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A New Beginning

Happy Easter!

March 25th 2013 9:51 am
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Wow, a lot has happened lately so this will be a long diary entry. Seems like everything happens at once! The snow is slowly melting and we are heading into Spring. It is still a bit cold outside but the end is in sight. I hope all my pup pals have a fun, safe Easter. Please remember that chocolate isn't good for us!

My prize bunny and medal came from England. My bunny is SO cute. I keep him near my bed at night. I will post a picture. Mom and dad got a little silly with the picture taking. That's OK though. I had fun posing. I am now officially in a long distance relationship with a greyhound from England. We met on Facebook! His name is Lucien. He is white. He is very handsome. I know we will never meet in person so it will be a virtual romance. That is OK with me. His mom was the one who held the contest where I won my bunny!!

My corn is doing well. Mom continues to put the softening cream on my paw every day. It seems to have stopped growing. I am now pain free and can run as much as I want now. In fact it feels so good that mom and dad took me on a Greyhound Adventures walk to Horn Pond. It was on March 17th which was also St. Patrick's Day. I wore a shamrock necklace to celebrate. About 30 or 40 dogs came! It was very cold! I wore my winter coat. The wind was strong too. Once we got walking, however, we all warmed up a bit. I think the humans were colder than we were.

This past Saturday we went to the Easter Pawlooza. Last year it was awesome!! That was were I won a gift basket in the costume contest and mom won a 20 gallon fish tank. This year is was a huge disappointment. The man who ran it last year no longer works for Pet Source. He did a great job organizing these events. We only stayed an hour. The raffle prizes were nothing we even wanted. I did have my picture taken with the Easter bunny, but the picture I took last year was better. Daddy doesn't want to buy it and I don't blame him. Mom said the background they used was too busy and takes away from the picture. I agree. We did buy some pet food and then went to check out another Pet Source location that just opened. This one is in Bolton,MA and is close to my Vet. The store was very small and not all the inventory had arrived yet. We chatted with the lady for a bit and then left. Mom was still looking for 2 varieties of cat food so we decided to go to another Pet Source in Concord, MA. Mom and dad figured they could stop and get lunch at the same time. On our way to the pet store we passed a park. Daddy noticed a loose dog in the parking lot. It was a greyhound! Usually we can never be off leash. If we get the urge to chase something, we are too fast and most of us don't come back when we are called. I am an exception to this. I stay close to mom and dad and I am very good about coming when I am called. Thankfully this greyhound was like me. Mom had grabbed a leash from the trunk of the car but she didn't need it. The dog's name was Zamboni (like the ice machine at skating rinks) He was 13! He looked a lot younger. Mom and dad talked to Zamboni's dad for a while. Daddy took my leash off so I could play. At the other end of the field was a man and a dog. I raced down to see the other dog. Mom called me and I raced right back. It was fun! I hope I see Zamboni again sometime. When we got to the pet store, everyone there knew Zamboni! What a fun day!

My grampy got sick again. He spent a week in the hospital. I wasn't allowed to go see him. This week they moved him back to a rehab center in Dover. He was there once before. That means I could go and visit him. Yesterday we all made the trip to go and visit. It was a long car ride. It is about an hour and a half away. Everyone who saw me wanted to pet me. I think most of the people in the center are lonely and miss their homes. A dog brightens up their day. They would talk about dogs they used to have. I'm glad I could cheer them up a little. We spent an hour or so visiting and then we drove back to grampy's house. We picked up his cat, Blackie, and brought her home with us. Another cat!! Oh, I wish it could have been a dog. Blackie stayed with us before. She was mean to everyone. I hope grampy gets better and can go home again. Then Blackie can go back with him. Mom hopes we can all get along better this time. I hope so!!


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