlers and jingle bell collar. I walked around the nursing home spreading holiday cheer to both the residents and the nurses. Grandpa didn't pay much attention to me. That made me sad. He wasn't having a good day. We didn't stay long as they were predicting a big snow storm. Mom and dad wanted to leave early to try and avoid it. When we left, it was cloudy out but not snowing. By the time we reached the highway, it started. We were over an hour away from home. The snow started to get worse and worse. Mom and dad were getting scared. At one point daddy couldn't even see where the lanes were in the road. We were going only 25 miles and hour. Daddy was considering stopping and getting a hotel for the night. He kept driving though and gradually it got better and better. Mom said we must have hit a snow squall. Eventually the snow was just very light and the roads were clear again. By the time we made it to our town, it has started snowing heavy again. We got home just in time!

Mom's doggy day care is going well. My friend, Rosco spent a few days with us. Mom normally doesn't take dogs over night. She will take greyhounds though. We had a lot of fun. Rosco was here for 4 days. He was the perfect house guest and I loved having him here. I got really sad when he left. His mom said he will be able to stay with us again some time. I hope it is soon.

I wasn't able to march in the Christmas Parade this year. This was the first year I didn't march. It was a cold rainy day and my corn was bothering me. I was limping a bit. Since I was in pain and the weather was bad, mom and dad decided not to march. It was just as well because no other dogs even showed up. I would have been the only one! Mom and dad got to watch the parade. It was much smaller than usual because of the weather, but mom still enjoyed it.

I hope all my friends have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


My Birthday Party

November 11th 2013 3:09 pm
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Oh, what a day I had yesterday!! Mom and dad gave me a birthday party! My birthday isn't for another week but mom and dad have to go to something called the Natural Living Expo. They won't be home next weekend so mom and dad celebrated with me yesterday! I am going to be 7! I had two cakes. One was a human cake and one was for dogs. Just between you and me, I think out dog cake was much better than what the humans had. Mom and dad bought me blue and yellow balloons so all my doggy guests could see the pretty colors. Mom and dad made human food too for all the human guests. My friends Thor, Johnny B, Cella and Bella came. So did my brother, Fast and his doggy brother Riley (No blood relation as Fast is a greyhound and Riley is an Australian Shepherd!) 11 humans came too. Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" and us dogs all joined in at the end. I got some lovely gifts too. It was so much fun sharing my special day with my family and friends. I am glad everyone had a good time. Very tired today after all the excitement. Just resting and eating some left over cake.


My Amazing Meal!

November 4th 2013 5:38 am
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We all went to visit Grandpa in the nursing home on Saturday. It has been a stressful time for us all. The nurse informed Mom that he was now under Hospice care. His defibrillator for his heart had gone off on Friday afternoon while he was in bed. He said it felt like a lightning bolt going through him. The nurse said they plan to disconnect the defibrillator on Tuesday so if his heart stops again, he can go peacefully. He was happy to see us. Mom and dad brought him some warm clothes because he is always cold. They also went and bought him some new pants as all of his pants are now too big and literally falling off him. Mom bought him a Red Sox sweatshirt and he was so happy he cried. The nurses are trying to make his last days as happy as they can. He really wanted MacDonald's french fries and a shake for supper, so one of the nurses went out and got it for him. When his regular supper tray arrived, his nurse asked mom and dad if I could have it! She said they would just throw it away anyway. Mom and dad said yes. The nurse put the tray on the floor and I didn't know what to do! There was a huge piece of turkey with gravy on a slice of bread, mash potatoes and squash! I wasn't sure if I was supposed to leave it or if I could have it. The second mom said "OK", I dove right in. I cleaned my plate! Then for desert the nurse gave me an uneaten hamburger. We had a really nice visit with grandpa. We don't know if it will be the last one or not.

On Sunday mom and dad had to go back to grandpa's house to get some items before the house goes up for sale. I couldn't go because there was no room for me in the truck. The funny thing is that dad got a Penske truck. My biological dog father was Flying Penske! Mom tried to get a truck discount since I am Flying Penske's daughter which gave the rental guys a nice chuckle. When mom and dad came home with the truck, mom took some pictures of me standing under the part that say Penske!

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