A New Beginning

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Slow Summer

August 31st 2015 11:14 am
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Hi Friends,
Sorry I haven't written in my diary for a while. It has been a slow summer with not to much exciting happening. I have been doing the usual dog things like sun bathing in the warm summer sun, going for walks and enjoying the air conditioning. I did go to the Farmer's Market but later found out it was a trick! Mom and dad just wanted me to get my nails trimmed!! I also attended the one year anniversary of the opening of the Maynard Dog Park. That was fun. I got to play a bit with some other dogs. I really don't like the dog park all that much though. They have all this wood chips in the park and they hurt my feet- especially where my corn is.It was fun to go though.

A few weeks ago my friend, Rosco, came and stayed with us for a couple of weeks. His mom went on a cruise in Europe. It was nice having him around. We get along very well and he is good company. I enjoyed our walks together. I was sad to see him leave.

Yesterday was a very fun day. Mom and dad took me to auntie Carla's house. Mom and dad did Reiki for an auntie Carla's Italian Greyhound, Dash. He is getting a bit older now and having digestive and other health issues. He really enjoyed the energy work. Later more people and dogs came! I was happy to see my brother, Fast and his sister Minion. Also Gil, Riley, Atlas, Skylar and a whole bunch of Italian Greyhounds came. It was quite a pack! We had a lot of fun.

Mom says there are lots of dog events in September because the weather gets cooler. That will be nice. I don't like to stay out in the heat very long- especially being a black dog.


The Blessing Of The Pets

June 15th 2015 1:03 pm
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Mom and dad's church held The Blessing Of The Pets on Saturday. We were there almost all day. The event was noon until 6 but we had to be there to help set everything up. Mom and dad set up my exercise pen for me in the shade of a big tree. They set up their table right next to me. Mom and dad offered pet Reiki. They had other people come to sell things too. Some had tents outside and some were inside a building. All the money went to help Greyhound Friend's. My friends, Ozzie and Bryndle came with their parents to help out. We had musicians come and play songs for us. After the Blessing, mom led a healing circle and then we played doggie games. Daddy and I won the human/dog look a like contest again! We win that one often! It was a beautiful day. Mom had wished that more people had come, but maybe next year it will be even better. We still managed to raise $140 for Greyhound Friends!

On Sunday we went to Boston to visit a friend at a rehabilitation center. A few months ago, mom's friend tripped and fell. She had severe damage to her spinal cord and needed surgery. She is doing great now and is even walking again. She will be in rehab a few more weeks. I couldn't visit her in the hospital but dogs are allowed at the rehab place. We were almost there when daddy saw that all the roads were blocked by the police!They were having a parade. We never got to visit mom's friend and had to come back home. Mom and dad called her to let her know that we tried. Mom says we will go back on Thursday to visit.


My Dental Cleaning!!!

June 9th 2015 9:03 am
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I am a bit upset! Last night daddy didn't give me any treats. This morning mom didn't feed me! The cats and the fish got fed! Mom says I have to go for something called a "Dental". She tried to explain to me that a vet will be cleaning my teeth. She said that I will sleep while my teeth get cleaned. I guess the stuff the makes you sleep can cause your tummy to get upset and that is why I can't have any food. I think I would rather have food than have my teeth cleaned! Mommy says I really need to them cleaned though and that I will feel better afterwards.

I arrived a bit before 9AM. I was happy to be at Greyhound Friends at first! I was confused because the silent auction table wasn't on the lawn. I walked right over to where we usually set up for open house. Then daddy made me go inside the building! I knew something was up then! A woman tried to get me to go down the hallway and I put on the breaks! I refused to go with her so mom and dad walked me to the back and into the kitchen. There they made me get into a crate right next to another crate with 2 beagles in it. I was really upset now. Then mom and dad left me there!!!!

I am home!! I did great! They didn't have to pull out any teeth! I am a bit wobbly on my feet right now so I think I will take a nap and sleep for a while. I'm glad to be home.


A Walk at Horn Pond!

May 31st 2015 10:34 am
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It was a fun weekend! Yesterday I got to go with Mom and Dad to their church for a meeting. They have a new cat there! His name is Jack Sparrow and he only has one eye. He was a little bit scared of me and hid under the couch. I just laid on the floor and listened to the meeting. We did a lot of planning for the Blessing Of The Pets which is 2 weeks. We even all got in the cat and went to the place where it will be held. It is a perfect spot and very beautiful. We also have full use of the building and a lot of the vendors will be inside. After the meeting, We went to the fish store. Mom's favorite angelfish passed away last week so mom and dad went and got a new one.
Today we went to Horn Pond for a Greyhound Adventures walk. It was so much fun and I got to see old friends and made some new ones! I got to walk with Lux, Thor and Ripley and also saw Trent. It was raining a bit, but it felt good and kept me cool. I went into the pond and dipped my feet. Lux laid right down in the water. It was a beautiful day there. Lots of geese and babies. I made sure not to get too close.


Cella's Birthday Party!

May 27th 2015 3:36 pm
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I went to my friend, Cella's Birthday Party last Saturday. She turned 10! I had SO much fun. All my friends were there: Cella the birthday girl, her brother, Johnny B, My half brother, Fast. His adopted siblings, Minion and Riley, my friends Robin, Lucy, Thor and Ripley Rose. This was a special birthday because we were also celebrating that Cella has been cancer free for a whole year. She lost one of her legs to osteosarcoma. It hasn't slowed her down at all though. She can still run really fast! Her mom and dad put out a pool for us to play in. I like their yard. It has wooded areas to explore. They had a delicious cake and cookies. I was able to spend sometime indoors but mostly I chose to be outside. Everyone was on the deck. It was a greyt party!!

The vet from Greyhound Friend's just called mom. I have to go for a dental cleaning on Tuesday, June 9th! Yikes!!!! I have never had one before. My brother Fast had one and they pulled out some of his teeth. Thor had some teeth out too! I hope I don't have that happen to me. Mom wants to get it done soon so hopefully we can keep my teeth healthy. Daddy brushes my teeth and I also get dental spray. Greyhounds just have bad teeth for some reason.


Greyhound Friend's Spring Open House 2015

May 16th 2015 3:38 pm
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What a fun day I had today! Mom, dad and I went to Greyhound Friend's Spring Open House! It looked like it might rain but we got lucky. There was only a few sprinkles. It wasn't too hot either as it remained pretty much overcast. It was comfortable. Daddy set up my exercise pen and mom got me a bowl of water. Daddy took me around to meet other greyhounds and visit the vendor booths. Mom stayed and worked at the silent auction and raffle table. At 1 o'clock they had "Ask The Vet". Daddy took me and asked about my corn. She suggested that I go to see Dr. Poling and he will remove it. I will have it removed in the next few months. It may grow back but this vet said it might not because it was hard. The Vet was Dr. Pam. She is going to clean my teeth next month! I will have it done at Greyhound Friend's. I am not too happy about that but she has done a lot of greyhound's teeth so she knows about the anesthesia. After that they did the memorial bricks. that is always sad as they read off names all the greyhounds that have recently gone to the Rainbow Bridge. My friend, Ninja, was one of them. Then we watched the parade of adoptable dogs. I hope they all find homes this weekend! I know a few did!!! After that they had the dog show. They had a new event this year. It was called musical rings. They had 9 dogs and 8 rings. You walked in a circle and they played music. When the music stopped you had to stand in the ring. Mom and I played. We came in 6th. Mom said I did very well for my first time. I got a ribbon and a milk bone. Mom decided to have me enter the oldest dog. My friend, Teddy, was entered with me. Teddy got 2nd place and I got 3rd. It was a pretty yellow ribbon. Right after was left the ring, mom started to put on my costume for the costume contest. I was a party animal!! Everyone knows how much I love parties! I won first place. I got a blue ribbon a milk bone and a squeaky soccer ball!! It was getting towards the end of the day so they drew the raffle. Mom bought me 12 tickets. Mom always buys them for me, because I am a lucky dog! I won myself a new bowl! It says "I Love My Dog" on it. I ate my dinner out of it tonight. I love my new bowl. My old one has a chip in it. I also won mom a pair of sweatpants that has greyhound pictures on the legs. Mom loves them and is wearing them right now!! I'm going to sleep well tonight.


Teddy's birthday Party!

May 9th 2015 7:18 pm
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I had a fun day today. We went to the pet store in Waltham this morning. I helped pick out a birthday present for my friend, Teddy. He turned 10! Mom also got food and dog cookies. After the pet store, daddy drove us to the hardware store in our town. Daddy had to buy a new filter for the air conditioning. The hardware store lets dogs go inside. I like going there.

In the afternoon we went to Teddy's party. First the humans had a meeting. It was about meet and greets for Greyhound Friends. There were lots of other dogs at the meeting so I had fun. After the meeting we all got to go play out in Teddy's backyard. I knew a lot of the dogs there. Of course Thor and Ripley were there because they are Teddy's brother and sister. Other friends included Trent, Johnny B, Cella, Robin and Minion. There were a few others as well. We got dog cookies and got to play in the pools!


A Fun Weekend!

May 4th 2015 10:39 am
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What a fun weekend I had. Daddy took the day off from work on Friday. Mom and dad took me to the off leash dog park in Weston. I really love going there. They have lots of wooded trails and huge fields to run and play. We go over streams too. There is even a pond that you can go swimming in if you want to! It was a beautiful Spring day! Not too hot and not too cool. It was a bit quiet as it was a work day for most, but there were still other dogs and people in the park. I was very good being off my leash and stayed close to mom and dad. After our walk, daddy drove us the the pet store. I got a couple of boxes of my favorite kind of cookies. Mom also got a new fish for the aquarium.

Saturday was more quiet. Mom and dad went to a vegetarian food festival in NH. I was glad about that because it gave me a chance to rest before Sunday. My friend, Margaret, came and let me out for potty while mom and dad were gone.

Sunday was Paws In The Park! This was my 6th year going there. I got a new red bandana and a goodie bag when we registered. A girl tried to get me to play a hot dog game but I wouldn't. You had to put your nose in the water to get the hot dogs! We walked around and went to the booths. I found Greyhound Friend's booth and made myself at home. After a short rest it was time for the group walk. I always enjoy that. It was starting to get a little warm outside so I went back to Greyhound Friend's booth. I stayed there while mom and dad looked at the rest of the booths. My brother, Fast, was there so I stayed with him. When mom and dad came back we left. I thought I could sleep the rest of the day, but I was wrong.

We took a short rest and then went to a party! It was all the people from mom and dad's church. I knew most of them. We got to have a cookout! We also got to take a walk through the woods. It was nice. Daddy got my blanket from the car. Daddy put me on a long leash that was tied to the wall. That gave me room to walk around a bit. I got a hotdog and some chicken. It was really yummy! I also got a lot of attention from everyone. When it came to time to go home, I didn't want to leave. Mom said maybe we could do it again sometime.


A Trip To The Vets

April 29th 2015 10:02 am
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I had to go to the vet at 10:40 this morning. When mom got up this morning I wouldn't come downstairs to go out to potty. Mom thought that was strange but I do this sometimes. I have a will of my own and can be a stubborn dog. Mom fed all the other animals and did her morning chores- I was still upstairs. Mom went back upstairs and I was standing there with my head tilted to one side. I weakly shook my head. Mom knew something was wrong. My right ear looked funny. Mom looked inside my ear and it was covered in blood!! Mom called the vet right away. Mom and dad managed to coax me downstairs to potty. Mom then gave me my favorite breakfast to get me to eat something. I did eat most of it but not all of it. Mom doesn't know what happened. I did get into a tussle with Thor yesterday. I was in my bed and he stepped on me! That lead to a lot of snapping and snarling. Mom checked over both of us dogs and we both seemed fine. There wasn't any blood on the floor or carpets. Also I seemed fine at supper time. Daddy noticed my head was tilted a bit last night but I seemed fine otherwise so he wasn't concerned.

The vet took a swab of my ear and put it on a slide.Then he cleaned my ear out with a warm antibiotic solution. I yelp a couple of times. he found a puncture wound in my ear.It seems that Thor did bite me! He put some antibiotic cream in my ear and gave me some treats. Mom has to use the cream twice a day. he said it should heal just fine and I will be OK.When I got home, I finished my breakfast.I am resting in my bed now.


The Paranormal For Paws

April 28th 2015 12:57 pm
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Mom and dad took me to The Paranormal for Paws last Saturday. They raised money to help no kill shelters. I met a lot of nice people and some other dogs. Mom and dad's pagan group had a table there. I hung out there for a bit while mom and dad went to a talk. The talks were in a tent and it was it a bit cold. I got to meet Shannon Sylvia! She was on Ghost Hunters International. I used to watch that show with mom!I actually went to Shannons talk. Dad got my blanket from the car. When the wind blew, the tent made noise. I didn't like that much. That is why for the second talk, I stayed at the table. I also met a nice animal communicator who talked to me for a bit. I told her about the nightmares I had from when I was at the race track. Mom gets upset when I have them as a yelp and cry. I told the communicator that I was very happy now!

Mom found out something new about me! I really like strawberries!!

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