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A New Beginning

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August 24th 2014 4:02 pm
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My grandma fell a couple of weeks ago and fractured her leg and pelvis. Thankfully she didn't require surgery. They moved her into a rehabilitation hospital this past week. Grandma checked and learned that dogs were allowed. So I went to visit grandma today at the rehab hospital. It was a very nice place. I did have to go into a room that moved. I didn't like that part. Mom calls it an "elevator" but I don't quite understand that. I don't go up or anything. All I know is that the door closes and the floor has a strange sensation in it. Then the door opens and you are in a whole different place from where you started.Grandma is doing so well. She was walking all over the place with a walker. She does have pain in her hip but she is doing well. We got to go onto an outside patio and sit. It was such a nice day. We were the only ones outside at first so daddy tied my leash to my harness so I could walk around where I wanted to. Someone else came out after a bit so I had to go back on leash. That was OK, I just laid down and took a little nap. I got to play therapy dog to a few other patients. Lots of people liked me. After the visit mom and dad took me to the dog park. My friend, Bella, was there. It was fun. Lots of dogs came and they were running and playing. It started getting a little rough as a lot of big dogs came, so it was time to leave. Bella and her mom left with us. Bella is a little dog and she was afraid of the big dogs running around. I was ready to go home anyway. It was another fun day.



August 23rd 2014 6:36 pm
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Rosco went home last night. I was a bit sad. We really had a fun week together. It was fun having someone to run with. We had lots of great zoomies around the yard. We also started digging a hole together. We made it very deep. Mom wasn't too happy when we tried to come in the house with muddy paws. I am used to having my paws cleaned, but Rosco didn't know what to make of it. Mom made him go back to the yard and walk in the grass to clean his paws. Mom didn't want all that dirt in the house.

Mom and dad took me with them to the Farmer's Market today. I usually like going there because I always get to meet other dogs. Today they were having karate demonstrations. Two people were sparing and making hitting noises. I didn't like that at all. I want to get far away from them. I was glad when we left. I got an early supper tonight and wasn't sure why. Mom and dad made me get into the car and we drove to Thor and Teddy's house. It was a greyhound party! There were 9 dogs that came. Thor, Teddy and Ripley live there, but my friends Robin and Riley came. I also got to meet two new dogs, Lucy and Marianne. We had fun running, playing and exploring the yard. The humans sat outside and talked for a while. Later we all went into the house so the humans could eat food. we went out on the deck. I found a really cool bed to lie on. It was above the deck and was springy. It was very comfortable. Mom was surprised that I would lie on it. It started to get cool so we went back inside. We were all in a small room. It was kind of crowded. I found a bed and laid down. Lucy had to pee and ended up peeing on a blanket right next to me. Thor's mom put it in the laundry. A couple of humans came late. They brought a dog that wasn't a greyhound. He was big but very friendly. He had a really waggy tail and kept hitting Riley in the face with it. Riley made funny faces as the tail kept hitting him, but he was very polite about it. It was getting late so we came back home. It was a fun day!


Meet and Greet

August 16th 2014 7:50 pm
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My friend, Rosco is staying with us for a few days. He is a really goof friend. Yesterday daddy took us to the new dog park in our town. There were a lot of dogs there. We had fun. The ground there is wooded with a lot of wood chips. My corn has been bothering me, so I didn't run. I still had fun walking around and exploring. Today we went to a Meet and Greet in Westford for Greyhound Friends. My other good friends Thor, Teddy and Ripley were there too, along with their mom and dad. Rosco was a social butterfly. I was lazy and layed on a bed in the back of the table. Several people came around to pet me and say "HI". 4 kids came over to me and they were all petting me! I did very well. They had calm energy so I was fine with it. After the meet and greet we got to go to the dog park again. Not as many dogs this time, but we still had a lot of fun.


The Bird

August 14th 2014 6:02 am
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I was a very bad girl this morning. I couldn't help myself! Honest! Mom let me out into the yard to do my morning business. I saw the bird. Next thing you know, it was in my mouth! At first I felt very proud. I carried it to the door. Mom saw it and freaked out. She opened the door and I dropped the bird onto my bed. Mom told me to "Leave it" and scooped the bird up with her hands. She was SO upset! The bird was still breathing so mom started doing Reiki on him. Mom yelled for daddy. Mom was crying and praying. The bird started twitching a bit and then died in her hands. Mom cried and cried. I didn't know what to think.I just knew mom was upset. Mom went out to the garden and buried the bird in the corner. Mom tried to give me breakfast but I wouldn't eat.I knew mom was mad at me and that made me upset too. After mom calmed down,she had a heart to heart talk with me so I would better understand. After that I ate my breakfast.


Dog Park Grand Opening

August 9th 2014 3:21 pm
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What a good day I had today! First I woke up to find that my diary was one of the daily picks once again! Thank you Dogster for that honor. We left the house early this morning as mom, dad and I had to work at the MayDOG booth at the Farmer's Market. It was the perfect day. Not too hot and a slight breeze. Today was they day they were opening the new dog park. Mom and dad have been working to get a dog park in our town for the last 5 years. It was a long time coming, but today was the day. The grand opening was at 1PM so we worked the farmer's market until noon. Mom signed up 8 people for memberships. She also sold several dog toys and got some donation money. My friend Granite came to help out. She is a Burmese Mountain Dog. She knows how to pull a cart and walked around the market with her dad a few times to generate interest in our booth. I got to meet some very nice people and their dogs too. I also let several children pet me. I am getting better with kids all the time. Granite had a special cooling blanket to help her keep cool. Let she me wear it while she was walking around, pulling her cart. I liked it. After the farmer's market we went over to the hardware store to buy some dog food. They sell it there. They are cheaper than the pet store. They don't have the fancy flavors, but they do have the basic ones. I like going there because dogs are welcome. I got a cookie! After that we headed home to rest for a few minutes, and then it was off to the big grand opening. Kate Hogan who is our local representative in congress came to cut the ribbon. They had a nice speech. They thanked mom and dad and the other volunteers and board members. Fred Levy was there to take photographs. He has taken several of me over the years. My favorite one is with me and Santa Claus. I was SO happy to see my friend, Rosco there. It was nice having another Greyhound to hang out with. About 10 dogs came to play in the park. I was the very first dog to walk into the park! That was SO cool!!! It was a nice shady area. They had a water station there so I was also the first dog to take a drink. I still love my yard the best but it is nice to have a new,fun place I can go and play with other dogs.


A Concert!

August 3rd 2014 11:15 am
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It was a quiet week for me last week. Mom's granddaughter came to stay with us. The humans went on trips during day so I had a pet sitter come in midday to give me a potty break. On Wednesday night mom decided to take me along to the band concert they had in the local park. She thought I would enjoy spending some family time. I didn't mind the actual concert but there were a lot of kids running around. That always makes me a bit nervous. Mom's granddaughter is fine. She is nice and calm. Some of the other kids though were too hyper. A few kids did come up to me and they pet me. Mom said it was good to get positive experience with kids. I did OK but I was more and happy to leave.

The pet therapy place called mom and wanted me to retest. I was supposed to retest today. Mom thought about it all week and sent the lady an E-mail saying that she didn't think it was in my best interest. Mom didn't like the idea that I shut down like that. Mom has worked too hard to build my confidence. There is another organization that works with groups of dogs. That would be a much better fit for me. I feel more comfortable if other dogs are around. I tend to be more willing to meet people then. They aren't taking applications right now, but mom will keep checking and put my name in when they do.


A Disappointment

July 20th 2014 5:52 pm
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I didn't pass my therapy pet test. I was doing very well until the last part of the test. I had to go into a room where the people were making loud noises, dropping things, running around etc. It was just too much stimulation. I froze from stress and statued. After that I wouldn't go back into the room. Mom was a bit upset because she used to work in a nursing home and I have been to the nursing home many times to visit grandpa. Nursing homes are always pretty quiet. There may be an occasional dropped pan or crying patient, but it is not chaotic. Mom didn't think the test was fair. Anyway, I won't be testing again. I am a sensitive dog by nature and mom and dad both don't think it is fair to me to put me through that again. I will just do meet and greets and represent the greyhound breed in other ways. Mom and dad are VERY proud of me. Especially considering how far I have come over the past 5 1/2 years. I did very well on all other parts of the test so mom said I did very well.


Greyhound Friends International Day!

July 20th 2014 4:55 am
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Yesterday was Greyhound Friend's International Day. It was an all day event so we had to leave the house early. They had speakers from all over the world to discuss greyhound issues. Some of the speakers were from Argentina, Spain, Ireland and of course the United States. Dr. Couto came! He is the world's leading expert on greyhound physiology. I got to meet him. He even petted me! What a thrill. Mom talked to him about the new vaccine coming out for osteosarcoma. Right now the vaccine is being used in dogs that already have the disease. It isn't a preventative yet. Dr. Couto said they think they have found the gene that causes it, so a cure might be coming soon. I hope so. Many of my friends were there- Johnny B, Cella, Thor, Teddy, Ripley and my half brother, Padfoot. Padfoot had a new brother! He is a brindle Galgo (Spanish Greyhound). It was a nice day. It was cloudy but that was good as it kept it cooler. We were under a tent anyway. I didn't want to leave when it was over.


I Was In The Paper!

July 18th 2014 11:41 am
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My picture was on the front page of our local paper last week. The paper is called the Beacon-Villager. We are a very small town and not much happens. Still it is quite the honor to be on the front page. I was in a costume parade at the Farmer's Market a couple of weeks back. They took my picture! Here is the link if you would like to see it: 0719497

I got a bath today! Daddy worked only a half day. Then he drove us to Dirty Hairy's Dog Wash. I had to have a bath and nail trim because on Sunday I have my pet therapy testing. I smell like peppermint! I am a bit nervous about the test. Wish me luck!



July 9th 2014 6:33 pm
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Good news! Mom just heard from Pets and People foundation.They are the ones that are going to test me to become a therapy pet.They had some cancellations so I can get tested soon. The test will be July 20th and close to our house! Wish me luck!

This past weekend was a bit crazy. Our neighbors moved on July 5th and left their cat behind. He was so sad and crying all the time. He was clearly in distress. Mom thought that maybe his parents would return for him as they left food, water and his litter box outside. By the end of Sunday he was still there. Two people were cleaning the apartment. The woman came outside so daddy asked about the cat. His name was Gumba and his family couldn't take him. Gumba's mom had to move in with her parents and her father was allergic to cats. The woman said she was trying to find a home for him. Mom said she would help too. Mom posted it on Facebook and it went viral! Gumba became a Facebook celebrity overnight! He had 1,000 shares! Mom was getting so many calls, e-mails and messages that she couldn't think straight. She finally contacted a rescuer who came on Monday night to get Gumba. Mom was able to lure him into our house with a can of salmon cat food. Mom put me in the weight room because Gumba was a bit afraid of me. Gumba is now at a no-kill, no-cage shelter. They have received 5 adoption applications for him already! A woman called today and said her daughter wanted to adopt him. Mom told her to have her daughter fill out an application with the shelter and she said she would! A man knocked on our door today and wanted to give mom money for cat food to help Gumba! Mom thanked the man and suggested that he make a donation to the shelter. He said he would. I guess this sows the power of social media! Wow!

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