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A New Beginning

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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26th 2011 6:13 am
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I hope all my pup pals had a safe, fun and delicious Thanksgiving. I know my Thanksgiving started off in a very nice way. Mom took me for my early morning walk. I had just finished my business and started to walk up our street when I saw him. He was a very handsome boy! I got to meet him. His name is Blue. He is an Australian Shepherd/ husky cross. We really liked each other. Maybe Blue will help me to get over Copley. Only time will tell. Mom, daddy and I watched the Thanksgiving parade. Mom really likes it, but thought it was getting too commercial. After the parade was a dog show. The hound group was up first so we watched it. The Whippet won! They greyhound wasn't selected in the top dogs. After the hound group was judged we went for a nice long walk. It was a really nice day. After we got back mom and dad started cleaning again. I knew people were coming over. They didn't have to do a lot of cleaning since they did the whole house before and after my party. Daddy's mom and sister came over. Daddy's sister used our kitchen to cook the food. Daddy helped. He is the better cook in the family. The humans ate their food and I laid in my bed. Mom had a surprise for me though! I still had a left over piece of dog cake from my party! When it came time for desert, mom gave me my cake! It was a nice day. Quiet, just the way I like it. For dinner mom gave me Merrick's Thanksgiving Day Feast! It was yummy.

On Friday we went to Bark Friday! It was a huge sale at our pet store up the street. Mom and dad bought all sorts of things and saved $17. After the pet store we all got in the car and drove to grampy's house in NH. I had this awful gas all the way there! Daddy kept rolling down the window and mom kept saying "Oh Isis!" I couldn't help it! When we got to grampy's, mom and dad took me right to the back yard. A dog came out from a house and I got all excited. I ran around really fast and then I did what I needed to do. No more gas! We had a nice visit and watched a movie. Then the humans went out to eat again. I really wish dogs could go too. I had to stay in the house with Blackie. She just hid under the bed. Mom had left me some kibble and 3 cookies. I ate the cookies on grampy's rug in the living room. Mom had to vacuum the rug. I was glad to get home. It was a nice Thanksgiving.


My Birthday Party!

November 21st 2011 10:23 am
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On Saturday daddy brought home a huge box. It smelled really good. Daddy said I couldn't have it and put it in the refrigerator. Then mom and dad spent a lot of time cleaning the house. I knew that people were going to come over. Mom even washed both my dog beds. She wouldn't let me eat my cookies in my bed! I must admit there were lots of crumbs in it. Mom said I had 5 cookies worth of crumbs! On Sunday morning the door bell rang. A man delivered another box! This one smelled even better than the first one! Mom and dad left for a little while and came back with balloons. They always smell kind of funny. Then mom and dad did even more house cleaning. After lunch they started making their lasagna. They made 2 of them! Now I really knew that people were coming! I just hung out in my bed and watched. It was a little after 4 when the door bell rang again. It was Julie. She is a friend of ours. She had a bag with her. Mom put it on the glass table that Ben likes to roll around on. A few minutes later, Aunt Carla came with Gil! She had a bag with her too. I was happy to see Gil. He was my boyfriend for a while, but now we are just good friends. Later more people started coming over- and more dogs! Mom's friend, Jen came with her daughter, Anna and their corgi, Willy. This was the first time I had met Willy. He had very short legs! He was cute though. No one made fun of him even though everyone else had long legs. Next Mark came with his new friend, Catherine and her greyhound Roscoe. This was the first time I had met Roscoe too! he looked a lot like Gil. He was very nice and I liked him. Everyone who came brought begs for Ben's table. Some of the bags smelled really good. We sat and socialized for awhile and then the humans all ate food. I never think it is quite fair that the humans get food and we don't! Roscoe feels the same way. He was trying to tell everyone that we wanted food too! We had to wait. Finally daddy got the boxes out from the refrigerator. Everyone sang "Happy Birthday to YOOOOUUU" I started to roo. Daddy made a movie of it. I will put it on Dogster soon. Everyone laughed and then we got to eat! The cake was yummy. It had beef, peanut butter, carrots and liver. The humans had a chocolate cake. Us dogs also got milk bones. It was worth the wait. Next mom opened up the bags. Everything in the bags was for me! I got a lot of toys! Mom put them all in my bed. I didn't have much room left for me! My friend Skylar came late with his dad, Jeff. I got to go out to the yard and run and play with Skylar for a few minutes. That was fun. We all had a great time. I was sad when everyone left. It was a nice birthday celebration.


Today is my Birthday!

November 16th 2011 4:53 am
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I was born 5 years ago today! Boy, time does fly! Mom sang Happy Birthday to me. I also got a cookie with my breakfast! I never get cookies for breakfast!!! When daddy got up he sang to me too. He sang "Happy Birthday to Yooooouuuuu" He got me into what we greyhounds call a Roo. I sang along! It was fun! Mom says that we will celebrate on Sunday. I am having a party!!!


Happy Halloween!

October 31st 2011 3:29 pm
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I hope all my pup pals are having a fun and safe Halloween. Remember that chocolate isn't good for us!

I have a new bed. It is just like the one that Gill and GT have! Mom's friend Jen (The one who made my costume)gave it to me! Her dog would never use it. It is really comfortable. I love it!

Saturday morning, when mom took me for a walk, we saw something strange in the middle of the road. We went over to investigate and found a dead opossum. I had never seen one before. Mom was very sad because she love all animals. Mom didn't want other cars running over the body so we moved it to the side of the road. After breakfast, mom and dad drove me to Aunt Carla's house. Mom and dad where going to Boston for the day so I got to stay with aunt Carla, Gill, GT and the iggies. I had a lot of fun! I got to be with a pack and run as much as I wanted in the big back yard. Aunt Carla is moving soon, so I won't be able to stay there again. Later in the day it started to rain. Then it started to snow! It is too early for snow. Usually it doesn't snow until after Thanksgiving and it wasn't even Halloween yet! Mom and dad had to drive in it to pick me up from Aunt Carla's house. There were lots of trees and branched in the road. During the night we lost power. It didn't come back on until 8 PM on Sunday! It was getting cold in the house so mom put my light fleece on to keep me warm. Mom and dad had to use flashlights in the house. Lots of people are still without power. We are very lucky that we have our back. Mom and dad bought me some Boston Baked Bonz in Boston. They are my favorite cookies! I got peanut butter crunchies and Pumpkin Pie Muffins! They are real muffins too! Mom entered me in a raffle to win more. I hope I win. I think I will find out tomorrow.

I have been a silly dog lately. Mom and dad bought Ben and Charlie a cat bed a while back. I keep trying to sleep in it! I don't quite fit. The cats always steal my bed to sleep so I think it is only fair! Don't you? Yesterday Ben knocked off mom's unicorn from the book shelf. She has had it for a long time. It is (or should I say was)plastic with fake fur. I tried to eat it! I chewed it to pieces. Mom was kind of upset. She mostly blamed Ben because I could have never reached it if he hadn't climbed the book shelf. Ben is always getting into trouble. I am OK though. Mom and dad kept an eye on me to make sure I was eating and going to the bathroom OK. I am.
Stay safe!


The Yard Sale

October 17th 2011 2:51 pm
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Not too much going on lately. No big doggy events or activities so it has been quiet. I take my usual weekly trips to the pet store and walks around the neighborhood. I know that Copley is gone now. His sent has faded around his house. I stopped looking for him. Maybe I will meet a new true love someday.

On Saturday we went to Aunt Carla's house. She was having a big yard sale. Aunt Carla is going to be moving soon. She has bought a new house. It is further away but mom and dad says we will still go there for visits. Her new house has a huge yard which will be great to run in. She has to get in fenced in first though. I usually don't like going to yard sales, but I was happy to arrive at aunt Carla's house. Mom let me go in the house to be with Gil and GT. Mom let us all outside to run together. It was a lot of fun. GT had an accident near the dog bed, so mom cleaned it up for him. Mom and dad bought a lot of things at the yard sale. Aunt Carla made soup for mom and dad. She gave me a beef jerky treat. It was yummy. I mostly stayed in the house with the other dogs or outside in the yard. I got in a few good runs.

Today I went on a long walk on the river trail. Mom and I took the wooded path. There was dead bird on the path. I stopped to sniff it. It was a big black bird like a crow or raven. It had been mostly eaten. A little further up the trail we saw a garter snake. It was cold outside so the snake was trying to warm himself in the sun. It was a nice walk. We didn't see any other dogs though.

Well, that is all the news for now. As I said, it has been quiet. The trees are starting to fall now, but they aren't very pretty this year. I don't know why. I can tell the seasons are changing because I have to wear my fleece jacket most of the time now.


I Have Lottery Tickets!

September 19th 2011 9:07 am
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Yesterday was a great day! It was Greyhound Friend's Fall Open House. Mom, dad and I always work the Silent Auction/Raffle table. It is a long day but I enjoy meeting all the other greyhounds. Mom and dad bring my exercise pen for me to stay in since they have to work at the table. I don't mind because I have a safe place to relax. It was a sunny day so mom and dad hung one of my blankets over the pen to provide me with shade. They use clothes pins and clips to keep the blanket over my pen. It works out well. Mom and dad took turns taking me for walks around the fair. Daddy took me to the large enclosed yard for me to run. I really didn't feel like running that much so I just jogged along with daddy. There were lots of great stuff in the auction this year. Mom bought raffle tickets and put my name on them because I am the lucky one in the family! After a short award ceremony, the dog show started. Mom put me in the baldest butt category! I must admit that my butt is a little bald. It is a greyhound trait and lots of us have it. I always have some hair, but this summer I got pretty bald. Mom decided to enter to see how I did. There were 3 of us entered and thankfully I got 3rd place! the boys were balder!! After baldest butt, mom got me into my new costume for the costume contest. Not many dogs entered this year. Usually there are lots of entries. It was only me and a dog dressed as Lady Gaga! I was dressed as a professional athlete (which I was - I am now retired)I wore one of mom's exercise tops and matching pants. Mom's Friend, Jen, sewed a hole for my tail in the shorts and put a velcro strip on the top to make it easy to get on and off. Mom also put my booties on my back feet to look like sneakers and I had ear phones and an Ipod shuffle! The judges couldn't decide so both me and Lady Gaga won first place! I got a blue ribbon and a long yellow stuffed dog! Mom was very proud! After the contest, we went back to the table because it was almost time to draw the winners for the raffle and auction. Mom bought me a few more tickets. Two of the items in the raffle were highly desired! One was a gift basket that had a beautiful Grammy's Jammies fleece jacket, a stuffed gorilla and a bag pf peanut butter crunchies. The other hot item was a blue stuffed greyhound. Lots of the kids wanted the stuffed greyhound. Several people put in between $20 and $40 worth of tickets in JUST the blue dog or the gift basket! I had about 5 tickets in each one. The first prize drawn was a dog collar and leash. I had a couple of tickets in that one but I didn't win it. The second prize drawn was the gift basket. I couldn't believe my ears when they announced that I had won it!! (It was actually daddy doing the announcing!)I got the beautiful jammies! The next prize drawn was the blue dog. Guess what? I won it!!! Louise Coleman runs Greyhound Friends and she was trying to win the blue dog for her granddaughter. She was one of the many who had put a lot of tickets in that prize. Mom asked me if it was OK with me if we gave the blue dog to Louise's granddaughter, Sophie. I said "Yes" because I was happy I won the gift basket. Mom gave the dog to a very startled Sophie and Louise was very grateful. Well, my winning streak just wouldn't stop! I also won a chew toy, a greyhound calendar, and a T-shirt for mom!! I won 5 things in the raffle! Mom and dad couldn't believe it and daddy was a bit embarrassed because he had to keep announcing my name! We finished up with the auction (Mom got out bid on the two items she had bid on- thank goodness!!) Mom and dad talked and decided to buy me 2 lottery tickets since I was on such a lucky streak! After mom and dad brought me back home, they did just that! I couldn't pick the numbers so mom and dad used my birthday and a few other numbers to make up the required amount. My ticket is hanging on my window by my bed where my ribbons are hung. I will find out if I won on Tuesday. If I win I will buy myself a house with a big fenced in yard! Last night and this morning it was cold outside so I got to wear my new jammies. I look good in it. Daddy had taken lots of pictures but last night his computer drive which had the pictured stored crashed! That wasn't so lucky!! I think the pictures are lost. That is OK though because lots of other people took pictures and posted them on Facebook!


Pet Rock Festival

September 11th 2011 2:01 pm
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On Sunday mom and dad took me somewhere special to cheer me up from loosing Copley. We went to the Pet Rock Festival in Worcester, MA. We got there just as it opened around noon. I knew where we were the minute we arrived in the parking lot. I was so excited! The first dog I saw was a greyhound named Jack! We paid our admission fee and then enjoyed the festival. There were more dogs and people than last year I think. There were also a lot of greyhounds, whippets and Italian greyhounds. We walked around and saw all the booths. Mom got lots of free samples. We found Greyhound Friends booth and I walked right in and made myself at home. My friends Lilly and Star were there. We also saw my friend Fast and his mom. I have done several meet and greets with Fast. Mom and dad also saw lots of people that they knew. Some where from their greyhound circle of friends and others from their vegan groups. This is a festival that celebrates all animals so no meat is served at the food court. Mom and dad were able to have a good lunch. Aunt Carla came with Maya and we walked around the fair a second time with them. One of Mom's Facebook friends received an award for all the work she does for animals. I also met another Greyhound named Alaska. Her dad is also a Facebook friend of mom. We listened to some of the music as well. It was a wonderful day but I was very tired from all the excitement. It was good to lay down in my bed and nap when I got home.


I Am Very Sad Today

September 8th 2011 2:35 pm
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Today I had to say goodbye to the love of my life! Mom and I went for a walk down Winter Street last week. When we got to Copley's house there was a for sale sign in front. We were both shocked! Mom and dad talked to Copley's dad a few days later and he told us that he was taking a new job in Florida. They were leaving in a few days. Mom and dad arranged for me to have a last play date with Copley. Mom told me that after today I would never see him again. Being a dog, I always try to live in the moment. I didn't quite understand what she meant. I could tell something was different though. Copley seemed very stressed out. We had fun running together and we had a very nice time but I could pick up on everyone's sadness.

Copley was different from all my other doggy boyfriends.There was something about him that was special to me. Whenever I saw Copley I went nuts! I would leap and run almost pulling mom or dad's arms out of the sockets! When ever I walked by his house I would look for him. I would even walk up the driveway and whimper. I really loved it when mom and dad took me for a walk with Copley and his mom and dad. When Copley went back inside his house I would pine for him because I didn't want him to leave! I would take a few steps, stop, look back and whimper. I would do this 4 or 5 times as we walked down the street. I have NEVER done this with any other dog. It was true love! I will miss him very much.


Persian Proverb

August 25th 2011 10:59 am
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Then God sent the Greyhound to live among man and remember.
And when the Day comes, God will call the Greyhound to give
Testament, and God will pass judgment on man.
(Persian Proverb)
Being Isis and a goddess myself, I want to share that with my pup pals.

On Monday I got my costume back. Mom's friend did a good job sewing a hole for my tail on the shorts. She also added some velcro because my waist is smaller than mom's! BOL!!! Mom's friend also fixed the top so it is very easy to get into it. She cut it up the back and added a velcro strip. I just have to put my front legs in the arm holes and mom attaches it in the back. When I first tried it on I was afraid to move. Mom wasn't sure I could walk in it and neither was I. Mom tried to tempt me with a cookie but I just stood there looking at her as if to say "Why??" Mom got a leash and attached it to my collar. I was able to walk just fine. Thankfully I will only have to wear the costume for a short time-until the judges look me over. I hope I win!

Mom and I were going to go for a long walk today but the forecast said heavy rains in the afternoon. The sky didn't look very good so we decided to stay close to home. I am glad we did because it is now raining cats outside and thunder and lightning too!


Old Home Weekend

August 15th 2011 5:54 am
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Mom is a little behind on my diary again. Lets go back to last Monday and we can work our way to the present.

Last Monday one of mom's friends came over. She brought her 7 year old daughter, Anna. I was afraid at first as I am around all human children. Anna was calm and quiet and I was soon very comfortable with her. She really likes animals too and I sensed that. Mom started putting shorts on me and marking where my tail was. Mom's friend is helping to make a new costume for me for Greyhound Friend's next open house. I won last year but I can't wear the same costume this year. I can't tell you what I am going as yet, but I will post pictures after the contest is over. I have a magician's hat with 3 rabbits inside. It is one of my toys that I got for my birthday last year. Anna was having fun putting the hat on my head and covering me up with my blanket. I was very good and just laid there. Mom says my costume is ready but her friend is on vacation this week. I will have a final fitting when she gets back.

On Tuesday I saw Copley! That is always the highlight of my week. I was sniffing around on the ground,looked up and there he was! I did a vertical leap in the air and pulled daddy over to him. We had a nice walk together.

On Friday I saw an old friend-- Vito the pit bull! I haven't seen him in a very long time because he had to have surgery on his legs. He had hurt himself very badly and it has been a long recovery. I didn't recognize him at first- that is how long it has been since I had seen him! One butt sniff, however, and I knew! He was my first friend when I left the race track. He helped give me the confidence to walk with mom and dad on the leash. It was a happy reunion.
Later that same night we had some excitement at our house. Charlie (one of my cat brothers) was laying on daddy's lap. All of a sudden he jumped off and ran into the kitchen and jumped on the center isle. I saw it too and started to bark! It was a tiny mouse! Mom and dad didn't see it because it went under the stove. Charlie caught it! He had it in his mouth. Mom and dad saw the tail sticking out of Charlie's mouth and thought he had killed it. Then mom hear it squeaking. She knew it was still alive and wanted to save it. Mom caught Charlie and tried to make him let go. He finally did and the mouse started running! Then the fun really began. I watched mom, dad, Charlie, Ben and the mouse run all over the house! Charlie and Ben were trying to catch the mouse. Mom was also trying to catch the mouse and trying to keep Ben and Charlie from catching it. Daddy didn't know what to do! Mom was yelling "Get a container." Daddy brought her a plastic container the mushrooms came in!! Mom said "no, glass jar!" Daddy found it in the recycle bin. Mom had the mouse cornered under a table. She put the jar down but the mouse jumped over it and ran back into the living room with Charlie and Ben following. The mouse darted under a bookcase. Mom tried the jar technique again and this time the mouse ran into the jar! It was scared but OK. It was moving fine and there was no blood. Mom and dad let the mouse go outside on the rail trail. Mom said he ran into the leaves. Charlie was mad at mom for the rest of the night!

On Saturday we went to New Hampshire to visit Grampy. It was his birthday. It was also Old Home Weekend in the town where Grampy lives (and mom grew up)They has festivities going on in town so we all took a walk to see them (grampy too). There were a lot of people there and everyone wanted to pet me. Mom and dad had to explain that I was afraid of strange people. I kept hiding behind daddy. I did meet some other dogs which was fun. We went down to the river. There was a band playing music. It was a bit too loud for me. I did dip my paws in the river which felt nice and cool. I tried to drink the water but it didn't taste good. Mom said it was because the river was connecting to the ocean and there was a little bit of salt in the water. Mom met someone she knew from high school. She actually dated the guy. He had a booth and was teaching people to play chess. He promised mom he could teach her in 10 minutes. They talked for a while so I laid down in the shade of the tent. Mom said she would take a chess lesson but wanted to bring me back to grampy's. Mom could tell I was a bit stressed from all the people and activity. I was glad to go back and hang out with grampy. I got to run around in his yard which was fun. Mom went back and got her lesson. Her ex boyfriend gave her a chess set to practice with! When mom and dad went back to the fair they met 3 other greyhounds! One was Panda who had come from Greyhound Friends! Mom and dad took grampy out to dinner but I couldn't go. I stayed home and took a nap. It was an exciting day but I was glad to get back home.

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