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A New Beginning

Pampered Pooch!

August 8th 2009 3:11 pm
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On Thursday, mom showed me a new kind of collar. It was called a Gentle Leader. It is like a halter that horses wear. Mom had to adjust it and readjust it so that it fit me. She had bought a large size because it went by weight. Being a greyhound, I'm built a little different from most dogs. I am tall and weigh 70 pounds, but I have a smaller head. The large was a bit too big. By the time mom finished adjusting it, there was a long strand of nylon collar hanging down my face! Mom took me for a walk. At first I didn't like the feel of the nose band. I pawed at it and tried to get it off. I am getting used to it now. Mom has an easier time walking me now. I used to pull sometime. For the most part, I walk with a loose leash, but there were times I would pull. Mom was afraid it was hurting my windpipe because I would pull so hard that I would cough.

Today was Saturday which meant our usual trip to the Farmer's Market. Mom bought bread, berries, corn and a purple pepper! We drove to the Farmer's Market in the car because mom said we didn't have much time before my appointment. I had no idea what appointment I had, but sure enough, after the food was put away, we were back in the car again. We drove for a while and ened up at Dirty Hairy's Dog Wash. I had won a free dog wash in the raffle last week. I was the only dog there when we went in. I got the royal treatment! Dad lifted me into the tub and they put a collar around my neck so I wouldn't jump out. Mom and dad wore water proof aprons and they gave me my bath. The water was nice and warm. It felt good. I was a little nervous, but I really enjoyed it! Mom got me wet and then I got a medicated treatment for my dry skin. Mom and dad scrubbed me good. It felt wonderful. Next was Green Tea shampoo, followed by Green Tea Conditioner. Then mom and dad towled me off. Daddy lifted me out of the tub and onto another table to be blow dried. A nice lady came and trimmed my nails. A little girl helped mommy brush me. Everyone was SO nice there. I liked them very much. I even felt comfortable enough to let them pet me. I smelled really good too. The little girl really liked me and gave me a pink bandana! I'm still wearing it now. After my spa treatment, daddy took us to Petco down the street. Mom bought me a new Gentle Leader. This one was size medium and it was blue. She was going to get me a matching leash but the leashes there were too expensive. Mom said that was OK because next we were going to my favorite pet store to buy food for the week. Mom said the leashes there were more reasonably priced. Also it was my cat brother, Charlie's, Birthday. He turned 4. Mom had a coupon for a free Birthday present for him. We got to my favorite pet store called Especially For Pets. I had to use the bathroom before we went in. They have a nice big field out back. Daddy saw blackberries all over the place. Mom picked a lot of them and put them in one of my bags (It was a clean one!) We went into the store and bought food, a new leash to match my new head collar and my cookie. They had a cat rescue group there. We got to see the cats. They let me look too because I like cats. Mom fell in love with a kitten. He was all purry and kept smiling at mom. Daddy had to remind her that we have a full house. He liked the kitten too, but we couldn't bring him home. We got all the way home and mom remembered the coupon for Charlie's present!! She forgot all about it! Mom felt bad. Daddy got a call from a friend of his. He invited us all over. On the way to daddy's friend's house we passed another Especially For Pets. Of course, mom had left Charlie's coupon at home!! Daddy suggested that maybe his friend, Andrew had a computer and printer and that we could print out a new coupon. We got to Andrew's house and went inside for a bit. Andrew plays piano. He played for us. Daddy played some too. I laid on the rug and enjoyed the music. Later we went for a walk. We ended up at a fenced in soccer field AND a fenced in football field. I got to go in both and run and play! Daddy and Andrew ran around with me. It was fun. It was a bit hot outside and I was panting a lot. We went back to Andrew's house and I got some water. Andrew let mommy print a new coupon for Charlie. We left Andrew's house and drove to the new Especially For Pets store. We got Charlie his birthday mouse and I got another cookie!! We stopped off at an organic farm stand and then headed home. After a rest, mom, dad and I went for a nice evening walk. It had cooled down some and it was a nice evening. We mailed some letters and daddy went into the bank to deposit a check. Then we walked home. What a busy day!! I'm crashed out on my bed and Charlie is playing with his mouse! What a great day!!


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