A New Beginning

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Happy Belated 4th Of July

July 11th 2010 2:25 pm
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Mom has been slacking on my diary again. What's a dog to do? Hope all my pup pals had a safe and fun 4th Of July.
The Farmer's Market has started up again. Mom and dad took me with them on July 3rd. Mom stayed with me while daddy did the shopping. There were lots of other dogs there but I don't like getting too close to the booths. I was a lot happier when my friend, Keira showed up with her mom and dad. Keira doesn't really like going very much either. The things we dogs put up with to please our humans. We socialized for a bit and then mom and dad took me over to new booth. It was Dirty Hairy's dog wash! I go there sometimes to get a bath. They were selling treats so mom and dad bought me some. They were terrible!!! I didn't like them at all. You know they have to bad when a dog won't touch them! After the Farmer's Market I got to go to the pet store near our house. We bought real treats there! Yummmy!

On Sunday, the 4th of July, Mom and Dad got up early and started making their lasagna. I always know that something is going on when they make it. Sure enough, after it was cooked, we all got into the car. We went to the Boston Vegetarian Society's annual pot luck picnic. Last year it was at Onset Beach which is ear Cape Cod. This year it was a lot closer in Natick, MA. It was only about a 30 minute drive. The people who were hosting had a large and very shady back yard. I was happy about that because it was hot outside. Mom and dad set up my exercise pen so I could be off leash and feel safe. Mom laid down my blanket, filled my water bowl and gave me my green pepper toy and some bones. I had all the comfort of home. I had just settled in when I saw a familiar face. It was Keira!!! Her mom and dad brought her too. It was nice to know someone else. Keira actually joined me in my pen while the humans stuffed themselves full of food. After the feast mom and dad put my harness back on and took me out of my pen. Just about the same time a van pulled up. Inside were two goats!! I am not kidding!! (no pun intended!! BOL)) They were brother and sister. I kept my distance because I had met a goat before. He is my neighbor and his name is Spring. He tried to head butt me through the fence! Sorry but I don't like to play that way! Mom was petting the goats and loving it. We finally got into the car and drove just a very short distance. We ended up at Elm Bank Reservation (36 acres of fields, forests, and formal gardens as well as a collection of architectural masterpieces, run by Mass. Horticultural Society.)We got out of the car and in the car next to us was Keira and her mom and dad! Oh happy doggies!! We took a nice walk through the woods and open fields. it was so much fun and cooler in the woods. After the walk we returned to the picnic for a while. Keira had to leave but there were a few other dogs around. People kept coming over to my pen to pet me and talk to me. Mom hung out with the goats again. On our way home we stopped off at a little park to see a waterfall. It was man made so nothing special about it. Mom did notice a big blue bird walking around. It was a great blue heron! That was kind of cool!! We came home after that and relaxed. Mom and dad decided not to go to fire works. I wouldn't be able to go to that anyway- too loud!!! We had a nice 4th.

This weekend has been very quite. daddy has been helping to run the Bay State games for ping pong. It was just me and mom today. We did the usual things like going to the pet store and I did meet up and with Copley for a walk around the neighborhood. Mom told me that Keira got to play with a black and white "kitty"! She had to have a special bath and I don't think she will ever play with one again!!

PS Diary: Mom and I just went for my evening walk. Mom wanted to go one way and I wanted to go another. Mom won! I am glad that mom won because we ended up walking past Copley's house. Copley and his mom and dad were in the yard! I got invite over to play. We had so much fun running and playing. Copley's dad played with us too. Copley's mom brought out a big bowl of water. Oh, was that good!! I am tired now! Mom thought she might have to carry me home!!! Happy dog!!


Black and White Kitty

June 27th 2010 11:37 am
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Daddy takes me for my last walk of the day every night. Mom is usually in bed because she has to get up earlier in the morning than daddy. On Friday night we were walking up our street when I saw something in the middle of the road! I could see a lot better than daddy could. There were two black and white kitties! One was big and the other was just a baby. I wanted so badly to chase them! I was trying to pull on my leash! They looked a little different than my cat brothers, Ben and Charlie and I was very curious about them. Daddy could see there was something in the road but he wasn't sure what it was. He thought it was a shirt or piece of clothing. Daddy shined the flash light on the kitties and they ran across the road to the other side. Daddy told me that they weren't kitties after all and that I didn't want to ever mess with them. I don't know why not? Daddy said that he didn't want me to find out "Why not!"

On Saturday mom and dad had to go to something called a wedding. I wasn't invited. I don't understand why I couldn't go too! Anyway, my dog walker, Sarah, came over in the middle of day and took me for my walk. She also had her dog Bella. We had just started down Winter Street when a friend of Sarah's came by and joined us on our walk. I was shy at first but after a few minutes I was OK. Bella got to go off leash and chase things. I couldn't!! Darn those leashes!!! Mom and dad came home by the time of my evening walk. I like going on family walks with mom and dad.

Today is Sunday. After my noon walk, we made our usual trip to the pet store for supplies. I got a great cookie and a flossie. As we were coming out of the store I met two really big, white fluffy dogs. They were bigger than me. They were Great Pyrenees and were very friendly. After we got home mom an dad had to leave again to go to a book club meeting. They said that I would have a surprise when they got back home. Sure enough, mom got me in the car and daddy drove us to Hudson. First we stopped at Petco. I was thinking to myself "This isn't much of a surprise. I have been here many times." But after making a purchase we got back into the car and drove to Gates Pond. We were the first to arrive but a few minutes later a car pulled up. There were Italian Greyhounds inside. I remembered them from before. They were Sophie and Lola and there dad, Steve. Right after they came two more cars came. It was aunt Carla with Italian greyhounds Maya, Dash and Izzy and Greyhound,GT!! In the other car was her fiance, Mike, and my boyfriend, Gil!!! Now THAT was a surprise!! I was so happy to see everyone. We went on an hour long walk around the lake. Gil and I went into the water. The Italian Greyhounds don't like the water much and GT was a bit too scared to come in with us. We had such a good time!! I am a tired but happy dog right now. Mom gave me a bone for a snack. Another greyt weekend!


Father's Day Adventure

June 21st 2010 7:54 am
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It was a very busy weekend. The only awesome thing that happened on Friday was that I saw a bunny! Most humans wouldn't even think that would be worth writing about, but I know all my doggie pals understand perfectly. Mom was glad that daddy was holding the leash because I lunged hard for it. Darn those leashes! They always ruin a dogs fun!

On Saturday I had a Meet and Greet at the Pet store near our house. It is called Pet Source. I was the only Greyhound there for a while. Johnny B couldn't make it. His mom came without him. I did my best to represent greyhounds everywhere alone. Finally I saw Troy and Oscar come into the store. I was SO happy to see them. My tail was wagging really fast. It was nice to be with friends. I also do better greeting humans when another dog is around. If the other dog goes up to be petted then I know that human is OK. Then I will also go up to get petted. A little while later another greyhound came into the store. His name was Fast. He was black like me and very nice. We had a nice meet and greet.

Sunday was the busy day! We all got in the car early in the morning. I barely had time to finish breakfast! Daddy drove for a while and then I realized where I was. It was Horn Pond!! I looked out the car window and saw dozens of greyhounds! I got very exited! Johnny B was there and so was Sonie and Louise. I was jumping around so happy to see everyone. I like going to the Greyhound Adventures group. We walked to the beach and I wanted to go in. Daddy had long pants on, but mom had shorts. She took off her shoes and walked into the pond with me. I went pretty deep but I didn't try to swim this time. I think mom was glad about that. It was great to feel the cool water on my legs and tummy.Mom splashed me so I could cool off my back. We continued the walks and saw a swan. Mom took a picture. At the next break spot the group decided to go on the wooded path. I like that path. The other option is along the road with cars and things. We saw another swan with babies! After the walk we got back in the car and headed to NH. Mom explained that it was Father's Day so we were going to visit Grampy. First though we were going to visit grammy to since she lives close by. While we wered riving we got stuck in traffic. We had to go very slow for a long time. Daddy saw a police car up ahead. A deer had been killed trying to cross the highway. Mom was sad. They were just putting the deer in the back of a police truck. We finally got to grammy's house and I walked right in. Mom, dad and grammy left for a little while to get lunch. I had to stay in the house by myself. They weren't gone too long. When they got back I got to go over the neighbor's house to play with their dog Casey in the back yard. It was very hot out and I was panting a lot. I was also tired from my long walk at Horn Pond. I didn't feel much like running. I did borrow a bone from Casey to chew on though. It was starting to get late and daddy wanted to stop at the store to buy a dehumidifier for the basement. I stayed with grammy while mom and dad went to buy it. It would have been too hot for me to be in the car.
After grammy's we went to grampy's house. We stayed on the porch because it was cooler. At grampy's I can walked from the porch,through the garage and out into the back yard when I want.I still didn't feel like running but I did walk around and sniff and explore. Mom and dad took grampy out for dinner. Once again I had to stay at grampy's house by myself. I couldn't go into the back yard because they closed the door, but they let me stay on the porch or go in the house as I wanted to. They weren't gone too long and grampy had a nice dinner. When mom, dad and grmapy came back, mom and dad took me for a walk around the neighborhood. This is where mom grew up. She told us where people used to live. Daddy wanted to go by a building called The Polish Club. Daddy isn't Polish, but he used to play ping pong there before he met mom. There was a man standing outside and mom recognized him. It was her cousin! They talked for awhile. It was getting late so we went back grampy's house to say our good byes. I was a tired dog! It felt good to get back home to my bed.


I Won A Raffle Basket!

June 12th 2010 11:22 am
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When we went to the Whisker Walk last week, mom and I entered in the raffle. They had so many great gift baskets. Mom bought 15 chances to win. Mom didn't think we had won anything because she didn't get a call, but on Wednesday the phone rang! It was the Sterling Animal Shelter. They told mom that I HAD won a basket!! To make it even better, I won the basket that I really, really wanted! It was the "Wilderness Dog" basket! Mom had to work this morning so daddy and I drove to the shelter to pick it up. We saw lots of puppies and lots of people! A lady asked daddy if he was there to adopt another dog. He said he came to pick up my basket. The lady went inside a brought it out to us. She also gave me a blue ball and some dog cookies!!! Daddy wouldn't let me open my basket until mom came home. The first thing she gave me was my special toy that I really wanted. It is a badger with squeakies in it. It doesn't have stuffing so it is the kind you can really shake and shake. The fur is so soft and almost feels real. I am cuddling with it right now! I also won a cool ball with a fake fur tail, a rope toy with a ball in the middle, a rubber squeaky fish, a reflective collar and leash, a bandana and a matching coat (which is too small for me so maybe my friend Kiera can wear it)I am such a happy dog today! It isn't even my birthday. I have been very lucky in raffles lately!


The Whisker Walk!

June 7th 2010 7:51 am
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Friday night was the last night for my medication. I have been only on short walks all week. My toe is slowly starting to feel better. On Saturday I went to the pet store with mom and dad. The store was out of the kind of cat food that mom usually buys for Ben and charlie. I did get a great cookie and flossie though. That always makes me happy.
Yesterday was the Whisker Walk at the Lancaster Fair Grounds. It is about a 30 minute ride in the car to get there. The weather didn't look too good. It was cloudy and heavy rain was predicted. The fair was rain or shine so mom and dad decided to take me anyway. We got there early so we were in the second row of the parking lot. Mom made me wear my rain coat just in case and she had umbrellas for her and daddy. I was still limping a little bit so mom told me I couldn't do the actual walk. Walking around the fair grounds would be more than enough walking for me. I was fine with that. Despite the weather not being the best, there were still a lot of dogs and people there. We got to walk around and get free samples and see all the booths and rescue groups. One booth was selling pet deodorizing products. Daddy recognized the smell of it! It was the same stuff they had given mom and dad at Ben and Charlie's old vets. The stuff worked better than anything mom and dad have ever tried before and daddy had been trying to find it in all the pet stores and even Online! Daddy was happy and we bought 2 bottles plus laundry detergent to get the smell out of my beds and blankets. The products were heavy so we made a quick trip back to the car to put the stuff in the trunk. The rest of the fair was very nice. I even got to meet a donkey and a mule! I also made friends with a couple of Great Danes and saw my greyhound friend, Lilly. We stayed about 2 hours in all. Mom entered the raffle drawing but it doesn't look like she won anything. My paw did OK and I was happy that I got to go. On the way home, we took a detour to go to the other pet store we sometimes go to. It is called Especially For Pets. Mom wanted to see if they had the cat food. They did! (but not very much of it) Mom grabbed 8 cans. While mom was buying the cat food, daddy and I were talking to a girl at a table. She gave me free samples of a new food called Addiction. Mom buys me canned Addiction which has bison in it. This was dehydrated packets that you mix with water. The girl at the table said it was like eating a raw diet. Mom made me one of the packets last night. Mom and dad thought it smelled awful, but I LOVED it! It was a meat I had never had before- some animal from a place called Australia. Anyway, I told mom to get me more. I hope she does.
I really hope I can run again soon. This toe of mine is a real pain! More later!


Happy Memorial Day!!

May 31st 2010 3:09 pm
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Hope all my doggie pals had a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. It has been a rough week for me this past week. Daddy noticed that I was limping pretty bad when he took me for my Sunday night walk. My left front foot hurt really bad. Mom and dad thought it might have been from a combination of things- a lot of running, the pool incident and spending the day at Paws In The Park. Mom and dad both checked me all over. They didn't see anything obviously wrong. I seemed to be better Tuesday but by Wednesday I was limping again. Mom called the vet and she took me to see the doctor Wednesday afternoon. The doctor looked at my feet, legs and shoulder. Then she took me in the back room and took an x-ray. Nothing was broken so that was good. She said it was a soft tissue injury and it was one of my toes. She gave mom some medicine that I have to take everyday for awhile. It actually tastes pretty good. The medicine seemed to help right away. I started feeling good again. Mom was taking me only on short walks and things were good- until Friday night. We walked past Copley's house and Copley and his mom and dad were JUST coming out the door! Of course I got all excited and was jumping around a bit. We went on a walk with Copley and probably went a bit further than I should have. Still I was OK. My toe was a bit more sore but still not too bad. On Saturday dad told me to get in the car. We drove a short ways and I realized I was at Kiera's house! As I got out of the car a noticed a human walking up the street towards me. It was MOM!!! She had just left work and was meeting us. We went inside and I got to see Kiera and her mom and dad (Lisa and Marc). We were there for a waffle party!!! More people came but I was OK because Kiera was there with me. When there is another dog around, I am very social and not as shy. Mom and dad let me go into Kiera's yard to take a break from all the people. Kiera and I saw a squirrel. We got all excited. I think I jumped around too much again. After the party we went to the pet store for food, cookies and a rawhide bone. We went home after that, but by the time my evening walk came around, my toe was sore again. This time mom could see it was very swollen. I could hardly walk. Mom does this thing called Reiki. It helps people and animals heal. All I know is that it feels strange at first. Once you get used to it though, it is quite nice. I limped over to mom and laid on the floor and I asked her for Reiki. She took my paw into her hands and did 20 minutes for me. It helped a lot. Mom says I am on restricted activity. That means no long walks. Yesterday I only got to spend time in my yard. That would have been dull but mom and dad were doing yard work so they were there with me. Today was Memorial Day. Mom wanted to do something special so we went on a picnic to the little park near our house. Mom and dad drove me there in the car. Mom tied 3 leashes to the picnic table so I could move around a bit. The picnic was fun but the mosquitoes came out! Mom and dad forgot the bug spray!! Mom was OK- they don't bite her! They were after me and daddy though so we ate our food and went back to the car. Mom wanted to get some plants for the yard so daddy drove us to the plant store. They let dogs walk around inside so I got to help mom pick out plants. Even though I can't do much physical activity, mom still made sure I had an interesting day. Mom says she will give me more Reiki tonight. Right now it is time for my evening walk. I only get to go around the block! That's OK. I want to get better in time for the Whisker Walk on Sunday. That is the biggest doggie fair in the area! I don't want to miss it!!!


Paws In The Park

May 24th 2010 7:47 am
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Yesterday was another fun day. Mom and dad took me to Paws In The Park in Sudbury. It is an annual doggie fair that helps to raise money for a no kill shelter called Save A Dog. They have a group walk, lots of booths to sell you things, free samples and lots of games and activities. Paws In The Park was at a different place this year. It was at the Wayside Inn. I think I liked the new place better. I was all excited seeing all the other dogs. I was almost pulling daddy to get to the fair! Once we got there though, I realized that there were a lot of humans standing around as well as dogs. I was so focused on seeing all the dogs, I hadn't noticed all the humans. I didn't want to go close to the booths so daddy kept me along the side where there activity rings were. Mom did some shopping. Mom got some new cat toys for Ben and Charlie. She also bought me a velcro reflective collar. I can wear it when I go for my night time walk and won't have to put on my full reflective vest. Mom and dad thought it was a good thing to buy. We got about half way around the fair when the walk started. I like doing the walk! It was very pretty. We went by an old mill with a water wheel and walked along a stream. When we got back to the fair, mom and dad went back to look at the rest of the booths. One lady was selling dog beds. Daddy bought me one! It is very nice. The lady let us keep it at the booth so we didn't have to carry it around. It was getting hot so mom and dad took me to the wading pools. I went in several of them and got a drink. One of the pools was exactly like mine! Mom said that this is the best pool for me. She doesn't want me going in Aunt Carla's pool again. We watched a frisbee demo and then mom and dad took me though the agility course. I was pretty good at it. The only thing I wouldn't do were the tunnels. They were kind of too small for me anyway. Soon after that they started the doggie contests. Daddy entered me in the longest tail competition. My friend, Lily, was there competing against me. She is a greyhound too. She was there with her mom working at the Greyhound Friend's table. The judges had a hard choice between me and Lily but they decided I was the winner! I got a cool green toy alligator. Mom and dad and I decided it was about time to leave. We went to Greyhound Friends booth and offered to watch it for a few minutes to give Sandy and Pat (the humans) a break. Lily stayed at the booth with me and we both laid down together on Lily's bed. I was getting tired. Sandy and Pat came back after a few minutes and we went back to pick up my bed. On the way home we stopped off at the pet store to pick up some things and then we came home. Daddy put my new bed on the floor and took up my old bed to be washed. A little while later mom and dad took me for my walk. We walked past Copley's house and I started to go up the drive way. Copley's mom and dad were there so they let me go into the yard. The neighbor's German Shepherd, Roxie, came over to play too. I walked into the yard and there was a baby rabbit sitting right there in front of me! I couldn't believe it! Roxie and Copley saw it too. I was still stuck on my leash so I couldn't chase it. Roxie went after it and so did Copley. Copley ran right into the patio table. The rabbit escaped under the shed. daddy finally let me off the leash but it was too late. The rabbit must have been scared to see 3 doggie noses poking under the shed. Roxie left and went back home and Copley, Copley's dad and I ran around for a bit. I was tired when we got back home. I stretched out on my new bed and fell asleep.


I'm No Michael Phelps!

May 22nd 2010 6:34 pm
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I spent the day with Auntie Carla today! Mom and dad had to go to Earthfest in Boston and couldn't take me with them. I wouldn't be allowed on the subway and there were way too many people and too much noise for me. Mom and dad thought I would have a lot more fun staying with my boyfriend, Gil, his brother GT and all the Italian greyhounds. Auntie Carla was happy to have me come over. We got there a little before 10. Mom and dad helped me to settle in and let me go outside and run with Gil. I was having fun. Mom, dad and Auntie Carla came outside to watch us. The swimming pool cover was off now and the pool was filled with water. I ran over to it and without hesitation, I plunged right into the pool!!! It is important to know here that I had never even seen a swimming pool like this before. I don't know what came over me, but in I went!! I immediately went right under the water and had to doggy paddle my way back up for air. Greyhounds are not known for their swimming ability! Just the opposite! We are lean with no body fat and are paws are very small. We are great at running, but swimming- not so much!! I made it across to the opposite side of the pool. This kind of pool was called an infinity pool, but the water wasn't all the way to the top yet. I managed to get my front legs over the edge, but I got stuck there. I couldn't pull myself out! The humans ran over to me! Daddy grabbed my collar and managed to haul me out of the water onto the edge of the pool. Because of the way the pool was set up, there was a little moat of water that ran along the edge on the ground. It wasn't like they could just lift me down to the ground. Aunt Carla slid her body to the end of the pool and made a bridge with her body. Mom had my back legs and daddy had my shoulders and head. They slid me across the edge of the pool onto Aunt Carla's lap. From there I could slide to the ground!! Mom and dad were happy that I did remain calm and didn't struggle or fight them. I was shaking a bit from it all. Once I got all 4 feet on the ground again, I shook myself off and ran around a little. Then I went back to the pool again!! This time I thought better of it! Auntie Carla filled the doggy pool with fresh water. I think I'll stick to that kind of pool from now on. The rest of the day went well. I didn't go near the pool again. Mom and dad left and I had a fun day with Gil, GT and the iggies. Aunt Carla gave me a greenie and a milk bone for snacks. They were good. I got to nap in a nice bed and play with Gil and GT. Mom and dad finally came back to get me. A part of me didn't want to leave, but I'm happy to be home now. Guess I won't be trying out for the Olympic Swim Team any time soon!!


What A Greyt Weekend!!!!

May 16th 2010 5:36 am
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We took our weekly trip to the pet store on Saturday. Mom bought me some new jerky treats. They have something in them called Glucosamine and Chondrioton. Two different vets recommend that I be on these because of my broken foot. Mom doesn't want arthritis setting in the future and sometimes when I run really hard, my foot hurts. I don't mind. The treats are really good! When we got back from the pet store, daddy took me for a walk. Mom stayed home and put the groceries away. Daddy and I walked by Copley's house and Copley's mom and dad were in the yard. They invite me for a run with Copley in the back yard!!! Oh Happy Dog!!!!! We had so much fun. I even went right up to Copley's mom and dad to thanks them. They were happy because I am shy with people until I get to know them. Copley and I both drank together from the water bowl. Copley's mom thought it was cute. When I got home mom had a special surprise for me!! On my bed was my cookie, my flossie and two of my new treats!! It wasn't even my birthday!!! Mom and dad left a little while later. Mom told me they were going to a very special dinner. Mom and dad and a lot of other people were celebrating! Greyhound racing has officially ended in New England!!! Only 7 more states to go and it will be ended in the United States!!! Grey2K USA was hosting the dinner. Mom and dad are supporters. They don't want any other greyhounds to suffer at the track like I did. Isn't that GREYT!!?? Daddy won a T-shirt and a tote bag in the raffle! Mom said the food was really good too.

Today we went to Greyhound Friends Open House. Mom, Dad and I worked at the silent auction/raffle table. Mom and dad set up my exercise pen so I would have a safe place to hang out. Last year we had a tent, but this year we were in the full sun. Mom and dad had an extra blanket in the car so they hung it over my pen and made me a personal tent so I could have some shade. Daddy took me to the big fenced in yard to run. My good friends, Johnny B and Sonie were waiting to go in too, so we got to go in the yard together! I did most of the running. Mom also entered me in the longest tail competition and the youngest hound competition. I took 4th place in the youngest hound. I am 3 years, 6 months old (I mean young!). I only got honorable mention in longest tail. My tail was only 21 inches. The winner's was about 24 inches. My boyfriend, Gil had a 23 inch tail and got 4th place. I still got a ribbon and dog bone. Mom hung my ribbons up on my exercise pen. Daddy took me for lots of walks so I got to see all the other dogs and also get a break from the crowds. The open house went very well. A lot of people came. We learned that it costs $1,300 a day to keep the shelter open!! They really need donations. Louise who runs Greyhound Friends said that this open house was the best they ever had! I agree!! I won a huge cookie and a gift basket in the raffle!!! I was surprised because I didn't even know I had entered!! I think mom entered for me. Mom was also the top bidder in the silent auction for a greyhound statue. It is displayed in the book case down stairs. Mom really wanted that. Mom's friend, Carla, (Gil's mom) made a hand painted slate for us!! It is really cool. Mom and dad hung it in the living room. I'm really tired now. What a Greyt weekend it was.


Special Play Date!

May 14th 2010 6:50 pm
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Yesterday was a wonderful day! I saw a toad when I went for my noon walk with mom. It sort of startled me at first. I wasn't sure what it was. I sniffed at it and it hopped away. Daddy came home from work a little early. He told me to get into the car. Dad, mom and I drove for a little while and ended up at a strange house. Gil's mom, Carla, came out of the house! I thought that was kind of strange. Mom and dad were trying to get me to go inside but I wasn't too sure about it. I finally went in. Gil was there. There was also another greyhound that I hadn't met before. Mom told me his name was GT. He was barking and barking. It took him awhile to settle down. Gil's other brothers and sisters (The Italian Greyhounds) also came out to say "Hi". There were two cats there too!! Carla let me and Gil go out into the backyard to run. We had a lot of fun. You can see the video on my Dogster page. They had a swimming pool on the side of the house. It is a lot bigger than my pool! It was still covered with a liner but I had never seen that before. I tried to run on it! Was a surprise that was! I didn't fall in or anything but I was careful not to go near it after that. After I got a short rest, I got to run with GT. He is very nice too! Daddy made a video of that too. It is in my video book. We had a nice visit. Mom says I will get to spend the day with Gil and GT in a week. Mom and dad are going to something called "Earthfest" in Boston and they will be gone for most of the day. They thought I would have more fun playing with Gil and GT than just going for a walk with my dog sitter. They are right about that!! I am very excited. It felt good to run with other greyhounds. As you watch my video of me running with Gil, watch how I fake him out!!! He was starting to pass me, so I made a quick turn and took off in the other direction.!! I'm tricky like that.

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