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July 13th 2007 6:53 pm
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Here's the newest dogster tag - being loved!
Pick 3 dogsters you think are really pawriffic and paw a little about why! Let them know how much they are loved with a rosette or by paw mail!

My friend Morgan has tagged me in the "you're loved" tag game! She's the sweetest girl. We always send paw mail to see what each other has been up to. She gets to go for many walks and loves to swim.She loves her family so much. She is the best girlpup a boy pup could ask for.

My three choices are:

Jay-Jay is one our bestest pals! we always stay in touch.
His K does many wonderful things for our pack.

Bou was one of our firts pal it was though one of his family members Mihgty Mouse that we met. Mighty went to the bridge and his pack I have stayed true pals!

Everyone knows George Underwood! I got to meet him in the fleash! He is one funny pup.

I have truly so many friends here , Rosie&Pepe, Yoshi&Kazu, Bella,Vincent & Rosie, Cassie Xena, Poncho,Smoke,Hailey&Chloe,Bowie,Teagon andthegang,Francis,Meaty&Oz,Nadiya,Marloweand the hispack,Portia,Toby,Talker&Savannah,PBFloyed&ChinaSirius,Ann ie and so many more


I can be a stinker

March 2nd 2007 2:22 pm
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There are times that I am grumpy with my poppa. If he gets to close to my mom I don't like it, but I can be a sweetie to him as well. Like when he has a bowl of pudding. He looks down at me and says don't give those puppy dog eyes! But it works every time. I always get to lick the bowl!!!


Fun Day

June 4th 2006 5:56 pm
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Wow I sure had a fun day ! Poppa has been sick but he was feeling pretty good today so he said we all could go to the dog park. He could still just sit in the shade and not have to do much.

I had so much fun. I made so many friends. Mom couldn't believe it! I wasn't grumpy at all. Well unless those big giant dogs come along the fench. Then I would go crazy and chase them up and down the fench line. The rest of humans thought it was pretty funny, mom was a little embarrassed. But eveybody laughed so I guess it was ok. The best two friends I made and mom thought for sure I wouldn't get along with them. They were two minnie pinchers. And one was named Charlie. We ran great together! We chashed each other and ran along the fence. It was the most I have ever ran and played with other pups! It was so fun. I had to take a long nap. Can't wait to go back. Thanks mom and poppa.



May 21st 2006 1:59 pm
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We went to new dog park today, and at first mom wasn't sure how I would so she kept me on my leash. As other small pups came and sniffed me I didn't mind to much. SO mom took off the leash there were only a couple of pups there and I did great! We were in the section for small dogs. I did great!!
There was a big dog that come to the fench and I did have to bark and run along the fench. It stated really raining so we had to leave, but mom can't wait till we can go back.


Where was I

April 9th 2006 8:39 pm
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Mom was looking for me a little bit ago, and then came in the bedroom and there was on the ceder chest laying right next to an empty cat food dish. I said I didn't eat the cat food the cat did really I was just ah, guarding it for her. Yea that's the ticket. It's funny that I can't jump up on the bed I bark or whine but I sure can jump up on the ceder chest. Well ya know a pup will do almost anything for some cat food. But really I still stick to my story that I didn't eat it!!



November 21st 2005 8:49 pm
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On Saturday my sister had a vet appointment and I always go along for the ride and there usally is a trip to the park.

I was right we are at the park, and guesse what there is also a dog park here and it is empty. I can only go in there if it is empty, I don't always get along with others. We both got to run off leash. There was a boy going by on his bike I chased him along the fench running as fast as could. They always laugh at me when I chase them. If I ever got there ankle they would be sorry.
It is so fun to run free. Thanks mom...


road trip

November 13th 2005 12:27 pm
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We all went on a great family road trip. We we to Oregon and a small town called Port Oreford. It is a great little town. The hotel we stayed at was called Cast away by the Sea. It was the best place. It's up on a cliff.
Our room was so cute. It was like a little apartment. There was a small kicthen, dinning area, livingroom, seperate bedroom and bath. Mom wanted to move in and stay there. There was also a sunroom. From the sofa you could see the ocean. There was a beach just down the street. I even got to run off leash!! That was so great, until I found a dead seal and rolled all on that yummy smelling thing. That ened my off leash fun. Man thats not fair.
But it still was great fun. We were there four days. I would love to live there and run on the beach every day. Some day mom wants to retire close to the ocean. I think that is all of our most favorite place.



October 28th 2005 6:24 pm
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They other morning I woke up super early and I knew something wasn't right.
I made mom get up and let me out about 4am. I tore out the back door, and this critter thing ran up the tree . At first mom thought it was our kitty because the color was the same. I knew it wasn't when it was in the tree and look down at then mom knew what is was . She saw the mask, see mom I told you it wasn't our kitty. I did a good job didn't I?


New coat

October 23rd 2005 5:16 pm
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Momma and poppa went shoping today. When they got home they said they me some stuff. I got three new babies one of them is a big giant monkey of course that is cause of my sister. The other one was a small monkey need I say more. The third was a bone. The last two sqeeked and thats the best.
But the other thing was a rain slicker. It fits just perfect. I even sat still while mom tried it on me. It's green. I would rather have red cause the rest of my stuff is red. Leash and harness. Mom said they didn't have red and blue is Monkey's color so green it is. I look good in green so it's ok. We are geting ready to take a road trip to Oregon and it may rain on us but it wont stop our fun and going for lots of walks in all the parks and beaches we will be going to.
I'm modeling my slicker in two photos above. Let me know what you think.



September 29th 2005 7:42 pm
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I had to go in and get my teeth cleaned. Let me tell you that is not fun.
I had to have three yes three teeth pulled.

They told my mom I had a split personalty. I was o.k. when they put in the cage thingie and I was o.k at being taken out, but when they put me in and closed the door!!!! NOW that was a different story. I would be turn into a crazy beast.

I'm home now and I can't seem to keep my eyes open. So I guesse I better lay back down.

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