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My life

Vaccinations? WHAT?

March 31st 2009 8:08 am
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Hi Guys!,

Today my mommie just gave me some weird news. I hear that Mama and I will be getting vaccinated. What does that mean? She said that I need a rabies shot. I am a little worried, but I trust her. She treats me so well. Hey! Maybe she will take me to Pooch Pines too!


February -, 2009 I've finally done it

February 24th 2009 11:14 am
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DEar Journal,

Man! something amazing happended! My owner was teaching me something called sit! I did it in less than 10 minutes. She repeated 5 more times and I did it again each time. She even rewarded me with these yummy treat things! She gave me a warm bath, cold water, layed me in her bed and rubbed my tummy! All just for sitting? Man! I gotta do this more often. Now whenever I see her bring my dog food dishes out of the cabinets, I automatically sit for her. She loves me so much she ran and got a treat. Then she took me to Petco to pick out a toy! My mommy caters to my every need!
I love her so much! I secretly climb up on her 4foot bed and curl up next to her. I have no idea how I got up there at 3 months. I love licking my mommie on her neck and on her face when she sleeps. i even sleep on her chest, legs and stomach! Can't wait to do this when I am older! (Mommie) "Oh brother!, when he is older?" I will wake up with my rib cages crushed!

Until next diary entry,

ofically potty- trained in one day at 3months!


January 30th, 2009 My Arrival

February 14th 2009 1:46 pm
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Today I was transported to Ft. Lauderdale International Aiport. My pick-up time was at 5:00. I was very nervous because I have never been on an airplane before. My old mommie sent me because she is a reputable breeder. Man I miss my siblings. Anyways, when my new mommie and her family came to pick me up at the airport, I was very curious and nervous. I heard crying and cheering, and even laughter. I heard so much "He is adorable, and "oh my gosh, look at him" and "what a knock-out" and "look at that cute face!" There were smaller dogs in their crates around me that were barking like mad!!! But I didn't make one peep! I was sitting perfectly, with my head looking around at the new people! Man, my parents would have been proud!!!

We drove for awhile, it was really dark, and I had to go potty so bad! So...... I began to use it in my crate! Man, my new owners were laughing so hard, because the stench was unbearable. they even had to roll down the windows in 40 degree weather! There was a lot of poop, diarreha and pee in there! I was stinky!

Luckily, my new mommie gave me a soothing warm bath, and dried me with a fluffy white towel. She loved to cater to me. But before i got into the house, Mama (their other mastiff) began to approach the door. She was going crazy!!! She wasn't barking, but she was wagging her tail, trying to get to me. THank goodness my new mommie carried me to the bathtub! After my soothing bath, I went to sleep on my mommie's bed.

Until the next entry,


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