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A New Beginning

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Party Animal!!

June 14th 2009 5:03 am
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Yesterday we went to the pet store closest to our house. Mom and dad wanted to do some work in the garden and didn't have much time. They were going to a party at my friend Mollie and Kiera's house. Their mom was going to be teaching everyone to make seitan. When we got there we saw a lady sitting at a table talking to another lady. Dad got curious and saw that she was a pet psychic giving free mini readings. He told mom and mom thought "Hey, this should be fun." Mom went to get my dog food and cookie and waited for the psychic lady to finish with the woman she was giving the reading too. While we were waiting, guess who came into the store? It was Mollie and her mom, Lisa!! I was SO happy to see my friend. Lisa asked my mom if she wanted to bring me to the party too!!! I was invited to my own doggie party with Mollie and Kiera!!! A few minutes later, another greyhound came into the store. It was Troy!! My mom knew Troy's mom. We are going to have a play date sometime soon. Next it was time for my reading. She picked up that I was sensitive and shy and that I hadn't been with mom and dad all that long. She also said to be careful about I ate. Well, a few days earlier I had found a pen on the floor. While mom and dad were upstairs, I chewed up the pen! I even swallowed some of it. Mom said that wasn't good for me. Next the psychic talked about my cat brother Charlie. Charlie has been with our family longer than I have. Mom told me that when Charlie was adopted, mom, dad and Ben lived in a rented house in another town. Charlie never liked that house and didn't feel comfortable there. The psychic lady said it was because of bad energy and something to do with a canary that lived in that house. Well the couple who rented the house before mom and dad did have a parakeet, and they were going through a divorce. Mom and dad found that pretty interesting! We left the pet store, mom and dad did their gardening and then it was time for the PARTY!!! I got to run around in Mollie and Kiera's yard and hang out with them while the humans made this seitan stuff (Mom said it is also called wheat gluten). Mollie's mom left the basement door open so we dogs could come in and out as we pleased. We had water and everything. It was fun!! Later in the evening, we dogs joined the humans upstairs. We all had a fun time. Kiera had a new hedgehog toy and she growled if I got too close. I didn't want her toy. I have my own hedgehog at home. We left the party and went back home for the evening. When we got home, my tummy started feeling bad. I ended up throwing up. Guess what came out? Part of the plastic pen I had chewed up and a bunch of grass. I ate the grass to help get rid of the plastic pen. I don't think I should eat pens anymore. I didn't feel much like eating supper, but I was fine this morning. Mom gave me duck stew. I ate it all- even my peas!! I was supposed to go on a walk this morning with Greyhound Adventures, but it is raining outside. Mom thinks it will be cancelled. She said their is something else we can do later. I'll close for know and write more later.


Spy Pond

June 14th 2009 5:59 pm
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My Greyhound Adventure's walk wasn't cancelled after all!! It was still raining a bit but mom and dad took me to the walk any way. We all had our rain coats on. By the time we arrived, it had pretty much stopped raining. Our walk was at Spy Pond in Arlington, MA. It was a nice walk on a paved bike path. Only about 15 other dogs were there with their people. It was a small group because of the weather. After the walk we went to a very small dog fair in Sudbury, MA. It was held at Best Friends. They do dog boarding and training. I had won 2 free nights of boarding there, so mom and dad wanted to check it out. We took a tour of the facility. Everyone was very nice, but mom didn't want me to go there. When mom and dad go on vacation, they might have a dog sitter come to take care of me and the cats. Daddy knows a woman who does this now that she is retired. I am retired too, so we should get along great! After the dog fair, daddy drove us to the food store. He went inside and mom stayed in the car with me. After the food store we went to a place that sold strawberries. They had just been picked and were very sweet. Mom and dad bought two quarts of them. Finally we got to go back home. I was tired by this time. Mom and dad had lunch and then went out to work in the garden again. I watched them from the window. After a short rest, mom and dad told me I was going for another walk! We got into the car and went to a local ice cream stand. we met 2 other dogs and their people there. Mollie was supposed to come with her mom but they never came. Daddy called Mollie's mom on his cell phone and she had forgotten about the walk! Daddy had to lead us instead. We had a nice time. I don't know how, but we ended up on the trail that is across the street from my house! We walked 45 minutes and finished back at the ice cream stand. It was a busy day! I think I'll take a nap now!


My Friend, Troy

June 20th 2009 5:45 pm
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We went to the pet store near my home today. I thought we were just doing our usual weekly shopping, but I was wrong. When we got there we met another greyhound named Johnny B and his mom. I knew Johnny B from my Greyhound Adventures group. My mom held Johnny B's leash while his mom went back to the car to get some things. Next thing I knew, I was partcipating in a Meet and Greet. We had a table, posters and everything. The Meet and Greet was for Greyhound Friends where mom and dad volunteer. A few minutes later, my friend Troy and his mom showed up and joined us. We were there for 2 hours and met some nice people. We even got some donations. Dad had brought my blanket so I would have a soft place to lie down. I liked Johnny B's bed better and Johnny B liked my blanket, so we switched!! When Troy joined us, we just shared and laid down together. My blanket is pretty big. My parents and Troy's mom arranged a play date for me after the Meet and Greet. They have a fenced in yard. The yard wasn't very big, but Troy and I had fun playing. We got along great! I had fun. The best part is that Troy is practically my neighbor. He lives just down the street. When we got home, mom and dad were hungry so they went out to get food. After they ate, they got me back in the car. This time we went to the usual pet store. We bought food and I got a new raw hide bone! My brother, Ben's birthday was last Sunday and the pet store had sent a coupon for a free birthday gift. Ben got a new mouse! I also got the best cookie ever!!! What a yummy cookie!! I kind of made a mess of mommy's car but she didn't care. When we got home, daddy brought the food into the house and mom stayed outside with me. Daddy joined us and we went for a nice walk. Mom and dad had noticed a fenced in area near the school. No one was ever there. Come to find out, it was a skate board park. It was empty, so we went inside. I got to run around with daddy. Daddy isn't very fast, but I still had fun. After our jog, we finished up our walk. When we got home, I got my new raw hide bone. It was a nice day!


A Rainy Day At Horn Pond

June 21st 2009 11:36 am
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We have been having so much rain lately. I don't like wearing my rain coat as it is! Mom was afraid the walk to Horn Pond would be cancelled this morning, but I kept my paws crossed and we were able to go. I love Horn Pond. It is fun because you can go into the pond and there are lots of fun things to smell and see. About 20 other greyhounds came too! My friend Johnny B was there and so was Aiken. It rained lightly the whole walk but not hard enough to ruin things. The swan's babies had grown a lot since our last visit. They were all swimming in the pond. When we got back to the car, Jen (One of our walk leaders) handed out treats. I got a yummy bone. Mom told me we would go back on a nicer day. I had a lot of fun any way!!

Later, mom and dad took me back to the skate board park so I could run. It was still raining a little bit so we rode in the car. Daddy played with me while mom blocked the hole in the fence. I got to run and jump and play. It felt good to run!!


I Got A Bath!

June 28th 2009 6:09 pm
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Saturday started out pretty normal. I usually always go places with mom and dad on Saturday mornings. I thought we were just going for a walk, but we ended up at a Farmer's Market down the street. There were white tents set up and lots of people selling food. Mom and dad bought lots of berries and kale. Lots of people wanted to pet me. I am still a little shy about that. After the Farmer's Market we all hopped into the car and went to my favorite pet store. I was surprised to see lots of cars, people, dogs and more white tents! They were having a small pet fair and the pet store. Mom told me that the money raised was going to Save A Dog. I thought that was cool. We walked around and looked at the things in the tents. Then we stood in a line for a while. Next thing I knew, I was brought over to a mat and two strange people were trying to get me all wet! Mom and dad were there too, telling me it was OK. They got me wet and put shampoo on me and started to scrub me. It felt good actually. I started to relax a bit. At first I was afraid of the hose, but after a while I was OK with it all. They dried me off with something called a shammie cloth and then I shook and shook to get more dry. I was still a bit damp when we went into the pet store. Mom bought me food, a new raw hide bone and a cookie. On our way back home, mom noticed a yard sale that was just a few houses away from ours. She wanted to take a look and also meet some neighbors. There was a man there in a bunny suit!! I'm not kidding! He was a big white rabbit. Mom and dad had their orange "Got Carrots" shirt on. A woman at the yard sale took a picture of mom and dad and the rabbit man. They were supposed to E-mail the picture to mom but they haven't yet. That was one rabbit I had NO interest in chasing. I was at the end of my leash and as far away fom him as I could get!!! After we got home I was ready to take a nap on my bed. Mom and dad left for while to go to lunch and see a movie. When they got home, it was back in the car again! This time we ended up at Petco. Mom and dad bought me an exercise pen. Now I can go to the 4th of July picnic with mom and dad. We are going to a place called Onset Beach near Cape Cod. Mom said I'll be able to go walk on the beach. When we got home for Petco, mom and dad took me for a nice long walk through our town. It was a busy day.

Today was my weekly walk with Greyhound Adventures. We went to a place called Great Brook Farm in Carlisle, MA. What fun I had!! I had so much energy! I was jumping and leaping like a crazy dog! The walk was in the woods and large open fields. A lot of my friends were there and I was so happy. We started walking and all of a sudden I saw these two huge animals! It was the strangest thing! There were people sitting on their backs! Mom said they were called horses. I wanted to chase these horses. A lot of my friends wanted to chase them too. We saw lots of horses today. By the end of the walk, they didn't seem so strange any more. I had a really good time. I hope we go back. Later in the day, daddy took me for a ride in the car with him. I was a bit disappointed because we ended up at a gas station so daddy could put gas in mom's car. We came right back home again. That was OK because I got to spend time with daddy, and when we got home, daddy and mommy and I went for a nice long walk. It was a good weekend.


4th Of July At Onset Beach

July 5th 2009 8:19 am
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Yesterday was the 4th of July. Mom says it was an important day in history, what ever that means. It started out like any other Saturday. We went to the Farmer's Market again and got some fresh berries, vegetables and a big long loaf of bread. Mom and dad came back home and started getting ready to go to a picnic. Daddy loaded up the car and mom finished making pasta salad. We left the house around 11:30 in the morning. It was a long drive- about 1 1/2 hours.I just laid on the back seat of the car and snoozed. We got there right at 1 o'clock. There were already a lot of people there. I was a bit scared. Daddy unloaded the trunk and pulled out my brand new exercise pen. Mom and dad set it up in a shaddy place. It was nice! I had a safe place to be and I could still see every thing going on. Mom filled my water bowl and I also had some cookies and biscuts to snack on. I was just settling in when I saw Mollie and Kiera! I couldn't believe it!! My two best friends were at the picnic too (with their mom and dad of course)!! We all sat together. Mom and dad ate a lot of food!!! Everyone there was eating a lot of food. After mom and dad finished eating, we went for a walk. It was me, mom and dad, Mollie, Kiera and their mom and dad, Susan and Victoria (They are friends of mom and dad). We went to a little beach and met another dog. It was the smallest dog I had ever seen! I sniffed her to make sure she was a dog. She was! I went into the water and splashed around a bit. After the beach we went into town. There was a live band playing at one of the shops. Mom loved it. I wasn't too sure about it. We had a nice walk around the town of Onset. Mom said we were close to a place called Cape Cod. We left the town and went back to the little beach. I wanted to go into the water again and I was literally at the end of my leash!! Dad is a good dad and her took off his shoes and socks and waded out into the water with me. I went up to my belly! Kiera came into the water too, but not as far. Mollie stayed on the beach. We went back to the party and I was glad once again to have my pen. A lot of people came by to see me. They asked mom lots of questions about me. I was glad to be at the party and still feel safe. I took a nap in the grass. We left at 6 and drove back home. It was a nice day. Mom and dad left to go to see some fireworks at NARA Park. They told me that I couldn't go this time. Mom said there would be lots of people and loud noises. That didn't sound like fun to me. I stayed home with my cat brothers


Mom Got My Goat!!

July 11th 2009 7:39 pm
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I got all excited Friday Morning. Mom and dad were going some where! I wanted to go too! I was at the door waiting, all happy and eager! You can imagine how happy I was when mom snapped the leash on me and lead me to the car. We usually go places in mom's car. This time we got into daddy's car. I didn't think too much about it. I was just happy to be included. You can imagine my shock when we ended up at the gas station just down the street!! What the heck?? Daddy was bringing his car there to get repair work done. The gas station was a scarry place. Cars and trucks were coming and going, strange noises and strange people. I was not happy any more! Mom sat down on a chair outside the work bay while daddy talked to the repair guy. I was shaking because I was scared. A man stopped and was talking to mom about me. I had enough! I tried to bolt! I sent mommy almost into the air!! She held on to me, but I scared her too. Daddy grabbed the leash and we left! We started to walk back home. On the way, daddy noticed that there were goats by the fence. An older man has two goats for pets. Daddy took me across the street to see them. I had never seen such a creature before. I only know they were goats because mom told me what they were. One had curved horns coming out of his head. The goats were curious about me too! The one with the horns sniffed noses with me. They smelled funny. We visited for a few minutes and came home. I was happy to be home!!

Today, we took our usual trip to the pet store. We bought dog and cat food. I got a huge bone that is supposed to freshen my breath! It was yummy. I also got a new raw hide and my usual cookie. After the pet store, daddy drove to the grocery store. Mom stayed in the car with me. It was hot outside so daddy kept the car running and we had the car air conditioner on. Daddy ran in and got stuff. Later we went for a nice walk. We tried to walk the trail but I was getting eaten by mosquitos. We turned back and came home by the road. Mom changed my collar. She is going to wash the one I was wearing. I have my "godess" collar back on. Mom tries to wash my collar about once a month. I get a lot of complements on my "godess" collar.


Leaping Through The Field

July 12th 2009 6:02 pm
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Today started off as a quiet day. Daddy had to work and play at a ping pong tournament. Mom went the gym to workout and then she spent the afternoon home with me. She gave me my new rawhide bone. Daddy came home early in the evening and mom said that he was home in time to go to the MayDog walk with Mollie and Keira. The walk was at 7 pm and it was going to be at the site of the proposed dog park. I wish our town would let us have the dog park soon! It is a big 13 acre field. We got there almost at the same time as Mollie and Keira. We were all very happy to see each other. We were leaping and playing. Our leashes kept getting in the way! Soon, some other dogs and their humans came too. Mollie was the only dog there who wasn't black! There were 6 dogs and 8 humans on the walk. We walked through the field. The grass was high and I was leaping and jumping through it. There were lots of wild flowers too. I had a blast! So did all us dogs. I don't think the humans had as much fun as we did. After the field, we continued our walk along the road and around a neighborhood. It was nice. I did a nice loose leash walk for mom. A man on the walk knows Victoria Stillwell. Mom watches her show on Animal Planet all the time. She inspired mom to become a certified dog trainer!! Mom just graduated and is ready to get clients. Her web site is: Anyway, this man is going to ask Victoria to come and speak for MayDog!! That would be awesome. Mom would love that!! I'm tired now. It was a good walk.


Play Date With Mollie And Kiera

July 18th 2009 8:05 pm
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We went to the Farmer's Market this morning. I did much better today with all the people. Mom and dad bought lots of fresh produce. We walked to the market which is right down the street from us. When mom and dad got home, mom started to work in the kitchen. Mom and dad made something called a lasagna. They said they had to go to a pot luck event. They told me that I couldn't go this time. Dogs weren't allowed. I was a bit disappointed. Mom gave me a peanut butter stuffed Kong to keep me busy while they were gone. I do love peanut butter stuffed Kongs. When they got home we went for a walk. We ended up at Mollie and Kiera's house! When we got there, Mollie was waiting in the yard with her mom. Mollie was so happy to see me that she pulled her mom to get to me. We were all tail waggie and ready to play. I got to play in their back yard for awhile. Kiera was in the yard waiting for us. I had fun. We ran and played while our moms and dads sat and talked. Humans just don't know how to have a good time like we do! After we left, mom wanted to check out a public garden that was just down the street. Wouldn't you know it, we found a trail! It was just like the small trail next to our house that was once a railroad track. We walked the whole trail and took some side roads back home. We got to see new neighborhoods. It was a nice walk. I'm tired now. It was a wonderful evening.


Doggie "Ice Cream" and Blackberries

July 19th 2009 5:59 pm
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Mom and dad took me to the pet store closest to our house today. It was getting late and they didn't feel like driving to the one we usually go too. The pet store was having a big sale and was giving away Doggie "Ice Cream" It wasn't really ice cream, but it was frozen and very yummy. I got one! I also got a cookie and a new raw hide bone. I met a whippet puppy. Whippets are small versions of greyhounds. He was cute. Later mom and dad took me for a long walk around town. We found a some blackberry bushes. Mom and dad used one of my poop bags to put the berries in! Don't worry, it was a clean bag! They got quite a few. After berry picking we walked through town. They have a little park there and it is fenced in. There wasn't any "No Dogs Allowed" signs, so we went in. Mom closed the gate and I was able to go off leash. I stayed right with mom and dad though. Dad and I saw 2 cats. They ran away. After the park we walked by the river. Dad let me go in the water. I went right up over my belly! I could almost swim!!! I have never actually gone swimming before. Greyhounds aren't very good swimmers. Maybe some day I'll get a chance to try it- with mom and dad there just in case. Anyway, the water felt good and I got to cool off. I really enjoyed my walk

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