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A New Beginning

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Dog Park!

August 2nd 2012 3:22 pm
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Thank you all for the cakes. It isn't my birthday but I sure do love cake!

Daddy had a vacation day from work yesterday. It was nice out so mom and dad took me to the dog park in Wayland, MA. It is about a 20 minute drive from our house. I have been there a few times before. Mom and dad let be off leash the whole time. I was very good and stayed close to mom and dad. If I got too far ahead, mom would call me and I came right away. I met a whole group of nice dogs. I even got to go in a pond to get a drink and cool my paws. I was glad that most of the walk was in the woods. It was cooler. The large open fields where I usually run was too over grown with grass and bushes. I still got plenty of good exercise. When we got back to the car I started to walk into someone yard. Mom and dad called to me and I realized it was time to leave. I jumped right into the car. On the way home we stopped at a farm stand to get corn. I was a happy tired dog!

Daddy had today off work too. Mom just had to teach an exercise class. It is very hot outside today so I couldn't go on a long walk. Mom says it will get cooler soon. Mom and dad spent the day painting and working around the house. Mom and dad have been doing a lot of that lately. Also a lot of strange people have been coming over. I know because I can smell them. Mom says not to get my hopes up, but we may be moving to a new house. We are trying to sell ours. The new house will have a big back yard for me to run and play when ever I want. I am keeping my paws crossed.

I was the daily smiler today on They said it was supposed to be yesterday, but I am featured today.


I'm The Daily Smiler!

July 30th 2012 10:53 am
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I hope all my pals have been having a safe summer. Things have been quiet for me lately. Mom and dad went on vacation a few weeks ago. Sarah our pet sitter stayed with us at my house while mom and dad were away. I like Sarah a lot and she takes good care of me. I still really missed mom and dad though. I ma glad they are back home.

It has been a hot summer so we can't go for long walks. The pavement gets too hot for my feet and I get over heated easily. I did go to the Farmer's Market on Saturday. There were a lot of dogs there. I got to meet them all. After the market I ended up at the groomers to get my nails trimmed. Nothing exciting. Some times when I walk with daddy late at night we see a skunk or two. I still want to chase them but daddy won't let me.

Daddy found a nice house for sale in our town. It has a huge back yard that I could really run in. Mom and dad even made an offer on it and put our house up for sale. Mom was excited but now it looks like we might not buy it. The house itself is perfect. Mom says it is her dream home. The basement, however, is a nightmare! The house has 5 sump pumps to keep the water out. Problem is the basement is STILL wet and now there is mold growing. Mom and dad are now talking with the seller to see if it can be fixed. If not, we won't be able to buy the house. Mom is kind of sad but she said mold can make us sick. I don't want to get sick.

A few weeks ago mom sent my picture in to a web site called The Bark. They post pictures of dogs smiling. Mom got an E-mail saying that I made this weeks smile list! On Wednesday I will be the daily smiler! What an honor. Here is a link you can copy and paste to see me:

That's all the news for now. I will write again soon.


4th Of July Picnic

July 4th 2012 3:50 pm
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I hope all my pup pals are having a fun, safe 4th Of July today. Please tell your humans to keep you in the house during the fireworks tonight. Loud noises can scare us!

Mom, dad and I went to a picnic today! We left a little late and ended up running into 2 detours. Mom thought they were because of parades. We were only 30 minutes late however and things were just getting started. We didn't miss much. Daddy set up my exercise pen and mom filled my water bowl. Dad got the chairs from the car and then mom and dad went to get food. Mom brought me two cookies so I would have a treat too. Mom and dad's friend, Marie, came. She brought her Spanish greyhound (galgo)to the picnic too. His name was Rico. The yard was pretty big and most of the dogs were off leash so mom let me run and play with him and the other dogs for a bit. Then she put me back in the pen. Marie didn't want to walk around with Rico so mom told her that he could stay in the pen with me. I was OK with that and everything was fine for a while. Rico had never been in a pen before and he started to get upset. I was laying down on the ground eating my last cookie. Rico started to paw at the pen. Then another black dog came over. Rico went into a play bow and started bouncing around. He clearly did not know how to behave. I got nervous with all the energy and I corrected Rico. The humans thought we were fighting but no harm was intended. It was all display as I demanded respect and peace in my pen. Marie removed Rico and everything was OK after that. A while later mom let me out of the pen and let me go off leash. I always stay close to mom and dad and I had already had a good run. I walked around a bit and laid on the cool ground by my humans. Mom and dad took me for a walk and then let me go off leash in the yard again. I saw Rico a few times and we were very friendly with each other. I do like him. Mom explained he had never been in a pen before. All my other greyhound friends know how to behave. He is from Spain so maybe he just didn't understand.
It was a fun day. Glad to be back in my bed though. Happy 4th Of July everyone!


I got Blessed!!

June 24th 2012 2:51 pm
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Mom found an article in our local paper that said there would be a pet blessing today at a local church. Mom and dad have never been to this church before but the article said it was open to everyone. We got into the car and daddy drove us there. There were all kinds of animals being blessed. Mostly dogs but I was surprised to see how many cats came. Mom and dad wanted to bring Ben and Charlie but they would have been too frightened. Some of the cats were on harnesses and walked around like a dog. I got to meet a couple of them and we touched noses. There were also a pair of chickens that came and some parrots. The service was very nice. The minister played guitar and people sang songs. It was outside in the hot sun and I started to get too hot. Daddy took me into the shade so I could stay cool. We were still close enough to hear the service. After the main service was over we all got in line to be individually blessed. Mom recorded my blessing on her camera so you can find it in my video library. Especially For Pets was there giving out treats so mom got me some. The offering for the blessing went to two different organizations. One of them was Heifer international. Mom and dad didn't want to donate to them because they send cows and other animals to people in 3rd world countries. Mom explained to me that it seems like a good idea on the surface but if you know anything about raising animals for meat or food you quickly realize that this does more harm to the people and the animals than it does good. I myself was exploited by the racing industry so I personally know how it feels. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. The other organization was Buddy Dog Humane Society so mom and dad donated to them only. I got a red ribbon on my collar after I was blessed. Mom said she will hang it in my window.


2012 Bark In The Park

June 17th 2012 2:44 pm
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On Friday mom dressed me up in my new costume. It is all ready except for the wings. Mom says I can't tell yet what this costume will be. It is a secrete for now. Daddy took pictures. I will be in two contests in September. Mom wants to try it out and see what the reaction will be. The ultimate goal is to win Gettysburg best in show next year. This year I won funniest but not best in show.

It was a fun weekend! On Saturday we took a ride to NH to visit with Grampy. We went to celebrate Father's day a day early. When Mom had signed us up to do the Bark In The Park walk, she didn't realize that the walk was on Father's Day. We didn't want Grampy to miss his special day, so we went early. We spent the whole afternoon visiting. Mom brought me 3 cookies and I ate all of them on Grampy's rug! It was OK because daddy vacuumed up all the crumbs I left. Mom and dad took Grampy out to dinner. Once again I had to stay home. I don't know why dogs can't go to restaurants. When they got back, mom and dad took me for a nice walk. We went to see the chickens again. They didn't come to the fence this time. I think they might have been scared of me. Mom went up into Grampy's attic. She wanted to see if her old angel wings were still there. She wanted to maybe use them in my latest costume (I'm not going to be an angel). They were there but they were too old. The feathers were all falling off! We took them home but daddy wants to throw them away. Mom agrees. They are falling apart.

Today was the Bark In The Park dog walk for Baypath Humane Society. Mom worked really hard to fund raise a lot of money. Daddy was at work and someone said the company wanted to sponsor mom. The company gave her $500 for Baypath Humane Society!!! Mom was SO happy. That put her in the second position for the most money raised by an individual. Mom got $975 for the shelter! The top person raised $1,375. The event was held at a beautiful state park not far from Greyhound Friends. We got there a little early and walked around a bit. They had some booths and vendors. Mom went to register and gave a lady her registration she had printed from the computer. The woman got all excited and said mom was the top fund raiser! Mom explained she was in second place but the woman told mom that the person in first place worked for the shelter so she didn't count! She told mom she was getting a prize! Wow!!! We looked at all the booths and then the walk began. It was a nice day in the lower 70's. It was a perfect day for a walk. I made some friends along the way. The walk went by a lake so I got to take a dip and get a drink. We walked for about a mile or so. When we got back to the event we watched a few dog agility demonstrations. Then they had a contest. daddy took me into the human/dog look alike contest! We won!! We didn't get anything though. It was just in fun. I was getting hot so daddy found me a cool water fountain. It was like humans drink from but it was especially made for dogs! It had running water and everything. The best part was it was nice and cold. I took several drinks. Finally they announced mom's name. I went up with her. Mom got a gift certificate for a 14 pound bag of dog food. They also announced the top team. Everyone clapped for us. After one of the shelter's board members came up to thank us. It was a fun day. I'm tired now. I think I will take a nap!


Walk With Willie

June 7th 2012 9:13 am
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Mom changed my profile picture! Take a look! It was taken at Greyhounds in Gettysburg during the speed run. They had a radar gun on me to clock my speed. It was all for fun. I was so happy that I was literally flying! Mom loves the pure expression of joy on my face.

Yesterday I went for a walk with my friend, Willie. Mom's friend, Jen is Willie's mom. They will be moving to a new house soon. They won't be very far away though. Only as far as my Vet. We had a nice walk around the neighborhood. Mom didn't want to go down the river trail because there are too many bugs out right now. When we got back from our walk, both Willie and I got a cookie. Then Jen put my new costume on me for a final fitting. It looks really nice and it is comfortable to wear. Mom says there is a dog event in September that will have a costume contest. I guess we are going. Mom said that Shorty Rossi from Pit Boss and Hercules will be there. Mom wants to meet them. I wouldn't mind meeting Hercules myself! I like those pit bull boys!!

Mom and I are doing a walk next Sunday to help shelter dogs. It is a shelter called Baypath Humane Society in Hopkington, MA. It is a no kill shelter. Here is a link if any of my pup pals would like to sponsor us in the walk: =2022&PID=280686&Preview=Y
You can just copy and paste this into your browser. I will write up a full report on the walk after we walk it. Later!


Memorial Day Hike and Picnic

May 28th 2012 11:33 am
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I got to join mom and dad's Meetup group for a hike and picnic today. Mom and dad didn't have to work today because it is Memorial Day. Mom says it is a special day to remember the soldiers who were in all the wars. Personally I don't understand anything about war. It is a human thing. I get along with everyone! Mom says she doesn't understand it either. We drove to Minute Man Park which is about 20 minutes from our house. I have been there before so I knew where I was. Most everyone else was late arriving so we had to wait for a bit. Mom sprayed us all down with bug spray. It is a natural bug spray that both dogs and humans can use. It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine. Once everyone arrived we started our walk. Actually one human got lost and started walking from a different parking lot! We never did find her. There were lots of people walking, jogging and riding their bicycles. There were some other dogs too. I liked that. Mom brought my special water bottle. It opens up into a bowl. I was glad because it was hot outside. Mom gave me frequent water stops and anything I didn't drink she poured on my back to help keep me cooler. We walked about an hour and a half. It was nicest in the shade!

After the hike we drove down the road to the park's visitor center. One of mom and dad's friends named Karen rode with me in the back seat. She had ridden her bike to the park. There was plenty of room for both of us though. At the visitor's center they had picnic tables and a bathroom for the humans. Daddy found a perfect picnic table in the shade. Mom's friend, Victoria had mats so we covered the table with the mat and made a table cloth. They had a band playing music. We got to relax under the trees, eat and listen to music. Mom brought cookies for me to eat. I tried to dig in the dirt but mom and dad told me not too. I had a fun time, but I am really tired now, so I think I will end my diary and take a nap. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Memorial Day!


The Enchanted Forest

May 25th 2012 6:22 am
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Many of you who read my diary may remember me writing about the enchanted forest. It was a nice little wooded area near my house. Mom and I used to love going there to walk and play. I actually found it one day. Mom didn't realize it was so large. Now it is being destroyed and I am very sad. No one knew who owned the enchanted forest and our neighbor just assumed it was part of her property. Well, last year the owner came forward and decided to build 5 condos there. Nothing happened until yesterday. They are cutting down all the trees and it is horrible. Mom and dad are very upset too and so are our neighbors. We had a nice, pleasant, quiet street. It won't be any more. We feel bad for all the birds, squirrels, opossums, chipmunks, racoons and skunks who used to live there. Many may have even lost their lives. I went to the edge of it with mom this morning. I sniffed around and said my goodbyes.


Greyhound Friends Spring Open House

May 20th 2012 5:55 am
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I knew something was up when mom painted my nails again on Friday. She did both the front and the backs this time. I really don't like the smell of the nail polish. Even though it is made especially for dogs, it doesn't smell nice. Mom took it slow and did a little at a time. They ended up hot pink!

We left a little after 10:00 on Saturday. Dad stopped at the ATM to get money and mom and I waited for him in the car. Daddy left the air conditioning on because it was already getting hot outside. When we arrived at Greyhound Friends I knew where I was. I got a little excited and pulled mom to the silent auction table. Daddy grabbed my exercise pen from the trunk and followed. There wasn't any canopy for shade so mom and dad made a tent for me. They clipped my blanket over my exercise pen. Mom gave me some cool water. Poor mom and dad didn't have any sun protection. Mom helped set up the silent auction and daddy worked on setting up the raffle. We have worked this table many times before so they know what they are doing. It was all set up and ready to go when the event started. Mom and Dad took me for walks and we checked out all the booths. Mom bought a hat to protect her head from the sun. She wanted a greyhound hat any way. Mom fell in love with one of the pictures being auctioned. It was a greyhound head in an Andy Warhol style design. I must admit it was very nice. The minimum starting bid was $35 so mom wrote her bid. Louise is the president and head of Greyhound Friends. Mom told Louise how much she wanted the picture and Louise told her to take it off the bidding table and that she could have it for the $35! Dad wrote out a check and the picture is now hanging in the living room. Aunt Carla was a little upset because she wanted it too!! Aunt Carla is OK with it though. Mom and dad had lunch. They had some nice hummus wraps and veggie burgers. Daddy was getting roasted by the sun so he found an umbrella in the car. Mom and dad shared it for shade. They had a nice dedication at the memorial garden for all the greyhounds who had crossed over to rainbow bridge this past year. They read GT's name. GT doesn't have a memorial brick yet but one has been ordered. Mom says I will have a brick someday many, many years from now. Much to mom's surprise there was already another brick for a different Isis!!! After the memorial ceremony, it was time for the dog show. Mom and dad entered me in best trick. When it came time to announce my trick mom said that I was going to do one of two tricks. I was either going to sing, or really embarrass mom and dad! I was a bit confused by the whole thing. I only sing at home. I embarrassed mom and dad!! BOL! When they gave out the ribbons the announcer said that I got last place but that mom and dad got first place!! Everyone laughed! I got mom and dad to do the trick! I still got a 5th place ribbon. Mom hung it on my exercise pen and I got to rest for awhile. Once the "Find your twin" contest was announced mom started dressing me up for the costume contest. I was a playboy bunny. Check out my photos for a picture! There was a lot of good competition this year. I was up against 6 other dogs. As they announced 6th, 5th etc. Mom was getting nervous. Soon it was down to 2 of us- me and a hula dancer dog. Mom held her breath and they announced second place to.....the hula dancer dog! Mom whispered to me that I had won! Daddy was with Aunt Carla and he said Aunt Carla gasped when she knew I had won!! I got a huge blue ribbon and a box of milk bones!! I was happy to have won but even more happy to be out of my costume. The last event of the day was the raffle. I didn't win anything in the raffle this time. Daddy was relieved since I won just about everything at the last raffle. On the way home we stopped off at the pet store to get our weekly supplies. We were all tired! Mom and dad both got sunburned! It was a fun day! I hope that Greyhound Friends got a lot of donations and that many of my brothers and sisters found their forever homes.


Last Day Of Greyhounds In Gettysburg!

April 30th 2012 12:49 pm
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We had to get up very early yesterday morning. Mom and dad started packing all of our stuff back into suitcases, boxes and bags. The morning festivities started at 9AM as well, so there was some tension in the room. Mom and dad made me wait in the room while they brought our things to the car. They had a quick breakfast of cereal that they had bought the night before, and we all got into the car. Daddy drove to the recreation field where the events where taking place. Despite our best efforts to get there right at 9 we were about 15 minutes late. The speed trials were already going on. Aunt Carla, Uncle Jeff, Gill and Skylar where already in line waiting. Mom and dad had a hard time finding the entrance because things where set up backwards from last year. Daddy jogged with me to the opening in the fence and we got in line. We got to watch Gill and Skylar run. Both are a little chunky now that they are retired but they both did very well. Gill clocked in at 34 mph and Skylar surprised everyone by running 36mph. When it got close to my turn, mom walked down to the end of the run. She wanted to video tape me. Daddy ran down to the end too and a man held my collar. They used the squawker for me. I was trained to run to it at the track. I ran fast but I only got a speed of 29 mph. The man with the speed gun said it was because I ran too high off the ground causing me to lose speed. I ran headlong into 2 people, however! They had to catch me. Uncle Jeff bragged about Skylar the rest of the morning! Mom did get me on tape but the angle was strange. You can see me though. After the speed run it was time for the rainbow bridge/pet blessing ceremony. We all gathered in the picnic area. It was a beautiful service. The minister had everyone write down the names of pets to be honored and remembered. Both Aunt Carla and mom wrote down GT's name. Mom also added two other special companion animals from years ago- Blitz and Duke. Mom and aunt Carla cried. We did a group roo as a finale! Next it was time for the fun run. Me, Gill, Skylar and 3 other dogs I didn't know got to play in a fenced in baseball field. The only bad part was that we had to wear muzzles. Mom said it was a rule even though I don't need one. I spent a lot of my play time trying to rub my muzzle off. It didn't work. By now it was 11:00am and time to head home. We had a long drive ahead of us. We stopped several times to stretch our legs and mom and dad stopped at the same Subway they did last year for a veggie sub. The last rest stop we went to was in our own state of MA. It has a little dog park I like to go to. I was there with daddy when another greyhound joined us! Mom and dad thought they might be coming from Gettysburg too, but they weren't. It felt good to be home. I ate a good supper. Mom was relieved because I didn't eat well on the trip. I was too excited. I ate only about 1/2 what I normally eat.

Mom and dad both took today off of work to relax. Mom took me for my walk early and then had me get into the car. Wouldn't you know it- I ended up at the vets!! It was time for my annual check up. I had to get a rabies shot too! They took something called a titer to see how my immunity was. If it is high enough I won't have to get booster shots for the other things. I'm keeping my paws crossed. I weighed only 66 pounds. I lost 2 pounds from not eating much this weekend. The vet said she wasn't worried about it and that I looked great! Mom said she probably gained the two pounds I lost! She said I can have them back!! I think she was joking!! Anyway It was a greyt vacation.

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