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A New Beginning

Last Weeks Adventures!

August 23rd 2010 8:07 am
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Mom is behind on my diary again. Lucky for mom, this past weekend was quiet and uneventful for me, so we will write about last weekend instead.
Saturday was something called Old Home Weekend in the town where mom grew up. It was also near Grampy's birthday so mom and dad decided to combine the two. It is over an hours drive to Grampy's house so we left early in the morning. There was a traffic jam on the highway which also made us late. Mom wanted to go the Farmer's Market in her home town of Newmarket. Not only did she want to get some fresh veggies but she hoped that she would run into some old friends. The Farmer's Market closed at 1 and we got there about 12:30! Made it just in time. There were a lot of people there, but nothing like the Farmer's Market in our town. Mom bought some corn and tomatoes. There weren't as many booths. Mom didn't recognize anyone so we left and went to Grampy's house which was just down the street. They were having a big fair in the street downtown. mom and dad didn't want to take me because they were afraid it would be too loud and noisy for me. I get scared with stuff like that. I stayed at Grampy's while everyone else went to check out the fair. Grampy has a big fenced in back yard which connects to the garage which is attached to an enclosed porch. Mom opened the door to the back yard and opened the door to the porch and I could go outside whenever I want too! I like that. Mom left me a big bowl of water too because it was hot outside. There was live music bands playing downtown. I could hear it from Grampy's house. It would have been too loud for me I think. Grampy came home first and I went out into the back yard with him and ran around a little bit. When mom and dad came back, Grampy said he was tired and needed a nap (he is 84). Mom, dad and me got into the car and went to visit Grammy! She doesn't live too far away. We stayed and visited for a little over an hour and then drove back to Grampy's house to take him out to dinner for his birthday. Once again, I had to stay at Grampy's. For some reason, dogs can't go where there is people food. If we lived in France, I could have gone too! Oh well! Mom, dad and grampy weren't gone too long. When they came home, mom and dad went back to the fair to listen to a live band. I stayed with Grampy. It was a nice day.

On Sunday I got to go to Gates Pond and have a walk with my boyfriend, Gil, his brother GT and all the Italian Greyhounds!There were two other greyhounds there too with a woman I had met once before (I don't remember their names though)Gil is allowed to walk off his leash. He just stays with everyone. We met another greyhound as we were walking. He was off his leash too. Mom and dad weren't sure if I could be off leash or not. They were a little nervous. They decided to give me a chance and try it. I did great! I stayed right with the pack! It was nice having some freedom. I can't do it all the time for safety reasons, but under some cases I can- like the enclosed beach. I had a great time! Nice weekend!


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