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A New Beginning

I Got Caught Shop Lifting!

December 12th 2010 1:46 pm
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It was a nice weekend. Mom wanted to make something called a Christmas Kissing Ball. We used to have a hanging plant outside of our house but it died because it is almost Winter now. Mom looked up how to make one on the internet. Mom took a bag with us on our noon walk and started to collect all these pine cones! I tried to help her find some. I didn't know she wanted so many of them. We got home and daddy got home from skating a short time after. Mom decided making the kissing ball was going to be too much work after all!! This is after we had collected all these pine cones!!! Anyway, after we went to the pet store we started to check out places that sold Christmas trees to see if they had any. The first place only had trees. Next mom and dad checked out the grocery store near the pet store. I waited in the car. Mom said they had one left but it was dried out and the pine needles were falling off. Mom remembered a place down the road so daddy drove us there. Sure enough, they had trees, wreaths and kissing balls! As daddy pulled the car up mom saw a kissing ball that had purple ribbons and decorations on it! Mom got all excited! We got out of the car and daddy said we could buy it. This one was nice and in very good condition. Daddy went inside to pay for it. Mom and I walked around outside looking at all the other Christmas decorations they had. Daddy asked the lady inside if dogs were allowed in and she said "yes". Mom and I went inside to look around. They had all of these beautiful plants called poinsettia. Mom was looking at all the different ones. They all looked alike to me, but then I don't see the same colors as mom and dad does. Then mom saw a poinsettia that was very different and unique. It is white with a pale pink in the middle. Mom bought it. I was eager to get home because my cookie and flossie was still in the bag with the pet food. Mom hung up her kissing ball and was happy. I was happy that she was happy.

Today we had a meet and greet at the Pet Source in Lexington, MA. Pet Source is the pet store I always go to, but this was a different store. The lady said they have 4 Pet Sources. I had been to this one a couple of times before. Johnny B and Sonie were there with their mom and dad. We got the table all set up and put down the dog beds. Mom thought it might be a slow day because the weather isn't very nice. It is raining and very cold. Boy, was she wrong! We were there for a little while when Bronson and his family came. Then another greyhound who I have never met before came. I can't remember her name. Next a lady came who was VERY interested in adopting one of us. She had seen the flier and had made a special trip just to meet us. We all did a very good job at charming her. I know my homeless brothers and sisters out there would love to live with this nice lady. Then another greyhound named Billy came with his family. There was a small boy that belonged to Billy. I was very brave and let him pet me. He was quiet and gentle so I liked him. We got a lot of donations too! Anyway, this is where I got caught! The table and our dog beds were next to where the raw hides, bones, pigs ears and other yummy things were displayed. Most of them were wrapped up so you couldn't eat them. There was, however, a box of bully sticks that was open. I went to sniff them and they smelled really good. Mom and dad both told me "leave it". I did. I was good.... until they weren't looking! Mom and dad were talking to people and.... I took one! Mom and dad both noticed about the same time. I was lying on Johnny B's bed munching away at the bully stick! This was something that couldn't be eaten too fast either. Luckily daddy paid for it. It cost $2. Mom and dad weren't very mad. I'm glad about that. Since I worked so hard meeting and greeting people, they said that I deserved it. Mom said though that I should ask next time and can't just take things like that. I'll try to remember!


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Barked by: Wendy G

December 12th 2010 at 5:21 pm

OMD!! Isis?? Yu in jail now??? BOL!!
Yu hab da FUNNEST weekends E-B-E-R!!

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