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A New Beginning

Labor Day Weekend

September 9th 2010 11:06 am
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I hope all my doggie pals had a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend.
Saturday was a quiet day. Mom and dad made me go to the Farmer's Market again. After mom and dad bought their produce, they took me for a walk along the river. I did meet a few nice dogs. One dog had the same collar as me! He was black too!

I knew Sunday was going to be busier. Mom and dad started cleaning the whole house again. Every time they do that, I know that people are going to come over. Sure enough, I was right. Not too many humans came this time. That was fine by me! There was only 1 new man that I had never met before. Even Ben came up from the basement to socialize. Daddy's birthday was in a couple of days so the humans had cake. Mom and I didn't eat any. The cake was chocolate which is bad for dogs and mom is on a diet. She has already lost 10 pounds.

Monday was the most fun. Mom and dad didn't have to go to work. Mom made a pasta salad which is something she doesn't usually make. Around 2pm we got into daddy's car. We only drove a short way, but I knew where we were! It was Kiera's house!! Something was different though! Kiera's dad had built something called a "deck". It was like an outside porch. They had a lot of stairs leading down to the back yard. After a few minutes, mom took me around the house to put me in the yard. At that point I could only do around 5 stairs. Mom left me in the yard with Kiera and went up the stairs back to the deck. A little while later mom and dad came down to the yard to keep me company. Kiera's mom, Lisa came down too. They sat in chairs. After about 10 minutes or so other people started to arrive. Lisa, Daddy and mom started going back up the stairs. Guess what? I followed them! I was scared but Kiera was doing it without any problems so I tried it. I went all the way to the top. Daddy started going back down the stairs to see if I could go down. It was awkward for me at first and went slowly, but I did it! I went all the way back down! After that I was up and down several more times. I got better and better at it too! Later more dogs came! At one point there were about 5 dogs in the yard. We had a lot of fun together. The humans had a party and so did we! After a few hours people started to leave and I was allowed to go back to the deck. (Lisa had put up a gate to keep us dogs in the yard because there were lots of humans at the party). Lisa had dropped a veggie burger on the ground. Kiera had some and so did I! It was yummy!! When we got back home mom and dad thought I might try to climb the stairs to our house. I have never been upstairs. Mom put a small rug down at the bottom of the stairs so I wouldn't be on slippery hardwood floors. Mom and dad went up stairs and called me. They even bribed me with treats but I still won't don't it! Mom doesn't know why. Maybe someday I will.

Today is Thursday. Mom is home with me on Thursdays. Mom took me for a long walk down the river trail. We haven't been there lately because the river got very stinky! The smell made mom and dad feel sick! Today it was nice and cool outside and the river smelled OK. There is still a lot of green sludge on the water though. Mom even took me through the little park and through the woods trail. It is a little path off the main the trail that goes though the woods. I had a lot of fun, but now it is time for a nap.


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Barked by: Wendy G

September 9th 2010 at 11:40 am

Wow, Isis, yu hab beended BERY bizzy!! I kno' whut yu meen 'bout stairses. I hab WOTZA twubbles wif dem cuz my leggies r so short. Da stairses need be carpeted if I r gonna twy dem!!!

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