A New Beginning

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Old Home Weekend

August 15th 2011 5:54 am
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Mom is a little behind on my diary again. Lets go back to last Monday and we can work our way to the present.

Last Monday one of mom's friends came over. She brought her 7 year old daughter, Anna. I was afraid at first as I am around all human children. Anna was calm and quiet and I was soon very comfortable with her. She really likes animals too and I sensed that. Mom started putting shorts on me and marking where my tail was. Mom's friend is helping to make a new costume for me for Greyhound Friend's next open house. I won last year but I can't wear the same costume this year. I can't tell you what I am going as yet, but I will post pictures after the contest is over. I have a magician's hat with 3 rabbits inside. It is one of my toys that I got for my birthday last year. Anna was having fun putting the hat on my head and covering me up with my blanket. I was very good and just laid there. Mom says my costume is ready but her friend is on vacation this week. I will have a final fitting when she gets back.

On Tuesday I saw Copley! That is always the highlight of my week. I was sniffing around on the ground,looked up and there he was! I did a vertical leap in the air and pulled daddy over to him. We had a nice walk together.

On Friday I saw an old friend-- Vito the pit bull! I haven't seen him in a very long time because he had to have surgery on his legs. He had hurt himself very badly and it has been a long recovery. I didn't recognize him at first- that is how long it has been since I had seen him! One butt sniff, however, and I knew! He was my first friend when I left the race track. He helped give me the confidence to walk with mom and dad on the leash. It was a happy reunion.
Later that same night we had some excitement at our house. Charlie (one of my cat brothers) was laying on daddy's lap. All of a sudden he jumped off and ran into the kitchen and jumped on the center isle. I saw it too and started to bark! It was a tiny mouse! Mom and dad didn't see it because it went under the stove. Charlie caught it! He had it in his mouth. Mom and dad saw the tail sticking out of Charlie's mouth and thought he had killed it. Then mom hear it squeaking. She knew it was still alive and wanted to save it. Mom caught Charlie and tried to make him let go. He finally did and the mouse started running! Then the fun really began. I watched mom, dad, Charlie, Ben and the mouse run all over the house! Charlie and Ben were trying to catch the mouse. Mom was also trying to catch the mouse and trying to keep Ben and Charlie from catching it. Daddy didn't know what to do! Mom was yelling "Get a container." Daddy brought her a plastic container the mushrooms came in!! Mom said "no, glass jar!" Daddy found it in the recycle bin. Mom had the mouse cornered under a table. She put the jar down but the mouse jumped over it and ran back into the living room with Charlie and Ben following. The mouse darted under a bookcase. Mom tried the jar technique again and this time the mouse ran into the jar! It was scared but OK. It was moving fine and there was no blood. Mom and dad let the mouse go outside on the rail trail. Mom said he ran into the leaves. Charlie was mad at mom for the rest of the night!

On Saturday we went to New Hampshire to visit Grampy. It was his birthday. It was also Old Home Weekend in the town where Grampy lives (and mom grew up)They has festivities going on in town so we all took a walk to see them (grampy too). There were a lot of people there and everyone wanted to pet me. Mom and dad had to explain that I was afraid of strange people. I kept hiding behind daddy. I did meet some other dogs which was fun. We went down to the river. There was a band playing music. It was a bit too loud for me. I did dip my paws in the river which felt nice and cool. I tried to drink the water but it didn't taste good. Mom said it was because the river was connecting to the ocean and there was a little bit of salt in the water. Mom met someone she knew from high school. She actually dated the guy. He had a booth and was teaching people to play chess. He promised mom he could teach her in 10 minutes. They talked for a while so I laid down in the shade of the tent. Mom said she would take a chess lesson but wanted to bring me back to grampy's. Mom could tell I was a bit stressed from all the people and activity. I was glad to go back and hang out with grampy. I got to run around in his yard which was fun. Mom went back and got her lesson. Her ex boyfriend gave her a chess set to practice with! When mom and dad went back to the fair they met 3 other greyhounds! One was Panda who had come from Greyhound Friends! Mom and dad took grampy out to dinner but I couldn't go. I stayed home and took a nap. It was an exciting day but I was glad to get back home.


Greyhound International Day!

August 1st 2011 6:21 am
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On Saturday, mom, dad and I went to Greyhound Friend's in Hopkington, MA. They were having Greyhound International Day there. Speakers were invited from the USA, Spain, and Ireland to talk about greyhound issues around the world. They have greyhounds in Spain called Galgos. They are not used for racing but for hunting. When a dog is no longer able to hunt well they are hung from trees or just abandoned to fend for themselves. It is terrible! Several rescue groups talked about how they are helping the Galgos. Bernie was a speaker from Ireland. Ireland wanted to sell greyhounds to China to start a racing industry there. There are no animal welfare laws in China and they eat dogs! Mom and I did a protest in Boston last Spring. There were also protests in Ireland as well. The Irish government decided not to sell dogs to China. They are still planning, however, to help set up tracks there. This just means the Chinese will buy dogs from other counties. We still have work to do. In the Midwest they have dogs called Lurchers. These are greyhounds crossed with hunting dogs. Usually they breed the greyhounds with Coonhounds. The idea is to make faster hunting dogs. Once again, many are hung, drowned, shot or abandoned when they can no longer hunt well. My boyfriend, Copley, is a lurcher! He is part ridgeback though.
The event was held outside and it was a hot day. there was a big tent with chairs inside. It was a lot cooler in the shade of the tent and the grass was nice and cool. Mom brought me plenty of water and they also had a swimming pool and other water bowls set up. Other greyhounds came to the event too so I got to socialize. It was a long day but we learned a lot. s nice to know there are so many people wanting to help my breed. I just wish all humans were like that. Sigh!!!


Pool Party!!

July 25th 2011 7:35 am
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It has been VERY hot the past couple of weeks so I have been spending most of my time in our air conditioned house. I get too hot when it is 90 degrees or higher outside. Mom says I "wilt"! Last Friday it was the hottest day yet! It reached 102 degrees! Auntie Carla invited us to her house for a pool party! I was invited too! Daddy was supposed to have a skating lesson, but he called up his coach and cancelled it. Daddy picked up some corn on the cob on his way home from work so we could bring it to the party. I was SO happy to go to Aunt Carla's house. It was good to see Gil. GT was in the bedroom because he is still afraid of most people. Mom went in to see him and say "Hi". Mom and dad made me stay in the house at first. They were helping Aunt Carla with the food and was afraid I would go swimming before they got their bathing suits on. Daddy got ready and told mom that she could let me out when he got close to the pool. All I really wanted to do was run! And I did!! Even though it was very hot out, I still had a really good run. Mom and dad got in the pool but I decided not to. I almost did a couple of times but after what happened at Gates pond, I realized I'm not a Golden Retriever! More and more people came- with dogs! Most of the dogs were Italian Greyhounds. There must have been at least 10 of them! Then there was me and Gil and one other dog who was not in the greyhound family. I was very social and greeted a lot of people( including Aunt Carla's mother who doesn't like animals!). It was fun! One of the Italian Greyhounds kept stealing food off the table! She pulled down a whole skewer of meat! She ended up back on her leash. I knew not to do that. I was very good. We stayed for several hours and it finally cooled off. It got dark and mom was getting attacked by bugs so we had to leave! She even put bug spray on but it didn't help. Her legs are still covered in bites. Of course I wanted to stay! I always do!! I know I will get invited back again soon.


4th Of July Adventures!

July 6th 2011 9:58 am
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I hope all of my pup pals had a fun and safe 4th Of July. I hope the fireworks didn't scare you. I don't like the noise but I don't get scared. Mom and dad are happy about that.

Sunday we all went to a big outdoor picnic/potluck. It was held by the Boston Vegetarian Society. It was at the same place it was last year. The best thing was that dogs were invited too! Mom and dad brought my pen so that I would feel safe with all the activity going on. I like having my own safe place. Mom brought me some dog cookies so I could have something to eat too. There were about 80 people that came and about 10 other dogs. Some of them I recognized from before. Mom and dad took me for several walks because I am very good at not going in my pen. One time we walked down the street to a dirt path that led to the water. Mom told me it was part of the Charles River. It was nice. On our way back, however, some people were playing basket ball in the front yard. The ball bounced close to me and I got really scared by it. I was happy to get back to my pen. I tried to dig a hole in the dirt but mom kept telling me "no". I was a bit confused by that. At home in my yard I can dig wherever I want to. I like digging into the dirt because it is cooler. Mom told me that because the yard belonged to someone else, that I shouldn't dig it up. We there all afternoon and I made friends with some of the people there. A man named Joe gave me a massage. I know Joe. He has come to our house before to watch movies. He always hangs out with me. The massage felt really good!

On Sunday we went to visit Cloa's Ark Animal Sanctuary. The sanctuary is run by Patrick and Claudine. At first we had to stop at Patrick's house so that daddy could help him with the computer. Mom put my muzzle on and at first I didn't know why. Patrick and Claudine have rabbits and birds in their house. One rabbit was loose in the living room. Mom and dad wanted to make sure the rabbit was safe. I didn't see it at first but when I did, I could look at nothing else! I sniffed it and it hopped away. I wanted SO badly to get that rabbit. I stared at him the whole time we were there. Mom and dad kept me on a short leash. I was so mesmerized by the bunny that I forgot I had my muzzle on! When it came time to leave, I tried to go back to the house- where the rabbit was. Mom and dad suspected I would react that way. I am just too hard wired to hunt rabbits. Mom had hoped to bring a rabbit to our house one day. Now they don't think it would be a good idea. We left the house and went to the Sanctuary. Claudine was there waiting for us. She went early to feed a baby goat. Daddy set up my pen under a tree so I would have shade. Mom and dad didn't want me to chase the goats because there were several babies there as well as baby geese. Claudine told me I could dig all I wanted too. I made a nice dirt bed. The goats were curious about me and I was curious about them. I touched noses with a sheep. I had a good time and finally forgot about the rabbit. It was a busy but fun weekend. Catching up on my napping now!


Very Long Weekend!

June 29th 2011 7:44 am
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The long weekend started on Thursday. I knew something was different when daddy didn't go to work. Mom seemed excited as well. I got an early walk and mom and dad left in the car. They didn't take me with them this time. When they came home they had a human child with them! With a suitcase!! I was a bit horrified! Children have too much chaotic energy. I am very afraid of them. The child seemed calm so I sniffed her. She smelled a little like mom! Mom explained that this was her granddaughter, Davina, who was staying with us for a few days. Things actually went OK. I did well. I was always a little nervous but I let Davina give me treats. I wouldn't do tricks for her, but I did take the treat when offered. Thankfully mom and dad did a lot of activities with her during the day so I got to nap in peace. On Friday, my dog walker, Sarah, took me and her dog, Bella, for a walk along the river. I enjoyed that. I also saw Copley a few times which always makes my day! Davina even walked me a few times. I was always nervous and would keep looking back at her. She was short and kept the leash too low. I kept getting my front legs tangled in it. She did run with me though, which I liked. Davina went home on Monday night and things are now back to normal. Mom took me for a walk down Winter Street and I saw a bunny near Copley's house. I was able to get really close to it- about 6 feet away-before it ran off. I tried to chase it but mom pulled me back. I could have caught it if it wasn't for the darn leash! Mom says this weekend I will be going to a 4th of July picnic.


I Won A Photo Contest!

June 21st 2011 1:28 pm
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Sunday was Father's Day. Mom, dad and I drove to NH to visit Grampy. He is doing very well. The drive doesn't seem very long anymore. Not since I rode all the way to Gettysburg. It was a beautiful day so we all spent our time on Grampy's porch. Daddy opened the doors to the garage and the back yard so I could come in and out as I pleased. The porch and the garage are connected so I can walk from the porch, through the garage and into the back yard! I like that. I still wanted either mom or dad to come with me though. Mom and dad took grampy out to eat. Once again,I wasn't allowed to go. I stayed on the porch. It was OK. Mom and dad weren't gone very long and they had a nice dinner. I had a good run in grampy's yard. It was a fun day.

Mom had entered my picture in a photo contest a couple of weeks ago. Daddy entered a picture of Charlie. Mom just got a phone call a few minutes ago. I won! My picture is going to be framed for free and hung in the store window for a couple of months. That means a lot of people will see my picture! Mom and dad want me to buy something called a lottery ticket! They say I am very lucky. Even though I never won a race, I guess I am pretty lucky.I have a wonderful life now. Mom said that if I had won races, the people who owned me at the track would probably have used me for breeding after I broke my foot. So I guess I was lucky not winning races after all!


I Went To The Laundromutt!!

June 11th 2011 3:28 pm
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Yes, you read that right! Mom, dad and I all got into the car early this afternoon. I never know where I am going, but since I usually end up at the pet store, I figured that was where we were going. Boy was I wrong. First mom and dad stopped at a store to get lunch. It was a cool. cloudy day in the 60's so I was fine in the car for a few minutes. Mom and dad actually ate their lunch in the car with me so I wouldn't get lonely. Then daddy drove for awhile and we stopped at a place I had never been to before. When we first went in, it seemed like a pet store. There were toys, collars and treats for sale. I was thinking it was just a new pet store. A nice lady came up and spoke with mom and dad. She pet me and then led us to the back room. They had dog wash tubs! I refused to walk up the ramp so daddy had to lift me into the tub. I had been to a place like this before so I knew what was coming. First I got rinsed. Then I got almond shampoo! Mom and dad scrubbed me all over. It felt kind of good I have to admit, but I was still a bit scared. I did get a lot of dead hair out.Then I got rinsed again, wiped with a chamois and fluffed with a towel. I walked down the ramp on my own. Anything to get out of the tub. Mom and dad toweled me some more. Then the nice lady came back and did my nails. She got my quick and I bled on the floor. She put some quick stop on my foot and the bleeding stopped right away. I was fine. Mom and dad got me a treat for being so good. Mom said I had been stinky since my swim in the pond. I am all fluffy and clean now. On our way home we stopped at Petco for some supplies. I did get to the pet store after all! Not exactly how I had planned to spend my Saturday afternoon!


The Whisker Walk!

June 5th 2011 2:41 pm
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Today mom and dad took me to the Whisker Walk. We went last year too. It is held at the Lancaster Fairgrounds and is only about 20 minutes from our house. I got all excited the minute daddy pulled into the field to park. I could see lots of dogs getting out of cars. A group of Girl Scouts were handing out gift bags to everyone who entered the fair grounds. Mom got one for me. Mom got lots of free samples and cookies. We walked all around and went to all the different booths. Greyhound Friends were there so we spent some time visiting and helping out. Mom entered a couple of raffles. We haven't heard anything yet, but it doesn't mean we didn't win. Believe it or not, I made a raffle ticket! It was the darnedest thing!!! In our gift bag everyone got poop bags. They had several bag stations set up around the grounds for deposits. If your dog made a poop and you used the special bag, you could deposit it at the bag station and they gave you a raffle ticket! It was actually a great way to ensure people picked up after their dogs! Mom and dad waited, but I came I through! I made a raffle ticket. If we win, mom and dad will get to see a Red Sox baseball game! They had misting stations set up too. It was a water hose on the mist setting so we could get cooled off. I went twice! The sun was hot and since I am a black dog I needed a little cooling off. Mom said she would rather mist me than have me go swimming!!! I met a lot of dogs I knew today. I also met many new ones. Mom saw the "wolf" again. It was the same one she had seen at Paws In The Park. This time we got to meet him. He wasn't a wolf, he just looked like one. He had a lot of different wolf looking breeds in him- husky, German shepherd and one other one. The combination made him look just like one! He was nice. Mom got to meet a Facebook friend in person. She was helping to run a booth for becoming vegan (which both my mom and dad are). Mom was all excited. Mom and dad got human cookies. I guess it was only fair since I had a whole bag of cookies. We watched a few demonstrations for freebie chasing and fly ball. We were there about 3 hours and felt it was time to head back home. Almost time for my evening walk, so I should get ready. More later!


My Swim at Gates Pond!

June 1st 2011 8:00 am
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I hope all my Pup Pals had a safe and fun Memorial Day. Both mom and dad had the day off work. They wanted to take me somewhere special that day but it was very hot outside. It was close to 90 degrees and very humid. Aunt Carla E-mailed mom and asked if we would like to go to Gates Pond for a walk that afternoon. Mom and dad knew I would enjoy that and we all hoped it would cool down a bit by then. We got there at 4:30. There were about 16 dogs in all and about 7 humans. There were greyhounds, whippets, and Italian greyhounds so we really did have small, medium and large. Dad let me go off leash with Gill. I really enjoy having some freedom and I am very good about coming when I am called. There were horses up ahead of us on the trail so we took our time to let them get far ahead of us. We did see evidence of them throughout the walk, but never ran into them. We all stopped for a drink at one of the side trails. Gill and I went right into the water. It felt good to cool off a bit. The wooded path was much cooler but it was still pretty hot out. We were on our way back towards the car and I was really hot and thirsty. I wanted another drink. I tried to go off the trail to the pond but mom kept calling me back because it wasn't safe. Aunt Carla said she knew of a place up ahead where we could all get another drink. I was glad that it wasn't very far. We took a side trail and came to an open clearing with a little utility house by the pond. There was a man and his wife fishing there but I was too hot to care. Gill and I waded right into the water. I was standing on a rock ledge. What I didn't realize was that the ledge had a very quick drop off into deep water. Mom, dad and Aunt Carla were yelling at me to STOP! I didn't respond quick enough and walked right off the ledge and into the deep water! I went under for a second but managed to swim up to the surface. daddy was ready to jump in after me. I was disoriented for a few seconds and started swimming away from the shore. Mom, dad and Aunt Carla kept calling me. I heard then, turned around and managed to swim back to the rock ledge. I was a bit shaken by the whole thing. I got out of the water as fast as I could! I am just not made for swimming! I did get cool though! I was happy to get back to the car. On our way home, mom, dad and I stopped at Petco for some cat food. I was still pretty wet but no one seemed to mind. I still wanted my cookie when we got home, so I guess I wasn't too traumatized by the whole thing. Mom said she doesn't want me to going swimming again!


It's A Dog's Life!

May 22nd 2011 3:26 pm
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Wow! What a weekend! Don't know where to begin? Mom says it is always best to start at the beginning so that would be Saturday.

After a cloudy, miserable week we finally had a beautiful day filled with sunshine. I could feel the excitement in the air! Mom said that this weekend was going to be special. We left the house around 10:30. Daddy drove mom's car. We arrived at Greyhound Friend's Spring open house shortly after 11:00. There were people setting up tables and tents. Daddy brought my exercise pen so I would have a place to rest and chill out. Mom set it up for me with my water bowl and a blanket. Once again we worked at the silent auction and raffle table. Daddy helped set up tents over the items as there was a chance that it could rain in the afternoon. The tent didn't totally cover my pen,so mom hung a blanket over part of the pen to provide extra shade for me. Around noon, people and dogs started to come. Many people came to our booth to place bids on items and buy raffle tickets. Mom bid on a few items herself and she entered my name in the raffle drawing! Daddy took me for frequent walks around the grounds. I enjoyed meeting all the other dogs as well as visiting the booths. We met a black male greyhound named Damion who looked just like me. My mom and Damion's mom decided to enter us in the "find your twin" contest in the dog show. There was still time before the show, so daddy took me to the fenced in field to run. A dog named Lucy came in with me. She didn't want to run...but I sure did! I ran all around the field! It was fun! Greyhound Friends built a memorial garden. People can buy bricks with their dog's name on it as a memorial when their dogs go to the Rainbow Bridge. My time won't come for many years yet, but mom and dad will buy a brick for me then. They had a beautiful dedication ceremony. A greyhound named Boston Boy was the greyhound who is responsible for the start of Greyhound Friend's. The memorial garden is in his name. Soon it was time for the dog show. They didn't have a PA system this year, so mom, dad and I had to go over to the show ring so we could hear the events. There weren't many in the youngest dog contest, so mom entered me. It was only a dollar to enter. The youngest dog has to be under 6. I am 4 1/2 now. I won a third place ribbon. After the oldest dog contest and longest tail (I can't win against other greyhounds), they had the twin contest. Damion and I were the only team to enter! They kept calling for more contestants but no one could hear them without the PA system. Damion and I won first place! We got our prizes and then 6 other dogs including two beagles wanted to enter. They let us keep our first place ribbons and held another twin contest! Hopefully next year they will have the PA system again. Things were starting to wind down and it was time for the raffle. I won a small greyhound statue! Mom got out bid on her silent auction items but that is OK. The more money people bid, the more money for Greyhound Friends. It was a wonderful open house. Lots of people made donations and Matthew found his forever home. The open house continued on Sunday but we had another event to go to!

Sunday wasn't as nice as Saturday. It was cool and overcast. No rain though so that was good. We left the house at 9:30 and daddy drove us in his car this time. We went to Paws In The Park to benefit Save A Dog. Mom and I raised $415 dollars for the event! I got a beautiful blue bandana to wear. There were dogs and booths everywhere. Last year I was more nervous but I am getting more and more used to these events now. I actually went into all the booths this year! I saw dogs of all different breeds and sizes. Greyhound Friends had a booth and I saw Gill and Aunt Carla! We walked around the whole fair grounds, visited every booth and collected free samples of goodies. The walk was at 11:00. There was a whole parade of dogs in the walk. I was up near the front of the pack. We walked through woods on a path for the most part. We also walked past an old mill with a water wheel. It was very nice. After the walk we watched some of the dog games and demos. There was also a parade of adoptable dogs. Aunt Carla entered a black greyhound named Roller in the parade for adoption. He may have found his forever home! I hope so. He is very nice. Daddy bought some kettle corn. Mom and dad shared it with me! It was good but it did have some sugar so I couldn't have too much of it. Mom saw a wolf at the event! He was amazing! He was very tame and walked on a leash just like the rest of us. There were also handicapped dogs in carts there as well. After the adoption parade they had more games. One of the games was a dress up contest. Mom had wanted to enter me in this at Gettysburg but daddy and I missed it. Well,daddy and I entered this one! Mom can't run fast because she gets shooting pain in her hip so daddy did the contest with me. they placed clothes at the end of the field. We had to run down to the clothes, get dressed and run back as fast as we could. Daddy and I were in line when they announced the rules. My heart sank when they said the dog had to sit to win. I can't sit! Many greyhounds can't. We are not built for it. Mom spoke up and they made an exception for me. Daddy and I were the first ones to reach the clothes. Mom has dressed me in costumes before so I am OK with it. I also wear my jackets when it is cold out. Daddy had trouble with the shirt because it was too small for me. He got it on me the best he could. One dog lost all his clothes on the run back to the finish line! Daddy and I came in 3rd. Everyone was laughing because it was all for fun. Everyone got a prize. I LOVE my prize. I got a plush squeaky lizard that is yellowish green. I can see the colors! Aunt Carla took pictures because mom told her to watch! A little while later they had tail contests- longest, shortest and waggiest. Mom entered me the longest. As long as no other greyhounds enter I can usually win it. My tail is 21 inches long! I was up against a German Shepard. They didn't have a tape measure so we stood butt to butt. Mine was longer but they made it a tie. Once again everyone got a prize. This time I got a big rubber dumbbell toy! Now I can lift weights with mom!!! It was almost time for the fair to close so we walked around one more time and visited a few minutes with Aunt Carla and Greyhound Friend's booth. We were just about to leave when we learned they were giving away free collars. we went and got one. Aunt Carla came with us and got some for her dogs too. I am a tired dog now! What a fun weekend.

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