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A New Beginning

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Mahna Mahna Contest

February 29th 2012 10:28 am
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Some of you may be wondering about my new video of me singing the Muppet's song "Mahna Mahna". Mom took it to enter a contest. The world renown psychic, John Edward, was having a contest. He used to have a TV show called Crossing Over that mom used to watch years ago. She sent my video to John and he included it in the final video! If you would like to see it, it is on YouTube. Here is the link: DOEgsToPDskI4q6LmBCH6YdAPIAhzH9Zj
I come in at about the one minute mark. I also appear at the very end. The whole video is very funny and I think you will enjoy it. There are other dogs in the video too, but I am the only non-human actually singing!
Mom was hoping to win tickets to see John when he comes to Boston. I don't think the winners have been announced yet so mom still hopes that we won.


Aunt Carla's Party!

February 20th 2012 12:58 pm
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Mom has two heads! At least she does when she takes me out for my walks! It is the darnedest thing! Mom came home with daddy one day and she had two heads. I couldn't stop staring! I even jumped up a little to get a better look and a sniff. Mom says it is just a hat. It took me a while before I believed her. Mom says that a lot of people are wearing animal hats. Mom had a cow. It still freaks me out sometime. Mom says that two heads are better than one!

On Saturday we went to Aunt Carla's house. She was having a house warming party for her new house. It was a long drive but it was worth it. I had been there only once before but I knew where I was. There were lots of cars and lots of people. I knew quite a few of the humans there. Most smelled like greyhounds and they volunteer at Greyhound Friends! I got to play in aunt Carla's big back yard for a while. Mostly I hung out inside with the other guests, Gil and Fast. Fast is fast!! We had a good run around the yard. I can see why his name is Fast. I was interested in the food table but mom told me to "Leave it". I did. I'm good about that. Louise Coleman came to the party. She started Greyhound Friends many years ago. She said "Hi" to me. We had a fun time.

Today was what daddy called a "Holiday". He said it was to honor presidents. Because of that he didn't have to go to work. Mom only had one class to teach so she wasn't gone very long this morning. In the afternoon, mom and dad took me to the dog park in Weston! There were lots of dogs there today. I did a little running but not full out. My leg was still sore from last night. I got a cramp in my bad leg (The one that I broke on the race track)and it hurt! Mom rubbed it and it is OK now, but still a little sore. I enjoyed being off leash though and played with a few other dogs. Mom, dad and I walked all around the 3 big fields. I got to sniff and explore but I kept mom and dad in sight the whole time. Walking back to the car, mom and dad let me stay off my leash. I love having the freedom. I stay right with them. I even walked back to the car and jumped right in. I'm tired now. I got my cookie when we got home.


Please Boycott Sketcher Shoes

February 6th 2012 3:35 pm
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I have a favor to ask all my pup pals. Did any of you see the Sketcher's commercial during the Superbowl last night? I am very upset by it. The commercial showed Sketcher's mascot, a french bulldog named Mr. Quiggly, running a race against greyhounds at the Tuscon Arizona race track. Mr. Quiggly won the race because he had Sketcher's shoes on! The Tuscon track is one of the worst greyhound tracks in the United States as far as abuse goes. The commercial made it seem like it was fun and happy. That isn't the way it is! I am asking that all my friends here on Dogster please consider boycotting Sketcher's shoes. I was so upset that I wrote a letter to Mr. Quiggly himself! Here is what I wrote:

Dear Mr. Quiggly,

My name is Isis. Actually my name wasn't always Isis. I used to be called Rosey Rosette when I was a racing dog at the Seabrook Greyhound Race Track in NH. I just wanted to express my deep disappointment that Sketcher's chose to show that terrible commercial during the Superbowl last night. It seems you have had a very pampered life. You are, after all a celebrity. I wasn't as fortunate. I was forced to race 14 times before I broke 4 bones in my left hind foot. My foot still bothers me today and always will. I was kept up to 23 hours a day in a tiny cage with only shredded paper for bedding. I never got to play with a toy and I never got good food to eat. The food they gave me was called 4D meat. It was rotten and not fit for human consumption. It was all I got to eat so I had no choice. Thankfully I was adopted when I was 2 1/2 years old. Adjustment after the race track was hard at first. I had never seen a bicycle, a TV, the inside of a house or even a dog of another breed! It took me 6 months to learn to play with a toy! I also didn't know how to climb stairs! I am grateful that I have a patient, understanding new mom and dad. They worked very hard to help me be the dog I am today (I am 5 now). Mom and dad changed my name to Isis so I would feel like a goddess! I love my new name and my new life. I was one of the lucky ones. Most injured greyhounds are killed because they can't make money any more. Some are even left to starve in their cages. It makes me very sad to think that my brothers and sisters are still out there having to suffer like I once did. It hurt me to see that commercial last night. Greyhound Racing is not a sport. It is not fun. It is very cruel. The Seabrook track closed down and I am happy about that. I want to see all the other tracks close down too. Could you PLEASE tell the people at Sketchers not to ever show that commercial again. I would be most grateful. Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Isis


Greyhound Adventure!

January 31st 2012 12:59 pm
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I had a fun weekend. I can't believe it is almost February and we still really don't have any snow on the ground. It has snowed a couple of times but we only got about an inch or so each time. Within a few days it was all gone. The only snow left is where daddy put it in a pile. Mom and I were able to take a long walk on Saturday. We did part of the river trail on the wooded path. I like that. Mom can't walk me on long walks sometime because she has a bad hip now. The doctor says she has something called arthritis. Sometimes she is OK and Saturday and Sunday were both good days. On Sunday we all got in the car and daddy drove us to the Minute Man Park. I knew where I was right away. Then I saw the other greyhounds! I got all excited. I hadn't been able to go on a Greyhound Adventure in a while. Most of the walks are too far away. This one was nice and close so mom and dad wanted to surprise me. I saw Johnny B, Sonie and Louise! I made it a point to say "Hi" to everyone. Daddy made me walk slower though so mom could keep up. I walked in the middle of the group this time. Usually I like to be out in front. Daddy jogged with me for a while so that was fun. It was great seeing all my friends. Mom says that once daddy is finished with skating we will be able to do more walks. Johnny B's mom is also going to do a meet and greet near our house so I will be able to go to that too.


Aunt Carla's New House

January 8th 2012 12:57 pm
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Last Monday I got to go back to the dog park again. Daddy had the day off because it was the day after New Years. Mom had to work in the morning so we went in the afternoon. The weather was nice again. We have been very lucky. Still no snow! That is OK with me. We have even had days that have been quite warm. There weren't too many dogs again this time but I did meet a blue Great Dane puppy. He was 6 months old and already bigger than me. I got to have a really good run all around the large field. I love going there. Mom said we could go again yesterday but we ended up at an even better place.

Daddy got a phone call after he got back from skating. It was Aunt Carla. She invited us to visit her in her new house! It was a long drive because Aunt Carla moved quite a long way away. It was about an hour. Mom said not to worry because we would still be going to visit. I was happy when we got there. Aunt Carla came out to say "hi". Our friends Donna and Jeff where there too. The best part was that Donna had brought her 3 greyhounds, Jeff had his 2 and aunt Carla had Gill and GT! There were 8 of us in all!! We all got to play in Aunt Carla's new back yard. Aunt Carla took a video with mom's camera. You can see it on my page here on Dogster. All the other dogs had muzzles. Sometimes greyhounds can get nippy with each other when we are in a large pack. We don't fight or anything like that. We just can get excited. I don't really need a muzzle. All the humans came out to play with us too. After a while Donna and hounds went home. The rest of us went inside aunt Carla's house. It is very nice and much more relaxed than her old house. I made myself right at home in a dog bed. Mom and dad talked with aunt Carla and Jeff for awhile. Later we all went into the living room and watched a movie. Jeff made a fire in the fireplace. I watched it for awhile. I had never seen anything like it before. I fell asleep during the movie. It wasn't very good. There were no dogs in it. It was something about humans and their mean bosses. Humans like watching strange things. It was a fun day. Aunt Carla has a big guest bedroom. She said that sometime we can come over and stay the night. That would be fun.


Happy New Year 2012!

January 1st 2012 8:27 am
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I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years Eve! We had a little party at our house. I knew we would be having company as soon as mom and dad started cleaning the house. Now don't get me wrong! Mom and dad always have a neat and clean house. It is just when people come over they do a very good cleaning. I knew everyone who came over. The best surprise was that Rosco came with his mom! It was nice to have a friend spend New Years Eve with me. Rosco's mom brought his bed over so he would feel at home. Of course Rosco liked my bed better than his. He laid down in mine, so I laid down in his. Mom gave us each a cookie. We had fun. At one point I wanted my bed back. I let Rosco know he had worn out his welcome. He got the message and went back to his own bed. After that, we had a nice visit. Later in the evening we went for a walk together with our moms. I saw the ball come down and welcomed in the new year. I'm not sure why humans think it is so special but that's OK. It was fun. Happy New Year!!


A Very Merry Christmas

December 27th 2011 12:25 pm
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I hope all my pup pals had a very safe and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Solstice or Happy Boxing Day! Wow! So many celebrations throughout the world! We celebrated Christmas at our house. My big present will be coming in a few weeks. It is the special collar that mom is having custom made for me. It was nice having both mom and dad home with me for the last five days. I enjoy being with my family. Mom had a wrapped present under the tree for me. It had pretty green paper and a bow. A small raw hide candy cane was taped to the paper. That is how mom gave it to me! I wasn't sure what to do. My cat brother, Ben was having a bit more luck with his package. He likes ripping things up. I took my present and carried it upstairs. I was able to get the raw hide candy cane off so I ate it. After that I didn't know what to do. Mom came up and helped me. I got a new full sized raw hide bone! I went back downstairs and mom and dad opened their presents. Mom is like me when it comes to stuffed toys. She really loves stuffed animals. Daddy got one for her for Christmas. When I saw it, I really wanted it! I was trying hard to get it away from mom and dad. I even tried going over daddy's shoulder to get it! Mom and dad were laughing. I finally realized it wasn't for me. Of course I have a whole big basket full of stuffed toys, but I really like moms because it has big eyes. Mom says it is a bush baby. Charlie was afraid of it!

On Monday, we drove to NH to see Grampy. It was nice to see him. Mom brought me a cookie to eat while we were there. I tried not to make crumbs on Grampy's rug. I didn't do too bad. We had a good visit. I got to have a run in Grampy's big back yard. I wish I could have that yard to run in all the time.

Both om and dad are back to work today so I am back on a normal schedule. Mom says as long as we don't get snow, I may be able to go back to the dog park next weekend. I'll keep my paws crossed.


Back To The Park!

December 22nd 2011 6:40 pm
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Mom and dad took me back to the dog park again today. Daddy had a vacation day today and mom had the afternoon off too. It was a nice day today- in the 50's. I was able to go without a jacket. Mom brought my light fleece in case I got cold, but I didn't need it. I remembered the path very well and knew just how to get to the field. When we got there it was empty! Last time there were lots of dogs there. This time I was all alone. Daddy let me off my leash. I jogged around a bit and sniffed a lot. I just did some exploring. Daddy tried to get me to run by running around. I did chase him but daddy is very slow and I was able to catch him with just a fast jog. After a while I decided to run. I did a fast sprint all around the big field. I was flying! It felt really good. My bad foot was fine. Just as I finished my run two white German Shepherds came. One of them came up to say "hello". She was a girl dog so I wasn't too interested. I was polite and said "Hello". They moved on down another path with their dad. We were leaving the field when another dog and his mom came. He was a 10 month old puppy. We played for a bit. He was nice. As we were leaving the field, the two white German Shepherds and their dad had looped around. We all walked together back to the parking lot. Mom and dad talked with the German Shepherd's dad the whole way back. We were almost to the parking lot when a Border Collie and his dad came along the trail. The Border Collie and the male German Shepherd didn't like each other. They got into a fight. It wasn't a real fight, just a loud display. I stayed clear.No one got hurt. I had a good time. I'm glad mom and dad brought me back. Mom said she got an E-mail from our MayDOG group. It Looks like we are going to finally get a dog park in our town! It will be 1 1/2 acres, all fenced in and paid for by the Solar Farm who will also be using the land. The owner of the Solar Farm has a dog and is very supportive of the idea. There is plenty of land for both. I don't know when it will be built- probably next summer. I'm glad I will have two good places to run.

Mom ordered me a very special collar today. She has been looking for an Egyptian themed collar for me for over a year now. Since my name is Isis (Isis was an Egyptian Goddess) and my breed originated in Egypt, mom thought it would be cool to have an Egyptian collar for me. It even has hieroglyphics on it! It will take about 2 weeks to be made. I can't wait! Mom says I can wear it when we go to Gettysburg in the spring. I will put up a picture of me wearing it when it arrives.


Parties And Parks!

December 21st 2011 8:46 am
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On Sunday, mom, dad and I went to Greyhound Friend's holiday party. Mom and dad made gingerbread cookies again. The cookies all looked like greyhounds! They had white frosting on them. I didn't get any because they had a lot of sugar in them. I like going to Greyhound Friends. Everyone there loves greyhounds! I met a new friend named Mister. He was one of the kitchen dogs. The kitchen dogs are dogs that need a little more socialization and human contact than the others. They literally live in the kitchen area to simulate more of a home environment. Mister was going to be adopted the next day and mom said he is now in a happy new home. Mister and I hung out together on a bed. He is black like me. I knew a lot of the humans at the party. They are all friends of mom and dad. I made sure to make the rounds and greet everyone. I got lots of ear and chin scratches! Later my friends Fast and Lily came to the party. I had fun. Troy's mom Veronica held my leash so mom and dad could go back to the kennels to see the new dogs. She gave me a piece of cheese!

Daddy had the day off on Monday. A strange woman came to our house. She wasn't strange as in weird or anything, I just never saw her before. She had dogs! I could smell them on her. Daddy explained that we were refinancing our house to get a lower mortgage payment. I am not sure what that means but mom and dad were very happy. The woman told mom and dad about a secrete dog park. After lunch mom and dad took me. First we walked on some wooded trails. I was in sniff mode because a lot of dogs had walked there. We walked over bridges and through he woods. It was nice. We didn't see anyone else though. Finally we came to a large open field. There were lots of dogs there. Everyone of them was a different size and breed. They were all running and having fun. I got so excited. It wasn't fenced in but mom and dad knows that I will stay with the pack and I also like staying close to them. Daddy let me off my leash and I ran all around the field. One of the other dogs was a large mastiff/pit bull mix named Dutch. He was nice but he was a little too rough for me. He weighed almost as much as mom! He liked to wrestle and play rough. I easily out ran him but when I stopped running he bumped into me hard. It hurt my left hind leg and I yelped. That was the foot that was broken when I ran my last race. Mom and dad were worried and decided it was time to leave. They were afraid I wouldn't be able to walk, but I was OK. It only hurt for a few minutes. I am fine. I just have to be careful with that foot. I really want to go back there. It wasn't Dutch's fault. He only wanted to play. Greyhounds just don't play like that. We have thin, delicate bones.

I wish all my dog pals a safe and happy holiday season!


Went To The Dog Wash!

December 17th 2011 1:09 pm
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Mom and dad took me to the dog wash this afternoon. I smell funny now! I thought we were just going to the pet store like we always do, but I was wrong. Mom said she got a post card in the mail today. Dirty Hairy's Dog Wash had reopened in a new location. I had been to the old location several times before. The women are very nice there, I must admit. One trimmed my nails. Mom said they were way too long. She used the drummel tool on them. Next daddy lifted me into the tub. They have new tubs there. They look like real bath tubs. There was a rubber mat in the bottom so I wouldn't slip. Mom made sure the water was nice and warm but not hot. I had holly berry shampoo and another Christmas conditioner sent. daddy scrubbed one side and mom did the other. I must admit it felt kind of good. I got a lot of loose hair from my summer coat off. I was all nice and shiny. I also enjoyed getting toweled off. I did manage to get mom and dad all wet. I waited until just the right moment and then I shook as hard as I could!!! They deserved to get wet too! Next I got blow dried. It was OK, but I really didn't like the part very much. Mom said I needed to though because it was cold outside. She didn't want me to get a chill. The nice lady there gave me a new holiday bandana. It is very pretty. It is blue so I can see the color. Mom sprayed me with Holly Berry perfume after and also sprayed my bandana. I was prancing when I left! I did feel all nice and pretty. On our way home we stopped off at the pet store. Mom made me wear my reindeer antlers again! The things we dogs put up with to please our humans. The antlers really do seem to please humans for some reason. Every human smiles and laughs and says nice things to me when I wear them. I may never totally figure humans out. I got a cookie and a raw hide candy cane so I guess it was worth it. Glad to be home. Mom says we have a party to go to tomorrow.

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