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A New Beginning

It's A Dog's Life!

May 22nd 2011 3:26 pm
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Wow! What a weekend! Don't know where to begin? Mom says it is always best to start at the beginning so that would be Saturday.

After a cloudy, miserable week we finally had a beautiful day filled with sunshine. I could feel the excitement in the air! Mom said that this weekend was going to be special. We left the house around 10:30. Daddy drove mom's car. We arrived at Greyhound Friend's Spring open house shortly after 11:00. There were people setting up tables and tents. Daddy brought my exercise pen so I would have a place to rest and chill out. Mom set it up for me with my water bowl and a blanket. Once again we worked at the silent auction and raffle table. Daddy helped set up tents over the items as there was a chance that it could rain in the afternoon. The tent didn't totally cover my pen,so mom hung a blanket over part of the pen to provide extra shade for me. Around noon, people and dogs started to come. Many people came to our booth to place bids on items and buy raffle tickets. Mom bid on a few items herself and she entered my name in the raffle drawing! Daddy took me for frequent walks around the grounds. I enjoyed meeting all the other dogs as well as visiting the booths. We met a black male greyhound named Damion who looked just like me. My mom and Damion's mom decided to enter us in the "find your twin" contest in the dog show. There was still time before the show, so daddy took me to the fenced in field to run. A dog named Lucy came in with me. She didn't want to run...but I sure did! I ran all around the field! It was fun! Greyhound Friends built a memorial garden. People can buy bricks with their dog's name on it as a memorial when their dogs go to the Rainbow Bridge. My time won't come for many years yet, but mom and dad will buy a brick for me then. They had a beautiful dedication ceremony. A greyhound named Boston Boy was the greyhound who is responsible for the start of Greyhound Friend's. The memorial garden is in his name. Soon it was time for the dog show. They didn't have a PA system this year, so mom, dad and I had to go over to the show ring so we could hear the events. There weren't many in the youngest dog contest, so mom entered me. It was only a dollar to enter. The youngest dog has to be under 6. I am 4 1/2 now. I won a third place ribbon. After the oldest dog contest and longest tail (I can't win against other greyhounds), they had the twin contest. Damion and I were the only team to enter! They kept calling for more contestants but no one could hear them without the PA system. Damion and I won first place! We got our prizes and then 6 other dogs including two beagles wanted to enter. They let us keep our first place ribbons and held another twin contest! Hopefully next year they will have the PA system again. Things were starting to wind down and it was time for the raffle. I won a small greyhound statue! Mom got out bid on her silent auction items but that is OK. The more money people bid, the more money for Greyhound Friends. It was a wonderful open house. Lots of people made donations and Matthew found his forever home. The open house continued on Sunday but we had another event to go to!

Sunday wasn't as nice as Saturday. It was cool and overcast. No rain though so that was good. We left the house at 9:30 and daddy drove us in his car this time. We went to Paws In The Park to benefit Save A Dog. Mom and I raised $415 dollars for the event! I got a beautiful blue bandana to wear. There were dogs and booths everywhere. Last year I was more nervous but I am getting more and more used to these events now. I actually went into all the booths this year! I saw dogs of all different breeds and sizes. Greyhound Friends had a booth and I saw Gill and Aunt Carla! We walked around the whole fair grounds, visited every booth and collected free samples of goodies. The walk was at 11:00. There was a whole parade of dogs in the walk. I was up near the front of the pack. We walked through woods on a path for the most part. We also walked past an old mill with a water wheel. It was very nice. After the walk we watched some of the dog games and demos. There was also a parade of adoptable dogs. Aunt Carla entered a black greyhound named Roller in the parade for adoption. He may have found his forever home! I hope so. He is very nice. Daddy bought some kettle corn. Mom and dad shared it with me! It was good but it did have some sugar so I couldn't have too much of it. Mom saw a wolf at the event! He was amazing! He was very tame and walked on a leash just like the rest of us. There were also handicapped dogs in carts there as well. After the adoption parade they had more games. One of the games was a dress up contest. Mom had wanted to enter me in this at Gettysburg but daddy and I missed it. Well,daddy and I entered this one! Mom can't run fast because she gets shooting pain in her hip so daddy did the contest with me. they placed clothes at the end of the field. We had to run down to the clothes, get dressed and run back as fast as we could. Daddy and I were in line when they announced the rules. My heart sank when they said the dog had to sit to win. I can't sit! Many greyhounds can't. We are not built for it. Mom spoke up and they made an exception for me. Daddy and I were the first ones to reach the clothes. Mom has dressed me in costumes before so I am OK with it. I also wear my jackets when it is cold out. Daddy had trouble with the shirt because it was too small for me. He got it on me the best he could. One dog lost all his clothes on the run back to the finish line! Daddy and I came in 3rd. Everyone was laughing because it was all for fun. Everyone got a prize. I LOVE my prize. I got a plush squeaky lizard that is yellowish green. I can see the colors! Aunt Carla took pictures because mom told her to watch! A little while later they had tail contests- longest, shortest and waggiest. Mom entered me the longest. As long as no other greyhounds enter I can usually win it. My tail is 21 inches long! I was up against a German Shepard. They didn't have a tape measure so we stood butt to butt. Mine was longer but they made it a tie. Once again everyone got a prize. This time I got a big rubber dumbbell toy! Now I can lift weights with mom!!! It was almost time for the fair to close so we walked around one more time and visited a few minutes with Aunt Carla and Greyhound Friend's booth. We were just about to leave when we learned they were giving away free collars. we went and got one. Aunt Carla came with us and got some for her dogs too. I am a tired dog now! What a fun weekend.


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