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A New Beginning

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I was on TV- well at least my tail was!

April 5th 2009 6:46 pm
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It was another wonderful weekend. On Friday two starnge men came to our house. They were doing an energy evaluation to see how energy efficient our house was. They hooked up a big fan to the door and blew the air out. It made a lot of noise. They walked around for a couple of hours. I stayed on my bed. They seemed nice. Daddy took the day off so he could be home when they came. He came with mom and me to my obedience class. I did better this time. I was more relaxed and had fun playing with all the puppies. I got a cookie too! Mom said that was the last class that I have to go to. She will train me at home. I like training at home better. I am more relaxed there.

Saturday was a rainy day. I have a rain coat but I hate it. It is too small and doesn't cover my whole back. It also slides off of me. Mom and dad wanted to take me for a long walk but it was too wet. I went out to do my business and then I wanted to go right back inside.

Sunday was a bright sunny day. Mom said we were going somewhere special. Around 8:30 am, we all got into the car. We rode for a long time. We went to Boston! Daddy drove the car right through a big, long, dark tunnel. I wasn't scared though. We finally stopped in a large parking lot at Castle Island. It is on the south side of Boston. When I got out of the car, all my Greyhound friends were there. I was so happy to see them all. A man was there with a big camera. He was filming a news segment for NECN. It was about us Greyhounds and our need for forever homes. The state I live in is closing all the racing tracks. I am very happy about that. I like being in a family much more than I liked racing. As a result of the tracks closing, a lot of my brothers and sisters will need homes. That was what the news story was about. We had a nice walk around Castle Island. I got to go onto the beach again and dip my paws into the water. One of my friends laid down in it!! Not me! It was much too cold. After the walk, mom and dad took me around the Fort that was there. It is called Fort Independence. I saw too strange animals running around. I thought they might be rabbits! I got to meet them and they were actually dogs! Go figure! I was tired when I got home. I slept while mom and dad went to Greyhound Friends in Hopkington, MA. They volunteer there and walk greyhounds looking for homes. There is a small shop there, and mom and dad bought me a new rain coat and a new reflective vest for my night time walks. They fit me much better!!! Mom and dad watched the NECN news on TV. They had recorded it on the DVR. Mom and dad saw themselves but only my tail was on the news!!! Mom went to the computer and found a slightly different version of the story on the Internet. She downloaded it. Guess what?? There I was on the video!! I didn't make the TV version but I did make the Internet version. Mom and dad took me for another long walk tonight. We went on a nature trail that is close to our house. I am a happy tired doggy tonight. I wonder what other adventures await me??


Great walking trail

April 11th 2009 7:43 am
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It is right across the street and we didn't even know it! Daddy was home with mom and me on Thursday because he had to get his wisdom teeth out!! Ouch!! Mom was home because she wasn't feeling too good either. Both parents took me for a walk across the street. I go there sometimes to a little park area. There was a dirt road so we started to walk down it. It ended up being a nice long trail by the river. There were lots of people walking dogs and jogging. We couldn't go too far because daddy had to get to his dentist appointment, but the next day we went again and went further. Daddy thinks the trail is about 6 miles long! Maybe someday we will do the whole thing. I really like it- great smells, no cars and other dogs to meet. After our walk yesterday, I got to go to the pet store. I got my cookie and some rawhide bones. I ate my cookie in the car. Mom was happy about that because I won't ususally eat treats unless I am home and in my "place". That is my bed. It is a sign that I am becoming more comfortable (or maybe it is just that I really LOVE those cookies!!) BOL


Running like the wind!

April 12th 2009 6:13 pm
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Oh what fun I had today!! Mom and dad took me to this large field. Daddy said that people play soccer there. When I got out of the car, I looked behind us and there were Mollie and Keira walking down the road with their mom. I was SO happy to see my two friends. We went into the field and daddy let me off the leash!! I ran and ran and ran! The field was huge so I could really stretch out and get up to top speed. I ran like the wind! Mollie, Keira and I had a great time playing. Daddy video taped me, so you can see it on my Dogster page. My first sprint was the fastest but it didn't get on film because mom had to run back to the car to get the video camera. Mom only has two legs and she isn't very fast!!


Play Date and New Friends

April 19th 2009 8:51 am
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Saturday was a nice warm Spring day. Mom and dad took me for a long walk down the river trail across the street. We went far. After my walk, we all jumped in the car and daddy drove us to the pet store. Mom bought food and I got my cookie. They were having an agility class in the training ring. Mom wants to enroll me in the class at some point. I also got my nails trimmed at the pet store. It was only $5 and it went to a shelter.

Today was the best! Daddy knows a lady from work who lives in our town. She has a dog named Oscar. He arranged a play date for me. They have a large fenced in yard. Oscar is 10 but he sure can run! I was still faster, but he kept up pretty good. We ran and played. I met Oscar's whole family. Two little human children live there. I was a little bit shy of all the strange humans. They were very nice though. I was glad That mom and dad were there. We even played with a tennis ball. A little while later, another dog joined us. His name was Dublin. He was smaller than me and Oscar, but he was very nice. All three of us played. It was fun! We all ran side by side. I played for an hour and a half! I am SO tired now! It is so nice to have good doggie friends. Now I have Oscar and Dublin as well as Mollie and Keira to play with!


Summer Weather

April 25th 2009 5:09 pm
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I got to see an old friend on Friday. Mom had taken me out for my evening walk. I looked down the street and there was my friend, Vito the pit bull! He saw me too and we both got very excited. It was hard to play because we were both on leashes. Vito's dad has a new job and his schedule changed. That is why I haven't seen him in awhile. He looked good. We got to play a little. Our neighbor was out in her yard and she enjoyed how excited Vito and I were to see each other.

Today was HOT!!! It got up to 90 degrees! It is still April! Mom and dad took me for a nice walk along the river. All the plants were blooming and lots of great smells. I didn't get to go to the pet store today because mom and dad stopped in after mom's eye exam. It was on their way home. They said that they had a special treat planned for me to make up for it. Once it got a little cooler, we got into the car and daddy drove me to my friend Oscar's house. We played for about an hour. I got some running in. Oscar's mom had to keep filing the water bowl. We got hot playing. I really like Oscar, but he tried to get fresh with me a few times. We are both fixed and although Oscar is 10 years old, he tried to get his "groove on" with me! I put him in his place. I am a lady after all and I demanded respect. Men!!! Any way, I had a lot of fun. I am crashed out on my bed right now. Mom said I have another surprise tomorrow! I can't wait!!


Greyhound Wellness Day

April 26th 2009 4:10 pm
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We left the house a little after 10 this morning. Daddy drove us to the Cambridge Armory. My group, Greyhound Adventures, was having a wellness fair. I didn't want to go in at first, but I followed a couple of other dogs. They had all these different events and food there. A lot of greyhounds and their people were there. I got a goody bag with a ball and treats. Mom set up a blanket for me in case I wanted to rest. A short time after we arrived, daddy had to leave for skating. I was a bit upset that he left me and mom there. Mom tried to get me a doggie massage, but I was too nervous. It was kind of crowded and the music was loud. Mom got some food and sat at the table. She talked with some other humans and I socialized a bit with some of the other dogs. They had a raffle, but we didn't win anything. Mom was hoping to win a greyhound painting or a statue. When daddy came back to get us, we tried to get me a massage again. I did better the second time and got one. Mom says I still need more socialization work. I was happy to get back into the car. It was another hot day. I did drink some water at the fair, but not enough. When we got home I drank some water and crashed on my bed. Mom left to help my friend, Mollie. She has a barking problem when she meets other dogs. Daddy had to go to the groomers to get his hair cut. Daddy got home first and took me for a walk. We saw a car coming up the street and it was mom, Mollie and Mollie's mom, Lisa. We went for a walk togther, I realy enjoyed that!! Mollie doesn't bark at me. She is my best friend. We went for a nice walk together. Mom and Mollie's mom was hoping to meet some dogs so they could help Mollie with her barking. We didn't see any! It was a nice day all in all.


Lots Of Walks

May 3rd 2009 4:26 pm
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Mom and dad got me this great new food! It is bison meat! Mom says they are also called buffalos. It is so yummy. Mommy jokes and says that she doesn't even need to wash my dish when I am done. I lick every last bit.

On Saturday I had a nice long walk with my friend, Mollie. Some other dogs were supposed to join us, but no one showed up! We waited for them for awhile and then we just went for our walk. It was a beautiful day. After the walk, I played at Mollie and Kiera's house for a bit.

On Sunday I went for another walk with all my friends at Greyhound Adventures. This time we went to the Minute Man Trail in Lincoln, MA. This walk is close to our house. It was a lot of fun.

A greyhound named Baily got lost on Thursday. He got loose from his mom's car. I don't know him because he isn't part of our group. He went missing close to our house so mom and dad tried to find him. He is 12 years old and everyone was very worried about him. Mom, Dad and I were going to do a search tonight but happily we didn't have to! Baily was found and is back with his mom. He went to the vet tonight. This is why I can't run around without a leash. I have to be in a fenced in yard to run free. I am a sight hound so I can get lost at chasing something. I could easily get lost too! I don't want that to happen. I'm glad Baily is OK


Last weekend

May 13th 2009 8:31 am
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Mom has been a slacking off on writing my diary entries. Humans!!
I was a little thrown off when Mom and dad told me to get in the car on Wenesday(May 6th)! I was all excited and expecting to go somewhere fun. I ended up at the Vets!!! Not exactly what I call fun!! Mom said it was for my yearly check up. The worse part was that I was due for shots! I got 3 of them. I am also on hook worm medicine. I had a bad case when I came off the rack track. The first treatment got most of them but there were still some left in my digestive tract. The doctor gave me another round of medicine to get rid of the last ones. Mom and dad also got me a lyme disease vaccine. There are a lot of ticks this year. Even though I am on Frontline, mom and dad don't want to take any chances.

Saturday we all went to a Pet Fair in Waltham, MA. It was in a big building next to a vet hospital. It was a very small fair and not many people came. Mom, dad and I worked at one of the booths. We are trying to get a fenced in dog park built in our town. Mom brought me a blanket to lie down on and I had food and water too. We met some nice people.

Sunday, I ended up at a plant sale of all things! I was the only dog there! What were mom and dad thinking? I had to ride home with mom in the back seat with me. The front seat had a big lilac bush in it!!! I watched mom and dad plant it from the window.


Pet First Aid Class

May 15th 2009 3:07 pm
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On Wednesday, mom and I went to a pet first aid class together. Mom wanted to know what to do if Ben, Charlie or I got injured. She is most worried about my cat brother, Ben, who gets in to all kinds of trouble. We were the first ones to arrive so mom had her choice of seats. Mom put the loop of my leash around her chair leg so I could walk around a bit. I did get tangled up in my leash a few times, but mom came to the rescue. Other dogs came too, so that was nice. I got to meet them. Mom found my pulse and checked my gums. A few other ladies checked my pulse too. It was a bit embarassing as they were checking my femoral pulse. It is located on my inner thigh. Mom said it was nice and strong. I almost had to be a demo dog for bandaging, but a little poodle was eager to volunteer so they used her instead. That was fine by me. Mom and I had a nice time together. I got to meet some nice new people too. Mom says the more nice people I meet and the more positive experiences I have, the more comfortable I will be in all situations. I am making great progress. I am a lot less shy around people. I've always been great around other dogs!


Greyhound Friends Open House

May 16th 2009 2:54 pm
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Today was Greyhound Friends Open House. It is the shelter that mom and dad volunteer at. They go once a week to walk dogs and mom also does a little training. We got there early to help set everything up. We worked at the silent auction/raffle table. Mom likes things like that. They have a huge fenced in field out back. Before the open house started, mom and dad brought me there so I could run. I had a lot of fun. Mom and I explored the field together. There were some neat trails. Mom and dad practiced calling me to them. Just in case I was to ever get loose, mom wants to make sure I would come back when they called me. I did! I saw lots of people and met lots of new greyhounds. Mom set up a blanket for me on the grass and filled my water and food bowl. My friend, Louise, from greyhound adventures was there! I said "hi" to her. I was in 2 contests and won 2 ribbons. The first contest was for youngest greyhound. I came in second. I am 2 1/2 and the winner was 2. The second contest was for the longest tail. I was in a 3 way tie for 5th place. My tail was 21 inches long. The winner had a 24 inch tail. It was fun. I also won 2 milk bone biscuits. They were yummmy! Daddy took me for several walks and we visited all the tables. Mom won 3 things in the raffle! She won a greyhound candle holder, a greyhound for dummies book (she's not a dummy though) and a new collar for me. I usually wear my fancy "goddess" collar that has a purple leash. I also have a black leash, so this new collar will match that one. You know us girls, we like to be fashionable. Always good to have another collar.

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