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A New Beginning

Last Day Of Greyhounds In Gettysburg!

April 30th 2012 12:49 pm
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We had to get up very early yesterday morning. Mom and dad started packing all of our stuff back into suitcases, boxes and bags. The morning festivities started at 9AM as well, so there was some tension in the room. Mom and dad made me wait in the room while they brought our things to the car. They had a quick breakfast of cereal that they had bought the night before, and we all got into the car. Daddy drove to the recreation field where the events where taking place. Despite our best efforts to get there right at 9 we were about 15 minutes late. The speed trials were already going on. Aunt Carla, Uncle Jeff, Gill and Skylar where already in line waiting. Mom and dad had a hard time finding the entrance because things where set up backwards from last year. Daddy jogged with me to the opening in the fence and we got in line. We got to watch Gill and Skylar run. Both are a little chunky now that they are retired but they both did very well. Gill clocked in at 34 mph and Skylar surprised everyone by running 36mph. When it got close to my turn, mom walked down to the end of the run. She wanted to video tape me. Daddy ran down to the end too and a man held my collar. They used the squawker for me. I was trained to run to it at the track. I ran fast but I only got a speed of 29 mph. The man with the speed gun said it was because I ran too high off the ground causing me to lose speed. I ran headlong into 2 people, however! They had to catch me. Uncle Jeff bragged about Skylar the rest of the morning! Mom did get me on tape but the angle was strange. You can see me though. After the speed run it was time for the rainbow bridge/pet blessing ceremony. We all gathered in the picnic area. It was a beautiful service. The minister had everyone write down the names of pets to be honored and remembered. Both Aunt Carla and mom wrote down GT's name. Mom also added two other special companion animals from years ago- Blitz and Duke. Mom and aunt Carla cried. We did a group roo as a finale! Next it was time for the fun run. Me, Gill, Skylar and 3 other dogs I didn't know got to play in a fenced in baseball field. The only bad part was that we had to wear muzzles. Mom said it was a rule even though I don't need one. I spent a lot of my play time trying to rub my muzzle off. It didn't work. By now it was 11:00am and time to head home. We had a long drive ahead of us. We stopped several times to stretch our legs and mom and dad stopped at the same Subway they did last year for a veggie sub. The last rest stop we went to was in our own state of MA. It has a little dog park I like to go to. I was there with daddy when another greyhound joined us! Mom and dad thought they might be coming from Gettysburg too, but they weren't. It felt good to be home. I ate a good supper. Mom was relieved because I didn't eat well on the trip. I was too excited. I ate only about 1/2 what I normally eat.

Mom and dad both took today off of work to relax. Mom took me for my walk early and then had me get into the car. Wouldn't you know it- I ended up at the vets!! It was time for my annual check up. I had to get a rabies shot too! They took something called a titer to see how my immunity was. If it is high enough I won't have to get booster shots for the other things. I'm keeping my paws crossed. I weighed only 66 pounds. I lost 2 pounds from not eating much this weekend. The vet said she wasn't worried about it and that I looked great! Mom said she probably gained the two pounds I lost! She said I can have them back!! I think she was joking!! Anyway It was a greyt vacation.


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