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A New Beginning

I Got A Bath!

June 28th 2009 6:09 pm
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Saturday started out pretty normal. I usually always go places with mom and dad on Saturday mornings. I thought we were just going for a walk, but we ended up at a Farmer's Market down the street. There were white tents set up and lots of people selling food. Mom and dad bought lots of berries and kale. Lots of people wanted to pet me. I am still a little shy about that. After the Farmer's Market we all hopped into the car and went to my favorite pet store. I was surprised to see lots of cars, people, dogs and more white tents! They were having a small pet fair and the pet store. Mom told me that the money raised was going to Save A Dog. I thought that was cool. We walked around and looked at the things in the tents. Then we stood in a line for a while. Next thing I knew, I was brought over to a mat and two strange people were trying to get me all wet! Mom and dad were there too, telling me it was OK. They got me wet and put shampoo on me and started to scrub me. It felt good actually. I started to relax a bit. At first I was afraid of the hose, but after a while I was OK with it all. They dried me off with something called a shammie cloth and then I shook and shook to get more dry. I was still a bit damp when we went into the pet store. Mom bought me food, a new raw hide bone and a cookie. On our way back home, mom noticed a yard sale that was just a few houses away from ours. She wanted to take a look and also meet some neighbors. There was a man there in a bunny suit!! I'm not kidding! He was a big white rabbit. Mom and dad had their orange "Got Carrots" shirt on. A woman at the yard sale took a picture of mom and dad and the rabbit man. They were supposed to E-mail the picture to mom but they haven't yet. That was one rabbit I had NO interest in chasing. I was at the end of my leash and as far away fom him as I could get!!! After we got home I was ready to take a nap on my bed. Mom and dad left for while to go to lunch and see a movie. When they got home, it was back in the car again! This time we ended up at Petco. Mom and dad bought me an exercise pen. Now I can go to the 4th of July picnic with mom and dad. We are going to a place called Onset Beach near Cape Cod. Mom said I'll be able to go walk on the beach. When we got home for Petco, mom and dad took me for a nice long walk through our town. It was a busy day.

Today was my weekly walk with Greyhound Adventures. We went to a place called Great Brook Farm in Carlisle, MA. What fun I had!! I had so much energy! I was jumping and leaping like a crazy dog! The walk was in the woods and large open fields. A lot of my friends were there and I was so happy. We started walking and all of a sudden I saw these two huge animals! It was the strangest thing! There were people sitting on their backs! Mom said they were called horses. I wanted to chase these horses. A lot of my friends wanted to chase them too. We saw lots of horses today. By the end of the walk, they didn't seem so strange any more. I had a really good time. I hope we go back. Later in the day, daddy took me for a ride in the car with him. I was a bit disappointed because we ended up at a gas station so daddy could put gas in mom's car. We came right back home again. That was OK because I got to spend time with daddy, and when we got home, daddy and mommy and I went for a nice long walk. It was a good weekend.


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