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A New Beginning


July 26th 2009 8:55 am
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Saturday started out like any other. Mom, dad and I made our usual journey to the Farmer's Market down the street. At this point, I had no idea what an incredible day it would be. We got home from the Farmer's Market and mom and dad started making lasagna again. this time they made 2. After the lasagna was cooked, mom started gathering up a whole bunch of stuff. We all got into the car and drove a long time. We were on the road for about an hour. I could smell the lasagna in the trunk of the car. Mom told me that we were going to the MARCnic. It is MARC's annual picnic. MARC stands for the MA Animal Rights Coalition. Mom and dad are members. They are a group that loves all animals. Daddy parked the car and mom got me out of the car. There were already a lot of people there, and a lot of dogs! I was both nervous and excited all at the same time. We got to the house and Steve, who is one of MARC's founders made sure all the gates to the back yard were closed. They were! Mom let me off the leash. I ran to the other dogs and we sprinted all around the yard! It was SO much fun. Daddy brought my exercise pen and mom and dad set it up for me. They left it open so I could go inside if I felt stressed out and needed time to chill out. I did go in a few times, but stayed out most of the day. Some of dog friends went inside with me too! At Steve and Helen's house (Where we had the MARCnic) there is an animal sanctuary. They have goats, chickens, ducks and turtles. They also have a dog and cat. The yard was all fenced in so I could be free and off leash. It worked great except for the two times I was able to escape! The first time some people left the back gate open. It led to a huge field. I walked right out of the yard. Mom and dad were hot on my heels. They called and called me, but I was having too much fun. Mom and dad are very clever though. Daddy started to run AWAY from me. I chased him! I got caught!!! By this time, it was time to eat, so all the food came out. I spent dinner time in my pen. Mom had brought a big bone cookie for me. I ate half of it. After dinner, mom and dad put the leash on me and we walked all around that big field. It was fun. A little later a friend of mom and dad's named Maynard, organized a walk around the same field. I thought mom and dad were going on the walk, but they decided to play badminton instead. BORING! I can't hold a racquet! I decided to join the walk. I went with all the people!! Mom and dad got their badminton stuff and realized that I wasn't anywhere around. They panicked and started to look for me. A woman told my mom and dad that I had gone on the walk! Mom and dad ran all over the field looking for me. Dad went one way, mom went the other. Mom caught up with the people on the walk. They were all standing there pointing at me in the tall grass. I was fine and still with the group of people. The group told mom that they enjoyed watching me run and go nuts in the field. Mom wasn't amused! Daddy caught up to us with the leash! We went back to the yard. Mom and dad did play horse shoes and badminton for a bit, but they kept checking in on me. One of my Dogster friends, Lydia was there with me. She heads the group called "Tofu Pups". It was fun meeting her in person. She has a lot of energy!! It started to get dark and they built a bonfire. All the humans sat around it. I stayed away from the fire and hung out with some poodle friends. One started to get fresh with me. He was fixed but he was still interested. I wasn't! I put him in his place. I was a tired, happy dog when we left. What a great day!


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