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A New Beginning

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It Has Been A Stressful Time

March 10th 2011 6:14 am
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Mom hasn't had much time to write my diary for me lately, but things are getting better now. We have had a guest in our home for the last month. Grampy's cat Blackie has been staying with us. We call her Aunt Blackie. Now I don't even pretend to understand cats! We just speak a whole different language. Blackie, however, baffles me more than Ben and Charlie. I kind of have them figured out- at least a little- and we get along pretty well. Blackie is a whole different story. She hisses, growls and screams anytime any of us gets close to her! We don't even do anything to her! The best part is that she will be going home this Sunday. Grampy had been discharged from the nursing home (at least for now) and is back home. He has the assistance of visiting nurses and rehab coming to help him. Mom and dad took Blackie for her annual check up at our vets to help Grampy out. He won't be driving too far at first and he needs a walker to get around now. It will be nice not going to nursing homes.

I had a meet and greet this past Sunday. It was at Pet Source in Lexington. Johnny B, Sonie and Bronson were there with me. It was a slow day. Not that many customers came in. The last time we were there it was very busy. You just can never tell. I had fun socializing with my greyhound friends though and there are always treats involved!

The weather is getting better and a lot of the snow is gone. We can go back into the back yard again. I did a little running this morning. It felt good to stretch my muscles. I have to get in shape for Gettysburg.

Well it is time for a nap. More later!


My Grampy Has Been very Sick

February 11th 2011 11:14 am
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That is why Mom hasn't had a chance to write my diary for me lately. The last time we visited him in the nursing home, he was very weak. A few days later mom got a call that he had fallen when he had tried to stand up. Thankfully he was OK. A couple of days later mom tried to call him but she wasn't getting an answer. She got worried and called the nursing home to make sure everything was OK. It wasn't! Grampy was in the hospital in Intensive Care! He had congestive heart failure and kidney failure. The nursing home never called us to tell us. Mom was very angry. Last weekend mom and dad went to visit him. I wasn't allowed in the hospital so I stayed at Grampy's house. I stayed with grampy's cat, Blackie. She doesn't like me very much. She hisses at me and runs away. I don't chase her or anything! When mom and dad got back from their visit we headed home. You can imagine my surprise when Blackie came home with us too!!! She has been staying in the computer room to get adjusted. I guess I have a new sister! Grampy had surgery 2 days ago. They put a new pace maker into his chest to help his heart. Today he is going to another nursing home. Mom says we are going to visit him tomorrow. She will call in the morning to make sure I can come. Mom and dad took Blackie to the vets to make sure she was healthy. Mom got the results back today. Her blood work was all perfect. Mom has been trying to introduce her to all of us. Blackie saw Charlie and started to come out of the room. Then she saw me and ran back under the bed! I don't know why she is afraid of me. Later mom let Ben into the room. Ben and Blackie hissed and growled at each other. I really don't understand cats at all. If it was another dog, we would be all tail waggy and happy to meet each other. Dogs are much more civilized than cats. Charlie is annoying too. He follows me everywhere I go and keeps rubbing up against my legs. Mom laughs, but I really don't think it is funny! Now I have to put up with 3 of them!!! Help me!!!


Visiting Grampy

January 22nd 2011 6:39 am
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We have been getting a lot of snow here the last couple of weeks. There really isn't any place left to put any more. One storm was over 18 inches! Both mom and dad stayed home that day. A couple of days later we got another storm. This one had snow followed by ice pellets! That made everything slippery. Yesterday we got about 6 more inches! I like running in the soft snow as long as there isn't too much of it. If it is too deep and crusty, I don't like it. Mom had made paths for me in the yard. I run up and down the paths. With all the tall snow banks I have a hard time finding a place to do my business. Also mom can't take me for long walks because of the ice. Mom has a bad back and she is very afraid of falling. I can understand that. I hope Spring comes soon!

Last weekend we went to visit Grampy. He wasn't at his usual house! Mom explained to me that he is very sick and not doing very well. He has a bad heart and his kidneys aren't working like they should. He is also very weak. Grampy is staying in a nursing home/rehabilitation center. I had never been to one before. Mom said that some dogs work in these places. They visit the old and sick people that live there. I must admit the place kind of smelled like a Vets office. There were long hallways with lots of rooms. We finally found Grampy. I recognized him but he was attached to this strange machine that made hissing noises. Mom said it made oxygen for Grampy to breath better. I got used to it after awhile. Daddy brought my blanket for me to lay down on because the floors were hard. There were other strange objects in the room. Mom told me they were wheel chairs and walkers.I did fine actually. I wasn't too uncomfortable and was able to lie down and relax. We visited for awhile. Grampy was happy to see us. It was a long drive in the car to get there. When we left I met another dog. He was little terrier mix. I was happy to see him at first, but then he just kept barking at me! I didn't do anything! I gave him calming signals and ignored him. Still he kept on barking until we left. Mom says we will go back to visit again soon. I hope Grampy gets better. I like his house better.


Kong Goodies

January 11th 2011 8:36 pm
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On January first mom received an E-mail saying that I had won the Kong give away raffle in The Great Greyhound Book! I have been waiting patiently for it to arrive. When mom got home from work this noon time, a huge box was waiting outside the front door. Mom brought it inside and opened it for me. I was on my bed downstairs and helped her to unwrap my prize. I must say I was overwhelmed. So many new toys and treats! I didn't know where to begin! I got a new black Kong. Mom squirted some of the peanut butter stuffing inside for me. That was so good. I really enjoyed licking it out. When we got back from our noon walk, mom put another chew treat inside the Kong. I was able to get most of it but a piece stuck inside and I couldn't get it out! I carried the Kong upstairs to my other bed to work on it there. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get the rest of the treat out. Mom tried too. She tried for half an hour and even she couldn't get it out! Now daddy is trying! I think it will be stuck in there forever!!! Mom said she isn't going to put that kind of treat in there again. Anyway, I want to say Thank You to Kong. I'm a very happy dog! Mom took a picture of me with all my goodies.


Happy New Year

January 2nd 2011 6:04 pm
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A very happy New Year to all my pup pals out there! 2011 should be a greyt year!. It started off really great for me! You may remember telling you that I am in an Online E-book called The Great Greyhound Book. Proceeds from this book are going to help 10 different greyhound rescue groups. In the back of the book, there was a give away contest. The winner would receive a Kong gift basket worth $100! The drawing took place Dec.31st. Mom entered me for the drawing and then she forgot about it. New Years Day, mom went to check her E-mail and had an E-mail from the woman who made The Great Greyhound Book. Guess what? I won the gift basket!!! I LOVE my Kong, especially when it has peanut butter in it! I can't wait until it gets here. Mom says I am very lucky at winning things. This is the 3rd basket I have won in 2 years! I have also won 2 costume contests. Mom says she is going to let me buy lottery tickets!!

Mom also gave me some exciting news! I am going to Gettysburg,PA in late April/early May. They have a big greyhound event there called Greyhounds In Gettysburg. They have all sorts of greyhound events and activities. Mom and dad registered me and we even booked our hotel room! I have never been in a hotel before! Money raised from this event will also help greyhound rescue. It will be a long car drive. Mom says about 7 or 8 hours. They will stop at rest stops so we can all stretch our legs. It should be a lot of fun.

Grammy is all moved in to her new apartment. It is in an assisted living community. She now lives only a half hour away. We went to visit her tonight. Mom and dad says that I could go and visit. It is a big building and grammy lives on the 4th floor. Mom and dad tricked me. They got me into the strange room that moves. I am not sure what it is exactly but I know I don't like it!! You push a button and the door opens. It looks like a room and when everyone gets inside the door closes. Then the room moves!!! It feels like the floor is moving and it is scary! When the door opens again you are in a totally new place!!! How does that happen???!!! Mom said it is an elevator. I don't really understand it. We had a nice visit. Aunt Ruth was there too. Grammy's place is small but very nice. I explored it and gave it a good sniffing. After the visit mom and dad made me get into that room again!!! I didn't want to go. Daddy had to pull me in. Once I was in, I walked around and around in circles. The door opened and we were back where we were when we came in. I was OK after that. Mom said there might be moving rooms in our hotel! I hope not!! I think these rooms are dimensional portals or something. I learned that on Doctor Who!


Merry Christmas

December 25th 2010 1:31 pm
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I hope Santa was good to all my Pup Pals out there.
Yesterday I spent the day with mom and Grampy. We left the house early in the morning to get there. Daddy dropped me and mom off. He had to go to his mom's house to help her get ready to move. Grammy is moving the Monday after Christmas to a new home. Daddy took her to get a few things and help her pack. It was nice spending the day with mom and grampy. Mom brought all the comforts of home. She brought my bed and a toy, my food and water bowls and treats. I got to play in grampy's big back yard. It was a quiet day, but very nice. Daddy joined us about 5PM. Later, mom and dad left to go to a candle light Christmas Eve service at the church mom used to go to when she lived at grampy's house. Dogs aren't allowed for some reason, so I stayed with grampy. I was very good.

Today was Christmas! I got presents! They were wrapped in pretty paper and had bows on them. I was having trouble opening them, so mom helped me. I got a new collar! I'm wearing it now! Mom said she will wash my other one. I also got a toy plush ball from Santa Claus and 3 boxes of Boston Baked Bonz treats! If you dogs out there have never tried Boston Baked Bonz, tell your mom and dad to Google it! They make the best treats I have ever had! Mom and dad got me Peanut Butter cookies, apple muffins and ginger snaps! Yummy!! They are all organic too! We took a walk down Main Street this afternoon. Mom mailed out my dog license registration for next year. I need my license to drive after all! You know-- "Go Greyhound and leave the driving to us!" BOL!!! Merry Christmas!!!


I Got Caught Shop Lifting!

December 12th 2010 1:46 pm
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It was a nice weekend. Mom wanted to make something called a Christmas Kissing Ball. We used to have a hanging plant outside of our house but it died because it is almost Winter now. Mom looked up how to make one on the internet. Mom took a bag with us on our noon walk and started to collect all these pine cones! I tried to help her find some. I didn't know she wanted so many of them. We got home and daddy got home from skating a short time after. Mom decided making the kissing ball was going to be too much work after all!! This is after we had collected all these pine cones!!! Anyway, after we went to the pet store we started to check out places that sold Christmas trees to see if they had any. The first place only had trees. Next mom and dad checked out the grocery store near the pet store. I waited in the car. Mom said they had one left but it was dried out and the pine needles were falling off. Mom remembered a place down the road so daddy drove us there. Sure enough, they had trees, wreaths and kissing balls! As daddy pulled the car up mom saw a kissing ball that had purple ribbons and decorations on it! Mom got all excited! We got out of the car and daddy said we could buy it. This one was nice and in very good condition. Daddy went inside to pay for it. Mom and I walked around outside looking at all the other Christmas decorations they had. Daddy asked the lady inside if dogs were allowed in and she said "yes". Mom and I went inside to look around. They had all of these beautiful plants called poinsettia. Mom was looking at all the different ones. They all looked alike to me, but then I don't see the same colors as mom and dad does. Then mom saw a poinsettia that was very different and unique. It is white with a pale pink in the middle. Mom bought it. I was eager to get home because my cookie and flossie was still in the bag with the pet food. Mom hung up her kissing ball and was happy. I was happy that she was happy.

Today we had a meet and greet at the Pet Source in Lexington, MA. Pet Source is the pet store I always go to, but this was a different store. The lady said they have 4 Pet Sources. I had been to this one a couple of times before. Johnny B and Sonie were there with their mom and dad. We got the table all set up and put down the dog beds. Mom thought it might be a slow day because the weather isn't very nice. It is raining and very cold. Boy, was she wrong! We were there for a little while when Bronson and his family came. Then another greyhound who I have never met before came. I can't remember her name. Next a lady came who was VERY interested in adopting one of us. She had seen the flier and had made a special trip just to meet us. We all did a very good job at charming her. I know my homeless brothers and sisters out there would love to live with this nice lady. Then another greyhound named Billy came with his family. There was a small boy that belonged to Billy. I was very brave and let him pet me. He was quiet and gentle so I liked him. We got a lot of donations too! Anyway, this is where I got caught! The table and our dog beds were next to where the raw hides, bones, pigs ears and other yummy things were displayed. Most of them were wrapped up so you couldn't eat them. There was, however, a box of bully sticks that was open. I went to sniff them and they smelled really good. Mom and dad both told me "leave it". I did. I was good.... until they weren't looking! Mom and dad were talking to people and.... I took one! Mom and dad both noticed about the same time. I was lying on Johnny B's bed munching away at the bully stick! This was something that couldn't be eaten too fast either. Luckily daddy paid for it. It cost $2. Mom and dad weren't very mad. I'm glad about that. Since I worked so hard meeting and greeting people, they said that I deserved it. Mom said though that I should ask next time and can't just take things like that. I'll try to remember!


Dogster Daily Diary Pick!

December 11th 2010 5:45 am
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I just got the E-mail this morning that my dairy was selected to be featured today! Wow! What an honor. Mom has worked hard typing my diary for me. It is a record of my life since I was rescued from the Seabrook Greyhound Track almost 2 years ago. It has been a fun and wild adventure and I have come such a long way. Before mom and dad rescued me, I only knew the race track and a tiny cage. That was my whole life. I had no idea that there was a big wide other world out there! Mom and dad want me to have a rich full life to make up for the first 2 1/2 years I spent at the track. I think they are doing a great job! I hope you enjoy my diary!


The Maynard Holiday Parade!

December 5th 2010 1:45 pm
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I was in a parade today! It was the annual Maynard Holiday Parade. I marched with MayDOG which is the Maynard Dog Owner's Group. We had about 12 dogs come to march. I thought it was strange that mom and dad hadn't taken me for my walk yet. I usually go out between noon and 1PM. Here it was almost 1:30 before mom put my coat on. I tried to go towards Winter Street like I usually do, but daddy told me we were taking the rail trail instead. It is a short wooded path that runs right by our house. I go there sometimes so it wasn't that unusual. We walked to the end and then mom and dad walked me off the trail and on to a side road. There were lots of people and cars about so I knew something was different. I was glad that I did my business in the woods along the trail. Cars and people were going into a big parking lot. I knew we were headed there too because we had marched last year. When we got there I saw other dogs standing around with their people. We met up with them. I recognized Sammy who had been at my birthday party. There was also another greyhound. I was happy to see him. There were people in strange costumes and people playing weird musical instruments that kind of hurt my ears. Mom called them bagpipes. There were also a lot of children. Mom said they were with the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts. A few minutes later, Kiera came with her mom, Lisa. I was happy to see Kiera too. It is nice to have friends close by when things are strange. Daddy said it was about 2 O'clock which was when the parade was to begin. Fire trucks and ambulances started blowing the sirens and making a whole lot of noise. The bagpipes started playing again. I watched as people, bands and floats started to leave the parking lot. We had to wait. We were following the boy scouts. It seemed like forever before we started to walk. Mom said that just for now, we could walk in the road where the cars usually go. I am usually never allowed to walk there. I just followed the other dogs. There were lots of people gathered along the side of the road. I wasn't really scared much except when two young boys made a crackling sound with something on the road. I jumped a little. Mom wasn't happy about that. We walked a long way. People kept saying "look at the doggies" and "Hi Doggies". I just kept walking with mom and dad. Some dogs were watching the parade with their humans. Rob, who is Sammy's dad and the president of MayDOG, handed out dog treats and brochures so other dogs can join our group. I was glad and tired when it was over. Mom and dad took me home a different way than we had come. I was happy to be able to lie down on my bed. It was cold outside today- 39 degrees. I was happy I had my jacket. Kiera's dad took some pictures of us. Mom put one up on my page. I am in my purple coat!


I met Santa Claus!

November 27th 2010 6:09 pm
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I hope everyone had a fun, safe Thanksgiving. I went to New Hampshire with mom and dad to have Thanksgiving with the family. First we went to cousin Leila's. She hosted the dinner this year. Grandma and Auntie Ruth came to dinner too. Mom brought me special treats so I wouldn't feel left out. I don't think my two feline cousins were all that happy to see me though. They mostly hid and didn't come too close to me. After dinner we went to visit Grandpa. Mom got some things out of Grandpa's attic. One of thing things she brought home was a tree!! It wasn't a real tree though. Daddy piled a lot of boxes into the trunk. I was surprised everything fit in the car.

Yesterday mom and dad decorated for Christmas. Mom took the tree out of the box. It was just branches and a stand. Mom started to fix the branches and put them into the stand. Daddy helped too. Before you know it, it looked like a real tree! Then mom and dad put lights on it, wrapped something called garland and then balls, angels and white doves went on it. I must admit it is very pretty. Mom and dad also decorated the railings and the bush in front of our house. I can see the lights when I go for my evening walk!

Today was such an exciting day! After my noon walk, we all got into the car. Daddy drove us to Especially For Pets. It is further away from the pet store near my house, but we go to this store sometimes too. Mom put my holiday bandanna on so I would look festive. We waited awhile in the big dog training room with some other dogs. After awhile a lady came and called my name. I went down the hall and there was Santa Claus! I got a present from him. Mom says I can't have it yet. I have to wait until Christmas! I had my picture taken with Santa! Mom and dad came with me because I was a little nervous. Who wouldn't be nervous meeting Santa?! I got lots of wonderful treats too! After we came home, mom and dad went to our usual pet store. I didn't want to go because I was tired. Vito's mom work's there. Vito was supposed to come to my party but he has had surgery on his knees and his doctor told him it would be too much for him. Vito had a present for me! He got me a stuffed lamb of my own!! You see, a while ago, mom bought a purple stuffed lamb. She kept it!!! I'm not kidding! Mom has a "thing" for stuffed animals and her favorite color is purple. She bought the lamb for her!! Now I have one too! Mine is pink. I love it!! I also got more treats from Vito. It was such a wonderful day. Mom says I have another meet and greet tomorrow. My friend Troy will be there. I like hanging out with Troy. He is a good shopper too. He picked out my birthday present and got me a stuffed duck. It is one of my favorites and I have been sleeping with it every night. Mom is not getting my duck!! BOL!!

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