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A New Beginning

Pet Rock Festival

September 22nd 2010 8:07 am
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Mom is behind again!! So hard to find good help these days! What's a dog to do?
On September 12th, mom and dad took me to the Pet Rock Festival. It is held in Worcester, MA every year. We live only about 30 minutes away by highway so it didn't take long to get there. I got all excited in the parking lot because I could see all the other dogs. Daddy took my leash because I was bucking and pulling to try to get to the festivities and socialize. We walked all around the fair before stopping at any booths to give me a chance to burn off some energy and calm down a little. While we were walking around, daddy realized that he didn't have enough cash on him. We had to leave the fair to go and find an ATM! There was one right down the street so it wasn't too far. I was a little upset with daddy. So was mom! Anyway, we got back to the fair pretty quickly and still managed to find a good parking space. When we came back from the ATM, guess who passed us in the car? It was Carla and my boyfriend Gill!!! I was such a happy dog!! Gill and his mom Carla were getting a hero award! I was so proud of Gill. He does a lot to promote greyhound adoption. He has even been on TV! We were all tail waggy when we saw each other. We walked around part of the fair together. Mom did her usual human things- visit booths, enter the raffle and things like that. Daddy was getting hungry so mom and dad got lunch at one of the vendors. Mom and dad like this fair because all the food is vegetarian. No meat is allowed because the fair honors all animals. Two of the vendors were totally vegan so that is where mom and dad ate. After they had their food we watched Gill and his mom get their award. Gill looked so handsome up on the stage. Daddy video taped the whole thing. After we walked around again and finished visiting all the booths. I took a dip in the doggy pools. I went in several of them. Mom and dad also took me into the agility ring. I will do the jumps and the weave poles. I'll even go through the tire. I don't do the ramps or the tunnels though. After we left the agility ring we started to head back to where the raffle table was. Mom wanted to check if she won anything. She didn't. Near the raffle table we noticed a couple of police cars with their lights on. We went to investigate and there was a man lying in the road. The police were waiting for the ambulance. Mom asked someone what happened and a lady and her son explained that the man started walking funny and then just fell. He had a seizure of some kind. The ambulance came and took him away. Part of the Pet Rock Festival is the "Rock". They have music bands that play on the stage where Gill got his award. Mom was happy that one of the bands scheduled to play was Ian Mitchell and the Bay City Rollers. Mom loved that band when she was a teenager. They played last year too and mom got to meet Ian and had her picture taken with him. We found a spot on the grass and waited for them to come on. We listened to another musician while we waited. Finally it was time. Mom was looking for Ian but couldn't see him. One of the other band members announced that Ian had fallen ill and couldn't play. Come to find out- the man on the ground had been Ian!!! The band played without him and dedicated the set to him. Mom was very upset. She and another fan tried to find out more information after the concert. He was still unresponsive an hour and a half later. That kind of put a damper on an otherwise wonderful day. I don't like seeing mom upset. Gill's mom knows the women who started the Pet Rock Festival and has been giving mom updates on Ian's condition. They had to do emergency brain surgery on him to relieve the pressure in his head. He is doing better now.

Mom told me yesterday that I have to move my bed to a new spot. Mom and dad are moving me tonight. Mom has a funny device called a K2 meter. It picks up invisible electro-magnetic fields. She was actually checking the light bulbs we have and decided to check the whole house. My bed is over an electrical box which is in the basement. The box is giving off very high readings and this invisible field comes right through the floor! Mom is afraid it will make me sick. I don't like changes so it might take me a while. Mom and dad are moving me by a window though so I will still be able to look outside.


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