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A New Beginning

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Fun At Day Care

October 19th 2013 7:45 am
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Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Mom has been stressed over Grandpa. He is back at the rehab place in Dover, NH and will have to move into a nursing home. Right now mom is trying to get him Medicaid to help with his bills. It is a lot of work and a lot of stress.

Life for me has been fine. My corn feels much better and I can walk pretty normal now. I got married on Facebook on October 4th to Lucien Witty who lives in England. Of course I will never get to meet my new husband but I know I would like him.

Mom's doggy day care is starting to do very well. Thursday and Friday this week we had 3 other greyhounds here. Well, one was actually a lurcher (Greyhound mix) We had a lot of fun. One greyhound named Thor, comes twice a week. We have become good friends. He follows mom all around the house. He is always bumping into her!! BOL. We also have Petey the chihuahua 3 times a week, Pancho and Chiqui, two terrier mixes, once a week and Bella comes occasionally too. It is nice to have friends over and have someone to play with during the day.

I am a bit sad that summer is over now. I have to wear my jacket on the cool mornings. It was a wonderful summer and we all enjoyed our new big back yard!


Greyhound Friend's Fall Open House

September 30th 2013 6:52 am
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I just found out this morning that my diary was selected as a daily diary pick! I am honored! Thank you Dogster.

I did receive my new bed right on time. I have been in it ever since!! It is so comfortable. My half brother, Fast and his mom brought it to me. I got to have a nice visit with my brother too.

Mom has started a doggy day care at our house. I really love having other dogs here to play with. Petey comes 3 times a week. He is a chihuahua. He is very cute but a bit barky. We have fun together though. On Tuesdays mom has too small mixes named Pancho and Chiqui. Last week Chiqui decided to pee all over mom and dad's couch! Mom wasn't happy. She had JUST let us all outside 10 minutes earlier to do our business. Everyone had gone to the bathroom so mom thought everything would be good. The couch got professionally cleaned and deodorized on Wednesday! Mom wasn't too upset because the couch and chair really did need to be cleaned anyway. Now there is a plastic cover on the couch. On Thursday, Thor came for the first time. I was so happy! He is a greyhound! In fact mom used to walk him when he was at Greyhound Friend's. It was nice having him. Even Petey liked him and so did Ben,my cat brother. Thor will be coming twice a week. I met a new dog today named Bella. She is a Silky Terrier. Very cute. I am not sure how often she will be coming.

My corn is still bothering me a bit. I don't like walking on hard surfaces. Mom keeps putting medicine on it and she even used a drummel tool to wear it down some. Soft surfaces like grass feel much better. I hope it goes away soon.

Yesterday we went to Greyhound Friend's Fall Open House. Once again we worked the silent auction and raffle table. It was a beautiful day. We hoped for a big turnout but not that many people came. They said that Saturday had quiet too. I hope Greyhound Friend's made enough money. They had an ex Patriots football player come to sign autographs. Mom and dad didn't get one. They don't watch sports. I did see a lot of friends there though! Johnny B and Cella, Lux, Cindy Maxwell and her sister SallyAly, and Thor!! I was in the costume contest. I was dressed as a belly dancer. I came in second. daddy said I probably didn't win because I have won every costume contest there for the last 4 years! I think they thought someone else should win for a change. I was OK with that. Mom hung up my new ribbon.My corn was bothering me so I wanted to stay in my exercise pen most of the time. I had a nice cool, shady place in the grass. I didn't win anything in the raffle either. I am happy that I won my bed last week.

Well I am in my bed and think it is time for a nap. I will write more later.


New England Pet Expo

September 22nd 2013 4:29 am
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I just got back from the New England Pet Expo!! It was fun. My corn was acting up again so I had to wear a bootie to help me walk comfortably. The expo is indoors and the floors are hard. This is one of the biggest pet fairs of the year! They have SO many booths, speakers and other events. Shorty Rossi from Pit Boss was there again this year. His dog, Hercules was sick and at the vets so he couldn't come. Mom was second in line to meet him!! Last year mom was distracted by a raffle table at the entrance to the expo and had to wait in line. This year she went directly to where shorty was! we listened to some of the lectures. One was about teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash. The trainer was terrible and mom got SO mad. She was jerking dogs around the stage and even recommended choke and prong collars. Mom literally wanted to slap her! She didn't of course. We also watched a first aid demo which was good and of course went to Shorty's talk. I got to hang out at 2 greyhound adoption booths!!! The first one was called Greyhound Options Inc. They had a brand new dog bed. I walked right into the booth and made myself at home in the bed! The people working the booth got a kick out of it and told mom and dad that I could hang out there for a while. When mom and dad returned they literally had to pick me up out of that bed. They were raffling the bed off, so mom and dad bought me a ticket. Next I got to hang out at Greyhound Friend's booth with my brother, Fast. I had so much fun that I didn't want to leave!!! When we got back home our neighbors were having a plant sale. Mom wanted some mums for the front of our house. The neighbors had rabbits! daddy took me to see the rabbits not thinking that I could get my needle nose through the fencing!! Daddy learned real quick that I could!! Next thing anyone know I had a mouth full of rabbit fur!!! I basically just pulled the fur out of his skin. He has a bald patch now! Mom checked him over and I didn't draw any blood. Mom told the neighbor that if the bunny had vet bills that we would pay them. I am in the dog house!!!! Mom said it was really kind of daddy's fault in a way. He didn't think I could reach the bunny. Mom was holding 2 big mums at the time and was talking to the neighbors. I am just too hard wired to be trusted around bunnies. After a short rest, mom and dad went to dinner and then daddy had to go to his mom's house to help her with a computer virus. On our way home from visiting daddy's mom, mom and dad were joking that the answering machine would be flashing and that there would be a message that I had won my bed. Sure enough!! The guy was SO funny on the machine. He said "Isis indeed won HER bed". Then he said that my brother's mom had it and would be dropping it off today. I am is such a lucky dog!!! I get my bed around noon time!!!


It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times

September 10th 2013 1:00 pm
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The last week and a half have been a mixture of good times and bad times. Last Thursday,mom came home from work to find a message on the answering machine.It was from Grandpa. He had fallen late Wednesday night and had broken his hip and hit his head. He tried to reach his phone by his chair but ended up pulling it out of the wall jack. He had to crawl into the kitchen to get to that phone to call 911. Luckily the ambulance came quickly. They brought him to Exeter Hospital which is near his house. Mom talked with him on the phone. he was in good spirits. He had to have 5 stitches in his head and had a small bleed in his brain. The doctors there wanted to do surgery to repair his broken hip but they were afraid to operate considering grandpa's poor health. Grandpa has a very bad heart and kidneys. The anesthesiologist even called mom to say that he was uncomfortable operating. He suggested grandpa be transferred to a Boston Hospital with better equipment and more experience. Mom agreed. Mom and dad planned to drive to NH to visit grandpa on Saturday night after we went to Greyhound Rescue Of New England. Now for some good times!

Saturday daddy drove us to Uxbridge, MA where they were having the fund raiser for Greyhound Rescue Of New England. Mom and dad raised $365 in sponsor money for the walk! It was a beautiful day. I was SO excited!! I love being with my fellow Greyhounds. Mom registered us for the walk and got a goodie bag and a T-shirt. Grammy of Grammies Jammies was there. Mom wanted to get me some new jammies as my other one is getting old. Grammie was doing a fund raiser herself- to help a greyhound named Chevy. Chevy was attacked by 3 dogs. After the attack he got a bacterial infection is his leg and needs surgery. They are trying to raise money on Facebook with an auction. Grammie said that if anyone mentioned Chevy, she would donate 50% for his operation. Mom found me new jammies and of course mentioned Chevy. After that we walked around and looked at the different booths. We saw Auntie Carla, Uncle Jeff and Donna. Everyone was talking to mom about Grandpa. At noon a reverend gave us all a blessing and we started the walk. It was such a nice day that we walked the whole two miles. Not everyone walked the whole way. I was glad we did. The walk was by a river and we saw turtles. After the walk, mom signed me up for the pet games. She entered me in the prettiest eyes and the costume contest. Then she took a look at the raffle table and bought some raffle tickets. Mom and dad ate some lunch and we rested in the shade. Soon it was time for the contests. I got a 4th place for prettiest eyes. Mom said the judges were blind!! BOL!! I got second place in the costume contest. I wore one of my older costumes as mom couldn't think of anything new. After the contest, Diane, the president of GRNE came up to mom and gave her a basket full of stuff. She was the 3rd highest sponsor collector and won a prize!!! Next it was raffle time. Mom put tickets only in the things we really wanted to win. Grammies Jammies had a gift basket with another pair of jammies, a blanket and a cool toy. You can imagine my surprise when they called my name! I won!!! I also won a stuffed bear which wasn't a dog toy. I gave it to mom. Then it was time to head back home. I was tired. Mom called the hospital about grandpa. The nurse said that he was going to transferred to Beth Israel Hospital in Boston that night!!! They planned to do the surgery right away! Grandpa said not to drive all the way to NH because he didn't know when they would be taking him to Boston. Since it was daddy's birthday, mom and dad went out to dinner to try and relax.

Sunday was the Pet Rock Festival. Mom called the hospital and was told the surgery was postponed so they could do more tests. It wouldn't be until Monday. Mom and dad decided to take me and then visit Grandpa that night. Daddy kept his cellphone with him in case the hospital need to contact them. I always love going to Pet Rock.We walked all around and saw the different booths. The booths are lined up around an outdoor track. There is an inner ring and an outer ring. Mom and dad did all the outer ring booths first. Then they did the inner ring. That way they don't miss anything. Mom and dad saw a lot of people they knew. I was on the lookout for other greyhounds. I found some too!!! Greyhound Friend's had a booth along the inner ring. We hung out there for a bit. I saw my half-brother, Fast. We had a good visit. I stayed at the booth while mom and dad grabbed a bit to eat. Mom and dad love Pet Rock because everything is vegan or vegetarian. usually mom and dad have to bring their own food to eat. After they ate we took a last walk around the track. Mom wanted to get to the hospital to see grandpa, so we headed home with a quick stop to the pet store along the way.

I stayed home while mom and dad visited grandpa. Dogs aren't allowed in hospitals unless they work there. Mom and dad visited for an hour and a half. The surgery was scheduled for 6:15 AM on Monday morning. Mom wished grandpa good luck and didn't sleep all night. The operation was postponed Monday and scheduled for today. they wanted to do another echo cardiogram and check on grandpa's head. Grandpa called this morning to say that the surgery was postponed again! He is getting frustrated and he wants it over with- one way or the other. Mom tried to tell him that the doctors want to give him the best chance of making it through surgery as possible. Grandpa is 86 and very weak. His spirit is strong though. I have never seen mom so stressed out. Mom is going to call grandpa's nurse to get more information. Grandpa isn't good understanding medical stuff.Please say a prayer for grandpa. I will keep you updated.

In other news, mom has started a doggy day care in our home. We have Petey 3 times a week. He is a chihuahua. Sometimes we have Chiqui and Pancho. They are terrier mixes. Mom loves it and so do I. I get to play with dogs all day. It is fun.


Doggy Weekend!

August 25th 2013 10:39 am
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On Wednesday mom heard back from my brother's new mom. His name is now Charlie and he is living in NC!! I am not sure if we will be able to meet in Gettysburg next spring but he may be able to come. It is nice to know that he has a loving home and is doing well. He is the only sibling that we have been able to contact so far. Mom found pictures and information about my dad on the internet. His name was Flying Penske. Mom and I started a Facebook page to honor him. Mom is asking for pictures of other puppies sired by him. We have made a photo album. There are 14 in all so far. I have a lot of half brothers and sisters out there!

What a DAY it was yesterday! I was wiped out!!! Mom and dad took me to a big dog play group. I met a lot of nice dogs and got to play and run in a huge fenced in yard!!! We stayed for over an hour. Then we went to a pet store called Pet World in Natick. Two greyhounds were there doing a Meet and Greet for Greyhound Friends! They were Moon and Lucky. I got to hang out with them for a bit and then we went shopping. Pet World has flavors of dog food that my usual pet store doesn't have! Can't wait until dinner!! After that I ended up at Dirty Hairy's Self Dog Wash! I got a bath!!!! Mom said my head smelled funny. Now it smells like Almond Honey!! BOL!!! I got a new bandana that is black with red flames!!! Wow, What a day!!!

Today mom and dad surprised me again! They took me to Horn Pond for a Greyhound adventure! About 30 or 40 greyhounds came! I had a lot of fun! It was the perfect day!! Not too hot. I saw a lot of friends that I hadn't seen in a while. I was sad to learn that two of my very good friends, Zero and Louise have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Zero had osteo!*Growls* It has taken so many of my friends!! Not sure what happened to Louise. I miss them. Daddy walked with me and mom walked with my friend, Cella. Cella's mom was watching another greyhound for friends so she had her hands full. It was nice walking with Cella. We walked side by side for most of the walk. I got to get my feet wet in the pond. Mom and dad wouldn't let me drink from the pond because the water didn't look very good. Mom brought water from home and my little bowl so that tasted good. Everyone liked my bandana. We had such a nice walk. I really need a nap now!!!


Visit To Grandma

August 20th 2013 9:28 am
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Saturday we went to Grandpa's. On Sunday we visited with Grandma! Grandma is daddy's mom. She was having trouble with her computer. The screen was freezing on her. Grandma lives in a retirement center. They have small apartments in a building that kind of looks like a hotel. I have been there a couple of times before. The only part I don't like is that in order to get to grandma's apartment, I have to go into a room that moves! I don't think I will ever like them. On the way up, I hid behind daddy's legs and I was shaking. I was fine once I got to grandma's house. I laid on the floor and napped while daddy worked. Daddy fixed her computer- we think. As of yesterday it was still working OK. Paws crossed!! When we left I had to go back into that terrible moving room again! This time I paced in circles until we got back to the main floor. After the visit we went to Petsmart. Mom and dad had meant to go to Petco but they got mixed up and ended up at Petsmart instead. That was OK. They found what they needed. Mom needed a pet gate to put up in the stair way. Tomorrow she gets her first doggy day care dogs. The dogs from the day care will have to stay downstairs. That way the cats can come upstairs and be safe. Mom says she will let me upstairs when ever I want to as well. Also the downstairs is all hard wood floors which is much easier to clean up accidents than the carpets upstairs. Mom is excited. They are two little chihuahuas that I met at the farmer's market last Saturday. After daddy installed the gate, I wasn't too sure what to do. It took me a few minutes to get brave enough to go through the opening. I am OK with it now. Daddy put me on my leash and led me up and down a couple of times.

Mom is looking for my brothers and sisters right now. She just contacted the adoption groups that placed them in their homes. Mom hopes to set up a reunion next year when we go to Gettysburg. They all live close to PA! So far we know that 3 have been adopted. There are 2 more missing. I hope they are all OK. One of my brothers was doing well at the track. He would be too old to still be racing but maybe he is being used as a stud dog. I also found out that my dad was quite famous.His name was Flying Penske. He was a very successful racer and is up for the greyhound hall of fame! Sadly he passed away the exact month and year that I was born. Because of artificial insemination he is still fathering puppies!!! In fact I was shocked to learn that my good friend, Fast, is actually my half brother! Small world!


Busy Day!

August 18th 2013 9:27 am
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Yesterday was a very busy day. Mom and dad were working at the MayDOG (Maynard Dog Owners) booth at the farmer's market. MayDOG is letting mom advertise her doggy day care and dog training. It was a beautiful morning. It was not too hot- just the right temperature. Mom and dad let me go too! They brought my blanket and we were under a tent so we had some nice shade. Once I settled in, I had a lot of fun. I liked socializing with the people at the next table. On one side was a bakery and on the other it was the Maynard Community table. I got lots of attention from both! Mom got several interested people in doggy day care so I got to meet all of their dogs as I will be spending the day with them. I liked them all!! Another greyhound came to the market so daddy let me go over to meet her. She didn't need day care or training but it was nice to meet one of my own. Later in the morning daddy took me over to the groomers so I could get my nails trimmed. I didn't like that part very much. My nails were getting long, so I was happy when it was over. When we got back to the booth, daddy bought me a doggy muffin from the bakery next door! She had made special dog muffins!! Wow was that good!! It was a wonderful morning. A lot of people came by the booth and mom actually got one client who is bringing her 2 dogs on Wednesday!! I was tired when I got home and planed on a quiet afternoon. That didn't happen. Right after lunch, we all got in the car and daddy drove us to NH. He let me and mom off at Grandpa's house. Then he left to go to his class reunion. I am not sure what that means but daddy had fun. Mom and I hung out with Grandpa. I got to play in grandpa's back yard and mom had brought me some cookies to snack on. Later in the evening grandpa and mom took me for a short walk up the street. Grandpa can't walk very far, but he tries. Mom said that Grandpa's birthday will be on Monday and he will be 86 years old!! Happy Birthday Grandpa!!! I got a late supper. It was 9PM by the time we got home. I'm still a little tired!!


Daily Diary Pick!

August 14th 2013 7:46 am
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Wow! I just found out that my diary was selected once again as a Daily Diary Pick of the day! I am honored. Thank you Dogster!

A quiet day today. I have been mostly napping. Mom has been working with me everyday so I can learn my colors. I'm getting the hang of it!


International Day!

August 10th 2013 4:26 pm
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Two weeks ago, mom's granddaughter came to stay with us. I am usually afraid of kids but I like this one! Her name is Davina. I slept in her room every night. During the day, all the humans went off doing things. I had my new pet sitter come and let me out so I could do my duty. At first I was a little shy as I didn't know her very well. By the end of the week, I was looking forward to her visit. Now that Davina is gone back home, I kind of miss her. She was very gentle with me.

Today was International Day at Greyhound Friends. We left early this morning in order to get there on time. There was a big tent set up so we would stay cool. It was a beautiful day! In fact it was just about perfect except it was a bit windy. Things did blow around a bit. Mom was surprised and delighted to see that Linda Evans had come. No, not the actress. She is a greyhound artist that puts hidden greyhounds in her pictures. We have two of her prints in the living room. When we were socializing before the speakers, a whole bunch of people seemed to know me! They are friends with me on Facebook!! I felt almost famous. They kept coming up to me saying "I know Isis from Facebook!" Mom and dad got a kick out of it. We listened to all the speakers. They were all very interesting.They had speakers from Ireland and Spain as well the United States. Happy to say things are slowly improving for us all over the world. We did have one nice long break for lunch. I got to socialize with the other greyhounds that were there. During the second half of the day a huge gust of wind knocked over Linda Evan's tent! Her husband ran to rescue it. I don't think anything was damaged. I hope not! It was a wonderful day. On the way home we stopped at Petco. Mom is starting to teach me about colors! Dogs can see blue and yellow. She bought me two identical toys- one is blue and one is yellow. She is using the touch command which I already know. I can only distinguish the two toys by color (mom bought them at the same store at the same time and is keeping them in the same place so there is no difference in smell) I did very well for my first time. I'm tired now! It was a long day!


Band Concert!

July 25th 2013 2:06 pm
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I went to a band concert last night with mom! Every Wednesday evening during the summer, the Maynard Community Band performs in the park. I made friends with a nice young man who kept petting me during most of the concert. at one point a group of children started marching to the music. They were following one of the band members. He realized that I was a little scared so he made sure the kid s didn't march too close to me. I thought that was very thoughtful of him. My friend Bella and her mom, Sarah, came for a little while. There were a couple of other dogs who attended too. They didn't play too loud which I appreciated. It was a pleasant evening. Mom says maybe we can go again.

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