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A New Beginning

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The Enchanted Forest!

October 24th 2009 6:29 am
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I was the one who found it!! The best part is that it literally right next door!! I found it on Thursday!! Here's the story- I was on my morning walk with mom. We were heading back home so I could get my breakfast when I felt I needed to use the restroom. I am a very private dog and I don't like to "go" in front of people. There is a lawn that I really like, but every time I got ready to go, a car would go by or a person would come out of their house. Mom was getting frustrated so she took me to an overgrown area near the lawn I like. In the Summer time you really can't get in there because the grass is too high and there are raspberry bushes and other plants. Now that Fall is here it had died off quite a bit. So I went in the bushes and tall grass and kept walking into it. All of a suuden- there it was. The grass area opened up into a large enchanted forest! Mom was really surprised and so was I. It doesn't look like anyone owns the land. Other people do know about it because we found some trash in there- not much though. Anyway, I have been visiting the Enchanted Forest everyday now. Daddy still hasn't seen it. It is a rainy day today, but I want to show daddy when he gets home from teaching skating.

Daddy came home and I took him there. He liked it! Daddy also put my latest video on my Dogster Page. I very rarely bark but sometimes the mood just strikes me. Daddy video taped me barking! Check it out!
After lunch, we went to the pet store-Especially For Pets. They are having a Halloween Costume Contest too! Looks like I am going to be entered in two contests next Saturday. Mom is all excited. If it makes mom happy, I will do it. I got my cookie and a new raw hide bone. When we got home, mom took me for a walk. You guessed it, back to the Enchanted Forest I went! Then mom took my bed apart! She said she had to wash it. Personally I think it smelled great!! Mom said we are having a pot luck at our house tomorrow, so she wanted to clean everything. Humans!!


Happy HOWL-A-WEEN!!!!!

October 31st 2009 11:55 am
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Mom and I had quite the day. After my morning walk and breakfast mom did something very strange! I was relaxing on the rug, digesting my food when mom came over and put paper towels under my front paws. She had a little bottle with her. She opened the bottle and it didn't smell that good. Mom got down on her hands and knees and started to paint my toe nails purple!! That was a new one for me. I never can quite figure out humans. It didn't hurt or anything, so I patiently let her do all my nails- front and back. Next she put a beaded necklace on me. I had worn that before but I knew something was up. After my nails dried, mom finished dressing me. She put on purple and black stipped tights. It had a hole cut out for my tail. Then she put on a black cape over my harness. Next we got into the car. She drove me to Especially For Pets. Other dogs were there too and they were dressed funny. We got out of the car and mom put a silly purple wizard hat on my head. I didn't want to wear the hat and kept trying to dodge mom's attempts. Mom had brought along daddy's contact juggling ball to use as a crystal ball for a prop. The ball was in a bag on the trunk of mom's car. Well, some how the ball rolled out of the bag, and off the trunk. Mom heard it fall but she was still trying to get me to wear the hat. She finally succeeded and we spent the next 10 minutes looking for the ball! No luck!! Mom gave up and said that daddy was going to "be very mad at her". We went into the store and entered the contest. They took my picture and then we went shopping for dog and cat food and of course my cookie. Mom put the groceries in the trunk, me in the car, and set out to try to find the ball again. This time mom said a little prayer to her angels. A minute later, she found the ball!! We drove home and mom said we could take a break. She took the costume off. I thought that would be the end, but -NO! Mom had me entered in another contest!! Back into the costume I went! This contest was at Pet Source, which is the pet store near our house. They had a whole Halloween fair going on. It was called "Monster Bark". Mom went and I went into the store and entered me. We went back outside and I got to socialize with all the other poor dogs who were dressed in silly costumes. None of the dogs were too happy about it! Mom got free samples. I was entry number 4. They called my name and number and we had to go up in front of everyone. The announcer told everyone my name and who I was dressed as. I was Isis of course- Goddess of Magic. Some people thought I was a witch but mom corrected them. Mom got a few raffle tickets for entering me. They had contests for kids too. then they drew the raffle winners. I won a grooming brush!! That was cool. Mom can use it on me and the cats too. Then we all got togther for a group picture. I didn't like all those people close to me. I did OK though. After the picture we had a parade around the shopping center. My silly hat kept falling off and mom kept fixing it. After the parade they did another raffle for kids prizes. Since mom and I didn't have any kids with us, mom put all her free samples in the car and we headed back to the store to get a few things- like a bone and another cookie! Mom knew I was uncomfortable so she took the costume off. What a relief!! We were at the cash register when a lady from the pet store came up to mom and told her that I had WON!!! I won a $25 gift certificate to the store!! I couldn't believe it!!! Mom was very happy too. I am going to use it to buy a large bag of dog food. Since my birthday is coming soon, I know I will get some toys from that. I am glad to be home though. Mom said we might have kids coming over tonight and they will be dressed up funny too. Daddy wasn't with us today. He went to a vegetarian food festival in Boston. They are having the festival again tomorrow so mom stayed with me today and we had a girls day out- strange as it was!!! She will go with daddy to it tomorrow.

Well I was relaxing, thinking that all the excitement was over with for today when the phone rang. Mom answered it. It was the pet store where I won the contest. They said that they had made a mistake and that I had actually won $75 total!! Mom and I went back to the store and we got another $50 gift certificate to go with the $25 one!! I think I will get a toy after all!! Maybe, just maybe, I'll buy something for the cats.


Meet And Greet At Petco

November 8th 2009 3:39 pm
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It was a quiet week. Mom took me for several long walks down Winter Street. Her ankle is still very sore from when she sprained it. She has a hard time taking me to the Enchanted Forest. Tuesday, on our walk , mom noticed that there was some exercise equipment out on the road for people to take for free. There was an old bench and a bar with some old cement filled weight plates. The bar was exactly what mom was looking for. (mom has lifted weights for 25 years and we have a mini gym in our house) Mom took the weights off, grabbed the bar and carried it home. She carried it almost a mile! It weighed 15 pounds.

We went to the pet store on Friday. I used one of my gift certificates to buy food for me and the cats. I also bought a special toy for myself. It is a racoon with squeakies in it. It isn't stuffed though. It is just long fake fur cloth. I really love it. I was playing with it, shaking it and making it squeak. I also got my cookie. I still have a $25 gift certificate left, so mom is going to use it to buy dry kibble.

Saturday was real quiet because daddy had to run a table tennis tournament. It was just me and mom. We did go for a long walk but that was all we really did. Today was more fun. After mom and dad got home from church, we jumped into the car and headed for Petco. Greyhound Friends was the featured adoption shelter at Petco this month. People checking out could make donations to the shelter. I like going to meet and greets and it helps my fellow greyhounds who are looking for homes. My friend Gill was there!! I really like Gill. Mom said he would make a nice boyfriend for me. I also met a new greyhound named Noodle. She was black like me.

Next weekend will be very exciting! I am have a birthday party! I turn 3 on November 16th. Gill is coming to my party too! It should be a lot of fun!


I'm An Advertising Model!

November 10th 2009 9:49 am
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As you probably know from my last few diary entries, I won the 2009 Monster Bark Pet Halloween Contest at the pet store near my house. Troy and Oscar's mom gets the stores monthly newsletter. She sent a link to my mom telling her that she might be interested in seeing it. Mom clicked on the link and there I was in the newsletter! Not only was I on there for winning the contest, but I was also on a coupon advertising 25% off food bowls and place mats! Mom and dad couldn't believe it. Check out my photos. Mom posted both pictures from the newsletter on my page.


I Went To The Vets

November 11th 2009 12:04 pm
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I thought things were strange this morning. Mom got up earlier than usual to take me for my morning walk. The morning routine started off normal, but I was a bit confused when I didn't get breakfast. The cats got to eat! Next thing I knew, mom had my harness on and me, mom and dad were in the car. The vet is only down the street. It takes about 2 minutes to drive there. We went inside and I knew where I was. I started to shake and got nervous. Everyone was very nice to me. I didn't want to go out back into the hospital area. Mom and dad both went with me, because I statued in the waiting room. The vet technician gave me my lyme vaccine and took blood for my yearly heartworm/tick panel. I was glad to leave and come back home. Mom gave me breakfast and a treat she picked up at the vet. At noon we went for a long walk down Winter Street. All was well until the phone rang. It was the vet with my blood work results. Thankfully my heartworm was negative. My other results were not so good. It seems that somewhere at sometime, I got bit by a tick. Mom and dad have both been very careful all Summer. I am on Frontline every month, was given the lyme vaccine and inspected for ticks. Daddy did find 2 in the house, but they were on him and crawling on the wall. They didn't have any blood in them or anything. The Doctor said I was infected with lyme disease and also something called Anaplasmosis. I have to go on antibiotics. Mom and dad are picking up my prescription at Walmart this weekend (It is only $10 there!). After my antibiotics, they will do something called a CBC- which means complete blood count. The vet said I could have picked this up anywhere, including while I was at the race track. She also said that I may never have any symptoms and might be fine for the rest of my life. The antibiotics won't hurt me, and could help me. Mom is upset. She called daddy and told him at work. Mom shouldn't blame herself. She takes very good care of me. Besides, I feel fine!


Today Is My Birthday!

November 16th 2009 8:42 am
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I turn 3 years old today! Wow, a lot has happened to me in those 3 short years. I went from racing dog to being injured to beloved family member all in such a brief time.

Saturday was a good day. Daddy had to teach skating, so mom and I went to the pet store near my house for a meet and greet for Greyhound Friends. Everyone who worked at the pet store recognized me because I won the Halloween contest. Mom and I were the first ones there, so we set up the table and chairs. A nice man gave mom a $20 donation!! That was so wonderful! A short time later, Troy and his mom came and then another lady came with her foster dog, Bandit. Mom knew Bandit from the kennel. He is 9 years old and has been at Greyhound Friends for 3 years. He is now in a foster home and doing well. Another lady came with her greyhound, Monica and another foster dog named Jet. We had a lot of people stop by to see us. We were there for about an hour and then daddy joined us. I was happy to see him. We collected a total of $56 for the shelter! I love helping my brothers and sisters. After the meet and greet we went back home for a few minutes. Daddy wanted to drop off one of the cars at the house. I also needed to take a bathroom break. It was back into the car after that. Daddy drove us to Dirty Hairy's Dog Wash. I got a bath so I would be all nice and clean for my Birthday. Mom chose peppermint shampoo and I also got oatmeal conditioner. I was still shaking a bit, but I felt SO good after my bath. My coat is all bright and shiny. We left the dog wash and daddy drove to Walmart to pick up my antibiotics. I have to take them for 28 days. I really do feel fine, but mom says I have "Bugs" inside of me that need to leave. It's OK because I get a cookie after I take my medicine.

Mom and dad were very busy on Sunday. They were cleaning the whole house and cooking lots of food. Mom and dad ran to the store and came back with 4 huge balloons. They were blue, green, yellow and a darker blue that mom calls purple. Mom made a little sign to put out on the lawn and tied 2 ballons to it. The other 2 went on the railing of our front door. A short time later a car came and parked in out driveway. I couldn't believe it! It was my friends Johnny B. and Sonia and their mom and dad. Next Bella came with my pet sitter Sarah. Sarah took care of me while mom and dad were on vacation. Then the best surprise of all! My boyfriend, Gill came! He is a big handsome brindle boy!! Sorry girls, he's taken! Then Kiera came with her dad Mark!! They brought me toys and sang Happy Birthday to me. Then we dogs got a special dog cake! The humans had one for themselves that had chocolate in it. Mom said dogs can't have chocolate. That was fine, I enjoyed my cake. I got to hang out with my friends all afternoon and into the evening. Everyone had a great time. This was my first birthday party. Gill turns 4 next month. I hope he has a party too. What a wonderful day it was!!!

Today is Monday, and it is the actual day I was born. I was the second puppy born in my litter. I don't know where my litter mates are. Some may still be out there racing. I hope they all get good homes and birthday partys like I did. We never got anything like that at the track. I wish them a Happy Bithday too.


Back To The Vets Again!!

November 21st 2009 4:03 pm
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First I want to say Thank You to all my Pup Pals for the wonderful birthday wishes and gifts. You helped make my Birthday very special.

Daddy has another co-worker who has a big fenced in yard and a dog. He invited me, mom and dad to come over for a play date this afternoon. I was all excited because I haven't had a chance lately to really run. The yard was huge. The other dog was slow and she couldn't catch me. I was running like the wind, when suddenly my left hind foot really hurt. I stopped dead in my tracks and cried. Daddy came over to check on me and I cried again and wouldn't move. Mommy came over and checked my legs and I seemed to be OK. The humans waited for a few minutes and then they started to walk around the yard so I would follow them. Mom and dad wanted to see if I was limping. I followed and started to run again. Mom and dad thought everything was OK. Daddy's friend's wife suddenly noticed blood all over the leaves! Mommy checked me again and sure enough, it was me! I had torn a nail right off my foot! Mom did some quick first aid, but it was bleeding a lot. Daddy got me into the car and we headed right to the emergency vets! We were close so it only took about 5 minutes to get there. My toe continued to bleed a lot and got all over the floor of the waiting room. There was a dog who had just been hit by a car, so they had to take care of her first. Daddy also had to run back to our house because they needed my rabies vaccine records. Otherwise I would have to get vaccinated again!! Please NO!! Mommy stayed with me. After waiting about an hour, the vet saw me. My foot is all bandaged up and I am on pain medication and another antibiotic! I can't run for awhile and I can only go on shot walks for a few days. My cat brothers, Ben and Charlie have their annual check up on Wednesday. Mom and dad are bringing me too so my vet can check the wound and see if I need another bandage. The emergency vet will fax over all m information to my regular vet. My foot hurts!!


Another Trip To The Vets

November 25th 2009 7:59 am
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I had to have my wound looked at today. My cat brothers, Ben and Charlie had to have their yearly physical. I had to share the back seat of the car with Charlie. Ben was on mom's lap because he knows how to escape from the cat carrier. They weren't too happy about the whole thing and cried the entire ride. Thank goodness he vet is just down the street. Ben saw the vet first and then Charlie. Both cats have to have their teeth cleaned in February. Charlie is also on a diet. He is a bit too chubby. Next it was my turn. The vet cut my old bandage off. My wound was still raw and tender but it is healing. She cleaned it and put a new bandage on. This one is blue. I have to go back in a week. Hopefully the bandage will come off for good. The vet said my nail should grow back in time. I was glad to be home! I am a bit upset because I can't run or play for another whole week!


Thanksgiving Weekend

November 28th 2009 5:54 pm
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I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving! We sure did! We had dinner at our house this year. Grammy, Auntie Ruth and Cousin Leila came over. Everyone brought food. My parents don't have a traditional Thanksgiving because they don't eat meat or animal products. Everyone who came to dinner were pretty much vegetarian too. Mom likes to call it ThanksLiving. I like that. I am not a vegetarian and neither are my cat brothers, although I do enjoy an occasional vegetarian dinner. Mom had to go over to Troy and Oscar's house to feed them their dinner and let them out for a break. She wasn't gone long though and made it back in plenty of time to have dinner. It was nice and I was much more relaxed with my family there. I had met everyone before. Auntie Ruth thought I was too mellow, but I was just being me.

Friday was a very wet and rainy day. Mom and dad were fed up with my plastic bootie that I have to wear to keep my bandages dry and clean. It kept falling off and to be honest, it wasn't comfortable anyway. Mom remembered seeing booties at the pet store. She told daddy about it and said I could wear them in the winter too when it is really cold and snowy. We all got into the car and went to the pet store. Daddy thought I should get size medium. We bought the booties and dog and cat food. I also got a new raw hide bone and my cookie. When we got home, mommy tried my new bootie on. It was way too big. I needed size small. Even though I am a big dog and weigh 70 pounds, I have very small feet. Mom and dad went back to the store and exchanged them for small ones. They fit me great. They are much more comfortable and I can walk normal with it on. It also stays on my foot. I'm glad to be done with that plastic thing which was actually an IV bag!

Today was a nice day, so we went to NH to visit Grampy. It was nice because we couldn't see him on Thanksgiving. He lives over an hour away and he can't drive that far anymore. I got to go out in the back yard. I played a little and even ran a little bit- not too fast and not too hard- just right. After grampy's we went to the health food store in Portsmouth, NH. I couldn't go in because they sell food there. I had to wait in the car. Mom and dad were quick. Next we went to grammy's house. Mom and dad ate some food. Then we went back home. It was nice seeing family this weekend.


Maynard Holiday Parade

December 6th 2009 3:24 pm
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I went back to the vets on Wednesday. She took my bandage off. My foot is feeling much better. I still have to be on antibiotics for a few more days, but the wound is healing fine. I will be seeing the vet one more time this Wednesday just to make sure I am all healed.

Yesterday was Saturday. Mom gave her class on how to pick a puppy. She held the class at the Maynard library. Quite a few people came and mom did a good job. I couldn't go because for some reason, dogs can't go to into the library. Mom did show everyone a picture of me though and there was a picture of me and mom in the newspaper! The paper interviewed mom for the class. When mom and dad came home, they took me to the pet store. We bought food, toy mice for Charlie, a new rawhide bone and a special holiday cookie. When we went out for our evening walk it was snowing!!! It has been a long time since I saw snow. Mom and dad adopted me when there was snow on the ground. I wanted to play in it. I like snow. Mom doesn't.

Today was Sunday. Mom and dad were late taking me for my walk. I was a bit confused. Finally they put me coat on and we left the house. I was expecting to go down Winter Street but mom and dad took me in the opposite direction. Then I thought we were going to the Farmer's Market again because that was the direction we were going . There were a lot of people walking around on the street. Well, we didn't end up at the market. We walked to a large parking lot where there were even more people! Then I saw other dogs! My friend Keira was there and also another greyhound that I had met last summer- at the Farmer's Market. There were about 10 dogs in all and mom's friend, Lisa and her husband, Marc. Lisa gave me a holiday bandanna. Mom put it on me. Things started to get noisy. There was a heliocopter flying around. Santa Claus was in it!! Next thing I knew we were walking! Mom and Lisa were carrying a banner for the MayDog group. We walked downtown and there were people standing on the sidewalks cheering and clapping. Mom and Lisa were waving to everyone. The strange thing was that we were walking right in the middle of the road! Usually I am not allowed to walk there because cars go there. There were no cars today. Some people had dogs standing on the sidewalk watching the parade (That is what mom called it) There were two German Shepherds that I had met before. Keira knew them too and she didn't like them- AT ALL. Next thing I knew, Keira lunged and barked at them and they lunged and barked back! I stayed out of the way. No one got hurt and we continued on. Marc took Keira home. We walked a long way and ended back at the parking lot that we started from. We were on our way back home when we ran into the two German Shepherds. They were very nice to me. I appoligized to them for Kiera's behavior. She gets bossy sometimes. We were almost home when daddy saw the goat was near the fence. We stopped to say "Hi" to the goat. He didn't want to play today and ran away. Daddy says it was because I had "lamb on my breathe". When we got home, mom and dad put up Christmas lights outside on the trees and the front railing. I'm tired! I just want a nap!

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