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A New Beginning

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The Maynard Holiday Parade!

December 5th 2010 1:45 pm
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I was in a parade today! It was the annual Maynard Holiday Parade. I marched with MayDOG which is the Maynard Dog Owner's Group. We had about 12 dogs come to march. I thought it was strange that mom and dad hadn't taken me for my walk yet. I usually go out between noon and 1PM. Here it was almost 1:30 before mom put my coat on. I tried to go towards Winter Street like I usually do, but daddy told me we were taking the rail trail instead. It is a short wooded path that runs right by our house. I go there sometimes so it wasn't that unusual. We walked to the end and then mom and dad walked me off the trail and on to a side road. There were lots of people and cars about so I knew something was different. I was glad that I did my business in the woods along the trail. Cars and people were going into a big parking lot. I knew we were headed there too because we had marched last year. When we got there I saw other dogs standing around with their people. We met up with them. I recognized Sammy who had been at my birthday party. There was also another greyhound. I was happy to see him. There were people in strange costumes and people playing weird musical instruments that kind of hurt my ears. Mom called them bagpipes. There were also a lot of children. Mom said they were with the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts. A few minutes later, Kiera came with her mom, Lisa. I was happy to see Kiera too. It is nice to have friends close by when things are strange. Daddy said it was about 2 O'clock which was when the parade was to begin. Fire trucks and ambulances started blowing the sirens and making a whole lot of noise. The bagpipes started playing again. I watched as people, bands and floats started to leave the parking lot. We had to wait. We were following the boy scouts. It seemed like forever before we started to walk. Mom said that just for now, we could walk in the road where the cars usually go. I am usually never allowed to walk there. I just followed the other dogs. There were lots of people gathered along the side of the road. I wasn't really scared much except when two young boys made a crackling sound with something on the road. I jumped a little. Mom wasn't happy about that. We walked a long way. People kept saying "look at the doggies" and "Hi Doggies". I just kept walking with mom and dad. Some dogs were watching the parade with their humans. Rob, who is Sammy's dad and the president of MayDOG, handed out dog treats and brochures so other dogs can join our group. I was glad and tired when it was over. Mom and dad took me home a different way than we had come. I was happy to be able to lie down on my bed. It was cold outside today- 39 degrees. I was happy I had my jacket. Kiera's dad took some pictures of us. Mom put one up on my page. I am in my purple coat!


I met Santa Claus!

November 27th 2010 6:09 pm
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I hope everyone had a fun, safe Thanksgiving. I went to New Hampshire with mom and dad to have Thanksgiving with the family. First we went to cousin Leila's. She hosted the dinner this year. Grandma and Auntie Ruth came to dinner too. Mom brought me special treats so I wouldn't feel left out. I don't think my two feline cousins were all that happy to see me though. They mostly hid and didn't come too close to me. After dinner we went to visit Grandpa. Mom got some things out of Grandpa's attic. One of thing things she brought home was a tree!! It wasn't a real tree though. Daddy piled a lot of boxes into the trunk. I was surprised everything fit in the car.

Yesterday mom and dad decorated for Christmas. Mom took the tree out of the box. It was just branches and a stand. Mom started to fix the branches and put them into the stand. Daddy helped too. Before you know it, it looked like a real tree! Then mom and dad put lights on it, wrapped something called garland and then balls, angels and white doves went on it. I must admit it is very pretty. Mom and dad also decorated the railings and the bush in front of our house. I can see the lights when I go for my evening walk!

Today was such an exciting day! After my noon walk, we all got into the car. Daddy drove us to Especially For Pets. It is further away from the pet store near my house, but we go to this store sometimes too. Mom put my holiday bandanna on so I would look festive. We waited awhile in the big dog training room with some other dogs. After awhile a lady came and called my name. I went down the hall and there was Santa Claus! I got a present from him. Mom says I can't have it yet. I have to wait until Christmas! I had my picture taken with Santa! Mom and dad came with me because I was a little nervous. Who wouldn't be nervous meeting Santa?! I got lots of wonderful treats too! After we came home, mom and dad went to our usual pet store. I didn't want to go because I was tired. Vito's mom work's there. Vito was supposed to come to my party but he has had surgery on his knees and his doctor told him it would be too much for him. Vito had a present for me! He got me a stuffed lamb of my own!! You see, a while ago, mom bought a purple stuffed lamb. She kept it!!! I'm not kidding! Mom has a "thing" for stuffed animals and her favorite color is purple. She bought the lamb for her!! Now I have one too! Mine is pink. I love it!! I also got more treats from Vito. It was such a wonderful day. Mom says I have another meet and greet tomorrow. My friend Troy will be there. I like hanging out with Troy. He is a good shopper too. He picked out my birthday present and got me a stuffed duck. It is one of my favorites and I have been sleeping with it every night. Mom is not getting my duck!! BOL!!


My Birthday Party!

November 15th 2010 9:02 am
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Saturday was a good day. I did a meet and greet at the pet store near my house. My friends Johnny B, Troy and Oscar joined me. It was fun. Troy likes to go shopping and he selected a stuffed red and green Christmas ball from the shelf. I stole it from him when he wasn't looking. The humans were very amused by this. They are so easy to please! After the meet and greet we went shopping for dog and cat food. I got my usual cookie and flossie. When we got home mom and dad took me for a walk around the block and then left together in the car. They came back with all sorts of bags. Then mom walked in with these huge balloons! There were four of them. One was dark blue, one light blue, one yellow and the other green. They were all colors I could see. They smelled funny. It was then I knew something was up. Later in the evening mom and dad left again and came back with some new chairs. Mom and dad were also cleaning up the house. That usually means people are coming over.

Sunday mom and dad went to the gym. They usually do that on Sundays. When they came home, they started cooking. A man came to the door and gave mom and dad a big box. It smelled really good!!! Later that afternoon a car pulled into our driveway. It was Julie. I had met her before. Then another car came and it was Johnny B and his sister Sonie. They went out to my backyard to do their business so mom got my harness on and we went out too. No sooner had we gone out when Kiera arrived. The 4 of us played together in the back yard. The humans had fun watching us. Later more people and dogs arrived- Troy and Oscar came, Sammy came (I met him once before at Kiera's parent's deck party) and then the love of my life, Copley came!!!! I was SO happy. Lots of people brought gifts too. We dogs got a chance to socialize and play. Kiera started to growl at Copley. She can be cranky with other dogs. Sometimes she even gets into fights. I get along with her just fine. Kiera's mom though it would be best to leave. Kiera likes people more than she likes other dogs. Next the humans ate food. We tried to get some but they wouldn't give us any. They told us we had to wait for a bit. Once the humans were done with the food, mom took out the big box the man had brought. She also took out another box. Dad took pictures of the inside of the box and then everyone started to sing "Happy Birthday dear Isis"! Wow!! It was for me! Mom told me I will be 4 tomorrow (Tuesday Nov. 16th). Dad cut the cake which was for us dogs! It was carrot and peanut butter. We all got a big piece! It was SO good. Even shy Sonie ate all of hers. Then dad cut the other cake which was for the humans. After the cake I got to open my gifts. I got a stuffed duck and a stuffed dog. I also got different treats!! I was so happy. A short time after the gifts, everyone started to leave. The first to leave was Copley. I tried to follow him out the door. I cried for a bit. I wanted him to stay. I was pretty tired by the end of the party. I crashed on my bed after everyone was gone. Mom and dad took cake over to Kiera's house. They brought cake for Kiera and her mom and dad. Later I got a second piece of cake. Mom and dad saved me an extra slice. I think I will like being 4 years old.


Great Greyhound Book!

November 11th 2010 12:02 pm
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Happy Veteran's Day to all my doggie pals! Things have been kind of quiet lately, so nothing much to write about. I will fill you in on the highlights!

One of Mom's Facebook friends put together "The Great Greyhound Book"! It is an on-line book all about greyhounds! It has stories, pictures, poems and other greyhound related things. I'm in it!!! I am on page 13 and there 277 pages to the book. The best part is that all the money made from the book is going to be donated to 10 different shelters. Some of the shelters are in the US and some are in the UK. Mom's friend, who made the book, lives in the UK. One of the shelters that will be receiving donations is Greyhound Friends where mom, dad and I volunteer. Mom even submitted some of my diary entries to the book.

Last Sunday I did a meet and greet at the Petco in Huson. Gill, Fast, Monica and Bunny were there. It was nice hanging out with my friends. I knew all of them. There were several dog beds so we made ourselves comfortable.

It was a nice day out today. Mom and I went for an extra long walk. Mom also washed both my dog beds. I'm glad to have them back. They smell better now. Mom says I will be having a surprise on Sunday. Not sure what it could be??


The Invasion!

October 16th 2010 5:40 am
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Last Sunday was a great day! Mom and dad took me to Gates pond for a walk with the greyhound pack. Gill and GT were there and a new greyhound named Ninja. In all we had about 6 Greyhounds, 6 or 7 Italian Greyhounds and about 6 humans. We were quite a sight coming down the trail. Mom and dad let me go off leash again with Gill. I did great! A couple of times I wandered into the woods a bit too far. The minute mom called me, I came right back. I love having some freedom off the leash. Then I can sniff where I want to sniff. We met some people on the trail. I went right up to them and let them pet me! It was so much fun.

I have been doing very well with my stair climbing. I go right upstairs now with no problems at all. Last night, while mom and dad were watching the picture box, I decided to go upstairs. Mom put my new bed up there on the floor so I would have a nice place to sleep. I slept upstairs last night. Mom still hoped I will come to the bedroom but right now, I prefer the hallway.

Thursday, mom took me for a long walk down the river trail. We went all the way to the rocks. Mom likes to sit on the rocks and look at the river. We sat for about 5 minutes before heading back. All was peaceful until I saw movement up ahead. Suddenly there were human children running everywhere!! Some were big and some were small, but all were running down the trail. I freaked out a bit. OK, I freaked out a lot! The children kept coming and coming until the whole trail was covered in them!! Mom just kept moving me forward. We finally reached Winter Street and escaped there! Mom said they were from school. I didn't really care where they all came from. I just wanted them to go back!!

Daddy was home yesterday. He had to go for a dental cleaning. When mom came home from work, we went to the pet store. I got a giant apple cookie. It was tasty. I was a bad dog though this morning. Mom caught me eating Charlie's cat food. Whoops!!! Got to be quicker next time!!!


I Went Shopping

October 9th 2010 7:39 am
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Mom and dad took me shopping on Thursday night so I could spend my $50 gift card that I won for winning the costume contest at Greyhound Friends. They took me to Petco in Hudson, MA. I have done some meet and greets there so I know the store well. It was a hard decision on what to buy but I choose a new dog bed. This one will go right in the washing machine like the one I have now. Mom will be able to rotate them which will be good. I bought the largest one they made because I like to stretch out. I also bought a skunk toy with squeekers. It doesn't have any stuffing in it. I love these toys because I can shake them and toss them. I also got a ball with rubber knobs on it.I would have bought more but mom told me I had used up my gift card. My bed was the most expensive thing. It felt good being able to use my own money to buy stuff. Now that I am retired, I am on a fixed income!! BOL!!!


Greyhound Friend's Fall Open House

October 6th 2010 11:33 am
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Greyhound Friend's had their annual Fall Open House last Sunday. Mom, dad and I worked at the silent auction/raffle table again this year. We arrived around 11:15 to help with the set up. The first thing that mom and dad did was get me all set up in my exercise pen. It was a cool day- in the 50's- so mom made sure I had my fleece on to keep warm. Dad brought out the items and mom laid everything out on the tables. There was a slight problem, however. All the clip boards listing the items and bids were in one pile, and all the auction items were in another. This is a 2 day event so some people had already placed bids on some of the items from the day before. There were about 6 different greyhound prints being auctioned. All the bidding sheets just said "greyhound print"! Since we didn't work on Saturday, we had no idea which prints went with which bidding sheet! Mom was all stressed out! Daddy finally had to call the people on the lists and ask them which print they had bid on! Hopefully we got it right! Mom and dad had lunch there. they had hummus and veggie wraps. Mom said they were very good. At 2pm the dog show started. Mom wanted to enter me in the prettiest eyes contest. She got me out of the pen and we went over to watch the dog show. daddy stayed and watched the auction table and sold raffle tickets. Mom didn't bother to enter me it the youngest dog because I am almost 4 now. I also didn't do the longest tail contest this time. I can win the longest tail if I compete against other dog breeds, but against fellow greyhounds, I don't have a chance. My tail is 21 inches and the winner was a whopping 24 1/4 inches!! The Find Your Twin contest was coming up so mom started to look around to see if any other dog looked like me. there weren't many black greyhounds there this year. Then mom noticed Annie. She was smaller than me but she was black with a greying muzzle, had the white tuxedo bib, white paws and a white tip on her tail. She was also the same age as me! Mom asked Annie's mom if she wanted to enter the contest. She said "yes". There were 6 pairs of "twins" that entered. We won!!!! I couldn't believe it! I got a blue ribbon, a dog biscuit and a toy piggy that squeaks! Next was prettiest eyes. There were 8 dogs in this contest. I only got 6th place. Mom said the judges were blind!! BOL!!! As soon as I got my ribbon mom and I jogged back to the table to get my Halloween costume on for the costume contest. I wore the same costume that I wore when I won the pet store contest (Isis goddess of magic- see my photos). Oh I forgot to mention that mom had painted my nails purple again on Saturday!! I was good about getting into the costume except for the hat! I just don't like wearing it. Mom manged to get it on my though. As we headed for the ring I heard people making comments and giggling about my costume. There were 5 dogs competing. The 5th place dog wore a super hero cape. 4th place was a pumpkin. It was a store bought costume and mom says the judges like things more original and creative. 3rd place was one of the shelter dogs looking for a home. He was dressed as a female impersonator! He wore a dress and a wig. Now it was down to 2 dogs. Mom was nervous because my competition was dressed as a Boston Red Sox fan. Most people in my state are Red Sox fanatics! The announcer said "second place- Red Sox fan!" I won!!!!! I got a huge blue ribbon, a box of dog cookies and best of all a $50 Gift Card to Petco!! Mom and dad are taking me shopping this weekend. I was happy to get out of my costume when mom and I returned to out table. Mom hung up my ribbons to show them off. After the dog show was over, daddy took me to the big fenced in field to run. I got to run with Butler and another dog. That was fun. A little while later mom went to visit another booth. It was called Grammies Jammies. Cindy Maxwell's (she is a greyhound)grandmother makes the Jammies. They are a light fleece coat. Lighter than my fleece. Mom bought me one for when it was between 50 and 60 degrees. My fleece is good for 40 to 50 and under 40 I wear my winter jacket. I was still cold so mom put it on my. I don't really need pajamas! Grammie came to see me in it! Everyone liked it. At the end of the day the raffle items were drawn, the auction items auctioned and after mom and dad helped to clean up, we went home. It was a long and fun day!


Animal Communicator

October 1st 2010 11:23 am
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Mom and dad have both been sick this past week. Daddy got it first and gave it to mom. Mom and dad were home with me on Wednesday and they both came along for my evening walk. Copley was playing in his back yard with his mom when we walked by. Copley's mom invited me to come over and play. I was all excited. I hadn't seen Copley in such a long time. We had fun running around in his yard. We were happy to see each other.

Yesterday mom spoke to an animal communicator. Her name was Suzy and she could understand me! Mom wanted to know why I was afraid to go up the stairs in our house. When I went to Kiera's house, I was able to climb the stairs from the deck to the backyard with no problem at all. Mom and dad just didn't understand. I told Suzy that I was afraid the way the stairs were made. At Kira's house the steps were open. Here at home they are enclosed by walls.I was afraid that hands were going to come through the walls and get me. Suzy told me that nothing was going to get me and it was safe. You see, when I used to race, the humans would put me in a cage in a special room with all the other dogs just before the race. Then I had to walk single file down a ramp to the track. The ramp went between bleachers where people would sit to watch me. Sometimes people would reach their hands out to me and this scared me. The stairs at home reminded me of that. Mom and dad where trying to help me over come my fear of the stairs. For a few weeks now, mom and dad have been leaving my treats on the stairs so I would see them as a good thing. Then mom and dad started putting the treats a little higher, gradually making me go higher up the stairs. I still wouldn't go past the 9th step until I talked to Suzy. Last night I went up to the 12th step! Today I went all the way to the top! There was a whole other house up there!I got to see where mom and dad sleep! They said I could sleep there too if I wanted to. I saw a bathroom and where mom has her bike and exercise equipment. Ben and Charlie came up too. They were a bit surprised to see me there. I stayed upstairs for a while. I was afraid to come down! I finally figured it out though. I am back downstairs with mom now. She still doesn't feel well. I followed her yesterday to make sure she was OK. Mom said I was her angel. Suzy spoke to Ben and Charlie too. It is nice that mom and dad understand us better now.


Pet Rock Festival

September 22nd 2010 8:07 am
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Mom is behind again!! So hard to find good help these days! What's a dog to do?
On September 12th, mom and dad took me to the Pet Rock Festival. It is held in Worcester, MA every year. We live only about 30 minutes away by highway so it didn't take long to get there. I got all excited in the parking lot because I could see all the other dogs. Daddy took my leash because I was bucking and pulling to try to get to the festivities and socialize. We walked all around the fair before stopping at any booths to give me a chance to burn off some energy and calm down a little. While we were walking around, daddy realized that he didn't have enough cash on him. We had to leave the fair to go and find an ATM! There was one right down the street so it wasn't too far. I was a little upset with daddy. So was mom! Anyway, we got back to the fair pretty quickly and still managed to find a good parking space. When we came back from the ATM, guess who passed us in the car? It was Carla and my boyfriend Gill!!! I was such a happy dog!! Gill and his mom Carla were getting a hero award! I was so proud of Gill. He does a lot to promote greyhound adoption. He has even been on TV! We were all tail waggy when we saw each other. We walked around part of the fair together. Mom did her usual human things- visit booths, enter the raffle and things like that. Daddy was getting hungry so mom and dad got lunch at one of the vendors. Mom and dad like this fair because all the food is vegetarian. No meat is allowed because the fair honors all animals. Two of the vendors were totally vegan so that is where mom and dad ate. After they had their food we watched Gill and his mom get their award. Gill looked so handsome up on the stage. Daddy video taped the whole thing. After we walked around again and finished visiting all the booths. I took a dip in the doggy pools. I went in several of them. Mom and dad also took me into the agility ring. I will do the jumps and the weave poles. I'll even go through the tire. I don't do the ramps or the tunnels though. After we left the agility ring we started to head back to where the raffle table was. Mom wanted to check if she won anything. She didn't. Near the raffle table we noticed a couple of police cars with their lights on. We went to investigate and there was a man lying in the road. The police were waiting for the ambulance. Mom asked someone what happened and a lady and her son explained that the man started walking funny and then just fell. He had a seizure of some kind. The ambulance came and took him away. Part of the Pet Rock Festival is the "Rock". They have music bands that play on the stage where Gill got his award. Mom was happy that one of the bands scheduled to play was Ian Mitchell and the Bay City Rollers. Mom loved that band when she was a teenager. They played last year too and mom got to meet Ian and had her picture taken with him. We found a spot on the grass and waited for them to come on. We listened to another musician while we waited. Finally it was time. Mom was looking for Ian but couldn't see him. One of the other band members announced that Ian had fallen ill and couldn't play. Come to find out- the man on the ground had been Ian!!! The band played without him and dedicated the set to him. Mom was very upset. She and another fan tried to find out more information after the concert. He was still unresponsive an hour and a half later. That kind of put a damper on an otherwise wonderful day. I don't like seeing mom upset. Gill's mom knows the women who started the Pet Rock Festival and has been giving mom updates on Ian's condition. They had to do emergency brain surgery on him to relieve the pressure in his head. He is doing better now.

Mom told me yesterday that I have to move my bed to a new spot. Mom and dad are moving me tonight. Mom has a funny device called a K2 meter. It picks up invisible electro-magnetic fields. She was actually checking the light bulbs we have and decided to check the whole house. My bed is over an electrical box which is in the basement. The box is giving off very high readings and this invisible field comes right through the floor! Mom is afraid it will make me sick. I don't like changes so it might take me a while. Mom and dad are moving me by a window though so I will still be able to look outside.


Labor Day Weekend

September 9th 2010 11:06 am
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I hope all my doggie pals had a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend.
Saturday was a quiet day. Mom and dad made me go to the Farmer's Market again. After mom and dad bought their produce, they took me for a walk along the river. I did meet a few nice dogs. One dog had the same collar as me! He was black too!

I knew Sunday was going to be busier. Mom and dad started cleaning the whole house again. Every time they do that, I know that people are going to come over. Sure enough, I was right. Not too many humans came this time. That was fine by me! There was only 1 new man that I had never met before. Even Ben came up from the basement to socialize. Daddy's birthday was in a couple of days so the humans had cake. Mom and I didn't eat any. The cake was chocolate which is bad for dogs and mom is on a diet. She has already lost 10 pounds.

Monday was the most fun. Mom and dad didn't have to go to work. Mom made a pasta salad which is something she doesn't usually make. Around 2pm we got into daddy's car. We only drove a short way, but I knew where we were! It was Kiera's house!! Something was different though! Kiera's dad had built something called a "deck". It was like an outside porch. They had a lot of stairs leading down to the back yard. After a few minutes, mom took me around the house to put me in the yard. At that point I could only do around 5 stairs. Mom left me in the yard with Kiera and went up the stairs back to the deck. A little while later mom and dad came down to the yard to keep me company. Kiera's mom, Lisa came down too. They sat in chairs. After about 10 minutes or so other people started to arrive. Lisa, Daddy and mom started going back up the stairs. Guess what? I followed them! I was scared but Kiera was doing it without any problems so I tried it. I went all the way to the top. Daddy started going back down the stairs to see if I could go down. It was awkward for me at first and went slowly, but I did it! I went all the way back down! After that I was up and down several more times. I got better and better at it too! Later more dogs came! At one point there were about 5 dogs in the yard. We had a lot of fun together. The humans had a party and so did we! After a few hours people started to leave and I was allowed to go back to the deck. (Lisa had put up a gate to keep us dogs in the yard because there were lots of humans at the party). Lisa had dropped a veggie burger on the ground. Kiera had some and so did I! It was yummy!! When we got back home mom and dad thought I might try to climb the stairs to our house. I have never been upstairs. Mom put a small rug down at the bottom of the stairs so I wouldn't be on slippery hardwood floors. Mom and dad went up stairs and called me. They even bribed me with treats but I still won't don't it! Mom doesn't know why. Maybe someday I will.

Today is Thursday. Mom is home with me on Thursdays. Mom took me for a long walk down the river trail. We haven't been there lately because the river got very stinky! The smell made mom and dad feel sick! Today it was nice and cool outside and the river smelled OK. There is still a lot of green sludge on the water though. Mom even took me through the little park and through the woods trail. It is a little path off the main the trail that goes though the woods. I had a lot of fun, but now it is time for a nap.

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