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A New Beginning

Back To The Park!

December 22nd 2011 6:40 pm
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Mom and dad took me back to the dog park again today. Daddy had a vacation day today and mom had the afternoon off too. It was a nice day today- in the 50's. I was able to go without a jacket. Mom brought my light fleece in case I got cold, but I didn't need it. I remembered the path very well and knew just how to get to the field. When we got there it was empty! Last time there were lots of dogs there. This time I was all alone. Daddy let me off my leash. I jogged around a bit and sniffed a lot. I just did some exploring. Daddy tried to get me to run by running around. I did chase him but daddy is very slow and I was able to catch him with just a fast jog. After a while I decided to run. I did a fast sprint all around the big field. I was flying! It felt really good. My bad foot was fine. Just as I finished my run two white German Shepherds came. One of them came up to say "hello". She was a girl dog so I wasn't too interested. I was polite and said "Hello". They moved on down another path with their dad. We were leaving the field when another dog and his mom came. He was a 10 month old puppy. We played for a bit. He was nice. As we were leaving the field, the two white German Shepherds and their dad had looped around. We all walked together back to the parking lot. Mom and dad talked with the German Shepherd's dad the whole way back. We were almost to the parking lot when a Border Collie and his dad came along the trail. The Border Collie and the male German Shepherd didn't like each other. They got into a fight. It wasn't a real fight, just a loud display. I stayed clear.No one got hurt. I had a good time. I'm glad mom and dad brought me back. Mom said she got an E-mail from our MayDOG group. It Looks like we are going to finally get a dog park in our town! It will be 1 1/2 acres, all fenced in and paid for by the Solar Farm who will also be using the land. The owner of the Solar Farm has a dog and is very supportive of the idea. There is plenty of land for both. I don't know when it will be built- probably next summer. I'm glad I will have two good places to run.

Mom ordered me a very special collar today. She has been looking for an Egyptian themed collar for me for over a year now. Since my name is Isis (Isis was an Egyptian Goddess) and my breed originated in Egypt, mom thought it would be cool to have an Egyptian collar for me. It even has hieroglyphics on it! It will take about 2 weeks to be made. I can't wait! Mom says I can wear it when we go to Gettysburg in the spring. I will put up a picture of me wearing it when it arrives.


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