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A New Beginning

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Animal Communicator

October 1st 2010 11:23 am
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Mom and dad have both been sick this past week. Daddy got it first and gave it to mom. Mom and dad were home with me on Wednesday and they both came along for my evening walk. Copley was playing in his back yard with his mom when we walked by. Copley's mom invited me to come over and play. I was all excited. I hadn't seen Copley in such a long time. We had fun running around in his yard. We were happy to see each other.

Yesterday mom spoke to an animal communicator. Her name was Suzy and she could understand me! Mom wanted to know why I was afraid to go up the stairs in our house. When I went to Kiera's house, I was able to climb the stairs from the deck to the backyard with no problem at all. Mom and dad just didn't understand. I told Suzy that I was afraid the way the stairs were made. At Kira's house the steps were open. Here at home they are enclosed by walls.I was afraid that hands were going to come through the walls and get me. Suzy told me that nothing was going to get me and it was safe. You see, when I used to race, the humans would put me in a cage in a special room with all the other dogs just before the race. Then I had to walk single file down a ramp to the track. The ramp went between bleachers where people would sit to watch me. Sometimes people would reach their hands out to me and this scared me. The stairs at home reminded me of that. Mom and dad where trying to help me over come my fear of the stairs. For a few weeks now, mom and dad have been leaving my treats on the stairs so I would see them as a good thing. Then mom and dad started putting the treats a little higher, gradually making me go higher up the stairs. I still wouldn't go past the 9th step until I talked to Suzy. Last night I went up to the 12th step! Today I went all the way to the top! There was a whole other house up there!I got to see where mom and dad sleep! They said I could sleep there too if I wanted to. I saw a bathroom and where mom has her bike and exercise equipment. Ben and Charlie came up too. They were a bit surprised to see me there. I stayed upstairs for a while. I was afraid to come down! I finally figured it out though. I am back downstairs with mom now. She still doesn't feel well. I followed her yesterday to make sure she was OK. Mom said I was her angel. Suzy spoke to Ben and Charlie too. It is nice that mom and dad understand us better now.


Pet Rock Festival

September 22nd 2010 8:07 am
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Mom is behind again!! So hard to find good help these days! What's a dog to do?
On September 12th, mom and dad took me to the Pet Rock Festival. It is held in Worcester, MA every year. We live only about 30 minutes away by highway so it didn't take long to get there. I got all excited in the parking lot because I could see all the other dogs. Daddy took my leash because I was bucking and pulling to try to get to the festivities and socialize. We walked all around the fair before stopping at any booths to give me a chance to burn off some energy and calm down a little. While we were walking around, daddy realized that he didn't have enough cash on him. We had to leave the fair to go and find an ATM! There was one right down the street so it wasn't too far. I was a little upset with daddy. So was mom! Anyway, we got back to the fair pretty quickly and still managed to find a good parking space. When we came back from the ATM, guess who passed us in the car? It was Carla and my boyfriend Gill!!! I was such a happy dog!! Gill and his mom Carla were getting a hero award! I was so proud of Gill. He does a lot to promote greyhound adoption. He has even been on TV! We were all tail waggy when we saw each other. We walked around part of the fair together. Mom did her usual human things- visit booths, enter the raffle and things like that. Daddy was getting hungry so mom and dad got lunch at one of the vendors. Mom and dad like this fair because all the food is vegetarian. No meat is allowed because the fair honors all animals. Two of the vendors were totally vegan so that is where mom and dad ate. After they had their food we watched Gill and his mom get their award. Gill looked so handsome up on the stage. Daddy video taped the whole thing. After we walked around again and finished visiting all the booths. I took a dip in the doggy pools. I went in several of them. Mom and dad also took me into the agility ring. I will do the jumps and the weave poles. I'll even go through the tire. I don't do the ramps or the tunnels though. After we left the agility ring we started to head back to where the raffle table was. Mom wanted to check if she won anything. She didn't. Near the raffle table we noticed a couple of police cars with their lights on. We went to investigate and there was a man lying in the road. The police were waiting for the ambulance. Mom asked someone what happened and a lady and her son explained that the man started walking funny and then just fell. He had a seizure of some kind. The ambulance came and took him away. Part of the Pet Rock Festival is the "Rock". They have music bands that play on the stage where Gill got his award. Mom was happy that one of the bands scheduled to play was Ian Mitchell and the Bay City Rollers. Mom loved that band when she was a teenager. They played last year too and mom got to meet Ian and had her picture taken with him. We found a spot on the grass and waited for them to come on. We listened to another musician while we waited. Finally it was time. Mom was looking for Ian but couldn't see him. One of the other band members announced that Ian had fallen ill and couldn't play. Come to find out- the man on the ground had been Ian!!! The band played without him and dedicated the set to him. Mom was very upset. She and another fan tried to find out more information after the concert. He was still unresponsive an hour and a half later. That kind of put a damper on an otherwise wonderful day. I don't like seeing mom upset. Gill's mom knows the women who started the Pet Rock Festival and has been giving mom updates on Ian's condition. They had to do emergency brain surgery on him to relieve the pressure in his head. He is doing better now.

Mom told me yesterday that I have to move my bed to a new spot. Mom and dad are moving me tonight. Mom has a funny device called a K2 meter. It picks up invisible electro-magnetic fields. She was actually checking the light bulbs we have and decided to check the whole house. My bed is over an electrical box which is in the basement. The box is giving off very high readings and this invisible field comes right through the floor! Mom is afraid it will make me sick. I don't like changes so it might take me a while. Mom and dad are moving me by a window though so I will still be able to look outside.


Labor Day Weekend

September 9th 2010 11:06 am
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I hope all my doggie pals had a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend.
Saturday was a quiet day. Mom and dad made me go to the Farmer's Market again. After mom and dad bought their produce, they took me for a walk along the river. I did meet a few nice dogs. One dog had the same collar as me! He was black too!

I knew Sunday was going to be busier. Mom and dad started cleaning the whole house again. Every time they do that, I know that people are going to come over. Sure enough, I was right. Not too many humans came this time. That was fine by me! There was only 1 new man that I had never met before. Even Ben came up from the basement to socialize. Daddy's birthday was in a couple of days so the humans had cake. Mom and I didn't eat any. The cake was chocolate which is bad for dogs and mom is on a diet. She has already lost 10 pounds.

Monday was the most fun. Mom and dad didn't have to go to work. Mom made a pasta salad which is something she doesn't usually make. Around 2pm we got into daddy's car. We only drove a short way, but I knew where we were! It was Kiera's house!! Something was different though! Kiera's dad had built something called a "deck". It was like an outside porch. They had a lot of stairs leading down to the back yard. After a few minutes, mom took me around the house to put me in the yard. At that point I could only do around 5 stairs. Mom left me in the yard with Kiera and went up the stairs back to the deck. A little while later mom and dad came down to the yard to keep me company. Kiera's mom, Lisa came down too. They sat in chairs. After about 10 minutes or so other people started to arrive. Lisa, Daddy and mom started going back up the stairs. Guess what? I followed them! I was scared but Kiera was doing it without any problems so I tried it. I went all the way to the top. Daddy started going back down the stairs to see if I could go down. It was awkward for me at first and went slowly, but I did it! I went all the way back down! After that I was up and down several more times. I got better and better at it too! Later more dogs came! At one point there were about 5 dogs in the yard. We had a lot of fun together. The humans had a party and so did we! After a few hours people started to leave and I was allowed to go back to the deck. (Lisa had put up a gate to keep us dogs in the yard because there were lots of humans at the party). Lisa had dropped a veggie burger on the ground. Kiera had some and so did I! It was yummy!! When we got back home mom and dad thought I might try to climb the stairs to our house. I have never been upstairs. Mom put a small rug down at the bottom of the stairs so I wouldn't be on slippery hardwood floors. Mom and dad went up stairs and called me. They even bribed me with treats but I still won't don't it! Mom doesn't know why. Maybe someday I will.

Today is Thursday. Mom is home with me on Thursdays. Mom took me for a long walk down the river trail. We haven't been there lately because the river got very stinky! The smell made mom and dad feel sick! Today it was nice and cool outside and the river smelled OK. There is still a lot of green sludge on the water though. Mom even took me through the little park and through the woods trail. It is a little path off the main the trail that goes though the woods. I had a lot of fun, but now it is time for a nap.


Last Weeks Adventures!

August 23rd 2010 8:07 am
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Mom is behind on my diary again. Lucky for mom, this past weekend was quiet and uneventful for me, so we will write about last weekend instead.
Saturday was something called Old Home Weekend in the town where mom grew up. It was also near Grampy's birthday so mom and dad decided to combine the two. It is over an hours drive to Grampy's house so we left early in the morning. There was a traffic jam on the highway which also made us late. Mom wanted to go the Farmer's Market in her home town of Newmarket. Not only did she want to get some fresh veggies but she hoped that she would run into some old friends. The Farmer's Market closed at 1 and we got there about 12:30! Made it just in time. There were a lot of people there, but nothing like the Farmer's Market in our town. Mom bought some corn and tomatoes. There weren't as many booths. Mom didn't recognize anyone so we left and went to Grampy's house which was just down the street. They were having a big fair in the street downtown. mom and dad didn't want to take me because they were afraid it would be too loud and noisy for me. I get scared with stuff like that. I stayed at Grampy's while everyone else went to check out the fair. Grampy has a big fenced in back yard which connects to the garage which is attached to an enclosed porch. Mom opened the door to the back yard and opened the door to the porch and I could go outside whenever I want too! I like that. Mom left me a big bowl of water too because it was hot outside. There was live music bands playing downtown. I could hear it from Grampy's house. It would have been too loud for me I think. Grampy came home first and I went out into the back yard with him and ran around a little bit. When mom and dad came back, Grampy said he was tired and needed a nap (he is 84). Mom, dad and me got into the car and went to visit Grammy! She doesn't live too far away. We stayed and visited for a little over an hour and then drove back to Grampy's house to take him out to dinner for his birthday. Once again, I had to stay at Grampy's. For some reason, dogs can't go where there is people food. If we lived in France, I could have gone too! Oh well! Mom, dad and grampy weren't gone too long. When they came home, mom and dad went back to the fair to listen to a live band. I stayed with Grampy. It was a nice day.

On Sunday I got to go to Gates Pond and have a walk with my boyfriend, Gil, his brother GT and all the Italian Greyhounds!There were two other greyhounds there too with a woman I had met once before (I don't remember their names though)Gil is allowed to walk off his leash. He just stays with everyone. We met another greyhound as we were walking. He was off his leash too. Mom and dad weren't sure if I could be off leash or not. They were a little nervous. They decided to give me a chance and try it. I did great! I stayed right with the pack! It was nice having some freedom. I can't do it all the time for safety reasons, but under some cases I can- like the enclosed beach. I had a great time! Nice weekend!


Cloa's Ark Animal Sanctuary

August 9th 2010 7:50 am
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I went to an animal sanctuary with mom and dad yesterday! Some friends of mom and dad run it in Upton, MA. They are very nice people and love all animals just like mom and dad do. Their names are Patrick and Claudine. At first I wasn't quite sure of what to make of it. There were animals there that I have never seen before. There were goats, cows, chickens, ducks, sheep and something called guinea fowl. I have seen goats before. One of our neighbors is a goat named Spring. He tried to head butt me through the fence. Mom says he wanted to play with me but I don't play like that! Patrick told mom and dad that I could be off leash because we were in a fenced in area. Mom didn't think it was a good idea but they took my leash off. Of course I immediately started chasing the goats! That's how I play!! They were scared of me. I actually caused a stampede and some of the ducks almost got trampled by the herd of goats. Before I knew it, I was back on the leash again. Patrick had an exercise pen, so I had to go in it. They gave me a bowl of water to drink. Mom and dad petted all the strange animals including the chickens. They made sure I could see them. A little while later daddy and Patrick left to go play ping pong. They met each other playing. I'm not sure exactly what ping pong is, but daddy likes it. Mom and Claudine stayed at the sanctuary with me. They sat in chairs near my pen and talked. After awhile I felt I needed to go to the bathroom. I didn't want to soil my pen. It is hard communicating to humans sometime. I started to dig the dirt with my front paws and whine. Mom and Claudine decided to give me another chance out side the pen. Mom let me out and I did my duty. I started to run at the goats again but mom told me to "Leave It". I did! I was trying hard to be good but I so wanted to chase things that ran. A while later I tried to chase a guinea fowl. Mom told me to "Leave it" and the bird flew over the coop to the other side. After that I was good and didn't try to chase anything any more. I still went for another run, but I made sure i wasn't close to the goats. I knew mom didn't want me to chase them. I also smelled rats at the sanctuary. They had holes all over the place and I was sniffing into them. I saw a couple but couldn't catch them. When dad and Patrick came back they were surprised I was out of the pen. I was very good so I never had to go back in. I had fun and so did mom and dad. Patrick and Claudine pay out of their pockets to keep the sanctuary going. They had to spend thousands of dollars for surgery on one of their calves. She is doing well now but still had "hardware" on both sides of her lower jaw. Mom wants to have a fund raiser to help with their financial issues. Here is their web site if any of my pup pals want to help as well. Daddy might be helping Patrick to make the web site better. Mom says we will go back again. That will be fun.


I Almost Got A Ticket!

August 1st 2010 10:34 am
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It happened Thursday noon time. Mom and I have to cross a major road to get to my favorite Winter Street walk. Mom always tells me to wait as she watches for cars and trucks. When it is clear she tells me "OK" and I know we can cross. On Thursday we were waiting to cross. There was a Police car coming so mom told me to wait. The Policeman slowed down and flashed his lights to let us know we could cross. Mom said "OK" and bolted into a gallop. I almost pulled mom down. I guess I was going way too fast (Speed limit is only 35 MPH on that street) because the Policeman pulled me and mom over! He rolled down the window and told mom I was a fast dog. She went and told him I could run 45 mph! What was she thinking?! That was 10 miles over the speed limit! Mom told the Policeman that I was an ex-racer too. I got lucky this time and only got a warning! I'll have to slow down a bit!! BOL!!!

Saturday was my surprise day. I still had no idea where we were going. We went to the farmer's market like usual, but before we bought vegetables, mom and dad dragged me across the street to the groomers! I got my nails done. I know they needed it, but I don't have to like it! I kept hoping that my nails weren't the "Big Surprise"!! We got home form the farmer's market and mom and dad started making their lasagna. They were making 2 of them!!! OK, now I knew something else was up. Sure enough, as soon as the lasagna's came out of the oven, we packed up the car and off we went. We were on the highway when all the cars started slowing down. The cars where backed up as far as we could see. Daddy took the next exit and we used the GPS and a map to navigate on back roads. Daddy did great. When we arrived, I recognized where we were. We were at something mom and dad calls the "MARCnic" Every year mom and dad's animal rights group hold a big picnic. MARC stands for MA Animal Rights Coalition. All the food served is vegan, which is how mom and dad always eat anyway. The yard is fenced in so I could be off my leash. There were lots of people and dogs there. The people who tun MARC, Helen and Steve, have an animal sanctuary. They have rescued goats, chickens, ducks, bunnies and even 2 turtles. I had fun for the most part but this young boy kept chasing me around the yard. He wanted to pet me, but I was scared of him. I got my exercise! He finally stopped and I found a cool place in the shade to rest. I played some with the other dogs too. When it got dark they made a big fire in the pit. I didn't get too close to it. Mom and dad and all the other humans sat around the fire and talked. I was a tired dog when we got home. I slept until 8:30 this morning!! Mom was glad!!!


Mom and Dad went on Vacation

July 27th 2010 12:39 pm
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Mom and Dad were away on vacation last week. I had a new pet sitter named Nora because Sarah already had another job. She stayed with me and the cats and lived right here at our house. Mom never wants me to go to a kennel. She said I spent the first 2 1/2 years in a cage and I will never have to be in one again. Nora was very nice and took good care of us. I missed mom and dad though and I am glad they are back home. Mom bought me a new bandana from one of the places they visited. It is very pretty. Mom said that I wouldn't have had fun going with them. They did things that dogs wouldn't have been allowed to do. On Sunday, mom and dad took me to a Greyhound Adventures walk. It was close to home and they wanted to do something special for me. I got to see a lot of my friends like Sonie, Johnny B, Zero and Louise. I had a lot of fun. We walked part of the Minute Man Trail. It was kind of hot so we all took it slow and stopped for water breaks. Mom brought two water bottles just for me. Some of the other people had spray bottles so we could get sprayed to cool off. I liked that. Mom dumped any of the left over water on my back to keep me cool too.
Mom says that on Saturday I have another surprise coming! I wonder what it could be?


Happy Belated 4th Of July

July 11th 2010 2:25 pm
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Mom has been slacking on my diary again. What's a dog to do? Hope all my pup pals had a safe and fun 4th Of July.
The Farmer's Market has started up again. Mom and dad took me with them on July 3rd. Mom stayed with me while daddy did the shopping. There were lots of other dogs there but I don't like getting too close to the booths. I was a lot happier when my friend, Keira showed up with her mom and dad. Keira doesn't really like going very much either. The things we dogs put up with to please our humans. We socialized for a bit and then mom and dad took me over to new booth. It was Dirty Hairy's dog wash! I go there sometimes to get a bath. They were selling treats so mom and dad bought me some. They were terrible!!! I didn't like them at all. You know they have to bad when a dog won't touch them! After the Farmer's Market I got to go to the pet store near our house. We bought real treats there! Yummmy!

On Sunday, the 4th of July, Mom and Dad got up early and started making their lasagna. I always know that something is going on when they make it. Sure enough, after it was cooked, we all got into the car. We went to the Boston Vegetarian Society's annual pot luck picnic. Last year it was at Onset Beach which is ear Cape Cod. This year it was a lot closer in Natick, MA. It was only about a 30 minute drive. The people who were hosting had a large and very shady back yard. I was happy about that because it was hot outside. Mom and dad set up my exercise pen so I could be off leash and feel safe. Mom laid down my blanket, filled my water bowl and gave me my green pepper toy and some bones. I had all the comfort of home. I had just settled in when I saw a familiar face. It was Keira!!! Her mom and dad brought her too. It was nice to know someone else. Keira actually joined me in my pen while the humans stuffed themselves full of food. After the feast mom and dad put my harness back on and took me out of my pen. Just about the same time a van pulled up. Inside were two goats!! I am not kidding!! (no pun intended!! BOL)) They were brother and sister. I kept my distance because I had met a goat before. He is my neighbor and his name is Spring. He tried to head butt me through the fence! Sorry but I don't like to play that way! Mom was petting the goats and loving it. We finally got into the car and drove just a very short distance. We ended up at Elm Bank Reservation (36 acres of fields, forests, and formal gardens as well as a collection of architectural masterpieces, run by Mass. Horticultural Society.)We got out of the car and in the car next to us was Keira and her mom and dad! Oh happy doggies!! We took a nice walk through the woods and open fields. it was so much fun and cooler in the woods. After the walk we returned to the picnic for a while. Keira had to leave but there were a few other dogs around. People kept coming over to my pen to pet me and talk to me. Mom hung out with the goats again. On our way home we stopped off at a little park to see a waterfall. It was man made so nothing special about it. Mom did notice a big blue bird walking around. It was a great blue heron! That was kind of cool!! We came home after that and relaxed. Mom and dad decided not to go to fire works. I wouldn't be able to go to that anyway- too loud!!! We had a nice 4th.

This weekend has been very quite. daddy has been helping to run the Bay State games for ping pong. It was just me and mom today. We did the usual things like going to the pet store and I did meet up and with Copley for a walk around the neighborhood. Mom told me that Keira got to play with a black and white "kitty"! She had to have a special bath and I don't think she will ever play with one again!!

PS Diary: Mom and I just went for my evening walk. Mom wanted to go one way and I wanted to go another. Mom won! I am glad that mom won because we ended up walking past Copley's house. Copley and his mom and dad were in the yard! I got invite over to play. We had so much fun running and playing. Copley's dad played with us too. Copley's mom brought out a big bowl of water. Oh, was that good!! I am tired now! Mom thought she might have to carry me home!!! Happy dog!!


Black and White Kitty

June 27th 2010 11:37 am
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Daddy takes me for my last walk of the day every night. Mom is usually in bed because she has to get up earlier in the morning than daddy. On Friday night we were walking up our street when I saw something in the middle of the road! I could see a lot better than daddy could. There were two black and white kitties! One was big and the other was just a baby. I wanted so badly to chase them! I was trying to pull on my leash! They looked a little different than my cat brothers, Ben and Charlie and I was very curious about them. Daddy could see there was something in the road but he wasn't sure what it was. He thought it was a shirt or piece of clothing. Daddy shined the flash light on the kitties and they ran across the road to the other side. Daddy told me that they weren't kitties after all and that I didn't want to ever mess with them. I don't know why not? Daddy said that he didn't want me to find out "Why not!"

On Saturday mom and dad had to go to something called a wedding. I wasn't invited. I don't understand why I couldn't go too! Anyway, my dog walker, Sarah, came over in the middle of day and took me for my walk. She also had her dog Bella. We had just started down Winter Street when a friend of Sarah's came by and joined us on our walk. I was shy at first but after a few minutes I was OK. Bella got to go off leash and chase things. I couldn't!! Darn those leashes!!! Mom and dad came home by the time of my evening walk. I like going on family walks with mom and dad.

Today is Sunday. After my noon walk, we made our usual trip to the pet store for supplies. I got a great cookie and a flossie. As we were coming out of the store I met two really big, white fluffy dogs. They were bigger than me. They were Great Pyrenees and were very friendly. After we got home mom an dad had to leave again to go to a book club meeting. They said that I would have a surprise when they got back home. Sure enough, mom got me in the car and daddy drove us to Hudson. First we stopped at Petco. I was thinking to myself "This isn't much of a surprise. I have been here many times." But after making a purchase we got back into the car and drove to Gates Pond. We were the first to arrive but a few minutes later a car pulled up. There were Italian Greyhounds inside. I remembered them from before. They were Sophie and Lola and there dad, Steve. Right after they came two more cars came. It was aunt Carla with Italian greyhounds Maya, Dash and Izzy and Greyhound,GT!! In the other car was her fiance, Mike, and my boyfriend, Gil!!! Now THAT was a surprise!! I was so happy to see everyone. We went on an hour long walk around the lake. Gil and I went into the water. The Italian Greyhounds don't like the water much and GT was a bit too scared to come in with us. We had such a good time!! I am a tired but happy dog right now. Mom gave me a bone for a snack. Another greyt weekend!


Father's Day Adventure

June 21st 2010 7:54 am
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It was a very busy weekend. The only awesome thing that happened on Friday was that I saw a bunny! Most humans wouldn't even think that would be worth writing about, but I know all my doggie pals understand perfectly. Mom was glad that daddy was holding the leash because I lunged hard for it. Darn those leashes! They always ruin a dogs fun!

On Saturday I had a Meet and Greet at the Pet store near our house. It is called Pet Source. I was the only Greyhound there for a while. Johnny B couldn't make it. His mom came without him. I did my best to represent greyhounds everywhere alone. Finally I saw Troy and Oscar come into the store. I was SO happy to see them. My tail was wagging really fast. It was nice to be with friends. I also do better greeting humans when another dog is around. If the other dog goes up to be petted then I know that human is OK. Then I will also go up to get petted. A little while later another greyhound came into the store. His name was Fast. He was black like me and very nice. We had a nice meet and greet.

Sunday was the busy day! We all got in the car early in the morning. I barely had time to finish breakfast! Daddy drove for a while and then I realized where I was. It was Horn Pond!! I looked out the car window and saw dozens of greyhounds! I got very exited! Johnny B was there and so was Sonie and Louise. I was jumping around so happy to see everyone. I like going to the Greyhound Adventures group. We walked to the beach and I wanted to go in. Daddy had long pants on, but mom had shorts. She took off her shoes and walked into the pond with me. I went pretty deep but I didn't try to swim this time. I think mom was glad about that. It was great to feel the cool water on my legs and tummy.Mom splashed me so I could cool off my back. We continued the walks and saw a swan. Mom took a picture. At the next break spot the group decided to go on the wooded path. I like that path. The other option is along the road with cars and things. We saw another swan with babies! After the walk we got back in the car and headed to NH. Mom explained that it was Father's Day so we were going to visit Grampy. First though we were going to visit grammy to since she lives close by. While we wered riving we got stuck in traffic. We had to go very slow for a long time. Daddy saw a police car up ahead. A deer had been killed trying to cross the highway. Mom was sad. They were just putting the deer in the back of a police truck. We finally got to grammy's house and I walked right in. Mom, dad and grammy left for a little while to get lunch. I had to stay in the house by myself. They weren't gone too long. When they got back I got to go over the neighbor's house to play with their dog Casey in the back yard. It was very hot out and I was panting a lot. I was also tired from my long walk at Horn Pond. I didn't feel much like running. I did borrow a bone from Casey to chew on though. It was starting to get late and daddy wanted to stop at the store to buy a dehumidifier for the basement. I stayed with grammy while mom and dad went to buy it. It would have been too hot for me to be in the car.
After grammy's we went to grampy's house. We stayed on the porch because it was cooler. At grampy's I can walked from the porch,through the garage and out into the back yard when I want.I still didn't feel like running but I did walk around and sniff and explore. Mom and dad took grampy out for dinner. Once again I had to stay at grampy's house by myself. I couldn't go into the back yard because they closed the door, but they let me stay on the porch or go in the house as I wanted to. They weren't gone too long and grampy had a nice dinner. When mom, dad and grmapy came back, mom and dad took me for a walk around the neighborhood. This is where mom grew up. She told us where people used to live. Daddy wanted to go by a building called The Polish Club. Daddy isn't Polish, but he used to play ping pong there before he met mom. There was a man standing outside and mom recognized him. It was her cousin! They talked for awhile. It was getting late so we went back grampy's house to say our good byes. I was a tired dog! It felt good to get back home to my bed.

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