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A New Beginning

First Day Of GIG 2012

April 27th 2012 7:47 pm
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A little before noon we headed out to where the tents where. It was very cold and windy out so daddy ran back to get my fleece jacket. Mom and I walked to meet daddy. I was glad to have my jacket. We had to stand in line to get our registration package. I got a lot of goodies including two new stuffed toys. One is a pink seal and the other is a blue dog. Since we had bags of stuff,we walked back to the hotel again to drop them off. Mom didn't want to have to carry every thing around. Mom and dad made me take the elevator. Another dog rode up with me so that helped a lot. I'm starting to get used to the "room that moves". Then it was back to the main event we went. We got a lot of exercise walking back and forth. We looked at all the booths. Mom looked at the everything, trying to find me more Egyptian themed collars. She found two! I am wearing one of them now! Mom and dad both bought new sweat shirts. They wore them along with the sweat shirts they were already wearing! That was how cold it was outside! The wind made it feel even colder. The animal communicator was there again this year. Mom and dad had her talk to me again. I like her a lot. She understands me. We had a nice talk. Mom and dad bought me some yummy cookies and treats! I'm not eating much because everything is strange here and I am also very excited.I am eating the treats though! Next it was time for the greyhound games. I was in the "dress your dog" contest with daddy. Daddy didn't do very well! He couldn't get the shirt on me. Daddy gave up! Mom said he should have put it over my head and THEN got my legs in. It was all in fun. Mom and dad got hungry so they went over to the shoppes to a place called Quizno's. While daddy ordered sub sandwiches, mom and I went into a clothing store. It was actually MY idea to go into the store. Mom found a pair of pants she liked on sale. After they ate, mom went back and bought the pants and 2 shirts! Wouldn't you know it, we walked back to the hotel AGAIN to drop off the bag! Back and forth was making me tired. It was almost time for the Jean,animal communicator, to give her talk so we headed over to the lecture room. I fell asleep on the floor. A lot of other dogs napped too. I didn't want to leave because I was so tired. During the lecture daddy's phone went off so he left to answer it. It was Uncle Jeff and Aunt Carla. They were checking into their hotel. Daddy told them that he would call after the lecture and we would all make plans. After the talk we walked around the booths to see if Uncle Jeff and Aunt Carla were still there. The vendors were packing up for the day so Aunt Carla and Uncle Jeff went back to their hotel. We planned a time to meet for dinner. We had time to kill so mom and dad took me miniature golfing!!! That was very interesting. Mom and dad tried to hit a colorful ball into a hole with a stick. I watched them but I couldn't play. They had fun though. Daddy won. We went to dinner after that. They had an outdoor area so I could go to dinner. There were a lot of dogs there. Gill and Skylar came but Gill was uncomfortable because there were too many dogs. For me, the more dogs the better. Gill likes his space. Gill and Skylar went back to wait in the car. I socialized with all the other dogs. I even made myself at home on someone else's blanket. Daddy went and got my blanket but I stayed where I was. The dog whose blanket I stole laid down on mine. It was all good. Mom, dad, Aunt Carla and Uncle Jeff ate. Mom and Aunt Carla were getting very cold. They were glad to get the bill paid. Next we went to a social at one of the hotels. I went to this last year. I had to say "Hi" to every dog there. Then I laid down on a blanket and went to sleep. Skylar and Gill came to the social too. Skylar laid down next to me and somehow my face ended up under Skylar's butt! I was too tired to care. The humans got a kick out of it and they were taking pictures. I'm sure they will end up on Facebook and probably here on my Dogster page. Some of the dogs I met where from Spain. they are called Galgos. They are smaller than us. They are not used for racing but for hunting. They don't have it any better than us greyhounds. When they can no longer hunt many are often killed by hanging! The dogs who were good hunters are killed quickly but those who were not good are made to suffer. They are hung low enough so that their hind legs barley touch the ground. This makes their deaths go slow and painful. There was one dog there who was saved just in time! He still has the scars on his neck from the ropes. He is doing well with his new loving mom and everyone was giving him lots of love. Mom hates what some people do to us. Well, I am going to call it a night. I'm exhausted! Until tomorrow, Good night!! zzzzzzzzz


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Barked by: Lexi (Dogster Member)

April 28th 2012 at 4:55 am

Sounds like you all had a fun day however the story of what they do to your breed and the Galgos breed is just horrible and we are so thankful you have a loving forever homeā™„

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