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A New Beginning

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I Am Dog Of The Day!!

July 21st 2013 5:14 am
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Wow!! I have been selected as Dog of the Day today!! I am being featured on Dogster's community page. I have never been a Dog of the Day before. I am honored! Thank you Dogster!

The heat wave we have been having has finally broken. I was able to spend more time in the yard this morning. I am glad the hot weather has left us. Yesterday mom went to the Farmer's Market to promote her dog training business. She was there for 4 hours and it was 93 degrees. I couldn't go because it would have been too hot for me. I stayed home in the air conditioning. I would have liked to have been there to support mom. Maybe next time I will be able too.


I Got A Massage!

July 14th 2013 5:45 am
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I was just notified by Dogster that I am a Daily Diary Pick again today! Wow!! Once again, I am honored.

It was just me and mom yesterday. daddy had to run a table tennis tournament. It is called the Bay State Games and he helps to run it every year. It is a long day for daddy. Mom and I went to the Framers Market together. It is just a short walk from our house. Mom got strawberries at one booth and then we walked around and looked at the rest. Mom was trying to fine broccoli but didn't have any luck. Then right in the middle of the market we saw a big tent. We went to take a look and they were giving away free doggie massages! There was one small dog getting a massage and no one else in line so mom signed me up. while we were waiting a man with a Great Pyrenees got in line too. He started talking to mom about me. He worked for Greenpeace. He said that he knew an organization called Grey2K USA! Mom told the man that she knew Christine who is the founder of Grey2K USA! The man said to tell Christine "Hi". Then it was my turn for my massage. I was a little nervous at first and my tail was tucked. After a few minutes I relaxed and really enjoyed it. It felt very good! The massage lady found a tight spot on my back and got it to relax. It was on my left side which is the same side that I broke my foot during my last race. Mom has a coupon and said that maybe I can get a full hour massage for my birthday. The woman said they might be back at another Farmer's Market. I hope so!!


Daily Diary Pick!

July 9th 2013 7:54 am
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I was So excited to learn that I am a Dogster Daily Diary pick today! I'm honored! Mom has been keeping a diary for me since I was adopted over 4 years ago. She slacks off sometimes, but does her best to catch up!! BOL!!!

This weekend was pretty quiet. It has still been very hot and humid here. I did go to the Farmer's Market with mom and dad. There were very few vendors for some reason. We only bought some strawberries and left. We took a short cut on the walk home and stopped at the little park near our house. We sat on mom's favorite bench and watched the river for a bit.

On Sunday we went to visit Grampy in NH. On the way we stopped off at Petco Unleashed so mom could get a new training treat bag. She is doing a dog Training demo soon and can't seem to find her old one. They didn't have any she liked, so daddy bought me some cookies. The man at the store gave me a free lollipop made just for dogs!!! When we got to NH, mom went to the pet store where she used to work a long time ago. She found a treat bag there. When we went to check out, the store was collecting money for greyhound rescue. Daddy gave them a dollar. We had a nice visit with Grampy. Mom brought me a rawhide chew instead of a cookie this time. That was so I wouldn't get crumbs all over the floor. We got stuck in slow traffic on the ride home. A lot of people where coming home from vacations. We had to stop at a rest stop for mom! I didn't mind because I got to meet another dog while mom was in the rest room.

PS: I am happy to report that the dog that went missing because of the fireworks was found!!! He is back safe and sound with his family!!! YAY!!


4th Of July

July 5th 2013 9:11 am
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I hope all my pup pals had a fun and safe 4th of July.
I went to a picnic with mom and dad. We left about noon and daddy drove us in the car for about an hour. We went to a brand new place where we have never been before. It was the annual Boston Vegetarian Society's 4th Of July picnic. Daddy actually drove right passed the house. There weren't any signs out or car parked on the street. Daddy had the ladies phone number so he called to make sure we were at the right place. We were! We had to walk down a path to the side of the house. They had all the tables set up inside the basement. It was nice and cool there. We were one of the first ones to arrive! Evelyn, who is the president of the BVS, brought her little dog Gigi. It was nice to have a friend. After a few minutes people started to arrive and bring food. Mom had made pasta salad. Some of the other guests brought their dogs too. Mom gave me a veggie hot dog.It was really very good! I ate the whole thing! I looked up at mom for more but she said I had eaten all. She said that if any where left over that I could have another one, but the humans ate all the rest. The humans ate and talked and I made friends with a toy poodle and a chihuahua. After mom and dad finished eating we went outside. It was hot but there was some shade in the yard and a nice breeze. We were on a lake which was very pretty. One dog was chasing a ball and swimming. I didn't go in the water as mom and dad were afraid I would go to deep again. Mom and dad met a couple from England. They were very nice. The man had my leash and he took me for a walk. We ended up going back inside for a bit. Mom and dad knew I was in good hands so they weren't worried. After awhile we came back outside again. The time really flew by fast and it was time to go. We went back inside to get our things and met a new friend named Jane. She knows Christine Dorchak of Grey2K USA!She loves greyhounds and helped to close the race tracks down in our state! She is our new Facebook friend! When we got back home, mom and I went out into the back yard. Mom needed to water the vegetable garden. All of a sudden the back gate opened and who was there but my friend, Rosco and his mom Catherine!! I couldn't believe it!! I ran around and tried to get Rosco to play with me, but I think he was tried. He just went up on the deck and wanted to come inside. It was still nice to see him. Later mom and dad went to see fireworks. I had to stay home. There were too many people and loud noise. Mom said it wasn't safe for dogs. Mom was right! Later that night I found out on Facebook that a greyhound had panicked during the fireworks and was now missing! I hope they find him.


My Dear Friend, Keira

July 1st 2013 7:43 am
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Things have been kind of quiet lately. No big doggie events to go to. Mom says there will be more later this Summer. It has been very hot outside. I have been spending most of my time in the air conditioning. I do enjoy running in my yard early in the mornings though. I have been going to the pet store and we did visit Grampy in New Hampshire since my last entry. Last week was the first Farmers Market. We were able to walk from our house. I met a whippet and another greyhound there! I really enjoyed that! I also now have a new pet sitter. She is very nice and I liked her. She promises she won't forget about me.

Today I learned that my good friend Keira has cancer and will be going to the rainbow bridge today. I am very surprised because I just saw her a few weeks ago. She came over with her dad and went out into the yard with me. She was one of my very first friends after I got adopted. In fact I had my very first play date at her house. Keira didn't like other dogs very much. She and I always got along fine though. She was a good friend and I will miss her very much. Run free at the bridge dear friend.


I Was Forgotten!

June 9th 2013 2:59 pm
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It was an interesting weekend!! On a positive note Mom and I both ended up winning art work in a free give away!! I have some friends on Facebook who have a Facebook page called The Houndies Stall. They sell donated items, many handmade, to help a dog rescue in England. They were trying to reach 250 likes so they were asking people to share. If you shared you were entered into the free giveaway! Mom won the first week and I won this week!!! The art work I won has an Egyptian theme and my name will be written in Hieroglyphics!! Isis, being a Goddess has her very own Hieroglyph! I can't wait to see it. Mom's is beautiful too. It is a greyhound next to a cherry tree in blossom.

Yesterday mom and dad went to a Star Trek Convention in Boston. Mom had always want to go to one. She has been a big fan all her life. Mom didn't pay extra to meet the stars or get autographs but she did see them all. Gates McFadden (Dr. Beverly Crusher) Said hi to mom!!! Mom was grabbing on to daddy as she was so excited. She also saw Micheal Dorn (Worf), Brent Spinner (Data) and George Takei (Sulu), Oh and Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troy, Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar) and Levar Burton (Geordi LaForge) Mom bought a Tribble. It actually squeals and shakes like the real ones. Mom asked my pet sitter, Sara to take my for my mid day walk. Mom even E-mailed her the day before to remind her. She never came!!! When mom and dad came home, the check was still on the center isle! Mom felt sick to her stomach knowing that I had to hold it for over 12 hours!!! Mom was almost in tears!! She let me out right away! Boy did I have to GO!!! I was OK though. Mom is looking for a new sitter. This lady is a friend of dad's. They used to work together. Mom feels bad about that, but my needs have to come first. This is the second time she has forgotten me.

Today was the Whisker Walk. It is another annual dog fair that we always go to. I had SO much fun!!! We did the walk and saw all the booths. Greyhound Friends had a booth so we visited with them for a while. My friend, Fast was there. I got a lot of cookies and other free goodies too. I met a pitbull who is a real heroine! She saved her owner from being hit by a train. She dragged her unconscious mom to the side of the train tracks and then got hit herself. She lost a leg and had internal injuries! She is OK now though. She led the walk. We only stayed for 2 hours because it was very hot!!! Mom didn't want me to over heat. I was fine with that. We saw every thing. I am tired now. It was a fun day!!


Greyhound Friend's Open House

May 19th 2013 5:22 am
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Yesterday was an exciting day! Mom let me out into the yard like usual for me to do my morning business. Mom was at the sink when she noticed I was acting strange out in the yard. I usually take a morning run but I usually run large loops around the whole yard. This time I was making tight circles. Mom didn't have her contact lenses in yet so her vision was a bit blurry. She realized that I was chasing something! Mom ran out in her slippers! I was chasing a baby bird! The bird could almost fly. It could skim a few inches above the ground. I was just having fun. The bird was fast and I was playing. Mom caught the bird and brought it inside. It is in a cardboard box right now in mom and dad's bedroom. Mom called a friend who has experience rehabilitating birds. He gave her some suggestions on what to feed it. Today mom and dad are visiting this friend because he has an animal sanctuary and is doing a fund raiser. He will take the bird and care for it until it can fly and live on its own.

After the bird rescue we got into the car and daddy drove us to Greyhound Friends. As we were driving down the road to Greyhound Friends, we noticed a car from Vermont in front of us. They were driving slow so daddy thought they might be going to the kennel too. Sure enough, they turned down the driveway. We later realized that the car from Vermont belonged to Linda Evens! She is the greyhound artist we met in Gettysburg! That was SO cool! We worked the Silent Auction/Raffle table again this year. Daddy set up my exercise pen and mom and dad made a tent with my blanket for shade. Mom got me fresh water and daddy brought in a bunch of comforters which we donated to the shelter. The neighbor was giving them away in a "Free" pile so mom grabbed them all. They are always looking for bedding to be used at the kennel. Mom and dad worked hard to set up the tables. Daddy took me for a walk around the grounds. When he got back, he watched the table and mom and I walked around. We went to the different booths. Mom talked with Grammie from Grammies Jammies and Cindy Maxwell's Mom. (Cindy is a greyhound and we are all friends on Facebook.) After that mom went and talked with Linda Evens and her husband. They both remembered mom and Linda even remembered mom's name! Mom wand I went back to our booth and mom talked daddy into buying another piece of Linda's art. She bought "Moving Mountains" which has 100 hidden greyhounds in it! Mom found about 50!
Soon players from the New England Patriots football team arrived. They were giving autographs in exchange for a donation. Mom took pictures of them but we didn't get an autograph. They did a ceremony at the memorial garden. That is always sad because they read names of dogs that went to the rainbow Bridge recently. They read Troy's name! I still can't believe he is gone. He was such a dear friend. His mom was sad too and was crying. Then they did a parade of adoptable dogs. I hope many find homes this weekend. After that it was time for the dog show. Mom kept track of the events so she would know when to get me ready for the costume contest. When they announced oldest dog, mom got me ready. I was a Hawaiian Hula Dancer! I was up against a dig dressed as Eore and a flower. I won!!! I got a blue ribbon, a squeaky bear toy and a milk bone! By now it was getting late in the day. They announced on the loud speaker that the food vendors had left over sausages and if any dogs wanted a free sausage to come over and get one! I wanted one, so mom went and got one for me. It was yummy!!! I really enjoyed it. They did the raffle drawing- we didn't win anything. That was OK because there were only 2 prizes mom was interested in. We only bought 6 tickets. Mom and dad helped to pack up for the day. We talked with Aunt Carla for a bit and headed home. We stopped off at the pet store and bough a few things. Once we got home, mom and dad went outside to work in the yard. Daddy mowed the grass and mom pruned bushes. It was a greyt day!


I Was In A Research Study!

May 12th 2013 11:38 am
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Yesterday we drove to NH to see Grandpa. He is still in the rehab facility. He seemed a lot stronger than the last time we visited, but he is still too thin. He plans to go home on Monday, which is tomorrow. We will visit again in a couple of weeks and mom will be calling him often to check in on him. I saw another dog as we pulled up to the rehab facility. It was a doberman. He wasn't very friendly. Other than that we had a quite visit. He went down to the sun room. Another patient and her family came in, but they didn't stay too long. We went to the pet store when we got home and did our weekly shopping. Mom got me a butterfly cookie! I ate it!!

I went to Tufts animal hospital this morning. They took blood and urine samples to be used in a study on blood coagulation in greyhounds. My friend, Ninja and his dad, Jeff, came too. Ninja and I were able to get our exams together. That made it nicer. I think mom and dad enjoyed talking to Jeff too. They gave me a pretty red bandage and Ninja got a green one. They gave use lots of treats. It didn't hurt. I hope that they will be able to help other greyhounds from this study. I am honored to have been able to help. After the study we went to Petco. Mom and dad got another litter box to put in the downstairs bathroom. Afterwards mom and dad went into the dollar store. Mom was looking for a costume for me for Greyhound Friend's Open House next week. Guess I am going as a hula dancer!! I will tell you all about it so stay tuned!!

Mom and dad decided I deserved a treat so they took me to the dog park this afternoon. It is the one in Weston, MA. I can go off leash there! There are beautiful wooded trails, streams and large wide open fields! The weather was perfect! Spring is in full bloom. Mom says it is the prettiest spring ever. I think I agree. There were lots of dogs and their people there. I kept mom and dad in sight the whole time. It was a nice treat. When we got home we all went out to the back yard. I helped mom weed the garden. Daddy is weed whacking because the lawn mower charger doesn't work. He hopes to get a new one tomorrow.


Paws In The Park

May 6th 2013 9:29 am
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Mom and dad played a dirty trick on me last week. We got home from Gettysburg Sunday afternoon. On Monday morning they brought me to the vet! I actually don't mind going to my vet too much. They are very nice there and give me treats. I prefer seeing Dr. Caviness but this time I saw Dr. Rogers. She is nice too. It was just my annual exam. They did some blood work to check my immunity. It was high enough so I didn't need any vaccines this year. Dr. Rogers said I was too fat! Can you believe that? I weighed in at 70 pounds. That is exactly what I weighed when I was adopted. Mom says I have to cut back on my cookies and walk more. Other than that, I am healthy.

Yesterday was a fun day. We went to Paws In The Park. It is an annual event held to raise donations for Buddy Dog. We have gone every year since I was adopted. They have food and vendor booths, games, demonstrations and raffles. The weather was perfect and it was a great turn out! We saw most of the booths and then it was time for the group walk. It is only about a mile walk but it is very pretty. All the flowers are coming out and the leaves on the trees are budding too. After the walk we ran into Aunt Carla, Jeff, Gil, Skylar and two of aunt Carla's Iggies. We chatted for a bit and I hung out with Gil and Skylar. By now it was noon so mom and dad went to check to see if there was anything they could eat. A Thai place was there and had some vegan options, so mom and dad had lunch. They started to play some dog games. Daddy tried the dress up contest again. He didn't do very well dressing me. He thinks mom would have done better because she dresses me in costumes a lot. Later they did a dog/human look alike contest. Daddy decided to enter that one with me too. The lady with the microphone saw me and daddy and told daddy to bring me in the ring. She kept telling daddy that she was saving him for last. The crowd cheered for who they thought looked most like their dog. When our turn finally came, mom yelled as loud as she could! (and mom can yell really loud!!!) We won!!! Daddy selected a toy for me. A lady came up to mom and asked her if we belonged to her. She said "yes" The lady said "He really does look like his dog"!! Mom got a kick out of that. Another woman said that daddy and I have the same smile!! Mom told dad and he thought it was funny too. We watched a Frisbee demo with border collies and mom and dad ate kettle corn. After that it was getting too hot. Daddy took me to the swimming pools to cool off a bit. After that I took daddy to the Greyhound Friends booth and laid down on one of the blankets. Fast was there with his mom. I always enjoy hanging out with Fast. We hadn't planned on volunteering that day, but we helped out with the booth anyway. Mom watched some of the other dog games. She was hoping for the longest tail but they didn't do that one this year. We stayed until it was almost closing time. I didn't want to leave. I had so much fun. Mom told me that Whisker Walk will be in June. I will look forward to that!


Home Again!

April 28th 2013 8:06 pm
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Arrived home safe and sound from Gettysburg. We are exhausted but had SO much fun. Our room is already booked for next year! The ride home was long and uneventful. There were a few spots of slow traffic but nothing major. A couple of the rest stops had special Canine rest areas! One even had 2 fire hydrants! Being a girl, I don't use fire hydrants but I could tell the boys enjoyed it. I ate a good supper which made mom and dad very happy. I didn't eat much at Gettysburg. There was just too much excitement and socializing to do. I basically ate cookies the whole trip!! I was on vacation after all!!! Grandpa's cat seems to have integrated with Ben and Charlie-FINALLY!!! She is out and about the house. That is a good thing. She is being pretty nice too.

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