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A New Beginning

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4th of July Picnic

July 5th 2016 11:43 am
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We actually went to the picnic on the 3rd of July!! Daddy drove me and mom. Daddy put up my exercise pen so I would be safe. That way I wouldn't have to stay on leash the whole time. Daddy found a nice shady spot under the tree. Mom gave me some water. It was a beautiful day! Mom and dad got some food. Mom checked the grill and got me a veggie hot dog. I LOVE veggie hot dogs but I wouldn't eat it! Sometimes when I am out in public, I don't like to eat. Later mom and dad took me for a walk to stretch my legs and go to the bathroom. We were going to go down a dirt path that lead to the water but there were some kids playing basketball. That scared me, so I didn't want to go. Instead we walked down a side street and did a nice loop around the block. I met a goldendoodle. He was nice. When we got ready to leave, mom took my hotdog with us. She gave it to me when we got home. I ate it in about 5 seconds!!! It was SO good!!!

On Sunday we went to visit grandma. She has a new apartment. I got confused. I had to ride in the room that moves again. I am getting more comfortable with it, but I still don't like it. I can feel the floor moving. We visited for a while. Grandma gave me some chicken. Later we all went outside. There were bunnies!!! I got so excited. daddy wouldn't let me chase them though! I really wanted to! I enjoyed visiting grandma and the bunnies. I want to go back again soon!!!


My corn will soon be gone!

July 2nd 2016 9:16 am
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I went to see the doctor today. It wasn't my usual Doctor. It was Dr. Poling who specializes in Greyhounds. I know him from seeing him at Greyhound Friend events. He looked at the corn in my paw. 2 weeks ago it hurt so bad I couldn't even walk! The pain comes and goes. After the last really bad event mom said it had to get looked at. I will be having corn surgery on Tuesday, July 12th. I have to be there at 8am. Dr. Poling said the corn was huge and right down to the bone. I will lose about half that paw pad, but it won't be a big deal. He said it won't grow back and I am lucky that only 1 paw pad is affected. While I am under, I will also get a mini dental cleaning. I may even lose a tooth, but it way way back in my mouth. I will be on reduced exercise for about 3 weeks or so. Then I will be as good as new again. Mom said we are going to a fun picnic tomorrow. That is something I can look forward too!!


Whisker Walk 2016

June 7th 2016 4:52 am
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On Sunday, Mom and dad took me to the Whisker Walk. It wasn't a very nice day. It was raining! We didn't let that stop us though. The event was rain or shine and mom and dad knew I wanted to go. I wore my raincoat so it wasn't that bad. Mom and dad watched the weather on the radar so we chose a time when it was just sprinkling or misty. Mom and dad had umbrellas so only their feet got a bit wet in the grass. They did have a few booths but it was very small. Not too many showed up. Still I got to go, meet other dogs and enjoy myself. Greyhound Friend's booth was there and I got to see Teddy. After the Whisker Walk daddy drove us to Waltham to the pet store that sells my cookies. We usually buy a lot of boxes so we don't have to go as often. Mom also bought me some dog food. I am switching my dog food now. I used to eat Merrick. It was once a really good quality food. Mom and dad just found out the company was bought by Purina! Now I will be eating Evanger. So far I like it. Mom is using up the old cans of Merrick. I get one can of Merrick in the morning and a can of Evanger at night until the Merrick is gone.


Greyhound Friends Spring Open House

May 22nd 2016 3:49 pm
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I went to Greyhound Friend's Spring Open House today with Mom and dad. At first we thought it was going to be a rainy day, but it cleared up and was really beautiful. daddy set me up in my exercise pen as mom and dad had to work the silent Auction and raffle table again this year. They made a little shelter for me with my blanket to keep the rain (And later the sun) off of me. At first mom and dad had to cover everything with plastic until the rain stopped. Lots of our friends came! I saw Calvin, Johnny B and Cella, Teddy, Minion, Trent, Riley, Bryndel and a whole lot more! They had a memorial service in the garden for all those who had passed since December. They read my bother, Fast's name. Fast has a memorial brick in the garden. I miss him. His aussie shepherd brother, Riley also recently passed. I knew him well too as he often did meet and greets and came to my parties. They also included our fish, Lime in the memorial. Mom was crying a bit. She misses lime. Daddy took me around to the different booths so that I would see everything. They had some really strange animals called Alpaca. I sniffed their wool which was in a bucket. Later I got to meet one! We sniffed noses with each other! Rosco's mom was there with a booth, but she didn't bring Rosco. I was a little sad as I would have loved to have seen him. Mom brought me into two contests- one was Oldest dog and the other was longest tail. I took 4th in Oldest. My friend, Johnny B won first place. I was glad because he really loved the cookie he got. I won a white ribbon. For longest tail I got a yellow ribbon for 3rd place. It was really pretty. I can see the color yellow. I also won two cookies! Mom entered my name in the raffle. I won a gift basket! I won a beautiful new green collar and matching leash from Classy Couch Potatoes!! I also got some yummy jerky treats and a new stuffed boar that squeaks! It was a really fun day.


GIG 2016

May 2nd 2016 8:57 am
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April 27: We are in Gettysburg!!! Mom and dad drove me to our friend's Caryn-Amy Rose and Jeffrey's house this afternoon. They are Thor, Teddy and Ripley's parents. I thought we were just going to hang out and visit. next thing I knew I was in a really big car that mom called a "Van". It was a long drive but we stopped a few times to stretch our legs and go potty. Every time we stopped I ended up in a new spot in the van! It was OK with me. Finally tonight we arrived in Gettysburg. I am very excited. I am going downstairs now to see if anyone is around to socialize with.

April 28: Having a fun time in Gettysburg!! Today I went shopping! Dad bought some new clothes for his new job which starts on Monday.Mom found a new outfit too as well as a new workout outfit. I like going into the stores.I wish I could do that all the time. Daddy bought me two cheese burgers for lunch. I ate one right away and I am saving the other one for later. Tonight we may go listen to ghost stories. It depends on the weather though- hope it doesn't rain

April 29: Had a fun day yesterday!! The main building was open with all the vendors. Mom did a lot of shopping! I got two new collars. One was the official GIG collar and the other matched one of my Grammies Jammies! Mom bought a really cool stuffed greyhound. We listened to some good talks and I spoke with an animal communicator. Daddy bought me a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast. Later we went to a social downstairs ion the lobby area. Dogs couldn't go by the pool which I thought was very unfair. Mom and dad brought back steamed chicken for my super.I think it was all gone in 5 seconds!!!It was SO yummy! Then mom and dad went on a 2 hour ghost hunting investigation. That was OK with me. I crashed on my bed and was sound asleep!!!

April 30th: Last day in Gettysburg today. I am sad. I don't want to leave. I had so much fun. I was in the costume contest today with my Party Animal costume. Once again,I didn't win anything. I just don't have much luck there for some reason. I met Merlin today!! That was so exciting. Merlin was with his dad, Neil. We got our picture taken together. Mom did some more shopping. I got a new tag collar and matching leash to go along with my new Gettysburg collar. Mom got a sweatshirt and I got some dog treats. We listened to a couple of lectures too. Mom and dad bought me a travel bed. It rolls up and has a carrying strap.I LOVE it. I can use it when we go places. Mom tried to organize a Penske Pup family reunion but it didn't work well. We did meet a couple of my relatives- a half brother and niece- Buddy and Gracie Dad bought me a egg, bacon and cheese breakfast sandwich for my dinner tonight. It was so good. I ate it all up.Tonight we went to a social. I was glad I got to see all my friends one more time before we leave. Mom says we can come back next year.

May 1st: Got up early. Mom and dad packed everything up. I was sad. I didn't want to leave. Mom promised we would come back next year. I got back into the van and daddy drove and drove. It was rainy and foggy. There were lots of areas with slow traffic as they were doing road construction. We did stop a few times to stretch our legs and go potty. Glad to be back home. Dreaming now of next year!


Trip to the vets

April 21st 2016 8:27 am
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Yesterday I went for my annual physical at the vets. My corn was bothering me so Dr. Caviness dremeled it down and snipped off a piece that was sticking out. Mom and dad had been putting on Burt Bees hand cream to try and soften it. I had blood work done for my titers and a full physical. I also got a special lyme disease test as I had been exposed to it before. I got my chiropractic adjustment which I always enjoy. The doctor said I looked really good. he did notice some cloudiness in one of my eyes but said it shouldn't interfere with my vision. Just normal aging stuff. Later mom sent Dr. Caviness a link on how to hull corns in greyhounds. He is going to try and hull my corn next time. Mom got a call this morning and my heart work and fecal were all negative. I was also negative for lyme which made me happy. Next Wednesday mom and I leave for Greyhounds In Gettysburg! I am so excited. We are going with Caryn Amy, Jeffrey and Thor, Teddy and Ripley in a big van! daddy can't come as he hasn't found a job yet. I like having him home with us, but he needs a job to buy me things!!


Sorry It has been so long

March 9th 2016 3:38 pm
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Sorry it has been so long since I updated my diary. I had a good winter. There wasn't much snow this year. it was nice and kind of quiet. I did get some bad news. My half brother, Fast, went to the rainbow bridge. I got to see him just before Christmas. He passed shortly afterwards. I am glad I got to see him one last time.

I may start doing meet and greets at pet stores again. They were fun.Mom,dad and I went to a meeting. We will also help out for an hour or two at some of the dog fairs coming up this summer.

On Saturday we went for a Greyhound Adventures walk.It was a nice day. We did a large loop and then another smaller loop. I walked with Calvin during the smaller loop.His mom gave me a pretty lavender bandanna.

Today was beautiful outside. It was 75 degrees out and it is March 9th!! That is crazy.Last year at this time we were buried in snow! The flowers are coming up and the trees are budding. Mom and dad took me to the off leash dog park in Weston.I was very good and stayed right with mom and dad.Sometimes I try to join a pack of dogs and daddy has to go get me. BOL. Overall,I am very good off leash. Most greyhounds can't do it.


Secret Santa

December 12th 2015 3:10 pm
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????? Something strange happened today. Mom and dad took me to Petco. It was a Petco I had never been to before. I always love going to pet stores so I was very happy. When we went inside we saw Calvin and his mom, Cathy! Mom and Cathy talked for awhile and daddy took me over to stand in line. There were about 4 dogs ahead of me. Mom had put my jingle bell collar and reindeer antlers on me, so people kept coming up to me to pet me. I liked that too. As we moved up in line I saw my brother, Fast's, human mom. I sniffed her and recognized her. Then I saw Santa Claus! He knew me! He called out my name a few times. Then I had to go stand with him to get my picture taken with him. He seemed familiar but I couldn't put my paw on it. I was a little nervous and was shaking a bit, but I got my picture taken. Afterwards I was standing next to daddy and mom left with my brother's mom. Next thing I knew, my brother, Minion and Riley were there! It was the strangest thing. Mom kept telling me that I KNEW Santa and that he was at my birthday party a few weeks ago. I honestly do not remember seeing Santa at my party. Santa did seem a little familiar.......


Parade Dog!

December 6th 2015 4:25 pm
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I am a very tired but happy dog tonight. This morning mom and dad took me to Boston so I could walk in the annual Jingle Bell Walk!! The walk was a very special Greyhound Adventures walk. Most of us dogs dressed up in holiday apparel. Many of the humans dressed up too. Mom put Christmas lights and red garland around my harness! The lights had this big battery pack so mom took her hot glue gun and glued a little Santa Claus on top. It looked so cute, like Santa was riding on my back! I also wore my jingle bell collar and reindeer antlers and my very special holiday Grammies Jammies too! Greyhound Adventures collected donations to Greyhound Initiative. Dr. Couto works for them trying to find a cure for Osteosarcoma. My cover photo is a picture of me and Dr. Couto. Mom and dad donated. It was a very nice day. The temperature was very warm for this time of year. It was 50 degrees. I was very comfortable in my light jammies. We walked all around Boston Commons and the Boston Public Gardens. I would say about 50 other greyhounds attended. Every greyhound got a jingle bell to wear. We ring our bells for all the greyhounds that went to the Rainbow Bridge this past year. I rang my bell for them all but especially for Robin and Sally Bumbles.
After the walk we went home for a very short time. I was tired but mom told me that today was also the Maynard Christmas Parade! I march in it every year with MayDOG. I couldn't miss it!! I wore the same thing in the parade. There were lots of people watching this year. They all loved my outfit. I got my picture taken by a lot of people. It was fun! Mom said I was a real trooper because she knew how tired I was. I walked the whole parade! We saw Santa afterwards and he waved to me! That made me feel special. It was such a good day! I am very tired though so it is time for bed!!


My 9th Birthday Party

November 22nd 2015 5:36 pm
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Yesterday, Mom and dad threw my a birthday bash for my 9th Birthday!Mom got things ready early that morning, She brought down the dog beds from upstairs and brought up extra chairs from the basement. Mom and dad started making some food in the afternoon. At 4 O'clock the first guest arrived. It was Carolyn and Johnny B. Johnny B's sister Cella couldn't come this year. She caught a bat and the bat had rabies! Even though Cella has had all her shots, she still is under quarantine at her house for 2 more weeks.
What a fun party I had! I couldn't believe all the friends who came to celebrate with me. So many friends came, both dogs and humans. Johnny B, Rosco, Thor, Ripley, Teddy, 2 Rileys (one is a Greyhound and one is an Australian shepherd), Minion, My brother, Fast, Calvin, and Bryndel. My human friends included Kasha, Katherine, Julie, Mark, Kathy, Ron, My pet sitter, Margaret, Caryn Amy, Jeffrey, Bryndal's mom,Patricia and his dad, Barbara and Mike, Veronica, Carolyn, Zacharia and of course mom and dad. I got a whole table full of gifts! Lots of treats, some toys, a new collar and a new Jammie from mom and dad. We all had cake and cookies and everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to me! We all got to play in the yard. Calvin had fun doing zoomies!! Minion peed on mom's exercise machine and Calvin peed on top of it! Daddy and Kathy cleaned it up and didn't tell mom right away! Thor stole some cake! I think he got 4 slices!It was a great party!!

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