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A New Beginning

Labor Day Weekend

September 7th 2009 7:12 am
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On Saturday we went to Farmer's Market again. Daddy did the shopping while mom stayed with me. Mollie's mom Lisa came over and started chatting. She was upset because Mollie has been barking too much. She has been doing a lot of training with Mollie but nothing is working. She said she was thinking of giving Mollie back to her original owner. I hope not. I love Mollie. She is my best friend. Lisa showed mom and dad her new electric scooter. It was cool. Mom stopped at a yard sale on the way home. She bought a crazy witches hat, some beads and leggings. They were for ME!!!! I am going to be in costume contest next Saturday. It is for Greyhound Friends fall open house. First prize is a $50 gift certificate. If I win, mom will use the gift certificate to get me a good winter coat. I am going as Isis- goddess of magic! I will look like a greyhound Harry Potter!!! Mom and Dad went out to lunch with some friends. I wasn't invited, humans only. On their way home, mom and dad stopped at a party store and bought me a cape for my costume! Mom cut the feet off the leggings and shortened them. She cut a hole for my tail. Daddy said they looked good on me. I'm not too sure about this whole costume thing. Mom and dad took me to the pet store. We went to the NEW Especially For Pets. They moved to a new location. It was great!!! I got a great cookie. I was drooling all over daddy's arm and trying to get into the front seat of the car to get it!! On my last walk of the night, a lot of things that didn't sell at the yard sale had been left in boxes for people to take for free. There was a box of stuffed animals. Mom got me a rabbit and a kitty. She took a few for herself too!

Sunday was a busy day! We went to NH to visit grammy, grampy and cousin Leila. First stop was grammy's house. She is daddy's mom. I had been there a few times before. The humans left me alone in grammy's house while they all went to the store to buy lunch. They weren't gone long. Mommy said that dogs can't go into places that sell food. I don't know why not? After lunch, mom and dad went outside to pick blue berries. I visited with grammy. After the blue berries were picked, I got to go play at grammy's neighbor's house. She has a fenced in back yard and a golden named Casey. There was also a puppy visiting named Bella. I ran and ran and ran and played with both dogs. I had played with Casey before but I had never met Bella. What fun I had. The humans enjoyed watching me run fast. The puppy tried to keep up with me but couldn't. I also found a great bone and chewed on it for awhile. After the play date it was time to visit grampy who is mom's dad. He has a fenced in yard too. I had been there before too. They were building a new house next to grampy's house. Mom and dad went inside and looked around. It is just being constructed. I was too tired to run in grampy's back yard. I did run a little. Grampy has two cats- Blackie and Smokie. I got to meet Smokie. He has been sick and has to go to the Vets soon. Grampy is going to call for an appointment on Tuesday when the office opens. Mom brought a lot of things home from grampys. I did get a new blanket which is nice. Next it was off to Cousin Leila's. I had never been there before. She has two cats too- Sammy and Mollie. They were a little scared of me, but I just laid there and did nothing. After a few minutes, they were fine with me being there. Mom, dad and cousin Leila had dinner. I laid down and was very good the whole time. We spent about 3 hours with each person. I was very tired. I actually slept until 8 am this morning. Mom said we would have a more quiet day today. That is fine with me. Mom said that next weekend will be busy too. More adventures! I can't wait!


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